tagInterracial LoveLila and Travis Reunite

Lila and Travis Reunite


Lila walked slowly across campus toward her dorm. She had spent the last few weeks stuck in the library studying for finals. The fall quarter was finally coming to an end. She opened the main door to her dorm using her student id card and then started up the stairs for her room. Her roommate Pamela was probably gone already, back to New York for Christmas. Lila pulled her long dark hair up as she walked up the stairs, she was tired and her back hurt. Not to mention she was horny as hell. She hadn't had sex in so long. Not that she didn't have the opportunity, she just wanted who she couldn't have, Travis.

She opened her purse to pull her keys out and then dropped them. She laughed at herself, she was a mess. She heard the footsteps before she felt the hand pull her up quickly.

"What the hell..." she stared but was silenced by the hand over her mouth.

"Hurry up and open the door." The voice was almost familiar. Lila did as she was told. The body behind her pushed her into the room. She pulled away and turned to face Travis as he pushed the door shut and flipped on the light.

"What's your problem?" She threw her backpack down, her adrenaline pumping fast.

"Who do you think you are fucking my bro at a party?" His voice was loud, louder than hers and he looked angry, like he had been waiting to say this for awhile.

"Last I checked I didn't have any reason not to fuck whoever I want. Is this why you assaulted me out there? To yell at me for no reason?"

Travis squeezed his fists tight. He was so angry at her and at the same time he was dying to grab her and kiss her. Ever since he had stopped calling her all he had wanted to do was see her. He didn't know what had freaked him out about her, that she was black or that he really liked her.

"Travis?" Lila crossed her arms, her own anger rising about the situation, "You do remember that it was you who stopped calling me and started ignoring me right?"

"Look I..." He pushed a hand through his blonde hair and Lila resisted the urge to go to him.

"I have to change. I'm going to the gym." She turned her back to him and started to undress. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She remembered too late that she was wearing a thong and no bra. She grabbed for one of Pamela's shirts lying on the desk.

Travis beat her to it. He pulled the shirt away from her, "Don't."

Lila looked up at him. His green eyes locked with hers and she knew she couldn't fit it anymore. She shut her eyes. Travis touched her arm gently, taking in the soft feel of her skin.

"God Lila," he sighed, "It killed me hearing Peyton talk about you, seeing you with him." He leaned forward so there foreheads were touching.

"It was always you." She murmured. He let his hand slide down her arm and then across her stomach. He whimpered a little.

Lila uncrossed her arms and let them fall to her sides. Travis leaned down and let his lips touch hers softly at first, and then into a real kiss. She felt his tongue gently part her lips and then enter her mouth slowly. He took her wrists and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled away a little. She wasn't sure she could go back to this with him.

"I'm scared," She whispered.

"Don't be baby. I'm here." He crooned into her ear.

"That's why I'm scared." She nuzzled into his neck. He was so different than the first time they had made love, no, fucked.

"I want you Lila. I want all of you." He drawled in his southern accent.

She put her hands against his chest and felt how hard his body was. He had the best body she had ever seen, he was so big and tall, she always felt physically safe near him.

She watched as his eyes took in her naked body; her brown breasts with dark nipples and her thin landing strip of dark curly hair between her legs. He looked back into her eyes and smirked a little.

"What?" She smiled back.

"You're so fucking hot," He kissed her again, this time hard and possessive.

He let his hands wander over her body; her stomach, her breasts, her neck. He kissed the side of her face and then her neck. She moaned softly as he pinched her nipple between his fingers.

"Get on the bed baby." She followed his directions and sat timidly on the bed. Timid wasn't usually her style but she was overwhelmed by how she felt for Travis.

He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his jeans off. He touched her legs gently and pushed her thighs apart. He lay between her legs bracing himself on his forearms. He kissed her again deep and hard. He wanted to push into her as hard as he could, showing her he cared for her but also punish her for Peyton. Just the thought of that made him push away from her a little. He slid his hand down between her thighs and shoved a finger inside her. Her eyes sprang open.


"Promise me," He put another finger in, "you'll never," He pushed a third finger in and she moaned from pleasure and pain, "fuck him again."

"I promise." She moaned not sure if this felt good or hurt.

He let his fingers stay inside her a moment longer then he pulled them out and replaced them with his cock. He pushed inside her and she cried out.

"Oh, Travis." She had wanted this for so long, him inside her, the way she felt when he was fucking her. He lifted her legs around his waist and started fucking her hard. He watched her tits bounce up and down as he fucked her harder and deeper.

"Oh baby, yeah." He moaned.

Lila couldn't control herself; she came hard on his cock. He watched her open her mouth wide as she came and then he followed her. Pushing his cock deep inside her as he came.

"Promise me again." He said as he collapsed on top of her.

"I promise baby." She rubbed the back of his head with her hand, "You're the best."

He sat up a little smiling, "And I have all night to show you why."

To be continued...

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