Like Father, Like Son


After slurping up and down the length of his throbbing dick a few times, I pulled my mouth off of it. I continued to jack him as I looked up into his face. "How does that feel so far?"

"Great. I can hardly wait to suck your cock, dad."

"Then let's go get more comfortable." I stood up. When I did so, we were face to face. His cock was softly bouncing up and down as the blood coursed through it. I couldn't resist taking him in my hand once again to enjoy his heat and hardness. He reached out and found the drawstring of my sweats and pulled on it. My sweats started to drop and then got caught on my jutting cock. He reached in and found it. My sweats fell in a pool on the floor by his. We, father and son, were now jacking each other off, face to face. He took the head of my cock and rubbed it on his. Our precum mixed and coated each other's heads. He smiled at me and gently licked his lips. We closed our eyes and we kissed. It was a passionate, lusty kiss. Our lips rubbed hard and our tongues pressed hard, the way only two men can kiss. Our cocks were kissing and swapping precum and our mouths were kissing and swapping spit. It was incredibly erotic.

At last our kiss broke. He panted, "My room or yours?"

"Mine is closer" I panted back inches from his face. His was upstairs, while mine was on the other side of the living room, not that it made that much difference.

He turned and walked out of the kitchen in front of me, his naked ass firm and muscular and, oh, so very fuckable. I was eager to see how much he wanted to experience.

We stepped into my bedroom and without a word our t-shirts came off. His chest was firmer than mine but not by much. His male nipples, like mine, were hard with desire. Our cocks were equally hard and both had beads of clear precum at the head. Our cocks were almost identical. Like father, like son.

Again we kissed. Our lust far surpassed our father son love. We were two hungry men in need of being fed; in this case being fed cock and cum. Even as we kissed we laid down on my bed, the very bed this young man had been conceived in 20 years earlier. Little did I know that when he was born those many years ago, that one day we would end up as lovers, sharing each other's dicks and desire.

He moved his face down my neck, roughly licking and biting me as he did so. I could tell he knew instinctively how to please a man. He licked and sucked at my nipples, making my cock throb as it sent shivers of pleasure to my groin. His hand found my cock and he began to jack me off. It felt so good, so natural, that two men, so close emotionally, should be so close physically. The fact that it was my son giving me pleasure did not bother me in the least. It made me wish we could have been doing this for years.

Soon his face left my chest and moved lower yet. His hand never left my hard-on and by now his fingers were coated with my constant flow of clear precum. He stopped at my navel and tongued me there, teasing me, making me wait for what I knew was next. His face turned toward my crotch. I felt his hot breath on the head of my cock and then I felt his tongue glide over the head, claiming my precum. His hand moved to allow room for his mouth and my son started to suck my dick. It was incredible. There was no doubt that this was something he wanted, something he hungered for. Rob wanted my cock as much as I wanted his.

I reached out and put my hand on his muscular ass and gently tugged it toward me. Without removing his mouth or hand from my cock he shifted his body. He raised up and put a knee on each side of my head. His cock was throbbing and bobbing over my mouth. His balls, heavy with cum, hung over my nose. I could smell the musky smell of sweaty testicles and it made me high. Behind his balls, I could see the tight dark ring of his asshole. I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in. Our techniques were different. Rob moved his mouth up and down my cock, using his hand, fucking me with his mouth while jacking me into his mouth. His other hand cupped my balls and rolled them. I held his hips and just let him fuck my mouth. His hips worked up and down, filling my mouth and then leaving it empty, waiting for his cock to return again. His balls came to rest on my nose with each down stroke.

I pulled my mouth off his cock. A strand of his precum connected my tongue with the head of his cock. My tongue licked and caressed his balls. I took one in my mouth and sucked gently. He moaned. I let it go and shifted slightly. I licked behind his balls and he moaned again, louder and longer. I could feel his moans vibrate around my cock. I knew I was going where he wanted me.

My tongue tickled his tight asshole and he pressed his ass down on to my mouth. I opened my mouth wide, reached around his hips, and pulled him as tightly as I could. His asshole resisted only briefly and then yielded to my probing tongue. His cock was now lying under my chin and on my chest. I could feel it throb every time my tongue entered his ass. His mouth came off my cock long enough for him to gasp, "Oh fuck, dad, that is great. I love your tongue up my ass." And then he went back to blowing me and jacking me.

I loosened him with my tongue, getting lots of spit in his ass to lube him up, and then my mouth left his ass and moved back to his cock. He left a puddle of precum on my chest where the head had been throbbing. As his cock entered my mouth, my finger entered his ass. He was now loose enough and wet enough from my oral pleasure that my finger slid straight in to my hand. I positioned my hand so that when he fucked into my mouth, my finger slid out of his ass. When he fucked out of my mouth, my finger was buried deep in his ass. For the next few minutes we pleasured each other; me, fucking his mouth with my cock and fucking his ass with my finger, him, fucking my mouth with his cock and jacking me off into his mouth. Two men, devouring each other. A father and son, loving each other.

I felt his cock harden even more deep in my throat and his thrusts became shorter and faster. I knew his cum was building. I shoved my finger deep into his ass and left it there. I increased the suction of my mouth. His mouth came off my cock and he panted, "Oh fuck, dad, here it cums. Suck my cock, dad, take my cum...take my cum"

I felt his cock swell and then felt the familiar flow of hot thick cum down my throat. I pulled my mouth back a little so I could really taste my son's semen. I stopped swallowing, letting his cum pool in my mouth. It was salty, sweet, slightly bitter, and thick. I could feel the amount build every time the head of his cock swelled. Finally he stopped thrusting and I knew he was done cumming in my mouth. I swallowed about half of his cum.

I pushed gently at his side and he rolled off me, spent, gasping for breath after his powerful orgasm. I shifted positions so that I was over him. I looked at amazement at his still hard dick. Young guys can go all night and he was all mine to have. He looked up at me and smiled. I smile enough to let some of the cum still in my mouth leak out and dribble down my chin. His eyes grew wide at first and then closed. He reached behind my head and pulled my face to his. Our mouths met and the remainder of his cum poured from my mouth to his. Our tongues shared it and we each swallowed our share.

Now I was on top of him. His thighs opened around my hips. Our cocks rubbed together. His was still hard from his first cum. Mine was hard needing to cum. His knees came up. I raised up on my knees between his. No words were needed. We both knew what we wanted. He wanted me, his dad, to fuck his ass and let my cum explode. I wanted to fuck him, my son, and share my cum with him.

His ass was still wet and loose. I pushed his legs until his knees were on his chest. His asshole was there for the taking. I put the head of my blood filled cock at his asshole and pushed gently. He closed his eyes, and pushed back; the head slipped in easily. We both held that position for maybe a half minute. I was enjoying the heat and tightness of his ass, knowing it would get even hotter and tighter. He was relaxing, letting his body grow accustomed to being entered. I waited. He looked at me and nodded gently. Without a word, I pushed a little more and he responded by pushing back. Slowly, but steadily, my cock disappeared into my son's ass. I could feel his heat engulfing me. Soon my pubic hair was touching his balls and my balls rested on his tailbone. We held that position again for a few moments. My cock was throbbing in his ass.

He opened his eyes and our eyes met. I looked at him, trying to suppress my lust and need to cum for long enough to be a concerned father. "How does that feel? Are you OK?"

He nodded. "Yeah, yeah, dad, I think I feel more OK than I have ever felt before." We shared a smile. "Dad?"

"Yes, son"

"Fuck me"

And I did. I started slow. I thrilled with every sensation his ass was giving my cock. I pulled out almost to the point where the head of my dick was about to pop out and then I would thrust in. His hips slammed up to claim my dick and I knew he was ready to be fucked hard by a man. As I picked up speed, he reached down and started to jack off. His cock had not gone the least bit soft and was leaking precum once again. I fucked his ass hard. I gave his ass all I had, plunging deep into his virgin asshole. He took every bit of it.

"Fuck me, boy, fuck your old man hard." I challenged him.

My vulgarity made him fuck harder. His hand jacked faster.

"You want some cum? You want your dad's cum, boy?"

His eyes grew wilder with lust. "Oh god, yes, give me your cum dad, I want it."

"Not until you cum again. Jack that hard cock and shoot it all over yourself. Let me see you jack your cock, Rob. Shoot your hot cum, you father fucker"

His hand worked his cock faster and faster. I could see the head swell again as he came. I know it could not have been as much as he had cum before in my mouth, there was still plenty of cum. He shot out and his first wad hit his chin. The other wads landed on his chest and on his stomach. As he came, I could feel his asshole tighten and clinch around my cock.

"Where do you want your old man's cum, Rob?" I moaned as I felt my own cum start to build.

"Cum on me, dad. I want to see your cum spray all over me."

I pulled out of his ass with a pop. I thrust my hips so my balls were resting on his. I jacked my cock hard and fast and then I came. My wads of cum shot out hard. The first landed right under his chin, then on his chest and on his stomach. My cum mixed with his and we couldn't tell them apart.

I collapsed on to his chest, our cum stuck us together, spreading out between us as our bodies pressed together. We kissed again, both of us gasping, trying to catch our breath after our powerful orgasms.

"Fuck, dad, that was awesome."

I could feel our thick cum oozing between us. I could feel our cum slickened cocks rubbing together. I could feel his balls under mine. I had to agree, it was fucking awesome.

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