tagIncest/TabooL'il Sis Ch. 11

L'il Sis Ch. 11


We toasted our success by clanging our beer bottles together. Keith embraced Katie in a hug, and I embraced Ally. The night was young, and Hunter was gone for good. It was time to let the party continue.

The four of us were standing nude in the pool house drinking our beers when Keith lit up another joint.

"How many of those did you bring with you?" I asked.

"Enough for the weekend, if we keep smoking them at this rate. I brought plenty. Don't worry about it."

Keith took a long toke and then gave Katie a shot gun. She took a toke, handed the joint to Ally, who took one and gave it to me. I took a long drag on the joint and held it in for a long time. I was already wasted and this took me higher than I've ever been. God, I was feeling good, as was everyone else.

Ally took the joint from me and took a long drag on it before handing it back to me. I took another hit.

"Christ, you don't have to smoke the whole thing! We have plenty," Keith said, taking the joint from me and taking a long drag himself before handing it to Katie.

We stood around drinking our beer and smoking the joint for a long time, laughing and just having a good time. Keith had his arm over Katie's shoulder and was rubbing her tit while holding his beer and joint in the other hand. They were getting frisky by this point. Ally had her arm around my waist, watching Keith rub Katie's tits.

Ally leaned into me and gave me a long kiss, driving her tongue deep inside my mouth. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her tight, so her tits were pressed against my chest as my cock was growing between her legs.

The four of us were making out heavily, kissing and rubbing our siblings all over the place. Keith leaned into Katie and started kissing her. God it looked hot watching those two go at it. I never knew sibling sex could be so fucking erotic, and I was sure enjoying every minute of it.

Keith broke the kiss with Katie and said, "Christ, I need a fuck'n shower, I can smell Hunter's ass on my cock. I need to wash it off."

"How about a group shower?" Ally asked.

"Works for me, you have one big enough for all of us?" Keith asked.

"Umm, we sure do. Follow me," Allie replied.

"Keith, you're gonna love their shower," Katie said.

Ally led us into the shower room, which was at the other end of the pool house.

"Christ, this is some fucking shower," Keith exclaimed.

Our shower was huge. You have to walk down a short hall to the opening going into the shower. It was a large room, with three shower heads along the three sides, along with a standing shower pole in the middle with four shower heads on it. That gave us thirteen shower heads in all.

Ally and Katie took off running and turned the outside showers on full blast to get the steam flowing. You could tell they'd done this before. They then turned on the four showers on the center pole, and motioned for us to join them.

The four of us started sharing the showers in the center, each of us taking one. We were all standing there facing one another with the water running over our bodies. I looked at Keith, and I have to admit, he looked like some sort of Greek god standing there. His body was so fucking chiseled. He looked even more defined with the water cascading over him. Katie also looked awesome with the water running over her body. It accentuated her tits and ass, which looked awesome. Ally looked equally sexy standing there letting the spray pour over her nude frame.

Keith looked at me and said, "I need you to wash Hunter's ass off my cock, Ryan," as he walked around Katie and took the shower next to me. He was standing there with his long cock in his hand, shaking it. Ally and Katie were now next to each other. Katie put her arm around Ally's waist as the two stood there waiting for my reaction.

"I fucked your boy up the ass, the least you can do for me is to wash his shit off my cock."

I was so fuck'n high at that point, I really didn't care what I did. I soaped up my hands, grabbed Keith's cock, and began lathering it up.

"I've never seen a cock that fucking huge," I said as I put my hands around it and pulled from the base out to the tip, stretching his cock as long as it would go. "Christ, that thing is like a fucking telephone pole!"

We all started laughing, and it was quite evident that we were all high from the beer and the weed.

"You all can say anything you want about Hunter, but that boy has a tight ass. I really enjoyed fucking him. That was the tightest ass I've ever fucked. Yeah, he was a good fuck, he was."

That got us all laughing, as I continued washing Keith's huge cock, which was starting to grow with the attention I was giving it.

"Get my balls, they stink too, slapping against his ass like that and all."

I reached down and took Keith's balls in one hand as I continued washing and stroking his cock with my other hand.

"Christ, Ryan, that feels good. You keep that up and I might have to fuck your ass before long, keep it up."

"You're not putting that thing in my ass," I replied.

"You're the only one here who hasn't taken it," he said.

Keith reached around me and started playing with my ass as I washed his cock and balls.

"Yeah, I bet that's a tight ass, too, Ryan," Keith said as he started pressing his finger into my ass.

"No, no, no," I said, swatting his hand away. Keith started laughing, as did everyone else, including me.

"Your sister took it in the ass," he said.

"Maybe so, but you aren't fucking me with that thing!" I said to him, while enjoying the feeling of his finger in my ass.

Keith started laughing hard, and took his finger out.

"Just wash that cock good, Ryan, I want all Hunter's smell off it."

I kept washing Keith's cock, while looking at Katie and Ally, who were enjoying each other. They were washing each other just as I was washing Keith.

Finally, Katie came over to me and told me that she'd take over and that I could wash Ally, so we switched places. It was quite erotic washing Ally while watching Keith and Katie bathe each other. They weren't missing any spots, either, as they slowly ran their hands over each other.

Katie's hands had more effect on Keith's cock than mine did, as it was growing hard now. Katie let it rinse off in the stream of the shower, and then dropped down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Ally grabbed my cock and started rubbing it as we both watched the brother-sister show in front of us. Keith dropped his hands to Katie's head held her head as he started moving his cock in and out of her mouth, while Katie dropped her hands and started rubbing her tits and pussy. My cock grew harder, both from the stimulation of Ally's hands, and the sight before me. It was really erotic watching Keith face fuck his sister, and especially hot watching Katie getting herself off. While Ally and I continued rubbing each other, we couldn't keep our eyes off of Keith and Katie. God it was an awesome sight.

Keith grabbed Katie by the shoulders and pulled her up, grabbed her face, and kissing her, pressing his hard cock against her pussy. Ally and I were rubbing each other while watching the two of them. They really looked great together, and this was the most erotic scene I'd ever seen.

Keith sat down on the shower floor and pulled Katie down on top of him. She was stretched out on top of Keith, kissing him passionately, while he reached down and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Katie moved down a little, and Ally and I watched as Keith's hard cock split her pussy and started sliding in. Katie was bucking her hips on Keith's cock right in front of us with the water pouring over her ass. We could both see her pucker, which looked really inviting to me.

"You want to take her ass?" Ally asked.

I didn't respond as I was too caught up in the sight in front of me.

"I know you want her," Ally said. "It's OK, Ry, fuck her ass. I owe you that much. Fuck her ass."

It didn't take any more encouragement. I walked over behind Katie and started rubbing her ass. Christ, her flesh felt so fucking good on my fingers. I rubbed both of Katie's ass cheeks, and then ran a finger down her crack. Katie raised her ass as I rubbed her hole. I slid one finger in, and then another. Katie moaned. Keith looked around and noticed what I was doing. He raised up his hips, bringing Katie's ass higher. Ally came around to me, and we could both see Keith's cock sliding in and out of his sisters cunt.

"Go for it, Ry," Ally said, as she started rubbing my cock. 'Go ahead and fuck her in the ass."

I leaned over Katie, reached around her and started rubbing her tits as Keith fucked her pussy harder.

Ally took my hard cock in her hand and lined it up with Katie's ass. "Go ahead and fuck her, Ry. Fuck her ass."

I pushed forward slightly, and the head of my cock touched Katie's wet hole. I pressed forward again harder, and entered her. Katie pressed back on my cock as it started sliding into her ass as Keith continued fucking her.

I pressed forward as hard as I could, and was soon balls deep in Katie's ass, and could feel Keith's cock fucking her pussy. My cock could feel the pressure of his cock in her, which got me even more excited. I started pumping Katie's ass harder and harder.

Ally started playing with herself, rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits as I fucked her friend. Katie started moaning from the extreme pleasure of having both of us fuck her at the same time.

I continued to drive my cock deep inside Katie's ass, when Keith shouted that he was going to fucking cum. I could feel his cock contracting in Katie's pussy as he shot his load into her. It was an awesome feeling sensing his ejaculations. Keith let loose of Katie, and then pulled out. Katie fell forward a bit, which caused my cock to fall from her ass. Keith rolled Katie over on her back, reached down and spread her legs, and then said, "I know she wants to fuck you, Ryan, go ahead. Give it to her.

Katie looked up at me and said, "Yeah, fuck me Ryan. I want you to cum inside me, too."

I looked down at Katie lying on the shower floor with her legs spread, and there really wasn't any decision to make. I dropped down on top of her and drove my cock into her wet pussy and started fucking her. God it felt good. I could feel Keith's cum inside her as I fucked her, but I really didn't care at this point. I just wanted to fuck Katie. I started driving my cock in and out of her, fucking her hard. I reached around her and grabbed her ass, while I buried my face in her tits, sucking her hard nipples as I drove my cock deep inside of her. I felt as though I was in another fucking world at this time. The weed had hit me hard, and I was like in a fucking dream or something, fucking this beautiful woman as hard as I could. Katie wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in hard as I continued driving into her cunt.

Keith walked over to Ally and started rubbing her shoulders as they both watched the two of us fuck on the shower floor. I could see Keith reach around and begin rubbing Ally's tits as they both watch the two of us.

I leaned up and drove my tongue deep into Katie's mouth, sucking her tongue and licking the inside of her tasty mouth as I continued driving my cock in to her.

We kept this up for god knows how long. It must have been the weed, but I didn't feel like I was anywhere close to losing my load as I continued fucking Keith's sister.

Katie grabbed my shoulders and then rolled me off her and onto my back without my cock ever leaving her cunt. She was on top of me now, sitting erect on my cock, going up and down on me, fucking me from the top. I reached up and started rubbing her tits as she took over the pacing of the fuck, moving up and down on my erection. I let loose of her tits and watched them bounce up and down as she continued fucking herself with my cock. God, she was a beautiful sight. She continued riding me hard for several more minutes. I could feel Keith's cum running out of her pussy and dripping down my hip, and could see it too.

I looked over at Ally and Keith, and they were now kissing hard, with Keith rubbing Ally's ass with both of his hands. Ally's hands were wrapped around his head, pulling his face to hers, and I could see their tongues sliding in and out of their mouths, and all over their faces. They were kissing and licking each other, caught up in their own passion as I continued fucking Katie on the floor.

Keith moved backwards and braced himself on the shower wall, pulled Ally up, with her knees now pressed against his waist and his hands under her legs. He reached down and placed the head of his cock against Ally's cunt. I had a good view of Keith's cock slowly split Ally's pussy. I couldn't believe it was stretching like that, as it opened up and swallowed his cock. The head of Keith's cock slipped into Ally's pussy, and Keith let her slide down lower as his cock continued sliding into her. He held her by both legs, holding her up with her tits pressed against his chest as his cock continued to slide deeper into her.

Keith started thrusting his cock deep inside of Ally, while she continued hissing him hard. With the effect of the weed we were all in another world, having the greatest sex ever. God this was so fucking awesome. I couldn't take my eyes off of Keith's hard cock fucking my sister. The sight was awesome.

I looked down at Katie, and it was obvious by the expression on her face that she wasn't going to last much longer. After all, she had been fucked by Keith before I started fucking her, and I fucked her in the ass for a long time before Keith came and I took over for him.

Keith's hands were now holding Ally's ass, and he had a finger up her ass as he continued driving his cock into her. They were fucking hard.

Katie started screaming that she was going to fucking cum as I started fucking her harder and harder. I could feel her pussy contracting around my hard cock, which was still buried deep inside of her. She stopped and became very still as she came down from her orgasm. I leaned forward on top of her and kissed her hard. She was spent and felt like a dead body beneath me. She looked over at Keith and Ally, leaned up and whispered in my ear, "I think Keith wants you to fuck your sister in the ass," as she looked back at them.

I looked over and saw that Ally now had her head on Keith, shoulder, kissing his neck. Keith saw me, pulled his finger out of Ally's ass and then pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her brown pucker. That's all it took.

I got off of Katie, after kissing her again, and walked across the shower room to Keith and Ally. I reached down and started rubbing her ass with my finger as Keith pulled her cheeks wide apart. Keith leaned down a bit so I could get my cock at the entrance of my sisters ass, and I pushed forward. Keith pulled Ally's ass cheeks even further apart as my cock entered her ass. I drove hard into her, and Ally let out a loud moan. She looked back and noticed that I was now fucking her ass. Ally wrapped her arms around Keith's head and started kissing him as I fucked her in the ass, while Keith was still fucking her pussy.

I thrust hard in and out of my sister as Keith continued fucking her pussy.

Ally let her head go back to Keith's shoulder, and I can't begin to describe the look on her face. She looked like she was in total erotic bliss. Katie got up and came over to the three of us, leaned in, and started making out with both Keith and Ally as Keith and I continued filling Ally's holes.

I reached over and started rubbing Katie's tits as she continued kissing Keith and Ally. The four of us were pressed hard together as we continued to work on each other.

After a few more minutes of this, I could feel my balls churn, and as I pressed forward one final time, I emptied my load into my sister's ass. I held my cock in her as I emptied my balls into her ass.

"God, that was great," I sighed.

Katie noticed that I had finished on Ally's ass, and pushed me away. She got under Ally and started sucking my cum out of Ally's ass, sucking and licking her to get it all out.

I stood back a minute and just watched Katie suck Ally's ass while Ally and Keith continued to fuck, kissing each other. I moved beside them and started making out with Ally and Keith. I didn't know whose tongue I was sucking or who was sucking on mine, the three of us continued kissing each other as Keith kept fucking Ally's ass. It didn't take long and Ally started screaming that she, too, was going to cum. She started bucking wildly on Keith's hard cock as she reached her orgasm. She leaned back, and looked so fucking beautiful, exposing her tits while Keith's hard cock was still deep inside of her. Keith shouted that he was going to cum again, and then started filling Ally's pussy with his juice, whatever he had left after fucking his sister.

Ally dropped down from Keith's arms and stood on the floor in front of the three of us.

"God, that was the greatest feeling ever," Ally said as she leaned into me and started kissing me hard. Keith put his arms around our shoulders and pulled us together as Katie joined us. All four of our nude bodies were pressed together as we held each other and continued kissing each other.

The four of us slid down the shower wall and sat down on the floor, leaning back against the wall. Keith was next to me, with Ally on the other side of me. Katie was next to Keith. I don't know when or who, but someone had turned off the showers. It was probably Katie, while I was fucking Ally, I don't know. All I knew then was that the four of us were on the floor and the room was silent. It was still steamy, so it hadn't been long ago.

We were all exhausted by this time. I noticed that Katie had her hand on Keith's crotch, and Keith had his hand on my thigh. Ally's hands were rubbing her pussy, which I'm sure was much swollen following Keith fucking her with his monster cock. My left hand was by my side, with my right on Keith's thigh.

"That, my friends, was fucking fantastic," Keith sighed.

We all agreed that it was good. I couldn't believe how we interacted, fucking each other and doing all we did.

Keith looked over at me and said, "I still want a piece of your ass, Ryan. You're the only one here I haven't fucked."

"You're the only one here I haven't fucked," I replied, laughing.

"Seriously," Keith replied, "I want to fuck you in the ass."

"There's no way you're fucking me in the ass, I've told you!"

"Come on, man, I really want to take your ass. I bet it's as tight as Hunter's was. Let me have your ass, man."

"I doubt you could get your cock hard again. Christ, how many times have you cum today?"

"I lost count at five or six, but I think I'm up for another."

"Ally and I can get him hard, I guarantee that, right Ally?"

"I'm sure we could too," Ally replied.

"Thanks, you two! I can see whose side you're on!"

"Let'm fuck you, Ry," my sister urged.

"Honestly, I'm just about high enough to let him try it," I found myself saying. I know it was the weed and the beer talking, 'cause I was scared to death to have his cock in my ass.

"So, you'll let me?" Keith asked.

"Maybe," I replied, "but, if I do, I get to fuck you in the ass too. I've fucked Katie and Ally in the ass, so you're next. Regardless, I need to rest up a bit before I try anything else."

"How 'bout if the four of us soak in the Jacuzzi a few minutes and see if we're up to it?" Keith suggested.

We all felt like that was a good idea at this point. We all needed to relax and come down from the romp in the shower. I got up, reached down and pulled Keith and Ally up, and Keith and I pulled Katie up, and the four of us walked back outside and got into the tub.

Keith lit up another joint and we passed it around, each of us totally wasted anyway, but thought that another wouldn't hurt anything. I was for that, especially if Keith was serious about fucking my ass tonight.

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