tagLesbian SexLilly White, Virgin

Lilly White, Virgin

byTawny T©

Lilly walked down the sidewalk. She looked neither right nor left. Several men greeted her, tipping their hats and calling her by name. She nodded and walked on, her heels clacking dully on the wooden sidewalk. At least the sidewalks were now elevated and she didn't have to get her long dress and shoes dusty or muddy going down the street when the infrequent rains hit the small town. Dust was the usual culprit here.

She walked resolutely toward the saloon. Her courage suddenly faltered and she walked past the swinging double doors. Decent women didn't frequent saloons. She stopped at the next storefront and looked in; not seeing what was displayed behind the wavy dirty glass. Lilly closed her eyes.

"God, is this the right thing I'm doing?" She said under her breath. She almost laughed. 'God' had nothing to do with this! She shut her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, willed herself to turn and walked back to the saloon and pushed the doors open. The interior was dark after the brilliant sunshine outside and it took a moment for her eyes to accommodate to the dim interior.

She looked around. Damn, she didn't see her! Almost every face was turned toward her wondering what a well-dressed young lady like her was doing in the saloon. Eyes narrowed and took in the long, well tailored dress, the narrow waist, and above, the rather low cut of the dress. Her bosom swelled above the décolletage dress, and hungry eyes dwelled on the lily-white skin.

She saw a girl, obviously one of Kitty's, at the back, sitting alone at a table. She walked directly to her. The girl seemed as surprised as the men around her. Most knew Miss Lilly by name, or at least by sight. Her father ran the local newspaper, and in the small town everyone knew everyone else. A cowboy or two looked at her with renewed interest.

She sat down beside the girl. She willed her voice to be strong and not quaver. The girl's face was lined; Lilly wondered how old she was. She had obviously had a hard life here in the West.

I'd like to speak to Miss Kitty, please." Lilly finally was able to speak

"She ain't ah hirin'." The girl said in a rather surly tone looking Lilly over.

"I beg your pardon?" Lilly said not understanding.

"Miss Kitty ain't ah hirin'. We don't need no new gals." The girl said avoiding her eyes and looking toward the bar.

"You don't understand. I want to speak with Miss Kitty herself. I did not come for a job. Will you please tell her that?" She added softly. "Please?"

The girl looked at her a moment, got up. Looking down, "She still ain't ah hirin'." She said with a shake of her head. She turned and went up the stairs, looking back at Lilly as if Lilly had two heads attached to her lovely shoulders. She turned and disappeared.

A cowboy ambled over and offered her a drink. Lilly politely declined. The cowboy shrugged, tipped his hat, turned and went back to his table. Almost every eye in the room was on her. Lilly sat uncomfortably till she saw the girl come to the second floor railing and crook her finger. She was committed now. She straightened her back, lifted her skirt in front, and climbed as gracefully as she could up the stairs. The girl pointed to an open door.

Lilly didn't know what to expect. What she did see impressed her. The room was decorated very tastefully. She guessed she had expected red velvet wallpaper and vulgar paintings on the wall. The room looked like one she herself would have decorated, neat, orderly, elegantly tasteful wallpaper, and furniture obviously picked by a discerning hand. An elegant grand piano sat in one corner, sheet music on the holder. Fresh cut flowers sat in expensive vases throughout the room. She recognized several elegantly framed prints from the masters on the walls.

"Come in Miss White, what may I do for you?" A low cultured voice came to her from beside the window."

"You know who I am?" She asked. She turned toward the window.

"Of course, every one in town knows the lovely Miss Lilly White. I know your father professionally." She chuckled softly. "His profession, not mine. I'm a silent partner in several businesses here in town. I advertise through him. Do come sit down. How may I help you?"

Lilly moved to the window and took the plush, comfortable seat offered. She looked at her hostess. She guessed Miss Kitty to be in her late twenties, early thirties. Time here in the West had been kind to her. Her face was fresh, with little makeup on it save her lipstick and a little blush. Her gown was exquisite, Lilly guessed direct from Paris. Very tasteful and hid an ample bosom just a little larger than her own.

"Do I pass muster, Miss White, may I call you Lilly?" Miss Kitty laughed. "You perhaps thought me a vulgar Madame with; let me guess -- crimson wall paper, nude pictures on the wall, and my tits hanging out for all to see."

Lilly was taken aback and had to laugh at herself. She nodded and put her hands up to her face. She felt like a fool, but Miss Kitty laughed with her, not at her. She began to laugh also.

Kitty turned and took an exquisite silver tea service and offered her a cup of tea. Fresh tiny tea biscuits were on the platter. Lilly wondered there they came from. The service must have cost a fortune, and the teacups were beautifully styled. She sipped the hot tea and found it superb.

"Now, what may I do for you Lilly? I imagine this is not a social call. Am I correct in that assumption?" Kitty asked looking her calmly in the eye.

She hesitated a moment, bolstered her resolve and managed to say in an even tone, "I am a virgin Miss Kitty. I have had no experience with a man at all. I am betrothed and to be married next month."

"Yes, I know to handsome Billy. I have seen him with you often. A fine young man. An excellent choice for both of you, I might add." She said smiling.

"I, - I, - I would like to gain experience with pleasing a men. I imagine he has had experience with a woman, maybe more than one woman. I do not want to be a virgin on our wedding night and not know how to please him. I want you, to teach me how to please a man. I hear young men come to you to learn how to please a woman before their wedding nights. I want the same lessons. Do I make myself clear? I'm sorry, I said that badly. I want to know how to please Billy on our wedding night, Miss Kitty. Please?" Lilly said, her voice breaking a little.

"More tea?" The lovely Madame said pouring. "Yes, I understand, I really do. But most men value a virgin on their wedding night more than almost anything else. Why give up that virginity? Almost nothing pleases a man than taking a young woman's -- pardon the word -- 'cherry' on their wedding night, or any other night for that matter." Kitty asked laying her hand on Lilly's arm.

Lilly almost gasped the hand felt so nice on her arm. She was very taken with the warm lovely woman in front of her. She was the antithesis of what she had expected. She found her a warm, confident, well-educated woman, and very beautiful too.

"Well, Miss Kitty, I have to admit, I have no maidenhead to give to my husband on our wedding night. I'm afraid I lost it a number of years ago. I think I lost it riding astride horses so much." She hesitated a moment. She looked into Kitty's eyes and smiled. She knew this woman would understand, as her own mother never would. "No! Actually, I lost it to a cucumber, a long slender cucumber, one of several long slender cucumbers I grew in our own garden."

Kitty threw back lovely head and laughed a rich deep laugh that came from deep inside her. Her shoulder length blonde hair danced and moved like liquid gold. Lilly looked at her and joined her. The two laughed together till tears ran down their cheeks. When their laughter had subsided they sat drinking tea and nibbling on the delicious biscuits together. Two lovely women, well bred, well schooled, conversing together.

"I have money, Miss Kitty. I am willing to pay whatever you charge to teach a man, or a woman how to make love. I have saved it up." Lilly said matter-of-factly.

"Please call me Kitty. I am sorry, but I no longer sell my body. I gave it up a number of years ago. I have a number of lovely young girls who do that for me. I only have sexual relationships with those that I wish to. I am very picky about my lovers. I am sorry Lilly; I cannot do this for money." Kitty said softly.

"I understand. Could one of your - your 'girls' do it for me?" Lilly said disappointment in her voice.

"I'm sorry too, I would never entrust this to any of my girls." She hesitated a long moment and a sly grin spread over her face. "I won't do it for money, but I will do it just for you. I would be honored to teach you what I know. It has been a very long time since I made love to a woman as lovely as you. I shall teach you not only how to make love to a man, I shall teach you how to make love to a woman as well. For to teach one, I shall have to teach the other." Kitty said reaching out to softly stroke Lilly's soft cheek.

Lilly shivered at the thought. She had never thought about that aspect of this. She didn't really know what she had expected. Make love to another woman? She faltered. Her face flushed at the thought. She and a girl friend had touched each other intimately years before, exploring as young girls do, but it had never gone beyond a brief touch and a look.

Kitty was perceptive and caught the hesitation and indecision in Lilly's face. "Go home and think on this. Take as long as you wish. I want you to be sure. If you decide, our 'lessons' won't be here. I don't want you coming here. I have a small house at the edge of town, near you. Few people know I own it. We can meet there. Post a letter to me here. Don't put your name on outside of the envelope, and tell me what you want to do. I shall contact you." Kitty said rising up.

Lilly got up and Kitty took her shoulders and pulled her gently close. Kitty's soft lips kissed her so softly on the lips for one long wonderful moment. Lilly almost lost her breath it was so wonderful. Kitty's subtle perfume enveloped her and she felt lightheaded. Kitty chuckled softly and patted Lilly's cheek.

At Kitty's insistence, Lilly exited the back of the saloon, slipped between two stores, and came out on the next street. Her mind was in a whirr. She hadn't thought this through. Did she want to make love to another woman? Could she?

That night she lay in bed her mind in a maelstrom of doubt and indecision. She finally lay quietly and thought of Kitty. The woman overwhelmed her. What a lady! She might be a madam of a whor- no - a house of ill repute, but she was all woman and Lilly was captivated by her. She thought back to the gentle kiss, the touch on her cheek, the almost forgotten brushing of their breasts together. Her hand strayed under the cover and she pulled her long gown upward. Her hand found her prominent mound and the soft brown hair nestled there. She slid a finger down to find her slit. She spread her thighs wide and sighed deeply. Her finger slid into her slit and found it wet and hot. Her now deceased mother had told her it was wicked to touch herself there, but she had long ago found it so very pleasurable. How could something that felt so good be bad?

She slid her finger up and down her slit, probing inward, then moving her slick finger up to find her clitoris. She had found that term in an old medical book in her father's library. She stroked it softly, teasing it. How would Kitty's fingers feel there? Would Kitty touch her there at all? She thought of Kitty's lovely face, the swelling bosom that her dress couldn't hide. She imagined Kitty nude, standing at the foot of her bed. Her finger played faster and faster over her clitoris and she sighed out a long note of ecstasy, hoping her father at the other end of the house wouldn't hear her. Her body went wire taut and she bit her lip to keep from screaming out.

The next morning she took a letter directly to the small post office and waiting till the clerk's back was turned, deposited it in the basket, sliding it quickly under several other letters. She knew Kitty would have it within two hours or less in the small town.

That afternoon as she walked down the street to her father's business, a boy ran up to her and handed her an envelope, then as quickly dashed away. She found a bench under a tree and sat down, her knees were weak. She tore open the envelope. Inside was a note in elegant handwriting, giving an address, a time, and instructions to just walk in. She looked at the town clock and saw it was only two hours away. She did not have to explain her movements to her father and she hurried home to bathe quickly. She wanted her personal hygiene to be beyond reproach this day.

At the appointed hour, bathed, powdered, and lightly perfumed, she walked the two blocks to the address. A small, nicely kept house awaited her. She went to the door and it was unlocked. She entered, and was in a nicely appointed house. A bell attached to the door announced her entry with a cheery tinkling.

"Come in Lilly, I'm in the back." Kitty's rich voice called to her. She walked down the short hall to the back. She looked in and there was a rather large bedroom. Kitty sat on the side of the bed. She motioned Lilly over and handed her a glass. "Here, drink this, its very good champagne. I think you'll like it. It's a very good year."

Lilly took the glass and they clinked glasses. She sipped the cold bubbling liquid. Lilly wondered where she got the ice. Ice in the desert was almost an unheard of luxury. The champagne tasted wonderful and slid down her throat easily.

She looked at Kitty sitting there. She wore a gossamer peignoir that barely concealed her beautiful body, under it an equally gossamer low cut gown. Her full breasts pushed the front out and the darkness of her nipples showed through the veil like cloth. Kitty saw Lilly's eyes taking her in and stood up and turned around. The voluptuous body of her would-be teacher awed Lilly. She was not fat in any sense of the word but had a full body that made Lilly catch her breath. She gown did little to hide it.

"I hope you like it. It's new from Paris, came in on the stage yesterday. I love to feel the soft cloth against my skin. You are the first to see it. Your looks say you like it!" Kitty said her voice low and husky.

"Now my little sweet Dove. I want to see your body." She said moving closer. "May I have the pleasure of undressing you? You'd like that wouldn't you?" She said looking deep into Lilly's eyes. Lilly was lost. She was unable to resist. She didn't want to resist. She only was able to nod dumbly. Kitty took the glass from her hand and with a chuckle laid it on the table. She pulled Lilly close and kissed her gently on her lips, her hands going to the young woman's shoulders pulling her against her almost naked body.

Lilly caught her breath as Kitty's body pressed against hers full length and her soft full breasts pressed against hers. Kitty's lips became a little more insistent and Lilly jumped a little as a soft tongue played over her lips. She had felt Billy's tongue many times, but this was entirely different. An almost electric shock went through her body as the soft tongue slid between her lips and probed her mouth. She let her own tongue fence and slide over the playful invader. Kitty's hand went to her neck and while they kissed, skillful fingers rapidly unfastened the buttons down the back of her dress.

Before she knew it, her dress was pulled downward to her waist. Kitty pulled back and lowered the dress so she could step out of it. Kitty laid it carefully aside on a chair, then came back to hold her again, not letting her ardor cool. Her petticoat slid downward then she stood in her brassiere and pantaloons with her cotton panties under them.

She was held against Kitty as the woman undressed her quickly and gently. Kitty left her brassiere and panties till last. She stroked Lilly's firm breasts through the fabric for a while before finding the tiny buttons and unfastening them. Kitty lifted the brassiere from her breasts almost reverently and cooed at the beautiful alabaster breasts with their perfectly rounded areolas and the small button nipples at the center of each.

"Ohhh, what beautiful full breasts you have. I envy Billy. He will love to kiss and caress these lovely mounds. They are making my mouth water." Kitty sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Lilly close between her spread legs. Kitty looked up at her and opened her mouth and took one breast into her open mouth and sucked on it.

Lilly's knees almost buckled at the wonderful touch of the woman's skilled mouth on her breast. No one had ever touched her bare breasts. She had made Billy refrain from trying to uncover them. She had allowed him only to cup them through her clothes on infrequent occasions. Kitty's lips sucked at her flesh and her wicked tongue played over the nipple. Lilly stood; eyes closed then reached out and fondled Kitty's soft tresses. Kitty's lips pulled at the nipples and Lilly cried out as she felt Kitty's sharp teeth nip her hard nipple giving her an unexpectedly wonderful hurt that seemed to go directly to her clitoris.

Kitty moved to the other breast, and Lilly looked down at her breast. The whole end was wet and gleaming from the licking and sucking. Her nipple was erect, long and hard, longer than she had ever seen it, and she had played with them many times before. Her breasts felt swollen and hard. Desire? Yes, it must be desire -- for a woman? Ohhh, God, her heart raced. She had never felt this way before.

She felt Kitty's hands pull downward, pulling her pantaloons and panties off together. She stepped out of them. Kitty motioned for her to raise her feet and she quickly unbuttoned her shoes and slipped off her coarse cotton hose. Finally she stood naked before Kitty. Naked with a woman, who was going to make passionate love to her! Her head spun and she almost fainted from the erotic thought that raced through her mind. Kitty arose and gently turned her around and moved her several feet to the side. She stood facing a long mirror on the tall chiffonier.

Kitty moved behind her. "Look in the mirror, Sweet Lady. Look at the beautiful desirable woman there." Lilly looked, and she did look so erotic. Her knees almost buckled again as Kitty moved close behind her, pressing her hot, almost naked body against Lilly's body. Kitty's hands reached around and cupped her breasts, lifting and fondling them. The image in the mirror was so lewd and exciting Lilly felt her sex swell and burn. She had never imagined something like this in her entire life.

"I have seen many beautiful women, but none to compare with you. I am honored to be able to teach you how to make love. I hope your will forgive me if I take advantage of your splendid body and make love to it first, to teach you the joys of sex with another woman. I will teach you what your body can experience with a woman, then with a man." She kissed Lilly's neck and her tongue played behind her ear for a moment before she broke away.

"First come into the bath, I must prepare you. I want you to experience this -- what I am about to do to, and for, your lovely body. Do you trust me?" She asked looking deep into Lilly's eyes. Lilly could only nod, feeling like she was almost mesmerized by the beautiful woman. She led Lilly to the bathroom where a large galvanized tub sat filled with hot water and the surface was filled with thousands of bubbles. She indicated that Lilly get in. She had bathed earlier but slid into the wonderfully hot water and found it felt so wonderful to her skin. The water was scented and the vapors rose and seemed to embrace her. She lay back resting her head on a towel provided to keep her hair from getting wet.

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