tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLights! Cameral! Action! Take 02

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 02



"Yes, Mr. Carter."

"Send in the first applicant."

"Yes, Sir."

"You may go in now," said Rita to Elaine.

"Thank you," said Elaine to Rita getting up from her seat and walking to Dan's door and opening it.

Carl escorted Elaine, a pretty and petite dark haired woman in her thirties with a decent figure, to Dan's private office. After she walked inside, he closed the door behind her while waiting outside for her interview to finish.

"Hello, my name is Dan Carter. I'm the Executive Producer and Director of Double Dare Films. I'll be conducting your interview, today," he said walking to her and offering her his hand.

"Hi, I'm Elaine," she said with a nervous smile. "I'm sorry, but I'm nervous. I've never done anything like this before. My husband would kill me if he knew that I was auditioning for a porn movie."

"There's no reason for your nervousness, Elaine. It's just me, you, and the camera. Now, you've read and signed our disclosure agreeing to be filmed in all manner of dress and undress and allowing me to sexually touch you."

"Yes," she said breathlessly. "I'm shaking. No one has ever seen me naked, except for my husband and no one has ever touched me, other than my husband. I mean, there were those men I dated before my husband, but we didn't do much more than petting, although, one or two of them sucked my tits. I did give one guy a blowjob after my senior Prom, but he didn't cum in my mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth before he shot his load. That was so long ago."

"Relax, Elaine. Take a breath. Would you like some water?"

"Yes, thank you," she said accepting a bottle of water.

"Please, have a seat on the couch."

Elaine sat opposite him with her knees together.

"It seems a bit ridiculous for me to sit so modestly when you are going to see every part of me anyway," she said relaxing and spreading her knees enough for him and the camera to have a nice up skirt view of her white panty.

"Many of our actresses have a high degree of modesty when they are out and about in their private lives. They are able to separate their work as a porn star from their other job as a mother and wife."

"I see."

"How long have you been married?"

"Fifteen years."

"Do you have children?"


"How many?"


"What are their names and ages?"

"Seth is thirteen, Josh is eleven, and Gwen is seven."

"Do you feel better?"

"Yes, but will this information be in the movie. I don't want my kids names mentioned. There'd be more of a chance of someone recognizing me."

"Oh, no, definitely not. We won't use any of your personal information in the film. Matter of fact, I'm not even filming, yet. See," he said pointing to the camera light. "The red light isn't on, yet. Moreover, we won't even use your real name, Elaine. A narrator in the film will give each woman a different identity."

"Oh, okay, that's a relief."

"Now, that the interview process is completed, next is to film you reading a mini-scene. This mini-scene will show me how you will appear on camera. The camera loves some women and not others. I've seen the most beautiful women who are just not photogenic and then, conversely, the most ordinary of women appear star like through the camera lens. Further, this mini-scene, if you are selected for the movie, is what I will use in the movie."

"I see."

"As per it says in the release and disclosure, Double Dare Films will pay you $100 for your time and if your mini-scene is chosen we will pay you an additional $168 giving you a one day total of $268 for 15 minutes of acting. If the movie is a financial success, than you have the opportunity to make more money, depending, of course, on the success of the film but anywhere from $500 to $5,000."

"I hope you make millions of dollars, then," she said with a nervous smile.

"Me, too. Now, please read this prepared script," he said handing her a type written page of dialogue. This will show me your acting ability. By the way, for this film, it doesn't matter if you have acting ability or not. It doesn't matter if you haven't acted before. What is important is if the camera likes you or not."

"Okay," she said relaxing her posture a bit more on the couch and flashing him a bit more of her panty.

She's certainly an attractive enough woman, but he wouldn't know until he viewed her video later, if he'd use her or not.

"I want you to read it over before reciting it aloud. Read it as many times as you'd like. Take all the time you need. Try and memorize as much as you can. Then, imagine that you are the woman in the scene, a woman who is lusted over by her husband's best friend. Feel her, imagine her emotion, and then recite it with feeling, as if you are her."

"Coincidentally, that happened to me in real life."

"What did, Honey."

"My husband's best friend has been making passes at me for years. Once, while my husband was inside the house going to the bathroom and getting more beer, his friend pulled my bikini top off me in the pool. He was all over my tits trying to suck my nipples and he put my hand down his bathing trunks. He made me feel his cock."

"Well, there's a scene that I could use at some later date, but for now, let's get back to our mini-scene."

"Okay," she said glancing down at the script and looking back at him.

"I will play the part of Anthony. Let me know whenever you are ready, Elaine."

He watched Elaine study the script. She read it over three or four times.

"I'm ready."

"Take 1, Elaine," he said snapping his movie director clapper board. "Lights!" The lights dimmed. "Camera!" The lens zoomed in on her from her feet to her head. "And Action!" He said pointing to Elaine for her to begin.

"Anthony, this is wrong. You are my husband's best friend."

"Elaine, I've lusted over you for three years. I can't contain my passion for you any longer. You are so beautiful. I want to make love to you."

"I have feelings for you, too, Anthony, but my husband would be devastated if he ever found out about us."

"There's no reason for him to know. I won't tell, if you don't tell."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Carter," said Elaine.

"Please call me Dan," he said without stopping the filming.

"I'm sorry, Dan, but there's a part here where we kiss."


"Do you and I, I mean, we actually kiss?"


"Oh, uhm, well, what kind of a kiss, I mean—"

"You read the script. You kiss how you feel? Do you feel passion for Anthony, a man who has lusted over you for years and a man that admittedly you have feelings for, too? What kind of is do you think that would be?"

"Okay, I see," she said looking down at the script before looking back at him. She had big, brown beautiful eyes.

"Take 2, Elaine," he said snapping his movie director clapper board. "Lights! Camera! Action!" He pointed to Elaine for her to begin.

"Anthony, this is wrong. You are my husband's best friend."

"Elaine, I've lusted over you for three years. I can't contain my passion for you any longer. You are so beautiful. I want to make love to you."

"I have feelings for you, too, Anthony, but my husband would be devastated if he ever found out about us."

"There's no reason for him to know. I won't tell if you don't tell."

Dan walked to her, pulled her close, and kissed her probing her mouth with his tongue. Reluctantly at first, but then more passionately, she returned his kiss. Now, they were making out like teenagers at a drive-in movie. With his right hand he felt her left breast through her dress and her bra. He felt her nipple immediately harden. Then, he explored her panty clad ass beneath her dress with his left hand. When he tried to insert a finger in the front of her panty, she pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Carter," she said.

"Call me Dan."

"I'm sorry, Dan."

"What's wrong?"

"It's just you surprised me when you touched me like that. I didn't know you were going to grope, I mean feel me. Sorry, I mean touch me like that."

"Did you read the release and disclosure waiver before signing it?"


"You realize that you are auditioning for an adult film, don't you?"


"You do realize what an adult film is, don't you?"

"Yes, of course." She looked at him. "I'm sorry. I just needed to make a mental adjustment is all, no one but my husband has ever touched me like that. I mean, you were about to finger, my, you know."

"Pussy? Vagina? Clit? It's just acting, Elaine. None of this is real. I have a wife and kids. We all go home to our mundane lives, as if this is just another day at the office."

"I see. Well, I'm not like that, I guess. I need love for someone to touch me like that."

"Well, I think that I have enough information, anyway, Elaine."

"Oh, okay," said Elaine looking relieved that her audition was over and getting up from the couch ready to leave. "Did I ruin my audition by being reluctant to your touch?"

"No, not at all, you're delightful. I think the viewer will eat up your performance."

"Is that what you call this, my performance?"

"Well, certainly, that's what it is. Isn't it?"

"Yes, I guess so," she said taking a step towards the door.

"I just need to see your body."


"I just need to see your body."

"My body?"

"Yes, I need for you to undress for the camera."

"For the camera?"

"Yes, I want you to stand directly in front of the camera and undress so that I can film you undressing and film you naked," he said looking up at her and making eye contact.

"You mean naked, like in not wearing any clothes?"

"Unless you'd rather not apply for the job, you are free to leave without completing your audition. It's entirely your decision. I'm not forcing you to do anything that you haven't already agreed to do by signing our disclosure," he said holding up her signed disclosure.

"Yes, of course. I do really need the money and you did say that there is a chance to make even more money with this one audition."

"Yes, Elaine. I'm choosing dozens of actresses to be in my film and if I chose you, I will pay you an additional $168. Moreover, if the film is a financial success, you may earn as much as $5,000."

"My husband isn't working and his unemployment is running ending soon. There aren't any jobs and we really could use the money."

"Make up your mind, Elaine. As you saw in the other room and the line of women that waited outside, I have other women waiting for their audition."

"Of course," she said reaching down for the hem of her dress and in a quick move, she pulled it up and over her head. She stood there in her white bra and white bikini panty.

"Well, you have nothing to be ashamed of, Elaine. You have a very nice body. Okay, smile for the camera. Turn left please. Turn right please. Turn all the way around. Bend at the waist as if you are reaching for something. Now, face the camera and remove your bra."

"Oh, God, I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm going to show you my tits. No one has ever seen my tits, except for my husband, his friend in the pool, but it was at night, and those dates that sucked my tits before I was married, but that was in a dark, parked car. It's so bright in here," she said taking a breath to look up at the lights. "Will this be on the Internet?"

"No, it's only for private distribution only."

"Gees, I don't know. My husband would be so mad with me. Although, he always wanted me to go to a nude beach. He's always after me to flash my tits to his friends and to truckers on the highway, and I did flash my tits to a trucker once. I was so nervous. Still, this is weird flashing my tits to that little red light on that camera."

"If you want to work in adult films, Elaine, you really need to show me and my camera your tits."

She turned away from the camera, reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and removed it. She stood like that with her hands cupping her tits.

"Oh, God, my husband would divorce me if he knew I was doing this."

"You need to turn to the camera, Elaine."

"Okay. I really need this money."

"And drop your hands."

Turning beat red; she dropped her hands and exposed her B cup tits to Dan and the camera. Her nipples were already erect. She had nice average tits that didn't sag or showed stretch marks.

"You have very nice natural tits, Elaine. May I?"

"If you must, I mean, if it's part of the audition to get me this job. I could really use the money."

He reached out his hand and cupped one breast and then the other fingering each nipple as he caressed and felt her tit.

"You're breasts are very firm and my viewers will love your big nipples." He leaned down and took one in his mouth and then the other.

"Okay," she said pushing his head away.

"I'm only doing this for the camera, Elaine. Think of me as you would your doctor."

"My doctor never sucked my nipples," she said under her breath.

"Now, remove your panty." He waited for her to remove her panty. "Imagine that you are at a nude beach and everyone is naked." She stood frozen looking like she was about to bolt.

"Oh, God, do I really have to remove my panty, too?"

In one quick swipe, Dan removed his sweat pants and stood naked below the waist.

"Oh, my God. You have such a big thing," she said pointing to his cock.

"You mean my cock?"

"I've never seen one that big," she said staring it his prick.

"I need for you to remove your panty, Elaine."

She slid her panty down exposing a full, dark bush of pubic hair while still not removing her eyes from his swollen member.

"That's quite the forest, you have there, Elaine. If we hire you for future films, we'd want to either trim or wax that off completely. Would you agree to that?"

"Sure," she said seeming more relaxed now that she was naked.

"By the way, not everyone in your films have sex."

"That's correct."

"Couldn't I be one of the background actresses who wants around in the nude rather than sucking someone's cock?"

"If you are that uncomfortable with the sex part of it and, depending upon the script, if we have such a part, I'll keep you in mind."

"Okay," she said.

"Turn to the left. Turn to the right. Turn completely around and bend over. Stay in that position, please."

He walked up behind her and ran his cock along her ass crack, as he reached up and felt her tits at the same time.

"What are you doing?" She jumped, turned to face him, and looked down at his cock.

"Of course, you realize that you'll be having sex in this film."

"Yes, I mean, no. You scared me. I didn't expect...I'm sorry. I didn't think that we'd be having sex now. I mean, I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that I stripped naked in front of you, that you tried to finger me, you felt my tits, and sucked my nipples. Now, you are standing there with your thing hanging out and pressed up against my ass while you are feeling my tits, again."

"Take me in your hand please and stroke me to an erection."


"I want you to take my cock in your hand," he said pulling her hand to him by her wrist. "And stroke me to an erection."

Obediently, as if in a hypnotic trance or daze, she reached for his cock and stroked him.

"Oh, my God. You have such a big thing. My husband would kill me if he knew I had another man's thing in my hand."

"Get on your knees, please."


"Kneel down, please."

"On my knees? Why?"

"Don't worry. I'm not a religious man. We're not going to pray."

"You want me to blow you? Gees, Mister, I don't know if I can do that. I mean, I really need the money, but I can't suck your thing. What if you shoot your stuff in my mouth and I swallow some by accident?"

"No, you don't have to actually blow me, Elaine. I just need you to take me in your mouth. I need to know your level of cock sucking skill. I still have thirty-nine women to interview. I assure you that I won't be cumming in your mouth, unfortunately, that's something that I can't assure the fortieth woman who takes my cock in her mouth."

"Oh, my God. Give me a minute. Okay? My husband would go crazy if he ever knew that I took another man's thing in my mouth. My husband's thing is the only thing that—"

"Calm down, Elaine, and take a breath. You do know how to suck cock, I hope."

"Yes, I do. My husband said that I am very good at it," she said. "He's been trying to get me to suck his best friend's thing, but I won't. That's just nasty."

"Do you swallow, Elaine?"

"Do I swallow? You mean the warm, gooey stuff?


"Yes, I swallow. What else are you supposed to do with it?"

"Well, some women spit it out and others prefer having the man pull out his thing, I mean, his cock and cum on her tits."


Elaine got down on her knees, closed her eyes, leaned forward, and took Dan's cock in her mouth. Dan placed his hand behind her head and pushed.

"Suck it, Elaine. Suck it like you love me."

In the next chapter, a first time for everything, Robin, a virgin, who has never even seen a cock before, auditions for Double Dare Adult Films.


Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better story the next time.

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To be continued...

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