tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLil Jodie Ch. 04

Lil Jodie Ch. 04


Jodie woke with a start and rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower not noticing she was naked, to wash her sweaty body. Her cunt seemed not to need a cock in it right now. The water was refreshing as it slashed down her. All she could think about was how dad has fucked her.

Jodie went back to her room and got dressed in jeans and low cut top, as she came downstairs her brothers noticed her and suddenly got hard sitting at the breakfast table, mom was home from the hospital as her night shifts were over for the week.

"You're not going to school like that!" her mom said, as she continued to eat her cereal. Jodie's mom was still in her nurse's uniform as she ate, she looked still young to have two boys in the army and a young daughter still at high school. Dad sat next to mom and kissed her on the cheek; it was a loving kiss not as he had done to Jodie the night previously.

"Yes little lady go upstairs and change yourself!" Dad said as he winked at Jodie.

Jodie got up from the table and went upstairs to change, in the middle of getting changed dad walked in, but Jodie just carried on changing. He closed the door and open a draw and tossed her a short plaited skirt at his daughter, "Put that on dear! Oh and no panties". Jodie did what he wanted because she knew that Mike and Santino would love the fact that she was wearing no panties too.

"Now get to school little lady and don't forget to give your mom a kiss on your way out as she hasn't seen you for almost a week now" Dad said as he lifted her skirt and fingered his daughters wet cunt. Jodie went back downstairs and her brothers were watching the morning news and her mom was doing the dishes.

"Bye mom I'm going to school now, I will see you later tonight mom." As Jodie gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Now you look better than when you came down earlier," mom said, Jodie was now wearing a white shirt and her school tie and a grey short plaited skirt that dad had told her to wear. Jodie grabbed her school bag and headed out, she knew that Santino would be waiting nearby and she did not want to keep him waiting long.

"Bye mom and dad!" Jodie shouted as she left the house, Jodie scanned the street for the red mini-van, but she didn't see it so she starred to walk towards were she would normally catch the school bus. It was not long before Jodie saw Santino in his mini-van, he pulled over and opened the passenger's door and Jodie climbed in.

Jodie started to open her school bag and took out a snack, she started to eat it. Santino noticed that she was wearing her school uniform and how hot she looked in it, so much so that he was becoming hard as he was driving.

"Look what you have done to me bitch!" Santino said. Jodie saw has boner in his trousers, without saying anything Jodie released his cock and started to suck him while he drove. It took ages to reach the house; Santino must have driven in circles while Jodie practised her blowjob skills on his cock. Mike was waiting out front of the house, he was impatient.

"Were in the hell did get to!" he stood there with his hands on his hips.

"Sorry I got hard and this little bitch got some practice in given blow-jobs, sorry mate!" Santino said. Jodie looked totally incapable of doing anything like that dressed in her school uniform.

"I must admit she does look fuckin' hot dressed like that." Mike looked as he walked behind Jodie into the house. Jodie sat down on a big sofa and spread her legs, her short skirt rode up her legs to show Mike and Santino her lack of panties and how much see enjoyed them looking at her body. They both walked over to Jodie and sat down opposite her and they seemed to enjoy watching Jodie show herself off, she started to finger her own cunt to show them what a slut she was.

"I thinking if she like it we could get another one from her high school, so we could have a pair so sluts to play with." Mike said the look that went across Jodie's face was pure lust in hope she could have a playmate to join her.

Mike and Santino watched, as Jodie liked the idea of a playmate; it made her work her fingers harder in her wet cunt.

"Hey you got any one you want to play with slut?" Mikes looked to Jodie while she played with her clit.

"Yes the head cheerleader Sue-Ann, She a total bitch, Sir." Jodie screamed as her orgasm hit.

"Mmmm another cheerleader I'm getting hard just from thinking about it." Mike said as they watched Jodie explode on the sofa, her body was now back on fire, her fingers were good but not good enough. She undid her shirt and got down onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Mike and Santino now on their feet, she opened her mouth and let her tongue hang out like a dog.

Mike put his hand into his pocket and produced a dog collar and then brushed her hair to one side to put it around her neck, Jodie felt like she was now owned, Mike also took out a leash and connected to the collar.

"Now you're a true bitch now." As Mike pulled Jodie around like a dog.

Mike dragged Jodie a small room which was only covered in white paint and had a small window at the top, he undid the leash and tied Jodie to a chain then close the door, she could hear them talking but could make out what they said. Jodie's urges had taken over as she couldn't stop fingering herself.

Jodie couldn't tell what time it was because she had left her watch in her bag which was still in the mini-van. They left her in the house alone to play with herself. They must have been gone for hours as she needed them in her more and more, suddenly the front door opened and the two of them had returned with a present.

Santino opened the door to Jodie's small room and grabbed hold of her collar. He didn't let Jodie get a footing on the floor, he brought her to the front room where she saw a young girl hang up like she was a few days ago, but this time she was blindfolded and Jodie knew who it was. It was Sue-Ann and she was pleading.

"Please let me go, I haven't do anything to you, so please let me go" Sue-Ann pleaded.

Jodie sat on the floor with her legs spread wide and she was still fingering her soaking wet cunt, she knew she needed cock in her but they were busy enjoying the delights of Sue-Ann's body, she was the same age as Jodie but she had a tighter cunt because she was still a virgin.

The blood ran down her legs as she screamed but Mike and Santino didn't care as they took her dignity from her, she started to moan through her tears.

"Wow that was easier than this bitch here." Mike laughed pointing to Jodie. Santino left Sue-Ann to Mike and went over to Jodie. His cock was still hard as he picked up Jodie and put her cunt on to his cock and rammed it in deep. Jodie screamed out like a wild animal as Santino pounded her cunt raw, this was everything she wanted, Mike removed Sue-Ann's blindfold to let her watch a real slut enjoy herself.

"I want that." submissively from Sue-Ann's mouth.

Mike was amazed how easy she was to turn; Mike took his cock out of Sue's cunt. All she could was to try to get his cock back in her, but her hands were tried over her head and she had no way of controlling anything. Mike watched Santino bang Jodie's cunt as he cupped Sue-Ann's face.

"Please do me like that!" Sue-Ann pleaded to Mike. Mike was in no mood to play nicely with her.

"Beg me to fuck your nasty cunt just like that you bitch!" Mike said softly into her ear.

Santino was about to cum again for the second time today but this time it was going to be in Jodie's cunt, he grunted as he came, the pure relief showed on Santino's face as he pumped his cum into Jodie's cunt. Sue-Ann watched this and was so turned on by it and was leaking from between her legs, but Mike only watched her, wanted for her to beg properly for his cock to fuck her.

Sue-Ann's arms hurt against the restraints but she tried to urge Mike's cock in her, but he only kept his distance away.

"Remember bitch, beg." Mike said sadistically as he denied her what she wanted.

"Please fuck my nasty cunt please, Sir." Sue-Ann pleaded in a very submissive voice, Mike took hold of her hips and moved his cock in front of her waiting cunt, Jodie and Santino watched as Mike took his time to fuck this new slut, Santino put his fingers in Jodie's cunt as they watched.

Mike slammed his cock in to Sue and she just shouted yes at the top of her voice, Mike picked up the pace as he used her cunt like there was no tomorrow. Jodie played with her tits as Santino fingered her cunt; Mike exploded inside her cunt so much so that his cum leaked out around his shaft while he was still in Sue-Ann's cunt.

This made Jodie cum at the same time, Santino's kept on working as Jodie came his fingers was wet covered in her juices, she felt so good being used like this and now she had a playmate. The school day was coming to an end and they would be both missed if they didn't go home soon, Mike and Santino wanted them to know that they were there sluts and they would keep this a secret at all costs.

"Get dressed bitch we are taking you back home," Mike said to Jodie "We need to teach our new bitch some more, so you don't need to be around for it." Santino got up and gave Jodie her clothes back and Jodie dressed quickly. After Jodie had got dressed Santino dragged her back to the mini-van, Jodie got in and straighten her skirt and shirt and put on her seat belt as he drove to her house.

Santino dropped Jodie off were he picked her up this morning; she took her bag and carried it home down the street. Dad was waiting on the porch, he looked mad but dad never looked happy except that night she passed out on his cock.

"Hi little lady good day at school I hope?" Dad said opening the front door. "Mom's asleep so you better be quiet tonight." as Jodie went into the house. Dad sat down in his chair and turned on the television and then over to the sports channels.

"Hey little lady get over here and suck me off while I watch my sports!"As Dad was getting comfortable, then unzipping his trousers and releasing his cock, Jodie got in front of her Dad and sank to her knees and licked the underside of his cock while she played with his balls. Dad seemed not to notice that his only daughter was giving him a blowjob while his wife was fast asleep upstairs.

Jodie lost his cock from her hands as Dad started to argue with the television, but Dad settled down Jodie took hold of his cock again but this time she started to lick the head of his cock, she enjoyed the taste of his cock as it started to ooze pre-cum. Jodie opened her mouth and sank deep on his cock, she took it right to the back of her throat and started to work her Dad's cock with her mouth.

Dad started to stroke her hair and reached for her butt and moved her skirt out of the way, then plunged a finger into her wet butt hole and started to force it in hard and let his other fingers feel Jodie's wet cunt lips. Jodie's mind was racing away with her; she kept on thinking about what was happening to Sue-Ann's body and why she could not be involved in helping them. Jodie almost forgot about Dad's cock as it started to move on its own.

Dad put his hand on Jodie's head forced her down further on his cock as he continued to watch his game on television, this only caused her moan more.

"Now swallow all of it little lady" Dad commented without even looking at Jodie. Dad's fingers worked there magic on her butt and cunt as she almost lost it, Jodie looked at Dad and muffled a yes to dad while still holding his cock in her mouth.

Dad was about to blow in his load down his daughters throat, when the his phone went off it vibrated in his pocket, he took it out and answered the text message, as he hit the answer button for the message he let go and exploded in Jodie's mouth. It too was much cum for Jodie she was unable to swallow it all it kept on coming as Jodie pulled away from his cock and splattered her face and Jodie looked like a cum queen in a bad porn film.

He was so amazed how she looked he couldn't help himself but not to take photos of her on his phone as he had it at hand.

"Dad I need to get my homework done." Jodie said as she got up from her knees.

"Don't lie to me little lady you didn't go to school today because they phoned up to ask where you were?" Dad said looking at his new photos on his phone.

"Well Dad I went to see a friend who was ill she needed cheering up." Jodie said to Dad knowing that this was yet another lie to cover up the fact she was being fucked and loving it.

"Before you go to bed tonight give your mother a kiss from me and tell her I will be late tonight as I got to see a friend." Dad said as Jodie wiped his cum from her face. Jodie left her Dad to his sports and walked upstairs, all she could hear was here brothers fighting again in their room. Jodie was about to knock on their door as mom stepped out of her room dressed in her nightgown.

"Hello mom." Jodie said as she rushed into her mother's waiting arms.

Jodie walked into her parent's room with her mother hugging her close, the first time in a long time Jodie felt safe, she even thought about telling mom everything that had happened to her but she found herself stopping and asking her about how work was instead.

Dad got up and turned off the television in the middle of a game which was unheard of, grabbed his jacket and keys, and left the house. The text message he had received earlier was telling him to meet Mike at his house as soon as possible. He drove to Mike's house and knocked on the door, Santino answered the door and Dad walled in to see Sue-Ann still hanging from the ceiling were Jodie had left her earlier.

"So what do you what Mike?" Dad was pissed because he was missing the game cause of this.

"Oh sorry boss I wanted to tell you in person that your daughter is coming long well, that she can't live without being fucked like a common whore." Mike told him. Dad seemed pleased to hear his daughter was doing better than he thought.

"So when will she be ready you think? And where did you find the fine whore" Dad said as he felt Sue-Ann's responsive body to his touch.

"You will not believe it boss, but your daughter picked her." Mike was proud of Jodie's choice. Sue-Ann was now I willing whore to Mike and Santino's needs

"Don't forget the little rat Jake I want his mouth shut, he played his part by being the worst gambler I know." Dad told them.

"Don't worry boss I got that taken care of." Santino said "I know the coach of the university team he got his scholarship to boss!"

"I'm going back home to try to watch the rest of the Nicks lose again, so don't call me again until the job is done and by the way good choice in whore you got there." Dad commented as he left. He closed the front door and headed towards his car and headed back home.

Dad got home as Jodie was upstairs talking to her mother and the boys were still fighting, sometimes he hated playing happy families but if it meant enjoying his fruits of his labours then he was happy to play along in the mean time. Jodie came down gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm getting a shower then going to bed; I got school in the morning dad." Jodie didn't know that her own Dad knew where she was going instead of going to school.

"See you in the morning little lady." Dad said as Jodie ran up the stairs........

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