tagIncest/TabooLike Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter


Bonnie was sitting in the big recliner in the living room. She was naked and had her knees over the arms; her thighs spread wide, her ass right on the edge of the seat. Her right hand held the phone as her left hand rubbed up and down over her smoothly shaven sex. The middle finger of that hand ran slowly in her slick slippery slit. The fingertip would dip into her sopping wet pussy at the bottom and circle her swollen clit at the top.

She was totally engrossed in her little game of phone sex. So much so, that she did not hear or see her daughter come in through the back door, which she had forgotten to lock. Connie, her daughter hurried across the kitchen and down the hall to the little half bath under the stairs. It had been an even longer drive than normal home from college it seemed and her eyeteeth were floating.

Bonnie now had two fingers sliding up and down in her slit, dipping into her pussy and rolling her clit around. Phone sex had always gotten her off hard and today was no exception. She was so into what her partner was saying that she even missed the flush of the toilet. The first she knew of her daughter being home was when she skidded to a stop as she came around the corner from the hall.

"Mother!" Connie yelled as her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.

Bonnie gave a jerk as her eyes went to her daughter in surprise. She was right on the ragged edge of an orgasm. Instead of jerking her hand away from her sex, she jammed the two fingers as deep in her vagina as she could and held them there as she came long and hard.

"Oh, God," she groaned as her orgasm just rolled on, daughter watching or not.

By the time Bonnie was down to the thigh shivering stage of her orgasm, she said into the phone, "I'm... I'm going to have to call you back, I've got a small problem here."

She listened for a second and then replied, "No, nothing that I can't handle. At least I think I can, that is if I can get my fingers out of my sex."

Bonnie listened again and then giggled softly. "No, it's more like your daughter just walked in on me in all my glory, sticky fingers and all."

With a soft groan, Bonnie took the phone away from her ear and pushed the off button. She shivered and looked at her daughter. "Uh, welcome home. You really should knock or ring the bell, or wear a bell for that matter."

Connie had finally got her mouth closed but her eyes were still wide and locked onto the two fingers still moving slightly in and out of her mother's pussy. They were slick and shiny and made a soft squishing noise as they moved. She gave a shiver of her own as she realized it was much the same sound her pussy made under the same circumstances.

"Why are you home in the middle of the week?" Bonnie asked. She felt very exposed as she asked the question and considered moving her legs but her body did not want to move. It was enjoying the afterglow too much.

"Uh... I... uh..." Connie stammered for a moment and then her eyes went to her Mother's face. "Who were you having phone sex with?" She asked and then added, "Why were you having phone sex in the middle of the afternoon and where is Daddy?"

"Your dad took his mother to visit her sister. You know she does not like to fly. Anyway, he stopped for the night early and called me. The rest is history you might say."

"You... you were having phone sex with daddy?"

"Since way before you were born. Otherwise you would probably look a lot like Ed Martin."

With a very confused look, Connie asked, "Who the hell is Ed Martin?"

"He was the milkman that delivered to my mother's house, way back when. He had the cutes butt and.... Well, never mind that."

Still confused, Connie asked, "You were fooling around with the milkman?"

Bonnie laughed. "Nope, just lusting after him like every other young or not so young woman in town. He was a hunk and hung halfway to his knee."

Connie's mouth dropped open again. She had never heard her mother talk like that. She had always considered her pretty much a prude but here she sat with two fingers still in her pussy and talking about some guy hung to his knee.

"But... but... but..." Connie finally got out in a sputter.

Bonnie sighed deeply as she pulled the two fingers out of her sex and moved her feet to the floor. She could feel the slip and slide of her sex as she closed her knees and sat up. She looked at the two shiny fingers and then grinned. "I'm tired of being mommy, I'm going to be me," she whispered and then stuffed the fingers into her mouth and sucked on them.

Connie was back to wide-eyed and open-mouthed mode. She was shocked beyond her wildest dreams. From the look on her mother's face it was not the first time she had sucked the juices off her fingers. She was enjoying the hell out of it. Of course, she could not say anything; she loved to do that also. Off a dick straight from her pussy was even better. She closed her mouth and groaned softly.

Bonnie pulled the fingers out of her mouth with a sucking sound and grinned at her daughter. "You too, huh? I like it even better off your dad's big dick, especially if he's mixed in with it."

Connie groaned even louder and then turned around quickly as a bright red blush covered her face to her hairline.

Bonnie laughed and stood up. She shifted her hips from side to side feeling the wet slipperiness between her upper thighs and her pussy lips. It felt almost as good as that well fucked and creamed feeling. Looking at her daughter she said, "Look, I've been mommy and mother for a little over twenty years now but since you finally caught me at my little game, that's over. What you see and what you saw is who and what I am so get used to it. I love sex and I'm pretty sure you do also."

Connie spun around ready to protest but then she saw the fingers back in her mother's mouth and her hips moving, she froze. With a deep groan, she nodded her head.

Bonnie pulled the fingers out of her mouth and whispered, "Good, now that we have that out of the way, why are you home in the middle of the week?"

Connie groaned and shook her head. "I'm think about dropping out of college," she whispered. "I found out Jack was cheating on me with two different girls at the same time."

Bonnie crossed the room with long strides and gathered her daughter in her arm. "I'm so sorry to hear that," she whispered as she hugged her daughter tightly.

Once again, Connie was shock beyond imagination. It was not the hug but the naked mommy that was doing it that had her that way. Then she decided not to think about it and hugged her mom back. The only problem was all that bare skin she was touching. She was so glad she had worn her jeans and a baggy t-shirt.

A few minutes later, Bonnie relaxed her grip on her daughter and asked, "Did you guys have problems, or did he just decide he wanted to be a dog?"

Connie sighed and decided to be honest with her mom. "I... I really don't know. He was more into the party scene than I was but things seemed to be going great for us being in different dorms and all."

"Yeah, that living apart thing is what almost broke your father and me up after high school. No place to call our own, where we could fuck each other stupid. About three weeks after graduation, we found a small apartment that we could afford and fixed that."

Connie lifted her head from her mother's shoulder and looked into her eyes. "You and dad lived together before you got married?" she asked in disbelief. Her mother had always seemed to straight-laced to do something like that. But then again, a lot of things were coming to light that was changing that thinking she realized.

"I was eighteen and very much in love. I was not about to let him get away even if my mom and dad threw a fit over it. It seems to have worked out for the best, I'd say."

Connie grinned and shook her head. "My mother living in sin for what, four years?"

Bonnie returned the grin. "We got married before you were born so... that worked out well also."

"That's what Jack and I should have done but we couldn't afford it."

"We were lucky. Your dad worked part time for his uncle James the last two years of high school and then went to work full time when we graduated. I landed a job at the bank a few months later and we were pretty much set. Things were great until your dad went on the road full time."

"What do you mean on the road? I thought he always worked in the trucking company office."

Bonnie laughed and shook her head. "He only went to work in the office after his uncle had a heart attack and nearly died. Before that, he drove a truck cross-country. He was gone more than he was home. That's where the phone sex started. As a way to keep both of us satisfied and happy."

Connie shook her head. "I still can't believe you two have phone sex. I've never had phone sex."

"Maybe you should have," Bonnie said with a wink.

"Yeah, but Jack and I saw each other four or five times a week."

"But did you have sex four or five times a week?"

Connie felt herself blush and she looked down. Seeing her mother's naked breasts pressed to the front of her shirt just deepened the blush. "I... uh... we... uh.... Uh, no," she finally got out.

"Your dad and I have always had sex at least four times a week and a lot of the time, more than that."

Connie felt the heat of another blush and whispered, "Uh, mom, we're, uh, getting into that too much personal information zone."

Bonnie shrugged. "It's just us girls talking so I don't see the problem."

Connie suddenly looked up at her mother's face and then back down hurriedly. Then she closed her eyes as she was once again looking at her mother's naked breasts. "Uh, mom, could you, uh, like put some clothes on. I'm getting a little weirded out here."

Bonnie let go of her daughter and took a short step back. "I guess I could but when there is no one here but me or just me and your dad, I always run around naked. I love the freedom and to tell the truth, it excites me."

Connie groaned as she opened her eyes and looked at her mother. She had never seen her mother naked and was surprised at the fullness of her breasts and the way they did not sag as she had always imagined. Her own breasts were a slightly smaller version of the originals. She almost giggled at that thought.

When her daughter smiled, Bonnie turned and walked back over to her chair and sat down. "Maybe this will help," she said as she crossed her legs at the knees.

Connie nodded but her mind was replaying the way her mother's tight firm looking ass had swayed and swiveled as she walked across the room. She had always had to keep a tight check on that same swivel and sway when she walked.

With a shiver, Connie moved over to the couch and sat down. Suddenly she realized two things. One, she was a hell of a lot more like her mother than she had ever imagined and two, her mother was twice her age and was getting more sex a month than she had ever had.

Then another thought crossed her mind. "Wait a minute," she said forcefully. "I lived here for nineteen years and there is no way you guys could have hid that much sex from me for all that time."

Bonnie laughed and nodded her head. "Do you remember when you were about five or six and we remodeled our bedroom and added the private bathroom?" Connie nodded in reply. "When we did, we planned for the future. The walls are double thick and insulated with a sound deadening material. Our bedroom is almost soundproof."

Connie looked at her mom sharply and then asked in an almost whisper, "If that's the case then how could you hear me so well at night when I had a bad dream or something?" Then she groaned and answered her own question, "You had my room bugged."

"Only until that night after the senior prom. I figured you and Jack need the privacy after I figured out what all the little noises were about."

Connie groaned and fell back on the couch. She had not realized she was sitting on the very edge of it. Now she was half laying on it with her head at an odd angle. "My mom the pervert. I can't believe it."

Bonnie grinned. "No dear, I'm a lot more kinky than perverted. I'll have to show you my toy box sometimes."

With a shiver, Connie pushed up on her arms and then sat up. She scooted back a little and the shook her head. "You have a toy box? I have a bullet and a vibrator in a bag under my mattress."

"Is it still that slender pink one," Bonnie asked and then chuckled at her daughter's shocked expression. "I used to make your bed remember."

"You... you never said anything."

"Why should I, they were your toys and you were old enough to use them."

Connie suddenly giggled. "I lost my virginity to that pink vibrator."

"I lost mine to a candle," Bonnie said with a grin. "It was the most half melted, twisted up thing you could ever imagine by the time I got rid of it."

"So you were not a virgin when you and dad married like I always assumed."

"Good Lord no. He was the first man to make to love to me and the only one so far but I had my fingers and that candle in there as often as possible, believe me. Just like you and that pink vibrator. You even sound like me when you come."

Connie groaned and then shivered hard. "You... you listened to me?"

"Only the first few times to make sure you didn't hurt yourself or scare yourself."

Connie groaned again and then hugged herself as she shivered even harder than before. A moment later, she whispered, "You're kinky alright or does that come under motherly love?"

"The latter. It's in the mother's handbook under the care and feeding of hormonally overloaded daughters."

Connie leaned back on the couch and sighed deeply. "What am I going to do about Jack and school? He pisses me off every time I see him and there is no place to hide from him or anyone else who knows about his cheating. He did the dirty deeds but I'm the one that is embarrassed."

Bonnie sighed and reached for the phone. She looked up a number in the received call list and dialed. A moment later, she said, "Room 312, please."

"You're not going to tell daddy are you!" Connie said with panic in her voice.

"Not right now," Bonnie replied and then spoke into the phone. "Ok, hot stuff, there is going to be a delay in plans. Daughter and I have some woman stuff to discuss and it might take a while."

Bonnie listened for a moment and the grinned at Connie. "Nothing I can't handle. Speaking of which, keep your grubby mitts off my favorite toy. I'll take very good care of it myself, up close and personally at that."

She listened a moment longer and then giggled. "That can be arranged," she whispered and then added, "Now you be a good boy and I'll see you in the morning." Then she made a kissing sound and closed the connection.

"What do you mean not now?" Connie asked as her mother laid the phone aside.

"Your father is your father and he worries about you probably more than I do. I tell him everything. Well, almost everything and sometimes I leave little details out that are none of his business. You leaving college is going to be a big blow to him. He didn't get to go because he could not afford it. You going is the high point of his life. The first in his family or mine to ever go."

Connie sighed and shook her head. "I don't want to leave but I feel like everyone is looking and pointing at me. The girl who couldn't satisfy her boyfriend so he had to look elsewhere."

"That is the wrong way to look at it. He's the one who could not control himself and be faithful. You're the one who has been wronged, not him."

"I know that but...." Connie paused and sighed. "I feel like I didn't do a good enough job to keep him satisfied."

"No, it was more the lack of opportunity to keep him satisfied," Bonnie, said softly. "But that still doesn't mean he had to cheat on you."

"Maybe I need to go get drunk and then laid six ways to Sunday," Connie said with a crooked smile.

"That young lady would cause more problems than it would solve."

"I hear you but...." Connie started to say and then stood up. She grinned as she walked across the room allowing her hips and ass to do what they did naturally. When she turned around, her mother was ginning at her.

"Yeah, you've got the swivel hips in spades." With that said, she stood up and walked across the room to the kitchen door letting her hips and ass play as they liked.

When she stopped and turned around to look at her daughter, Connie laughed and said, "I think we could make men drool even if you were dressed and we walked across campus together like that."

"Drool hell, there would not be a soft dick in a mile in any direction," Bonnie said with a laugh. Then she looked her daughter up and down. "The jeans are tight enough but that baggy shirt and bra have to go."

"Mom, I've got your boobs and nipples. If I took this bra off even this baggy shirt could not hide the tents my nipples would make."

"So don't hide them. People don't think you're sexy enough then show them the true you. Show them what they are missing. Show them the smolder and the fire."

Connie shivered and shook her head. "I'd blush myself too death."

"That's good in a way as it shows you have decency but it also shows you are naive and unsure of your own worth and merit," Bonnie said as she started back across the room toward her daughter. This time she put one foot in front of the other and walked on her toes. Her hips did not sway as much but they swiveled even more pronounced.

"Holy shit!" Connie whispered as she watched her mom's hips and the subtle sway of her breasts. "Where did you learn to walk like that?"

"Teasing your dad until he couldn't take it any more so he took me, and took me, and took me some more," Bonnie said with a nasty looking grin.

Connie groaned as a shiver ran up and down her spine. "If only," she whispered softly. When her mother stopped in front of her, she took a small half step to the side. Her feet were now close to shoulder width apart and she had a look of open attitude. A do you think you're man enough look that made Connie shiver again. It was almost a dare in a stance.

"Your father can not resist this stance. It drives him wild anywhere and anytime."

"No shit," Connie whispered. "You might as well yell, fuck me, as loud as you can. It's the same thing."

Bonnie laughed. "That's what usually happens as soon as we get alone. Hard, rough, and delicious."

Connie grinned at her mom. "I always thought you were somewhat of a prude but now I see that you are very sure of yourself and your sexuality."

"Why shouldn't I be? I love sex as much as your father does and I get what I want, when I want it. I also give back as good as I get. That's the way it's supposed to work."

"I hate to tell you but that's not how it works for most people," Connie said with a sigh.

"Then they are not working hard enough at it," her mother replied. "Marriage and love are as much of a job as the one you get paid a salary for. One makes you a living and the other makes life worth living. You can have both if you work for it and by that I mean both partners. There can't be any one way streets or mistrust."

"That sounds very good and you and dad are very lucky. If you heard about what goes on at my friend's houses between their parents, you would cry. Fights, arguments, cheating, one holding sex over the others head or just not caring about sex at all. It's crazy."

"Your dad and I have had our disagreements but those stop at the bedroom door. We learned early that fighting and arguing got us nowhere. Discussing it like adults and then when we could not agree, we would agree to disagree. In any case, the bedroom was for sleeping, peace and quiet, and most of all for lovemaking."

Connie shivered and turned around, lifting the back of her shirt as she did. "Unhook me please," she said softly.

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