tagGroup SexLilac's 18yo Friend: Vivian Swings

Lilac's 18yo Friend: Vivian Swings


Sitting back in a large hot tub perched on a bluff overlooking the fabulous ocean coast, surrounded by FIVE promiscuous women in string bikinis and three other perverted guys, all my attention was focused on the hottest 18 year old I'd ever met. This skinny but chesty, long-haired brunette with a perfect ass proved to be an incredible slut, and all of us in the hot tub had her ex-stepmom to thank for it.

The sex party that ran from night into morning probably would have been incredibly satisfying anyway, but the fact that I got to meet and fuck this gorgeous, slutty 18 year old bitch was the sexual highlight of my life, I think.

The ocean's evening breeze was cooling off the remnants of a scorching hot, summer day. Nine of us swingers were nicely spread around this rich guy's huge back-patio hot tub, relaxing our weary and sun-fried bodies from a long afternoon on a sailboat. Because it matters, let me explain who was there.

First, there was me, Vince, with my regular swinging girlfriend, Elan. I'm 41, she's 38, and we're both married -- just not to each other. Now, my wife knew I was dating Elan, and knew I was fucking her on overnight booty calls. My wife lets me do it, we have an "open" marriage. What my wife doesn't know is, Elan and I are swingers, we usually hook up with other couples and trade sex partners. On occasion, like that particular night, we went to a small swinger party where an orgy was sure to break out.

There were three other swinger couples at the party, but what made this party unique was, like Elan and myself, none of the couples were married to each other.

We were hosted by this Internet-savvy rich guy, Dozer, who had made a few million already a couple years before his 40th birthday. His girlfriend was a very busty blonde named Trixie. Although she was only 27, she looked older than Dozer, to be honest -- she'd spent so much time in the sun, her skin was leathery, wrinkly, almost worn out. But with long-blonde hair, a skinny body and big, fake C-cup tits, she was a "trophy wife," if you know the term. With Dozer, of course, she was just arm jewelry for him, they weren't hitched yet.

Another couple was this very rich guy Thom and his very young mistress, a gorgeous, big-titted Chinese girl named Giana. This is what money gets you. Thom as pretty studly, even being 50 years old -- fit, hunky, handsome. When you have those looks and millions of bucks in the bank, you get to have a mistress who is only 20 years old, a college student, and hot as the fucking Sun. She had a skinny little Asian body, plus I'm sure bought-and-paid-for tits, those hooters were way out of proportion on her chest, just like Trixie's. Thom was married to some broad somewhere, but when he went swinging, he took this hot bitch Giana with him.

The third couple was another guy in his 50s, Rick, and his -- get this -- step-daughter, Caroline Rae, who went by the name "Roxy." She was only 23, the daughter of his recent, second wife. I guess the second wife didn't want Rick to go to swinger parties, so he took his horny step-daughter instead. Roxy was somewhat hot, but a little shy. She was pretty, with light-brown hair and an attractive face, plus big (natural) hooters. But she had a little flesh around the tummy and buttocks, which contrast her to the exquisite bodies of Elan, Giana and Trixie -- however, for a swinger, she wasn't bad at all. There are some real dogs who want to swing. Roxy was sexy with a good body, and allegedly she had gone to swinger events with him before, but to be honest, she definitely seemed like the least interested in sex of everyone. All day she'd been clinging to her step-daddy's side, virtually attached to him. Even when I was talking to her -- she's sweet, I'll say -- she was hand-in-hand with her stepfather. I wouldn't say she was in love with him, but it was more like, he was her security blanket. It was obvious he dragged her to the party, possibly unwillingly. That does happen with swingers, sometimes. Guys just want a "ticket" into a party, needing a female to attend, even if she doesn't want to fuck around herself.

But I haven't described yet the ninth participant of our sex party -- the 18 year old, Vivian. She was brought to the party by her ex-step-mom, the worn-out blonde Trixie of the leathery skin and boob job. Trixie used to be married to Vivian's dad, but her daddy dumped Trixie for another, even younger wife. I guess Trixie's ultimate revenge was that she became buddies with the guy's teen daughter, and now that the girl was 18, she got to hand out with her ex-stepmom at swinger parties.

Vivian was the star of the show, in my eyes, just comparing her to the other chicks. She had a very cute, very pretty face: small, round nose, very light freckles on soft cheekbones, more round than triangular face. Her frame was small and narrow, she had natural B-cup titties that looked perfectly proportionate to her slim hips, and one smoking, heart-shaped, no-fat-on-that ass that made my mouth water. Wearing a string bikini that left virtually nothing to the imagination when wet, I'd been staring at this teen all afternoon on the boat and now in the hot tub. Perfect tits, perfect butt, equally scrumptious legs. She wasn't as eye-popping as the Asian slut Giana, but to me, Vivian was hotter -- more natural, more next-door kind of girl, but unbelievably hot.

Seriously, just watching Vivian -- and the other hot women -- in string bikinis all afternoon, that was pleasurable enough. The fact that an all-out, everyone-fuck-everyone orgy was on the horizon, that made it all the better.

* * * * *

This was going to be our third swinger party, but the first one where it sounded -- from the hosts' advance description -- that it would be more orgy and less random change of partners. Our first party was a "key" party, where six couples met up and randomly changed the girl/guy pairings; I took to a motel a pretty Latina, while Elan went home with some guy whom I don't even remember. The next party was more hook-up than sex party, I got laid by one woman at it and that was that. So, when Dozer explained that the party would end in his hot tub and living room -- with everyone staying there -- it screamed "orgy" all over it, and I couldn't wait for it.

Upon arriving at his summer house on the beach, the bonus was that there would be three girls 23 years young or younger -- even a teenager still in high school! My eyes fixated on Vivian in her string bikini from the outset, even though my girlfriend Elan scoffed at the notion that a high school senior-to-be would be a better fuck than an experienced female. Maybe she was comparing teen boys to real men, I don't know, but I mentally disagreed with her. With a tiny bikini bottom that showed off half of her succulent, perfect ass, Vivian definitely looked like a hotter fuck than the married women I'd been nailing. So too did the all-put-up Giana, and the shy, amateurish Roxy.

For the first two hours of the afternoon, we were on the water. No orgy and basically no sex for that trip, although, I can't swear that one of the guys (not me, unfortunately) didn't get a blowjob down in the cabin from some girl. The waters were not private, in the bay-like or inlet area where we parked the boat (or whatever the nautical term is), so with lots of other boats around, we had to keep it clean. Mostly the girls were suntanning on the deck, and the guys were drinking brews and staring at the women, and everyone was diving overboard for some swimming in the relatively calm waters of the inlet. Dozer had a jet ski attached to the boat, but it was low on fuel; some of the guys took it out for spins, briefly.

There might not have been sex, but it was damned sexy. Even with Elan shooting me nasty looks, I hung out quite a bit with 18 year old Vivian and 20 year old Giana. Both girls let me -- and the other men, time to time -- rub suntan lotion over their petite shoulders, backs, and legs, as well as their tummies. Giana, with these huge, oversized breasts that certainly had to be fake, was quite playful and allowed us to grope those boobies by pushing up her bikini top, if only briefly. She also had a thong on, so rubbing lotion over her legs required caressing and groping her small buttocks, too. Nice, petite body on that slut, no wonder her rich boyfriend kept her around. Vivian was just a tiny less playful, getting a little quiet when you'd rub her thighs near her crotch or caress her ass through her bikini bottoms, but she didn't move away. The hard nipples poking out of her bikini top said otherwise.

While hanging out with Vivian and then later her ex-step mom Trixie, I learned quite a bit about the youngster. She was basically a party girl. Heading into her senior year of high school, her main goal was not to flunk out -- which, apparently, was not guaranteed, having had to repeat her freshman year of high school because she was more looks than brains. She also couldn't hold a job, blushing as she admitted she was fired from four retail or fast-food jobs at the mall. And she was going through boys like water, having dated five different kids at school and liking none of them. Instead, she was having a "blast" hanging out with her ex-stepmother. The leather-skinned blonde had been married to Vivian's father for several year -- Trixie was, in fact, the dad's original trophy wife, having replaced Vivian's mom with the swinging blonde. Then some even younger and hotter floozy came by, and Vivian's dad pulled a second switch to marry a third time. But by then, Trixie and Vivian had bonded, and were now buddies, only being about nine years apart in age.

Trixie began dating Dozer over a year ago, but since the spring -- maybe four months ago -- Vivian got added to their relationship. Talk about your threesomes! Vivian had told me she went on a four-day vacation as her birthday gift with Trixie that past spring, just after she turned 18. Some nice penthouse at a private lake resort, lots of nice scenery, good restaurants, a quaint "olde towne" shopping area, that sort of thing. But I got more details on this vacation later in the afternoon, from a snickering Trixie. The vacation was with Trixie and Dozer, and the two adults turned the 18 year old into Dozer's little sex toy. Vivian thought Dozer was "cheating" on Trixie by fucking Vivian one afternoon, except later that night, Vivian found out it was with Trixie's blessing -- because the ex-stepmom watched her boyfriend bone the teenager again. The rest of that vacation included Vivian's first girl/girl sex and first threesome, of course with her ex-stepmom as the other paramour.

Just knowing the big-titted blonde Trixie had to fuck the slim, sexy brunette teenager, I almost cummed in my trunks. Trixie saw me eyeing her ex-stepdaughter at that moment, tanning on the boat and talking to one of the other adult men, and the woman knowingly snickered, "Bet you wanna fuck that tight cunt, don't you, baby?"

I hardly knew the woman, but no reason not to say the truth. "I hope I do," I told her, my eyes on Vivian's awesome little ass in her tight bikini, "she looks like a great lay."

The blonde reached over to squeeze my erection, teasingly. "Oh, you're more than big enough for her," she reported to me, "she'll cum hard for you -- Dozer made sure to teach her how to take a big dong like yours all the way, she's gotten very good at it."

I couldn't wait.

* * * * *

After a light meal -- we were all worn out from the relentless sun and baking heat of the afternoon on the water -- the nine of us ended up, as the sun was still hovering over the tree-lined ridges to the west, in Dozer's huge hot tub. The sticker on the tub said it would seat 12; the 9 of us had plenty of room to sit around its edges, on comfortable benches built into the sides.

As I stretched my arms out to both sides, I had both my girlfriend as well as the apple of my eye within reach. Elan was to my right, her natural C-cup tits and mostly-fit body a glowing deep bronze in her string bikini. More intriguing to me, on my immediate left was the delicious teenager, Vivian. She hadn't originally been next to me as we got into the water, but with people getting up to get refills of drinks or to go to the potty, some rearranging occurred. I was lucky enough to get the brunette next to me, close enough that my left hand -- stretched out over the top edge of the tub -- could stroke the back of her slim, tanned neck and shoulders.

It was pretty apparent that some of us in the tub were getting horny. Dozer had invited me (and, thus, Elan) on the promise that we'd all be swingers and "all get naked" by the end of the afternoon. So we'd done the fun tour on the water on his boat, had a cool-down meal in his beach house, and now we were all in bikinis and tight trunks in his hot tub. In his very private, walled-off backyard. The only side of his property missing a wall was backing directly to a bluff overlooking a private and deserted beach, with the Atlantic ocean on the other side. It was as private as could be. Most of us had sex on our minds.

Rick and Thom, the two 50-something year olds, were comparing notes -- women they had met at various parties. Thom was lying back on the hot tub bench, his big-titted, Asian girlfriend Giana in his arm, and it sure looked like Giana had her hand over his lap, stroking his boner. Hard to tell, the hot tub was swirling with white bubbles all over the surface. Next to him, Rick had his arm around his omnipresent step-daughter, Roxy, who was smiling and laughing, but not really saying much else.

Dozer was telling Giana that she had nice tits -- which, like Dozer's girlfriend Trixie, were fake. Giana said thanks, wanna see them? And the 20 year old college girl just took off her bikini top, modeling these perfect, round D-cup spheres with hard dark nipples on them. Thom didn't flinch, seeing his girlfriend expose her tits. Dozer looked them over and said hmm, yes, very nice. I stared at the girl's tits, realizing that I might get to fuck them that evening. I blurted out, I bet Roxy's tits were nice too -- they looked large and natural. (I'm not a fan of fake tits.) Roxy blushed but her step-dad said yeah, they're great -- show the man, Caroline Rae. So his 23 year old, curvaceous step-daughter did just that, taking her bikini top off to reveal her creamy-white, C-cup boobies with nice pink areolae. She blushed, but she was not shy about showing them, leaning above the water's line to keep them on display for me and everyone else.

Well, of course, the other three women now had to get topless. Trixie had those perfect, fake C-cup tits too, but hers were just about as tanned as her leathery skin, she'd been tanning topless or naked a lot. My girlfriend Elan exposed her natural C-cup breasts. But my eyes were on the teenager, watching probably a little too eagerly, as she pulled off her bikini top. Mmm, high school tits! Nice, soft, perky, and smooth. Baby-butt smooth, not a blemish. Sexy little nipples. Wow, the girl had some hot hooters, even if they weren't the largest in the tub.

Elan suddenly pinched my knee under the water, and painfully -- as in, don't pay so much attention to the topless 18 year old. She didn't mind my attention on other females, but she had a bug up her tight butt about this youngster. If the reader's intuition is that I ignored my girlfriend, you would be correct.

Having those five pairs of tits out on display was getting everyone aroused. Quiet conversations still went on around the hot tub, but I became aware of Dozer and his girlfriend Trixie discussing who should "start" with whom. They were trying to figure out the pairings for how we'd start fucking each other -- I guess, not unlike a key party, they wanted to match up different guys and girls, at least to start off the sex. Just hearing them discussing it was giving me an extra degree of stiffness in my erection, inside my wet trunks.

A general discussion broke out, as to how we'd pair up. Personally, as long as I got to fuck Vivian -- and maybe Giana -- I wasn't going to argue. Someone did, indeed, suggest a "key party" approach (where each guy puts his car keys in a bowl, then each chick blindly picks out a set of keys randomly, and whomever's keys she selects, she has to fuck). But somehow the idea of being random just passed by. Giana threw out the idea of "strip poker," but at the moment, we were all wearing just one piece of clothing apiece -- kind of a stupid idea.

Then, I blurted out, "let the guys pick." I got another pinch from my date, who knew exactly whom I'd pick. Of course, Trixie laughed at me and said, no the girls should get to choose. This was actually funny, wrangling over who got to fuck whom.

Well, a consensus developed the girls would pick "in order," but then we playfully argued over who gets to pick first. Age over beauty? Biggest tits? Youngest? (That was Vivian's idea.)

No, actually -- us four men agreed, the SLUTTIEST woman gets to pick a cock first.

"Oh, God," groaned my girlfriend, her eyes rolling, thinking we were pigs by now rating the five women based on who was sluttiest.

Immediately, the 23 year old across the tub from me, Roxy, blushed and threw her hands up. "I won't win," she said, claiming she only had a "few" boyfriends in her life. That didn't surprise anyone, given how relatively shy she'd been all day. Of course, someone asked, "Is your step-father one of those boyfriends?" Roxy blushed ten degrees of crimson, while her step-father sitting right next to her simply grinned and began nodding rapidly to answer the question.

My girlfriend also dropped out of the running, telling everyone, "I'm not a slut -- I'm just friendly." Well, she definitely was a slut by my observation, but I wasn't going to lobby on her behalf if she didn't want me to.

The super-rich stud Thom pointed at the hot, Chinese coed sitting in his arms' reach. "That would be Giana," he proclaimed, getter her to laugh and playfully smack him on his hairy, muscular shoulder. Thom delineated her qualifications to be the sluttiest whore in the tub: "She's only 20, and she's fuck -- what? -- six guys you've met on the Internet, plus two swingers we've met, and then don't forget the two black guys I set you up with." While his much younger girlfriend scowled as if she wanted to defend herself, he proudly told the group about that last bit. "The slut, like -- I brought home a couple of hung, black athletes I knew, in their 30s -- and she was naked, and she just, like, right away, started sucking them, and let them fuck her -- you should have seen it -- how could you be more slutty?" Then, for good measure, he added, "Plus, she's eaten pussy -- just the total slut."

Hearing all that, the worn-out 29 year old blonde cackled, even playfully splashing some water in Thom's direction. "Oh, that's nothing," she exclaimed with excitement. I could have sworn, she was about to tell us all how much of a slut SHE was.

No, instead, Trixie started telling us what a slut VIVIAN was!

Pointing to her petite, brunette ex-step-daughter, Trixie related the tale of the tape. "Vivian's only been 18 for -- well, wait, what month is this, August? -- for five -- wait, one, two, three, for, yes, five -- for five months, and she's already more a slut than that." Waiting to make sure we were all paying careful attention, she announced Vivian's very busy and recent sexual history. "She's fucked, like, fifteen guys, in swinger parties we've had; she's fucked, like, another six or seven women, or girls her age. And I watched her single-handedly get fucked by Dozer and three other guys at one party -- she took those four pricks in her holes, they just kept going at her, I swear she was a cock-sucking, cunt-fucking, ass-fucked champion of the fuckin' planet." And, with a toothy white grin, the blonde reminded us, "And she's only 18, still."

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