tagIncest/TabooLilac's Sleepover At Madison's

Lilac's Sleepover At Madison's


Two horny, slutty 18 year old females -- "Best Friends Forever," specifically -- wearing their nighttime pajamas, having a sleepover in one of their rooms. The room is nearly pitch black, the time is past midnight on the Saturday evening the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Any mere mortals, if lucky enough to be a fly on the wall in that room, wouldn't believe their ears.

[Author's note: If you read a lot of my stories, you know I'm all about innovation. I try different formats for stories. Some work, some don't. But I try to keep things interesting, time to time, by telling stories in formats or structures that you don't normally see. This is one of my innovations -- DIALOGUE ONLY. Sort of like a transcript, if a court reporter were there recording it. It takes place in pitch black, the darkness of an 18 year old girl's bedroom, deep at night. So if you were there, you wouldn't see anything, anyway. This is what you'd hear. Your imagination would have to make up the rest -- so, too, reading this story. But there's enough details for you to be very, very aroused -- I hope!]

Lilac (the petite, slim blonde with A-cup breasts): "Hey, Madison, you tired and want to just go to sleep?"

Madison (barely any taller, with creamy, light-chocolate skin and C-cup breasts over an athlete's very fit frame): "Fuck that, it's only -- what the shit -- 12:15. I hardly go to bed this early on school nights. But you can, if you want, I know you said you had that trip last night, and this morning. Won't hurt my feelings."

Lilac: "No, it's not that -- well -- I gotta tell you something -- I mean, we tell each other EVERYthing, right?"

Madison: "Honey, always have, always will -- been telling each other everything since, what, first grade? Eleven years ago?"

Lilac: "Yup! Something like that."

Madison: "So you gonna finally tell me where you went last night -- alright, Lilac, who was he?"

Lilac: "Umm -- well, why do you assume it's about last night, and it's about a guy?"

Madison: "Cuz I know you, and you're boy crazy--"

Lilac: "So the fuck are you!"

Madison: "--Well, takes one to know one, then -- see, I know I'm right, do I know you or what? So who was the guy, and what the fuck did you two do?"

Lilac: "Well -- if you HAVE to know, Little Miss Nosey--"

Madison: "You calling me a brown noser, because I'm black?"

Lilac: "Stop it, you're not black -- your skin is brown -- so you DO have a brown nose."

Madison: "A hot brown nose, at that. Okay, I stopped you, tell me all about it. Here, I'm propping my pillow up to listen."

Lilac: "I can barely see."

Madison: "But I can hear. Tell all, girl." (Pause.) "I'm not hearing nothin'."

Lilac: "Well, it's -- I mean -- I wanna, but--"

Madison: "But what? You told me about that neighbor guy of yours this summer, whom you fucked a few times, you little slut -- seducing a married man with your hot little blonde body. Did you fuck him again?"

Lilac: "No, uh -- wasn't him -- haven't seen Mike since, well, about the last time we did it."

Madison: "So how much more slutty could you be than that."

Lilac: "Oh, uh -- very?"

Madison: "Really? You're makin' me anxious here, baby -- what did you do? Was it more slutty than anything I've done?"

Lilac: "Well, hardly that -- I mean, you did that fucking orgy last weekend at Tech, with what, a football player and his coach and two college girls? I'm not THAT slutty, Maddie."

Madison: "You're just jealous, and you'd have gotten naked too, if you were there -- that was some serious hot fucking -- so maybe you weren't in an orgy, but what did you do last night, who was this mysterious man?"

Lilac: "Alright, actually, there's two things I have to tell you -- and, no, it wasn't an orgy -- but, okay, Wednesday night? This wasn't what I was thinking I was gonna tell you, but you'll appreciate this -- Wednesday night, I had to go see that stupid college counselor my Mom wanted me to see?"

Madison: "Okay. What, did you fuck him?"

Lilac: "Umm -- sorta -- actually, yeah -- but that's not just -- I mean, it's more slutty than that."

Madison: "How so. Talk faster, girl, I'm gonna die of old age before I hear any details, at this rate."

Lilac: "Okay, but you can't tell ANYONE, alright? I'll die."

Madison: "Fine, lips sealed -- now, fuckin' tell me!"

Lilac: "Hmm -- okay, so, I was sooo horny, Wednesday afternoon, I was at the mall shopping, before going to this counselor's house. And -- well -- okay, I let this older guy buy me a hot negligee and thong at the mall, and I went into the dressing room, and for him buying it for me, I let him look at me in it -- then, uhhh--"

Madison: "Holy shit, baby -- did you whore yourself out for a negligee?"

Lilac: "No! Shut up! I mean -- yeah, I asked if I could suck his cock -- he was older, like in his 50's, but pretty decent looking -- nice cock -- I sucked him off, then he bought me the stuff."

Madison: "Dang, and you didn't know him?"

Lilac: "No, uh, nope -- but, um, gets worse."

Madison: "Oh?"

Lilac: "Worse, as in, better."

Madison: "Again with the stalling -- tell me, baby."

Lilac: "So I was on the bus to go see this counselor after that -- my Mom and Dad had the cars, it sucked -- but on the bus, this hot married guy could tell I was all horny from sucking off this other guy, so this bus guy picked me up, we went back to his place -- like, just did it -- stripped and fucked, before his wife got home."

Madison: "No you didn't!"

Lilac: "Yeah, I was fuckin' hunting for cock I guess, he could tell. I knew I should say no, but he was fucking sexy, and had a big penis -- felt so fuckin' good, we just stripped, did a little oral sex, and he mounted me and give me what I needed."

Madison: "You ARE a slut, Lilac."

Lilac: "Well -- THEN I went to the counselor's -- and let him fuck me, too."

Madison: "Mmmm, fuck -- so nasty! That's pretty slutty of you, baby -- not quite an orgy with two men and two other chicks at once, but, three men you didn't know?"

Lilac: "Yeah, I know."

Madison: "Who was the best fuck?"

Lilac: "The guy from the bus. Great body, hot cock. Too bad I didn't have longer to fuck him."

Madison: "You so pretty. Men love petite little blonde white chicks, like you. Sometimes I wish I was."

Lilac: "Don't. You're gorgeous, you know it."

Madison: "Yeah -- heh!" (Pause.) "So, wait -- this wasn't what you were gonna tell me, at first?"

Lilac: "Uhhh--"

Madison: "So what could be more slutty than that? Did you finally fuck another girl?"

Lilac: "NO!"

Madison: "Well, just askin'."

Lilac: "I'm not a carpet-eater, like you are."

Madison: "I like them bald, for the record -- both cocks and cunts -- alright, so it was a guy, or guys -- which was it?"

Lilac: "Guy. One. All man."

Madison: "This was who you fucked last night?"

Lilac: "Yeah. And this morning."

Madison: "Cool. Love all night sex followed by morning sex. As soon as I get to college and get OUT of my parent's house here, I'm never going to wake up alone -- I wanna get it every morning, heh!"

Lilac: "And you are calling ME a slut?"

Madison: "You're stalling. Who was the guy? C'mon, baby, just tell me, how bad can it be?"

Lilac: "Uhhh -- okay, you super-promise never to tell ANYone? EVER?"

Madison: "Shut up, of course I promise, you know me, I love you more than a sister, if I had one, or even myself -- so what's the deal, who the fuck did you fuck?"

Lilac: "Who the fuck did I fuck? Love how you put it, no wonder you get A's in English."

Madison: "Shut up. Just tell me -- shit, I'm not sure anything you say is worth the hype, thought."

Lilac: "Oh, it is, trust me."

Madison: "Try me."

Lilac: "Ummm -- well -- I was at a Bed & Breakfast, we got a room at this little inn downstate."

Madison: "Very nice. Better than a bus, huh?"

Lilac: "Well, I've never done it ON a bus, Maddie."

Madison: "Only with guys you MET on a bus."

Lilac: "Hot guys."

Madison: "Hot bus guys, mm hmm. So who took you to the romantic getaway?"

Lilac: "You sitting down?"

Madison: "More like, sitting upright in bed here. More comfortable than the slut on my floor in my sleeping bag."

Lilac: "This is, actually, pretty comfortable."

Madison: "Told you it was. But you could still have the bed if you wanted it."

Lilac: "I shudder to think how many boys fucked you in that bed."

Madison: "Yeah -- it's like a fucking bus."

Lilac: "You won't let it go, will you?"

Madison: "Only after you tell me who fucked you last night and this morning, honey!"

Lilac: "Okay, well -- ummm -- it was my Dad."

Madison: "SHUT THE FUCK UP! You mean, you FINALLY--"

Lilac: "Shhh! You'll wake your parents, Maddie!"

Madison: "Oh, shit, hehe!" (More quietly.) "Shuuuuuuut the fuuuuuuck uuuuuup! You FINALLY got fucked by your hot daddy?"

Lilac: "Ummmm--"

Madison: "He's only fucked half the school, I think. What took you so fucking long to get a piece of his action? Shit, I thought you'd go fuck him the moment I left your house last weekend, after you watched him and me go at it."

Lilac: "No, well--"

Madison: "So Daddy and his babygirl got it on, that's so hot! Tell me ALL about it, baby?"

Lilac: "You're not, like -- weirded out by it?"

Madison: "Honey, you're gorgeous, your dad is a fuckin' hunk, it's about time you two horny sluts got naked wit' each other -- I'm jealous, and I even got to fuck the stud myself last week -- glad you let him talk me into that."

Lilac: "You're welcome."

Madison: "So who seduced whom?"

Lilac: "Uh, no one really -- he got back Wednesday night from a date with Ashley -- remember her? -- and was telling me how he fucked her, and I was hot, and we almost ended up doing it there in my room -- but he said, like, no, not here, so we didn't. But he made arrangements at this B&B, told my Mom we were looking at a college, and so, well -- that's what happened."

Madison: "That's so nasty, so fuckin' hot -- damn, girl, this was definitely worth the hype -- so tell me, what was it like fucking your Daddy? What were you thinking?"

Lilac: "It was weird, but I was so horny, I think not only knowing about him fucking my friends since this summer, but seeing pictures of it, and then watching you fuck him last weekend -- yeah, I finally admitted to myself, I wanted his dick in me too. And he was so hard for me, we were like, just so turned on. Fuck, it was probably the hottest sex I ever had. Not probably. WAS."

Madison: "Shit -- don't mind me, I'm almost crying, this is sooo hot -- did your Daddy make you do it nasty, like, real fucking hot? Or was it all lovey and dovey, lots of kissing and romantic and shit?"

Lilac: "Oh, it was fucking hot -- I was his little cumslut, he called me that -- it got romantic at times, especially this morning when we woke up -- but he fucked me so long, he was so hard, even after he cummed a couple of times."

Madison: "Ohhh, sweet -- so nice -- go on, more details, how'd you fuck first?"

Lilac: "Umm, I put on some sexy lingerie for him -- ahhhh--"

Madison: "Shit, the one some perv bought you at the mall this week?"

Lilac: "Actually, yeah -- is that bad of me?"

Madison: "Yes -- but fucking hot. Daddy know you fucked the man who bought it for you?"

Lilac: "No. And don't tell him."

Madison: "I won't, if you give me details."

Lilac: "You're bad."

Madison: "I'm loving this -- go on."

Lilac: "Shit -- what's that smell?"

Madison: "Me, probably. Go on -- no, I'm not going to jump you."

Lilac: "Good, stay in your bed. This is turning you on?"

Madison: "Totally. Almost as much as your Daddy's dick did last weekend. And you liked seeing that."

Lilac: "You two were really hot for each other. But, he was hot for me too -- I guess, he had to be, I'm his daughter."

Madison: "So get to the details, bitch."

Lilac: "Okay, I came out of the bathroom in the lingerie? Stripped each other, sucked him until he was so fuckin' hard, then he licked me and my pussy, and I climbed on top of him, and he also was on top of me. We were so hot -- it's all kind of a blur, and it was only last night."

Madison: "No one was like, we shouldn't do this?

Lilac: "No -- in the car there, we were like, this is alright, right? And we decided, yeah, it was -- so when we got to the room, it was like -- okay, why are we bullshitting around, let's just get to it, we came to fuck -- let's fuck."

Madison: "Amazing. Sooo hot. How did his dick feel in your little blonde cunt -- nice 'n tight?"

Lilac: "Awesome. I came so hard around Daddy's dick. I love fucking him."

Madison: "Ohhh, shit -- soooo hot."

Lilac: "Fuck, yeah it was." (Pause.) "You -- are you?"

Madison: "What?"

Lilac: "Are you doin' what I think you're doin'?"

Madison: "What? And -- so what -- this is so hot."

Lilac: "Mmm -- glad you think so."

Madison: "I figured it was only a matter of time, before you got some action from your Daddy's awesome dick -- I was kinda fantasizing about it this week."

Lilac: "No way?"

Madison: "Yeah, having you watch me have sex with him last weekend, that turned me on -- got me to thinking, bet Daddy would bone his pretty 18 year old daughter, just like she wants it."

Lilac: "You could tell?"

Madison: "I figured. You didn't mind him fucking me, you were staring at it -- I figured you'd love some of his big penis."

Lilac: "Mmmm, yeah -- I do."

Madison: "Fuck -- FUCK! So -- tell me more -- how much did you two fuck?"

Lilac: "All fuckin' night. Slept together, fucked this morning, several times."

Madison: "So now you dating him? Daddy your boyfriend now?"

Lilac: "I dunno -- maybe -- sorta."

Madison: "You gonna let him fuck other girls, still? Or is he exclusive with his little blonde princess slut now?"

Lilac: "Why, you jealous?"

Madison: "Heh, maybe -- actually -- know what? Mmmmm."

Lilac: "What?"

Madison: "You watched me fuck him. Now you gotta let me watch you two fuck. I wanna see your Daddy fuckin' your little blonde pussy. Is it bald?"

Lilac: "Like you'd like to know."

Madison: "I bet you're bald."

Lilac: "Heh -- well -- do you really wanna watch us? I mean --"

Madison: "YES. To be clear, YESSSS. When? I can come over after school this week, I won't have track practice, its Thanksgiving week."

Lilac: "I dunno."

Madison: "You gotta. This is soooo hot."

Lilac: "I can smell how hot it is. Wait -- do I hear it?"

Madison: "Hear what?"

Lilac: "Don't make me say it."

Madison: "Say it, sweetie."

Lilac: "I hear your fingers rubbin' your wet pussy -- don't I?"

Madison: "I'm so turned on -- this is so hot -- I'm soooo happy for you, Lilac. Lilac finally gets her man, and he lives with her too -- you gonna have lots of hot sex with your Daddy from now on, it's the perfect thing for a cock-crazy little slut like you."

Lilac: "I dunno -- maybe -- can't let my Mom find out -- fuck, she'd go nuts."

Madison: "Not like I'd go nuts. I wanna see your Daddy's big penis inside your pussy, Lilac -- a daddy in his daughter -- fuck would that be hot!"

Lilac: "I -- yeah, I mean -- if you want."

Madison: "When?"

Lilac: "I said, I dunno!"

Madison: "Wednesday. Say Wednesday. I can drive straight from school. Get to your house by, like 3. Maybe 4."

Lilac: "Ummm--"

Madison: "Say yes, honey-- it's so hot, I wanna see you get fucked by your hot Daddy."

Lilac: "Yeah?"

Madison: "YEAH."

Lilac: "Okay. Wednesday, come on over -- my Mom won't be home until, like, 6 or something. We can fuck in Daddy's home office, in the basement."

Madison: "I'm so fuckin' hot thinking about it -- tell me you'll be hot too, with me watching you get stuck by your Daddy."

Lilac: "Uhhh -- it might be a bit weird -- but, yeah, I'll be into it, I'm sure."

Madison: "Your Daddy sure didn't mind you watching him and me fuck -- so I know he'll do it -- do you think he'll wanna fuck me too, like, do us both?"

Lilac: "Ahhh -- welllll -- I mean, HE would want to -- I know he fucked Vivian and her cousin Riona together, last month -- but, uh, I mean, you don't mean, like, WE would -- I mean, you and me --"

Madison: "You homophobe. No, I mean, you'd love it too, I love sex with girls and guys at the same time -- but you don't gotta do what you don't wanna do -- plus, I know you don't like me, 'cause I'm Black."

Lilac: "Shut up! You tease. And, again, you've got brown skin, not black."

Madison: "We've know each other since forever. I won't make you do anything you didn't wanna do."

Lilac: "I know. Or I you. I do love you, Maddie -- just didn't think you'd be my first girl, if you know what I mean -- if I ever had a first girl."

Madison: "Make your Daddy happy, baby. He'd flip out, watching his little princess eat my pussy -- you know it."

Lilac: "He would, I'm sure. I dunno, though."

Madison: "Okay. Gametime decision, like my ankle injury last month. I just wanna see his big dick in your pussy, then maybe feel him inside me too again -- make him the happiest Daddy ever, fuckin' us two horny high school sluts."

Lilac: "He's be smiling ear to ear -- you paint a hot picture there."

Madison: "Ummm, yeah, it's hot -- so, so, so hot -- like, just you watchin' me fuck your Dad was hot -- even though you were dressed, and just he and I got nude."

Lilac: "You liked me watching you two? I was trying to say out of your eyesight." (Pause.) "Although your eyes were rolling so much, I didn't think you could see a fuckin' thing."

Madison: "I've been watched in orgies, but never like that -- yeah it was hot. Your Daddy felt so good in my pussy, I came so hard, knowing you were there to see it actually turned me on alot -- but it'll be hotter if you're naked and join us."

Lilac: "You wanna see me naked? You got the hots for me?"

Madison: "I got the hots for any sexy blonde -- you should see the blonde college girl I fucked last weekend at that orgy -- made her cum so hard in my mouth. But I don't wanna freak you out, you and I don't have to touch -- but I bet you'll wanna."

Lilac: "Hmmm -- wanna what? What would you do?"

Madison: "Like, to you? If we were havin' sex with your Daddy? I'd let him squirt his cum up your pussy, or on it, and on your tits -- then lick it off, I love the taste of cum, a man's cum, on a girl's pussy -- make you cum in my mouth from eating you, after he'd been fuckin' you. Feel how he stretched out your tight pussy, tasting him all over your pussy, damn that would turn me on -- and you too I bet."

Lilac: "Ohhh, fuck -- yeah it would -- turning me on hearing it -- I never thought about it, like, with you and him -- or with anyone."

Madison: "You never thought about a girl fuckin' you?"

Lilac: "Well, d'uh, yeah, I have THOUGHT about it -- just, not, like, that I would actually do it, or set it up."

Madison: "You like the idea of a girl eatin' you out?"

Lilac: "Ummm -- mmmmaybe -- I dunno -- but, if my Daddy was there, wanting to watch -- I dunno, no promises, but maybe."

Madison: "You liked your Daddy fuckin' me, watching his dick in me -- right?"

Lilac: "Uh huh!"

Madison: "So, imagine that -- but you're sitting naked on my face, so I could eat you out -- give you pleasure while you watch him fuckin' my bald black pussy -- don't you think that would feel even better for your hot little blonde cunt?"

Lilac: "Ohhh, shit -- uhhhh, yeah, it would -- fuck, that's hot -- that's what you wanna do?"

Madison: "Would you let me."

Lilac: "Maybe. Oh, who am I kidding -- that's really hot -- yeah I would."

Madison: "You know how I know? That you'd love it?"

Lilac: "How, why?"

Madison: "'Cause I can smell your pussy from here, too -- I can tell you're rubbing your pussy in my sleeping bag there."

Lilac: "SHIT -- yeah? Sorry, I mean, I'm not really, I mean, but--"

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