tagRomanceLilliahna & Zac Ch. 01

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 01


~Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far, it's nice to hear that you like my story. This chapter is only short, but the next one is almost done, so I hope to have it up soon. Happy reading :D~

~*~ Lilliahna ~*~

It was ten past nine when Zac arrived. We were in Maths and I was trying to concentrate on what Mr Mackenzie was telling us but I kept thinking of Zac. I definitely didn't expect to see him this morning.

I looked up and he was standing in front of me. He looked like absolute shit, which made me want to hug him until it was all ok. But now was not the time to do that.

"I really need to talk to you," he said, barely a whisper.

I looked into his eyes and saw so much pain that I nearly started crying again. I looked over to Mr Mackenzie. He nodded and without a word, I got up and followed Zac outside, closing the door behind me.

"How are you?" I asked. He shrugged and reached for my hand. I looked at it and then into his eyes before throwing my arms around him and bursting into tears.

Mrs James tapped on my shoulder and I, reluctantly, let Zac go.

"Zac, we need to talk. Come with me," she said kindly, putting her hand behind him to guide him.

"Only if Lilliahna comes too," he said. Mrs James nodded and we headed for her office.

~*~ Zac ~*~

I wasn't really expecting her to come out of class; I just needed to see her, to look into her caring green eyes. I did not want to talk to Mrs James but I guess she just wanted to try and help me, although I didn't know how she could.

When we got to her office, Lilliahna explained why the principal had asked Mrs James to come and find me to talk to me. Then she sat in the chair next to me and didn't say another word.

I found it really hard to start talking but once I had started, I was okay. By the end of it all, I was crying and Lilliahna had both her arms wrapped around me.

"It's ok," She whispered to me through her own tears. "It will be okay."

Mrs James finally put down the phone and turned to us. By then I had stopped crying but Lilliahna still had her arms around me.

"Do you have any relatives near-by?" she asked me. I shook my head wondering where this was going.

"We don't want to upset you more by taking you out of this school, the only normal thing left in your life at the moment and putting you into a new one. When were you eighteen?" "A couple months ago. Why is that important?" I asked confused.

"I was just talking to a DOCS member. They said if you were 18, you could stay in your parents' house. You won't have to worry about rent as the house is in your parents names and they have both left you quite a large amount of money so you'll be able to finish school and go on to further study, if that's what you want. The other option is going to live with a family member until you're ready to live alone.

"I know how weird this must be for you Zac, but just think about it all ok. If you have, any questions just come and ask me. Anytime you need. Yeah?" She asked. I just nodded. There was so much to think about.

"Of course you would also qualify for youth allowance so that may help make your decision easier. In the mean time, I would like to talk to Lilliahna. Could you wait outside please Zac?" she asked. He frowned, looked at me and then shrugged before heading out the door.

~*~ Lilliahna ~*~

I was really surprised when Mrs James asked to speak to me. She asked if I could take Zac to the beach, or somewhere that was peaceful and private where we could sit and talk.

"That's what he needs right now; a friend. Nothing more, that would just be taking advantage of him, but just someone that he knows and feels safe turning to if he needs," Mrs James told me. I had no objections to being there for him. After all, I had liked him before all this started and I wasn't going to stop now. If anything, it all just made me love him more.

~*~ Zac ~*~

"Hey, do you want to go to the beach and talk about all this?" She asked me.

"No Lilliahna. I just want to go home."

"Do you want me..." but before she could finish I cut her off.

"No! I want to be alone. I just need you to promise that when I am ready to talk you will be ready to listen," I said, looking desperately into her eyes. She nodded without saying anything and I turned around. I felt like I was going to cry again and I didn't want her to see that.

When I got home, I went inside and looked around at everything.

"Why did you do it Dad? Why?" I asked aloud before lying on the floor, crying, blaming myself. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

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