tagIncest/TabooLike Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son


I had suppressed my bisexuality for a number of years. I was happily married, had a wonderful wife, had a great son, Rob, and hadn't felt a real need to be with a man. When I was younger, in college, I had enjoyed sucking cock and occasionally doing some ass fucking, both giving and getting, but I had a sexually adventurous wife and just hadn't felt the urge for cock for a number of years.

Then I discovered how sexually adventurous my wife really was when, after 17 years of marriage, she announced she was moving to Taos, New Mexico to live with a woman she had met on-line. When she moved out, I was crushed at first and then decided to get on with my life. I dated whom I wanted and had sex with whom I wanted; both women and men. I was open about the women I dated but had to be discrete about the guys. I found out how much I had missed sucking cock and burying my hard cock up a nice tight male ass.

To meet guys, I often went to a local porn store. I figured any guy I met there was looking for the same thing I was and would be in no position to judge or blab. On occasion I did see guys I knew, but since we were presumably looking for the same thing, we would enjoy sucking each other off. It lead to some newly expanded friendships.

One Friday night, as I was coming in the house from work, I met my son, Rob, heading out the door. He had gotten over his mother's sudden departure several years earlier and was now a well-adjusted, attractive 20-year old college student. He was tall like I am, about 6'2", but fairer skinned. I knew he worked out and it showed. When I had been his age (I'm 42) I had been much the same. In fact I am not flabby now, just not quite as firm as I had been 20 years ago.

"Where are you off to tonight?" I asked.

"Oh, just out... seeing if I can meet up with some friends later... maybe catch a movie or something... wanna tag along?"

I laughed. "No, thanks for the offer. I doubt if I could keep up with a pack of young guys anymore."

"Well, I think you could, but suit yourself. What are you going to do, dad?"

"Not sure... probably be asleep on the couch by nine." Again, we shared a chuckle.

"It will probably be late when I get home. Don't wait up. See you in the morning then." He gave me a firm hug and was out the door.

A couple of hours and three beers later, I was feeling more relaxed. As I relaxed, I began to feel a little horny. My cock began to rise in my shorts and ask for some relief. At first I thought about sticking a porn tape in the VCR and just jacking off in the privacy of my home. But then I started thinking how good a hard cock in my mouth might feel. Of course, I knew how good it would feel to be fucking an eager male mouth. So, I decided to head down to the local porn shop and find someone, or several someones, to share some pleasure with. I took a quick shower (resisting the temptation to jack off in the shower), put on some sweats (easy to drop and no underwear required) and headed down to the porn shop.

Being Friday night, there were a number of cars in the parking lot. I looked briefly to see if I recognized any cars as belonging to anyone I knew, but it didn't appear so. I went in, bought five bucks in tokens, and headed back to the arcade. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark hallway, but soon I could see several men of various ages standing around. A couple of them were softly talking, but most were just standing awkwardly, apparently waiting for someone else to make the first move. I took a second or two to see if I knew anyone lurking, but I didn't recognize any of the guys there.

I looked down the hall at the closed arcade booths. The ones that were occupied, or at least occupied with someone watching a video had a little light above the door that was illuminated. Most of the lights were on, but down toward the end of the hall there was an unlit booth right next to a booth that I knew from previous visits had a glory hole connecting them. I stepped in, latched the door and sat down.

Sure enough, I could hear the low volume of the video playing in the next booth. I couldn't really tell what my neighbor was watching, but I heard moaning and the familiar music and moans of a fuck film. I could see a little bit of light coming through the glory hole. I leaned over and looked through the hole, which, of course, was about waist high on the average guy. It was dark in the next booth, but there was enough light that I could see a guy slowly stroking a nice hard cock, about 7" long I guessed. I could see a bead of clear precum at the head. It looked very inviting and tasty, and I wanted to suck him off.

I cleared my throat, making enough noise I hoped it would get his attention, and then put my finger through the glory hole; the universal signal to "please put your cock through the hole", and I waited to see if he was interested.

A couple of seconds passed and then his cock slid through the hole. It looked even better than before. The head of his cock was nice and round and smooth. I leaned over and wrapped a couple of fingers around it, stroked it a time or two and then let my tongue and mouth go to work... or go to play actually.

I felt his cock swell in response to my warm mouth engulfing him. On the other side of the thin wall, he began to work his hips and to fuck me in the mouth. I could feel his precum coating my tongue. It was delicious. I wished I could cup his balls and finger his ass while he fucked me in the mouth, but the glory hole wasn't big enough for that. I let him control his speed. I sucked and slurped as his cock entered and withdrew from my mouth slowly. I could feel his cock throb from time to time. When his cock began to harden even more and his fucking picked up speed, I knew he wasn't far from cumming in my mouth. I wanted it. This cock in my mouth was just wonderful. That may sound weird to the uninitiated, but those of us, both men and women, that have sucked a number of cocks, just know that they don't all feel, smell, or taste the same. This cock was delightfully smooth, wonderfully hard, and just felt right in my mouth.

Suddenly, he thrust forward and then momentarily froze. I felt the first wad of cum blast out across my tongue. Then his hips made quick short thrusts as he let go another half dozen thick wads of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every bit of it and enjoyed it all. He soon stopped thrusting into my mouth and let me just gently suck his cock and clean him up. It was at this point that I realized my unknown partner must be a young man because his cock stayed hard in my mouth. I sighed as he withdrew it from my mouth and back through the glory hole. I sat back up and waited to see if his finger would appear in the hole, offering to reciprocate the pleasure. It wasn't a big deal if he didn't because I knew that if he wasn't interested, sooner or later someone would be along that would be.

Just when I was beginning to think he was going to just leave, his finger appeared in the glory hole. I dropped my sweatpants and freed my hard cock. Precum was smeared over the head in excitement. I stood by the wall and put my cock through the small hole.

I felt his hand encircle my cock and begin to milk it with his fist. I heard his voice softly whisper, "I've never done this before."

I whispered back, "That's OK. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with."

His hand on my cock felt really good. It was like he was experimenting with it to see not only how it felt in his hand, but to see how I reacted to the various things he did. He slowly but firmly stroked it. I could feel his thumb (I guessed) pushing up my big cum vein (ok, urethra, for the anatomical crowd) on the underside of my dick. I assumed this brought a big bead of precum because I heard him say, "Wow." Then I felt a warm, slightly rough surface slide over the head of my cock and knew that he had tasted his first precum.

I felt his tongue slowly circle the head of my cock and then his lips closed over it. My inexperienced partner gently mouthed the head of my hard dick. I hoped he was enjoying it as much as I was. I pushed my hips forward slowly and tentatively to see how he would react. He reacted by pushing his mouth further down my shaft. When I pulled back slowly, I felt his hand encircle my shaft. I pushed slowly forward and his mouth and hand started to work together on my cock. It felt great. I know he said he had never sucked cock before, but he was taking to it naturally. I suppose like most guys that get into cock, he was just doing what he knew felt good to him, hoping it would feel good to his partner. I moaned softly, hoping he could hear how good it felt, and to encourage him to continue what he was doing.

I found that I didn't have to move my hips much at all. He was moving his mouth up and down my cock like a soft, hot, wet pussy, and using his hand to jack me off into his mouth. After a few minutes, I began to feel the familiar tingle deep in my balls that told me my cum wasn't far off. Since this was his first time, I wanted to respect whatever he wanted to do. I whispered, "I'm going to cum real soon. You don't have to swallow if you don't want to."

I felt his mouth come off my cock. "Thanks" I heard him whisper. "You mind if I just watch you come?" All the time his hand was continuing to jack my ever-hardening cock. My balls were tightening up and my cum was only seconds away from launching. I managed to moan, "No, not at all" when it happened. His hand stroked me just right and I came. I couldn't see it of course but from the angle of his stroking I knew he could see it. His face had to be right level with my cock as wad after wad shot out. He stroked me gently as he slowed down. My cock began to soften in his hand. I heard him whisper, "That was fuckin' awesome".

I was still catching my breath and trying to keep my knees from collapsing. This inexperienced anonymous young man had made me cum better than I had cum for a long time. I knew that this was someone I would like to get together with again if possible. I didn't want to embarrass him in anyway. I whispered back to him, "Yeah, that was great. You sure that was your first time?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to do that for a long time. Just never had the nerve before." He paused. "I would like to do it again too."

Well, that cinched it for me. I enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, and he wanted to do it again. It seemed like a perfect deal. I knew Rob would be out with his friends for most of the night. And even if he came home, I figured I could hide my new young playmate in my room if necessary. It was a little risky, but all I knew was I wanted to get completely naked with this guy, get comfortable and have some serious male-to-male fun. I whispered to him, "You want go somewhere more private?"

There was a moment of hesitation and I thought he was going to back out. "Sure."

"You can just follow me to my place" I said to reassure him he would be free to go whenever he wanted.

"Great" There was an awkward silence.

There wasn't any other way to do this. "OK, then, see you out in the hallway then." I whispered. I adjusted my sweatpants, made sure I didn't have cum all over the front of them and unlatched my door. I heard the booth next door unlatch. I stepped out. He stepped out. And Rob and I were looking at each other face to face.

It would be impossible to figure out all of the emotions that went through me at that point. I could only imagine the things Rob was feeling. To an outsider, the looks on our faces probably would have brought a laugh. There was recognition, confusion, guilt, pleasure, astonishment, wanting to hide, embarrassment, shock; you name it, it was probably there. One thing was certain: my son and I had just sucked each others cocks and shared incredible orgasms.

At the same time, we both said, "Oh shit." and looked at each other gaped mouthed.

I finally found my thoughts again, and said, "Let's go outside and talk." A couple of guys in the hall looked at us as we went by. They probably thought it was just an older guy and younger guy heading out to the parking lot for a quick blow-job. They had no idea it was a father and son that had just given each other a blow-job.

In the parking lot, we headed over to my car. It was then I noticed Rob's car parked further down the line of cars. I simply hadn't seen it when I pulled in. I looked at my son. His head was hung in shame and embarrassment. I wasn't feeling too great about what had just happened either, but at least it wasn't my first time experience. He was leaning against the hood with his head and shoulders slouched down.

"How are you doing?" I asked, not sure what else to say.

"Oh god, dad... I'm so sorry..."

I interrupted him quickly. "Rob, there is no need to apologize for anything. Neither of us knew who was in the other booth. There was no malicious intent on either of our part."

"Dad... I know... I'm just sorry you found out... about... me... you know..."

"Rob, are you gay?"

"No, dad... I'm not gay... I'm bi, I guess... I'm not sure... tonight was my first time to... you know... try it." He looked up at me. "Are you gay?"

I smiled a little. I had resolved this issue in my mind a long time ago. "No, son, I'm not gay. I am bi. It was your mother that left me for a woman, not me that left her for a man."

He sort of made a chuckling noise at this.

Rob looked sheepishly at me. "Dad, we sucked each other's dick."

"Look, Rob, we both came here tonight for the same thing... for the same reason. Granted we didn't expect to find each other, and it is definitely embarrassing that we did, but we are both adults, and..." I suddenly ran out of things to say, but I wanted to try to make the situation better somehow. I added, "And it felt pretty damn good."

He looked at me sort of surprised and then he smiled. "Yeah it did. I mean, if I hadn't known it was your... you... I really enjoyed getting... I mean... I really enjoyed sucking... oh shit..."

"Look you didn't know it was me, so I guess it's alright to say you really enjoyed it. I didn't know it was your dick I was sucking. I didn't know it was you sucking my cock," I intentionally went graphic on the language because I wanted to see his reaction to what he had done, not who he had done it with. "All I knew was that it felt really great and I hoped whoever it was would want to spend more time together."


"Rob, I asked you if you wanted to go somewhere more private, didn't I?"

"Yeah, that's true."

There was a long awkward silence.

Finally, I said, "Tell you what, I'm going to go on home. This has been quite a night. You?"

He replied, "I think I'm going to drive around a while and think about some of this stuff."

"Are you OK?"

He sort of laughed. "Yeah, I'm OK I guess... for someone that just sucked his old man's dick."

"Alright. Just be careful" And we went our separate ways for the night.

I went on home. I was apparently asleep when he came home, because I didn't hear him come in.

The next day, Saturday, was a little awkward. Our sexual encounter was like the proverbial gorilla in the corner: hard to ignore but not sure what to say about it. I had even thought Rob might be gone most of the day to avoid being around me. It was a relief when he didn't do that. I caught him looking at me several times.

Finally, around mid-afternoon, he did not avoid my glance back. "Dad, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, son, anything."

He took a second to get his thoughts together and to screw up some courage. "How often do you go to the book store?"

"Do you mean how often do I go there, or how often do I go there for blow jobs?"

"Well, how often for blow jobs?"

"Since your mom left I have been going there maybe every couple weeks. Sometimes as often as two or three times a week. It varies."

"Wow... that's a lot of..." and he paused.

"Yes," I finished for him. "That is a lot of cocksucking."

"And you're not gay?"

"No... you know I go out with plenty of women. I enjoy a woman's body as much as a man's."

He looked sheepish for a moment. "And even with all the times you have gotten your cock sucked there... you thought I did pretty good?"

"Oh yeah. Very good. It got the desired result didn't it?" We both chuckled.

"That was awesome... seeing your cum shoot out like that."

I smiled. "Well you didn't do so bad in that department either. Of course, I didn't actually see yours shoot out, but I know you came a lot."

"Man, I thought my balls were going to come out the head of my dick I came so hard. I could feel you swallow it... like you really liked it."

"I do like it, son, that's why I do it."

He thought about this a moment. "Yeah, I guess so. It's different when a woman sucks cock. It's like she doesn't really like it, but is just doing it."

"I think that is one thing that I really enjoy about being a with a man," I told him. "Guys suck cock because they enjoy it... and know how to do it. At least that is why I do it."

My son was looking at me intensely... differently. I became aware that my cock had grown hard while discussed this intimate subject. At first, I was uncomfortable with having a hard-on while talking to my son about cocksucking. But, then I began to feel relaxed about it. After all, we had shared each other's cocks and had enjoyed it.

"So, will you be going back to the book store for more experience?" I asked him.

"I'm not sure. I mean, I really enjoyed what happened there... between me and you. But at the same time, I sort of nervous about going back and meeting strangers. It is a bit of a tough choice. Wanting something, but being kind of afraid of enjoying it." He got quiet then.

I felt like he had opened the door and was waiting to see what I said or how I responded. I thought about it. Of course, I had been thinking a lot about what had happened between the two of us the previous night. The ball seemed to be in my court. We were both consenting. He was of age. He was certainly attractive. He was someone I cared for and vice versa. And he had given me an incredible orgasm the night before.

"Well... if it is something you would like to try more of... but you aren't comfortable going to the porn shop for... there... uh... there might be an alternative, you know."

Rob looked at me. I saw him squirm in his seat, like he was adjusting his pants. I hoped his cock was as hard as mine. He even lightly licked his lips. Quietly he said, "Go on, dad."

I made up my mind. I knew this was the moment that our lives would be changed, I hoped for the better. To be sure, I asked, "You sure?" He nodded.

"Stand up, son," was all I said.

He stood up from the table and faced me. He looked up at me with lust in his eyes and stepped forward. I untied the drawstring of his sweat pants. They fell to his ankles. His cock was at eye level with me as I sat in my chair. My eyes never left his throbbing dick. My cock was harder than it had been in years as I prepared to suck my son's dick.

My hands came up slowly, sliding up his firm muscular thighs. I took his cock in my hand firmly and slowly stroked him. My other hand came up under his balls and gently cupped them. I hefted them, like I could weigh how much cum was in them. They rolled smoothly in my hand.

He looked down at me. "Dad... suck my dick for me." I looked up and smiled and nodded. He closed his eyes, I opened my mouth and took him in. Oh god... my son's dick in my mouth felt so hard and hot. Without the obstacle of the wall and without having to work around a glory hole, he could relax and enjoy, as could I. I ran my tongue around the flared head, enjoying its smooth hardness, tasting his precum. I was able to push his cock deep into my mouth until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I put my hands on his hips and guided his cock in and out of my mouth.

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