Lilly looked at herself in the mirror. She was very sexy, with rump and breasts large but not un-proportional. She had silky black hair that flowed to her shoulders, a face smooth and delightful to look at. But despise all this beauty, Lilly was still a virgin.

It was not like she hadn't tried. She had been out to places of all sorts, but had never found the guy she wanted. Sometimes they made it back to her place, but there was always interruptions, or the guy had forgot a condom (she hated swallowing pills) or something else happened. Of late, Lilly had decided that maybe she was going to die a virgin, and should give up.

Tonight was Lilly's 25th birthday. Her friends were taking her out to very elite club called 'Midnight Rose'. Apparently it was called that because people who went there were letting themselves have fun or 'blooming' at midnight. Kind of silly, but it was supposed to be a good place to find people, and Lilly decided to have one more go at finding a man before she truly gave up the ghost.

Dressed a white blouse and designer jeans, Lilly drove to Midnight Rose. Her friends were already waiting outside, wearing clothes a little bit more revealing. They recognised Lilly's car and waved.

Lilly parked in the lot behind the club and met up with them.

"Lilly dal, you complain you can't catch a man, but look at what you're wearing!" exclaimed Denise, a red haired Texan who was the flirtiest of the group.

The rest of them laughed. Monique, Lilly's best friend since primary school defended Lilly.

"Lilly wants one man, not a thousand, Denise." Everyone laughed harder, except for Denise.

The friends went into the club.

Lilly wowed as she examined the club.

The lights were dimmed, a thin veil of artificial smoke hung in the air. The front doors opened up to a semi-circular staircase that went down right onto the edge of the dance floor. The dance floor was styled like the disco out of Saturday Night Fever, complete with the colour changing tiles. Around the edge of the dance floor was more stairs going down. Five steps sunk into the floor, where the bars were. There was a bar at each side of the club, and at the far wall was the doors to the toilets.

"I told you this place was good!" said Denise.

The friends went down to the bars. They grabbed a few drinks, sitting at the bar a while, then danced among the throng of people already there. Lilly was suddenly glad she had worn jeans, as she could tell that all the men sitting at the bars could look up women's skirts if they wanted to.

Bloody perverts.

The night went by fairly uneventful for Lilly. She was having heaps of fun with her friends, dancing and generally enjoying herself. While sitting on a bar stool, taking a break from the energetic dancing. The music was loud, and had a great beat to it that Lilly could feel going through her whole body. She downed a cocktail, and saw, at the other end of the bar, a man staring at her intensely.

He was around the same age she was, maybe a bit older. He had light brown hair, a very masculine face and perfect body. He was, stunning. Lilly liked him.

He noticed Lilly was returning his gaze, and winked at her. Lilly gasped, amazed that this sexy creature wanted her attention. She pointed at herself, mouthing the word 'me?' He nodded.

A rush of excitement flowed through Lilly, and knot of warmth formed in her belly, making her 'part' tingle. Lilly hopped off the bar stool, trying to look sexy. Maybe tonight was the night...

Walking closer to the man, Lilly got to see exactly how hot he was. She eyed him from the head down, and the same warm feeling formed in her belly and pussy.

There was an empty bar stool next to the man. Actually there were more than a few, three empty seats at either side of him. She was surprised that no other girls had tried to take this prize tonight. But it only meant more for Lilly. She sat next to his left, ordering another of the cocktail she had just finished. The man had a scotch, but nothing had been drunk.

"Well, hello." Said Lilly. The buzz from the alcohol she had consumed was giving her a buzz, giving her a bit more confidence to talk to this man.

"Hello. What's your name?" he asked, his voice soundly like honey, making him only more desirable.

"I'm Lilly. What can I call you?"

"Jack. I just happened to see you over there alone, and wondered why such a beauty like yourself would be alone. So I thought to myself to put a stop to that." Said Jack.

Jack. This guy was beginning to really turn Lilly on. She could smell this sweet scent in the air that made her want, made her crave for Jack.

"You are a very nice man. I like you. I like you a lot." She said. Jack smiled.

Lilly, through the fog of drink and desire that was clouding her mind, she could see that Jack's eyes were not entirely...normal. They had a slight luminescence that can normally only be seen in glow sticks. But Lilly had heard of people with strange eye colours, so no matter.

"That's very good." He replied.

They inched closer. Jack put a hand on Lilly's thigh, gently stroking it. Lilly sighed, and started doing the same to Jack. They inched closer, faces so close they could feel each other's warm breath. Jack removed his hands from Lilly's thighs, and placed them gently on the sides of her face. Then, leaning in slowly, her kissed her.

Oh, Lilly loved this. His taste was so sweet, so lovely. She stick her tongue into his mouth while he was doing the same to her. They moved their tongues together, trying to get their mouths closer together. Lilly was swimming in ecstasy, twisting her hands in Jack's hair. But just as it was getting really interesting, Jack pulled away, holding Lilly's head back with his hands.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" she asked franticly. If she let this man slip through her fingers tonight, Lilly would never forgive herself.

Jack chuckled. "No, nothing is wrong, but let's go to my place. More privacy." Jack grabbed Lilly's right hand and pulled her towards the exit of the club.

Lilly tried to spot her friends in the throng of dancers, but she couldn't not even Denise's flaming red hair stood out. With Jack pulling at her arm, she forgot about her friends and followed him. He lead her around the back of the club, the parking lot. There she saw a fancy sports car which he walked towards.

"Nice car." She said.

Jack opened the door for Lilly like a gentleman, assisting her as she sat down. He went to the driver's


Lilly waited for Jack to start the car, but instead he rummaged for something bellow his seat. Lilly turned her head away, daydreaming of the possibilities this night could go through. Suddenly she felt this sharp pain in her temple, and everything went black.

When Lilly woke up, she was in a white room, laying on a soft white bed. She was still fully clothed, apart from her shoes, and could feel that nothing had happened to her. She also had a clear head, no buzz of booze or hangover. In fact, Lilly felt really good. There were no windows, and only one white door. The floor was black carpet, and the frame of the bed was made from sturdy dark wood.

Just as Lilly was starting to feel a little frightened, through the door came Jack.

He was dressed in the same clothes as the night before, and had a smile on his face. Lilly looked at that smile. It was the smile of someone who has found what they have been looking for after a long time. It was a good smile. A smile that made Lilly trust Jack wholly.

"Where am I, Jack?" she asked.

"At my place. You fainted from being so drunk, so I took you here and gave you some medication.

Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I feel great. Thanks."

Jack smiled more, and came over to sit on the bed with Lilly.

Some of last night's passion came back to Lilly as Jack got close. Again, his scent made her body fill with intense heat. He began to stroke he face with his finger, her brow and cheeks, slowly a softly.

His strange eyes examined Lilly from head to toe, and he got closer. Lilly sighed as the warmth grew inside her.

Jack got closer, his hands moving down to her neck and shoulders.

"Lilly, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He said.


"Yes. I think I love you." The way Jack said it, it sounded so truthful that Lilly gasped in happiness. A single tear of joy ran down her cheek.

They hadn't really started, but already Lilly was hot. She was turned on, even after waking up in a strange place with a man she had only met a few hours ago. But she didn't care! He was making her feel good, and she had a feeling tonight she would finally be fucked...and such a stud too! Jack's hands moved further down, onto her breasts.

Lilly gasped, as he gently stroked her breasts. Lilly wanted it to go faster. She wanted Jack. Lilly began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her beautiful breasts. Jack made no sound, only ogled the perfectly round globes being presented to him. He pushed the blouse fully off Lilly, and then went for her bra. Once both items were on the floor, he began cupping and massaging Lilly's tits. This sensation! It was incredible, and Lilly arched her back moaning in pleasure. Lilly's hands aimed straight for Jack's shirt, which she quickly unbuttoned. Jack's body was toned and taught. It looked more to be a product of good genes than workouts. They both stopped. Lilly stared at Jack's body, licking her lips in desire. Grabbed the sided of Lilly's face, and while gently pushing her body down onto the bed, crushed his lips to hers.

Their tongues met again, plunging deep into the other person's mouth. Once Lilly was laying on the bed, Jack's hands reach down to Lilly's pants. In one skilled motion, he pulled off both her jeans and her panties, leaving her laying on the bed, baring all for Jack to see.

"You are truly a beautiful woman. I'm so happy to be able to do this." Jack said. He quickly pulled off his pants, but left his boxers on. Lilly could see a giant bulge pushing against the fabric of Jack's boxers.

"Come on Jack, take them off. I need you." Lilly demanded. She really did.

Jack complied, and his hard member sprung upward, finally free from the prison of Jack's boxers.

Lilly bit her lip when she saw just how well hung Jack was. It was huge, looking like the cock of a horse. Lilly moaned, feeling so hot, she couldn't wait to feel Jack inside her. She spread her legs wide, welcoming him in.

Jack kneeled on top of Lilly, his arms like pillars that stoped her from going anywhere.

"Before we do, I need to tell you something, Lilly."


"I'm not human." Jack said.

The words hung in Lilly's ears, confusing her.

"Impossible, you look human."

"Never judge a book by its cover. I'm an alien. We can alter ourselves to look human on the outside, but in the inside we are all alien. I come from a species with a problem, we have no females. Instead we use the females of other species to breed, and I have chosen you, Lilly, to be my mate for life." Confessed Jack.

Lilly was dumb struck. It would explain the eyes, and the slight green colour he had on his skin that Lilly had just noticed. His scent too, would be designed to allure and attract females. It would also explain the impossibly huge cock that jutted out from between Jack's hips.

"It's an honour, for only the best females are chosen. I have seen this planet and all the females in it, and I love you Lilly. I truly do."

Lilly couldn't speak. This man-alien wanted to breed with her. He loved her. He had chosen her.

"Say something, please." Begged Jack.

"I...don't know what to say."

"Tell me you love me too. Tell me you want to be with me forever, that you want to have my children and love them too." Pleaded Jack.

Lilly thought about that. She thought about all Jack had said, and had to admit the idea of living with him sounded good, alien or not. He was so gentle with her, even though he could have easily forced himself onto her. Lilly touched Jack's face, her fingers close to his lips, and knew her answer.

"I love you too, Jack. I stay with you forever and have your children and love them too. I want you to be with me forever." Lilly cried with happiness as she said these words, knowing that they were the right words to say.

The smile that came on Jack's lips was one of pure joy, and he crushed his lips to Lilly's. The passion between both of them was clear.

Jack began moving his hips closer, and Lilly felt his tip pushing against the lips of her pussy. She gasped with excitement, and she could feel her wetness flowing down her legs. Jack went slowly, knowing that his monster cock might be too much to just push into her.

As Jack eased his length into her hot, wet body, Lilly moaned loudly as waves of pleasure washed over her, even as he tore her hymen. Slowly her body stretched to fit him inside as he slip into her depths. He filled her cervix completely, then went further, deeper, until he touched the very back of her womb, impossible as it was. Lilly was completely aware of Jack's dick inside her body. She could feel every small movement he made, even the blood pulsing through his cock. It felt...incredible.

"Oooo... my god." Moaned Lilly.

Jack stayed in place for a while. He touched Lilly with one finger, tracing the lips of her pussy that gripped his cock. He lifted his finger, and Lilly saw blood on it.

"You're a virgin. I thought so."

"Is that...a bad thing?"

"No. It just makes the bond between us stronger, knowing that you have never felt another man inside you. I will be your first and last. Now, here we go."

Lilly cried out in ecstasy as Jack began moving his cock back and forth inside her. Again, he was slow, letting Lilly get used to the movement. He gradually increased his speed, and Lilly was swimming in an ocean of lust and love. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, pulling him in, making him push against her walls. She screamed as it happened, for she felt that pressure not only in her womb, but the rest of her organs above. It was like he was trying to dig past the walls of her uterus.

They got into a rhythm, but just as Lilly was getting used to it, tentacles exploded from Jack's back. He grunted at they burst from his body. The tentacles were the same colour as his skin.

"I'll make you feel even better, my life-long mate." He said.

Two of the tentacle wrapped around Lilly's breasts, beginning to squeeze them intensely. Another two with suckers for heads clamped on her rock hard nipples, sucking and pulling them like mad. The others wounded themselves around her figure, her arms and legs. They pulled her up so she was airborne, but tilted her hips higher.

Somehow, even with Jack already so deep, he went deeper, and every time his cock slammed against her womb, she felt a jolt of sexual pleasure course through her body, making ever muscle in her body contract. Her pussy was gripping onto Jacks powerful, dominating member, holding into it like it was the source of life.

Jack had been moving his hands along Lilly's stomach, and now she felt something wet on his hands. The tentacles, which had previously been dry, were also starting to get wet. Lilly felt like both Jack's hands and his tentacles were massaging this wetness into her skin. Her skin felt like it was buzzing with electricity.

"You and me together for all eternity. I will give you a new life, a new body. Lilly, I will perfect you." swore Jack.

"Yes! YES!" cried Lilly.

"I will plant my seed inside you, and your body will swell with my offspring. You are my mate. You are MINE!"


The speed of Jack's movements increased tenfold. His hands went over Lilly's body so fast, they were sliding on the liquid he had excreted. His cock pounded into Lilly's cunt hard and fast, making her cry out each time he thrust back in. his tentacles massaged the rest of her body like crazy. Lilly suddenly felt a jolt of energy throughout her whole body. Suddenly her breasts swelled to an enormous size and became firmer. She was more sensitive to Jack's movements, and she was so close to cumming, it was a miracle she hadn't already.

She felt something squirt out of her nipples, and when the sucking tentacles lifted off her, she saw it was milk. The fact this was impossible was just a passing thought in Lilly's mind. She was too buzzed to think of anything but Jack and the amazing fucking he was giving her. The tentacles that had been sucking on her nipples went back to work, drawing milk out of her as well and into Jack.

Jack didn't say anything either. The only sounds he made were grunts, moans and gasps.

This had been going on for just under an hour. Lilly was on the knife edge of climax, but somehow she couldn't. Something was stopping her from inside her own body. Jack was close too, as his thrusts pushed harder, his strokes faster but between trusts he remained inside her longer.


With her arms and legs, still being held my tentacles and wrapped around Jack's body, she held onto him, restricting how far he could slide backwards.

Suddenly, with a scream from Lilly and a cry from Jack, they both came.

Lilly's pussy gushed with her bodily fluids, but Jack's cock formed a plug so that nothing escaped. He came with brute force. The first jet of sperm hit the walls of Lilly's womb hard, and she felt that warmth flood her body. It lasted a long time, that first squirt. The others were the same, and soon Lilly's belly was bulging from the amount of cum inside her pussy. And there was still more. Once Jack had finished ejaculating, her belly was the size of woman who was 7 months pregnant. Jack remained inside Lilly. The tentacles retreated back inside him, gently dropping Lilly back onto the bed. Jack collapsed on top of her, resting on her huge belly and nuzzling his face into her huge breasts.

They laid there for a few minutes, and then Lilly's inflated womb began to deflate. Slowly it got smaller. Lilly felt like she was, well, sucking in the cum. She was sucking the sperm into her body, absorbing it.

"Yes...good." Whispered Jack.

He placed his hand over the skin where Lilly's womb was, and smiled.

"Life has already sprouted. Your child is growing within you, Lilly." He said.

Lilly smiled with happiness, putting her hands on Jack's head and moving it up to kiss him. She could feel something in her womb too. It was only small, but she knew it was there.

The couple kissed passionately, each with a hand on Lilly's womb, feeling the alien life that was growing within.

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