Lilac's Sluts: Giana's 3 Tests


So that Giana could see better, I laid on my back with my feet pointed right to Giana. Then I had Janae sit on me reverse-cowgirl style, so as Janae leaned back and spread those creamy thighs, Giana saw my penis drilling into Janae's twat. I reached upwards and around Janae's torso, my hands pawing and groping the married woman's titties; while Janae had a hand in her crotch, forcefully rubbing her clitoris, drawing out more orgasms as she felt my dick plunging into her wet pussy.

Over on the chair, Giana's small ass was sitting in a pool of her juices, which were streaming down her asscheeks and thighs. Poor girl wanted to get fucked so badly, but all she could do was see it, smell it, hear it, almost taste it -- but not get any of it, not a bit.

Continuing to fuck, I turned Janae around to lie on me, so we could make out while I fucked her more. My hands groped her sexy buttocks, feeling her body humping me back and forth, driving herself down hard on my fat cock, stretching open her cunt more than her husband's did. With her mouth gasping for air in my kiss, she started orgasming more, and suddenly, so was I. I was squirting my third load of the afternoon, this one also inside her vagina.

Whew! What a fuck!

Janae and I collapsed on the bed on our backs, laughing, sweating, feeling sore all over. "Ohh, what a hot fuck!" comlpemented the married woman to me, her voice hoarse and dry, "uhhhh, fuuuck!"

Giana was whimpering -- literally -- from her chair, rocking her petite body and making her huge jugs sway, trying to find any way to address the aching urgency between her thighs. Tears in the corner of her eyes, she moaned, "Fuck, c'mon, please?"

I looked at Janae and snickered. "Well, I don't know -- maybe we should?"

The married woman, a great sport for playing along, shrugged. "Eh, up to you, honey?"

So I had Janae get off the bed -- my 49 year old body was too sore -- and step over to Giana's chair. The college girl with the dark curly hair was anxious to be released, almost trembling as she watched. Janae untied one of her wrists -- but just the one. Expecting Janae to untie the rest of her, Giana pouted when the nude, fucked married slut came back to the bed with me, leaving Giana there with the one hand.

My lover on the bed and I laughed, watching Giana trying to unfasten herself with just the one hand. She couldn't bend over enough to untie her ankles. Instead, she tried to untie her other wrist -- but, the knots were too tight, and a single hand reaching across herself was unable to even loosen her other wrist.

"Shit!" Giana screamed in horror, finding she was still trapped to the chair. "Shit, no fuckin' way!" Now she was just mad, trying impatiently to tug at the ropes, hoping they'd rip. They didn't. "Shit, you fucking asshole, get me off of here, you had your fun!"

I didn't want her to cry or be mad, but I loved her emotion. "Honey, honey," I called to her, while lying next to Janae and caressing the married woman's soft breasts, "just get yourself off, you'll feel better."

"Uhhhh, no!" But Giana realized I was right. She suddenly gave up on trying to free herself, and sat back on the chair, her ass as far forward as she could push it, her bony knees spread open. With her one free hand, she reached to her cunt and began rubbing her clitoris and pussylips. Fuck, she was wet, I could hear how sloppy her pussy was. Then she just jammed a couple fingers into her cunt, staring at my messy, reddened cock, fucking herself to provide some relief to her cunt. "Uhhhhh, fuck!" She was screaming, the muscles on her thin arm bulging as she really pumped her fingers furiously fast into her tight vagina. "Uhhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Her head went back, she howled, sucking in air, and exploded. "Yessss, fuck, YESSSSS!" Having a single, powerful orgasm rip through her body, she drew out intense energies that shot through her muscles and limbs, leaving her quaking, even crying as the cums subsided, and she slowed down her masturbation.

"Now," I joked with her, "wasn't that worth it, didn't that feel great?"

My girlfriend, proving she was as much as slut as I hoped she would be, grinned ear to hear. "Ohhh, fuck, baby," purred the coed tramp, "it was the best -- you're the best!"

She just passed my second test!

* * * * *

Third, I wanted to see if Giana had the same nasty, evil streak in herself that I do. It's one thing to be the subject of sexual torment; but to dish it out, that's another thing. It's way more fun!

The opportunity presented itself, and I went with it.

Giana and I had done a couple of swinger dates, where we hooked up with another couple and traded sex partners. (With two of the couples, we traded on the same bed -- all four of us having sex in the same room, where I fucked the guy's wife while the guy fucked Giana. With one couple, we went our separate ways -- after we met at a bar for a while, I took the guy's wife back to my fuck place, while Giana went to the guy's house for the night.)

One morning before lunchtime, I was screwing a sexy, married woman -- a 30 year old Asian hottie named Kitty. Yes, another Asian slut, I just can't get enough of them. Kitty was short and slim, with A-cup titties, a small, succulent round ass, and a to-die-for, delicious bald vagina. She fucked around with guys all the time, and with her husband's permission. Her weirdo hubby seemed to get off knowing that his wife got laid by other men all the time, particularly by men with bigger dicks. My 8-inch tool qualified as a "perfect" dick in Kitty's mind, and she and I had sex about once a month, maybe moreso.

I really can't see myself in her husband's (David's) shoes. What kind of prick allows other men to fuck his wife? I'd freak if my pretty Filipina wifey was being stuck by other men. (Yeah, don't go there -- I know I'm fucking lots of other women, but, I'm a guy, that's okay.) And he actually got off on it? I asked Kitty if David ever watched her fuck other men, and she said sometimes -- she wasn't a fan of it, she preferred coming home to him with creampies and having David eat other men's sperm out of her cunt. (Ewww!) (Although, that was a hot idea -- I wanted it to be my sperm one day.) David sometimes even got belittled by one of the guys Kitty was fucking. Like she told me about this guy, Pete, some brawny truck-driver type who loved showing off his massive tool and everlasting stamina in front of David while powerfully fucking Kitty overnight. Pete would say hey man, see how she loves it from me, don't you wish you could do this, you only have a little dick, that sort of thing. Kitty said, it was not a turn-on for her, she didn't like David feeling bad; but she also said, when it happened, her hubby took the verbal abuse, and would even get aroused by it.

So that's all background, it's leading to something, bear with me. Anyway, this particular morning I mentioned, Kitty and I were lounging in bed naked, cuddling and kissing after some hot, sweaty sex, when we got to talking. She mentioned she had done a swinger date with another couple and one of her boyfriends. I instantly suggested, maybe we four should hook up -- Giana and me, plus Kitty and her boyfriend. Actually, Kitty said, she was feeling sorry for David, because poor hubby had been wanting to swing with her too. Just, her boyfriend was a way better fuck. Would I mind if, maybe, one time Giana and I did Kitty and David? Kitty promised me that, if it went well, Kitty would bring her hot boyfriend Kent over for a hot foursome another time.

Frankly, the fact that Kitty's weirdo husband David didn't have a big dick or wasn't such a great lay was of no concern to me -- I wasn't going to be touching him, right. Giana would. So to make sure Giana wouldn't be turned off, I had Kitty send me a photo of David in the nude.

"Here," I said, holding my iPhone to my 20 year old mistress, "what do you think of him?"

Her reaction pretty much said it all.

Her slim face scowled, it looked like she'd eaten some human shit in her food or something. "Ewww, gross -- that's not really him, is it?"

Laughing, I looked at the photo again. He was an average-looking joe, around my age (40's, at least), graying hair, a bit of a pot belly, and a very average cocksize. If it was 6 inches, I would have been shocked; it was probably longer than 4 inches, but somewhere between there. His skin was pasty-white, I mean, whenever the picture was taken, the guy hadn't gotten sunlight on his stomach or shoulders for months. Kitty had taken the picture of him while he was nude on a bed, cock jutting out of his belly, but he had a goofy look on his face. Yeah, okay, I could see why Giana wasn't impressed.

Now, instead of telling Kitty no deal, Giana doesn't like your husband, I hatched an evil plan right on the spot -- hoping to test Giana, and see if she was as evil as I was.

Talking Giana through it, she readily agreed. At first, she had to overcome her natural, sweet instinct not to be a bitch. But as we talked about it and I described what I knew about Kitty and David, she was allured to the pure, sinister humiliation we were going to inflict on the guy. Why? Just for the fun of it -- because we could.

Withing passing along Giana's reaction to the picture of Kitty's small-dicked husband, I told Kitty to set up a date, we'd be over at their house on a mutually-available Sunday afternoon for a few hours.

It was early in the summer, a decently warm day with lots of sunlight. David was going to have to get some sun sometime, right. Giana and I came over, and right from the outset, it was a strange feeling. I'd fucked Kitty, but I wasn't sure what David knew about that -- I assumed he knew, after all, he had to know why a 50 year old stud with his gorgeous, 20 year old mistress was coming over to their house. So while David gave Giana a nice, polite handshake, I greeded Kitty by grabbing her in my arms, thrusting my tongue into her throat, and making out with her right in front of her husband. That was empowering, I might add.

As I broke the kiss, meek David uttered, "Oh, I see you know my wife." Hah! You could say that, I told him.

We four wound up in their hot tub shortly later. The two Asian women had string bikinis on, with Giana's huge fake breasts mostly uncovered, while Kitty's petite, sexy round boobies stretched out a too-small little white bikini top. As we got into the tub, it wasn't even discussed, I had the guy's sexy wife come sit right next to me, my arm around her, leaving Giana to sit gently by David's side. They were close, but not touching.

Just bullshitting, passing time, drinking sodas and water, I was playing around with Kitty. Tickling her under water, touching her vagina through her thong, having her rub my fat erection in my trunks. We kissed, time to time, or nuzzled noses like lovers. Her husband, David, didn't seem to mind it -- he just watched Kitty carrying on with a much hotter, sexier stud than himself. Giana sat quietly by David's side, smiling. She knew the plan, she wasn't jealous.

At my suggestion, the girls got topless. David, naturally, was extremely impressed with Giana's phony D-cup boobies, blossoming from her very skinny, almost bony torso. The college girl teased him, playing with her nipples as she sat back in the tub. Kitty let me fondle her A-cup boobies, and I even bent down to suck and lick them back and forth, while she stretched to grope my dick through my wet trunks under the water.

One thing led to another, I was essentially ignoring David, and soon I had Kitty's thong pulled off of her so she was nude. She leaned back on the underwater bench in the hot tub, pulling my trunks down my hips while I moved to straddle her. Leaning over her, kissing her hot married mouth -- with her husband sitting directly behind me, watching us -- I began to fuck his sexy wife. Kitty moaned, "Yesssss!" as I shoved my eight inch pole into her bald snatch in the swirling warm waters of the tub. It was uncomfortable sex, but she turned me on, and I wanted to start doing her in front of her husband.

David didn't stop us, but of course, he was thinking, he was going to get some too. I heard a moan from Giana, and turning to look, I saw Giana pushing those huge, fake D cups out of the water, letting Kitty's husband lick and suck her nipples. Giana saw me watching, and she gave me a wink.

If you've ever fucked a girl in a hot tub, you know it's not easy. You can't move fast, the water resists a moving body, and it takes extra work too. Plus, the moulded plastic benches in the tubs aren't built for sex, they aren't comfortable. So, after five minutes or so of fucking Kitty, I told her, we should all go inside to the bedroom.

Kitty and I were nude, while Giana and David were topless. Quickly towelling ourselves off, David led us into their one-story house and over to the master bedroom, past a couple of guest rooms. Kitty paused, assuming they'd use a guest room -- its where she fucked me and her other boyfriends -- but her husband said no, the bigger bed was their marital bed. Horny for my prick, which was throbbing in her hand, Kitty didn't argue.

I laid Kitty back on one side of the bed, lowering myself to her side next to her with my back to the edge of the bed, so I could see the other half of the bed. Kissing Kitty and rubbing her drenched vagina with my fingers, I watched the other couple in the room. Giana let David remove her thong, exposing her delicious, pink, shaved vagina, which David got to lick briefly. Giana looked at me, winking, then said, "David, let me see what you're packing?"

Kitty's beefy husband kneeled next to my girlfriend on the bed, hands on his hips, letting her peel off his wet swimwear. Giana had this eager look on her face, her big, slanted brown eyes wide open and her thin lips turned up in an anxious smile. She peeled off his wet suit, pulling it down hard to a ball below his ass and crotch, to expose his hardon.

Giana tried to supress a laugh, covering her small mouth with her petite hand, but it still came out as a light snicker. "Oh shit," she giggled, "um -- is that it?"

She looked at me, while on her back next to me, Kitty rolled over to see what the commotion was. The husband remained there, stone cold, kneeling, his trunks pulled down so his 5 inch penis and flabby balls were on exposed, jutting out of his round belly. Frankly, I was surprised he could see his own cockhead, the flab of his belly seemed to hang out farther than his penis did. Naked Giana, mostly on her back and lying under him between his knees, was pointing to his cock with one hand, her other hand covering her mouth.

"Really, Thom," my 20 year old mistress growled at me, "is this what you brought me here for?"

Kitty blinked a couple of times, confused. She looked at me, surprised. While she did that, though, she felt my eight inches of awesome manhood touching her wet cuntlips. "What -- but --?"

I answered the married slut by crawling over her, rubbing my fat helmet against her moistened, cock-hungry pussylips, then grinding the length of my shaft against her twat so she could feel the size of the tool that was going to fuck her again. "I dunno," I said to her, "I don't think Giana likes your husband's dick."

Giana coughed, as if to get attention for herself. "Sorry," she said up to David, pulling the wet trunks back up to cover his erection, "no offense, but, well -- I'm not interested."

Now, it was my turn to supress a laugh. Giana was passing my test with flying colors -- she was torturing this sad wimp, probably humiliating him worse than he'd ever been! I mean, the guy was so hard to fuck a gorgeous 20 year old college slut, but instead, while his own wife was about to be laid, he got turned down! At the last moment!

Watching my nude ass swirling over Kitty's tiny body, Giana shrugged her little shoulders and acted like she had just resolved herself to the situation. "You two can fuck," my girlfriend told us, "but I'll sit this one out today."

Damn, bingo, a perfect shot. Right where it hurt!

The stupid husband, feelings hurt I bet, was looking down at my nude girlfriend, suddenly realizing he wasn't going to fuck her. Kitty, meanwhile, stared at Giana like she was the biggest bitch in the world, while the wife also looked sullenly at her husband, feeling so badly for him. Although, at that very moment, Kitty also had a wet pussy, just about to be filled with my incredibly hard and long penis.

The small-dicked husband spoke for himself, his voice soft but trying to sound confident. "Well, I know how to use it," he said to Giana, "ask Kitty."

His wife, still on her back, arms to her sides, knees open, reading herself to be fucked, nodded. "Yessss," she whined at Giana, "he's good -- just try it -- he'll make you cum!"

My girlfriend smiled politely at Kitty, then up at David, pushing herself to sit against the headboard, and thus sliding out from underneath David. She patted the bulge on the man's wet trunks, softly. "Umm -- well, thanks but no thanks." She looked around the bedroom. "Maybe -- do you have a dildo you can use on me? Something like the size of Thom's dick?"

Underneath me, the horny wife was having conflicting feelings. I could tell, she was thinking, she should cut me off too, if my girlfriend wasn't going to fuck her husband. "Huh?" That's all she could say, her brain was having difficulty convincing her cunt to do the right thing.

I had a strong feeling, based on what I'd heard from Kitty in the past, that she still wanted me anyway. "Well, Giana doesn't like smallish dicks," I said to Kitty, pushing my cockhead to the wet entrance of her vagina as I leaned above the small, Asian wife, "I can't make her do it." (In truth, obviously I could, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story?)

Seeing his horny, nude wife about to be mounted, David retreated to his natural state -- the cuckolded husband, allowing his wife to get laid without any action for himself. "It's okay," he told his wife with a louder voice, "I wouldn't want to make her."

See, I knew that would be his reaction. I started to push my cockhead into Kitty's wide-open cunt underneath me. "You still want THIS, don't you, honey?" I smiled down at her round, pretty face, seeing the lust in her slanted eyes.

Her husband seconded the notion. "Yeah, it's okay, Kitty."

Kitty shot Giana an evil look -- an "I'm-going-to-kill-you--but-kill-you-later" look -- then rolled her face up at me. Her eyes were half-closed, her jaw trembling, she was so ready to get fucked by me, she wasn't going to stop it. Her small hands slipped up my muscular arms, gripping me as I towered above her, my arms straight down to the bed, while I moved my erection against her pussy hard. I felt my dickhead shove into her tight, married cunt again, with her husband watching, and the woman was going to give it up for me. "Yesssss," Kitty whined, back arching, voice trembling, "okay -- okay -- Thom, fuck me!" Then, the slutty married bitch immediately lost the attitude, and allowed her sexuality to overcome her misgivings. Staring up at me with lust for a moment, she rolled her brown eyes to her white husband and groaned, "David -- please -- I need to get fucked!" She could have sounded like she was begging for his permission, but I bet, she was just telling him what was going to happen.

With David and Giana sitting there, largely motionless, just watching, I humped the married Asian bitch hard. My fat penis really stretched out her tight vagina, and I completely filled it with about seven inches inside of her. The pressure was so intense, I couldn't shove in the last inch or so; I just hammered at the pressure, driving her, completely into the back of her cunt. Her ass was off the bed, her legs spread wide, her feet flat and thrusting her thin pelvis around the bed. "Uhhh, yessss! Uhhhhh, ohhhhh, yesssss!" Her eyes were closed, hands clutching my arms or my hairy chest, then she put her palms flat on my rock-hard abdomen to feel me fucking her, feeling the power I was driving into her small body. "Uhhhh, Thom! Uhhhh, fuck meeee!"

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