tagBDSMLilly's Lust for Leather

Lilly's Lust for Leather


Lilly arrived at the airport in Baltimore on schedule, her ass still plugged deep by the medium sized butt plug she had dipped in olive oil and slid into her before leaving her East coast home, just as her Master had instructed. The wide, black-lace garter firmly held her black fishnet stockings under the simple black skirt. She could feel her nipples rubbing underneath the black knit top, as she brought no bra with she on this trip. She had no use for a bra or panties, she knew.

She walked through security at the airport gate, knowing she was catching more than a few stares. She tried not to scan the crowd for her Master, "I don't want you to look at Me" were His words, so she just looked for an open area to wait and be seen, knowing He would be looking for her.

The flight had not been long, but she was thirsty still. Seeing a water fountain near the restroom, she went to get a quick drink to quench her dry throat. She had no more than gotten a few gulps of the cold water into her stomach when she felt a hand slide up her neck and grab a handful of her dark hair.

His familiar voice sounded. "Hello, My little slave." Instantly she felt herself become flush as He pulled her head up from the fountain. Her eyes quickly fell to the floor, no matter how badly she wanted to gaze into His eyes, she wanted to please Him even more by obeying Him. "What are you?"

"I am Yours to use, Your slave, and Your whore, my Master". She bit her bottom lip for the first time before Him, knowing it would not be her last.

He took her bag from her hands. "Put your hands where they belong." She knew she meant to put her hands behind her back, and she did. He grabbed them, seemingly easily for His one hand to swallow both of her wrists in His single grasp.

It was easy for Him to lead her to the baggage claim area, where her bright red overnight bag came slowly down the conveyor belt. He grabbed that as well, stuffed her purse inside of it and led her out to the covered airport parking lot. His white van stood out amongst the 'vanilla' suburbans and SUVs that seemed to be everywhere.

He opened the back of the van, without a word, He threw the bag into the back and picked up a blindfold that was waiting. He placed it around her lowered eyes and tied it tight, comfortably very tight. Finally, she felt a kiss on her red lips. Her heart raced even faster, as if it were possible and her head became instantly light. She felt herself lifted by the waist into the back of the van easily, then heard the doors close.

She felt the tug of her shirt lift over her head, leaving her breasts freely displayed. "Put your hands out, slut." Her breath quickened as she followed His command. She felt one leather cuff and then the other buckled over and around her wrists. Her fingers seemed to curl easily over the bar embedded in the leather of the suspension cuffs He had purchased just for her. The rattle of chain overhead sounded cold, but warmed her body. He raised one hand and she heard the sound of a padlock quietly closing. It had begun. The other hand raised and joined in the bondage. Now she stood there, chained to the ceiling of her Masters van.

"Spread your feet, slave." She opened her stance. "Wider. WIDER." She spread her feet as far as she could without losing balance and felt her skirt lift above her waist. "I see your ass is still plugged. Is my little slut still comfortable?"

"Yes, my Master" she amazingly was able to speak.

"Good." was all Master replied. She felt His hand move over her body, as if inspecting her; nudging the plug in a little deeper, His fingers slipping through the lips of her cunt, checking her wetness. She was wet, very wet. His touch went away as she heard another door move and the sound of the engine start. Yes, it had begun.

Lilly was not sure where He had driven, but she could only imagine that her Master had watched her from His rear view many times as her tits juggled with the movement of the van. She was relaxed as soft sounds of erotic music were being piped through the van, even though she was chained with her hands high over her head and her open pussy and plugged ass feeling every bit of the cool breeze that seemed waiver by.

After nearly an hour, the van finally stopped. She heard the engine die and she waited to hear the next sound or word from her Master. His footsteps fell closer and she felt His presence. He placed a straw in her mouth. "Take a sip." It was cold water, but it tasted sweet. "Vitamin enriched water... you're going to need it." She licked her lips then felt Him moving about her. She had no idea what He was doing, but since Lilly trusted her Master, she had no fear.

She felt His hand on the back of her head once more as He pushed her face into His cock and balls. "Get to know this scent, girl". She inhaled deeply and her head once felt the rush of adrenaline surge. Avoiding His punishments so early, she withheld opening her mouth unless permitted and took in His musky scent. He let go almost as quickly as He grabbed her; she heard the sounds of clinking that was unfamiliar at first. then recognized the feeling of leather straps on her skin.

Each hand was unlocked one at a time to slip into the heavy black leather harness before being re-locked by the Master Lock padlock. She felt His hands knowledgeably move over each of the strap, and with each strap, He'd take great care to pulling it through the buckles, checking the tension, giving it a firm pull, before moving on to the next strap. One by one, He embraced her body with the black leather harness. She felt the sensation of the leather strap run between her legs, pulled semi- tightly, then another around each thigh.

When she realized she was now within the harness, completely held within every leather binding.. her head lightened and a small audible moan left her lips. Her Master went back over each of the buckles and seemed to tighten each one just another notch, increasing the tension, making her breathing quicken even more. She felt another set of straps over her head and again, His fingers worked magically and pulling the straps through each buckle, increasing the tension on her head. She nearly slipped into subspace. Then the sound of the chains brought her back once more. She felt the cold steel against her skin as she began to notice the sensation of the being pulled. "click" pull. "click" pull. Her body being held within His steel and leather binds. So, so close now.

"You like being in My leather and chains, don't you, my lil slave?" He says.

Lilly could only moan as she felt more and more of herself restrained in the harnesses. Her body now tightly bound in the leather body harness, links of steel chains locked to the metal rings that embedded in the leather now gathered with their weight on the floor of Master's dungeon. The leather head-harness that overlapped the blindfold intensified her feeling of helplessness. Slowly she felt His hands run over her body. She could only imagine His smile.

"Now on your knees." His strong hands guided she downward to her knees. "What are you?"

"I am Your slave."

"Yes, you are Mine, slave." She felt something against her chin, bringing her face upward and realized that He was wrapping the posture collar around her neck. She barely breathed as He fastened it snuggly. His hands firmly grabbing her, He led her back up to her feet. Still wearing the black heels that helped to show off her fishnet-covered legs, He tightened the chains so that her hands return to over her head.

"Continue," was all He needed to say.

"I am Your slave for You to use," Lilly spoke before a firm slap against her left tit caught her off-guard.

"LOUDER!" her Master commanded.

"I am Your slave for You to use, my Master." Lilly spoke more vibrantly, clearly as she proclaimed this.

Again, His hand took turns, sharply slapping her breasts; one and then the other were soon glowing red, heated with His hunger. "Continue, slave?"

"...And Your whore, my Master," she said proudly and clearly, hoping to please Him.

"Open your mouth, whore," her whore-red lips opened as the familiar taste of a ball gag entered her mouth and she felt another strap being buckled behind her head making her swoon lightly.

"Open your legs, whore," His hands ran down her waist and down one leg where He fastened, what she knew would be, a black leather ankle cuff. "Wider, like the whore you are!" Lilly spread her legs wider, knowing that her sex was practically dripping now. He placed a matching cuff on her other ankle and thought for a second she could smell her own sex as she felt something firmly pushing and keeping her feet apart. The spreader bar, she though to herself.

She stood there, knowing she must look a remarkable sight for her Master, her dark hair captured, as the rest of her head, within the confines of the head harness. Her painted lips nearly matched the red ball gagging His lil whore. He knew her mind was racing with this new confinement. Confined, yet released.

Her tits were still bright from His few 'playful' slaps. The red of her breasts jutting forward from between the thick black straps of the body harness that He knew was exciting His lil slave to no end. He looked at her open cunt, opened by the spreader bar attached to her feet. Yes. He could see her slick still, and He had not even truly begun there now, had He?, He thought. He picked up the flogger from inside the small satchel and tossed it in His hands a few times, gauging its weight, adjusting His grip. THWATP!

Lilly instantly felt the warmth of the leather against her breasts. THWATP! she melted into the flow of the flogger as it landed across her belly and the sweet pain she felt there. THWATP! the music seemed to grow in the background as each lash seemed to bring Him closer to her waiting sex. THWATP! The broad kiss of His leather finally reaching her cunt. THWATP! she felt the grow of her moans into the gag as she landed again and again. THWATP! THWATP! THWATP! her moans getting louder as she thought to slip away into the realm of space. Almost there.

Then nothing... the music continued to play. She stood there waiting, confined to His leather and steel, unable to move or glance to what was next...confined... to wanting. Her breath quickened, her skin became cold as the air passed over it. THWATP! He resumed behind her, the lash landing across the right of her back. THWATP! Lower and further across her body she felt the leather break across her flesh. THWATP! THWATP, THWATP! The varying degrees of force and speed teased her. THWATP TWHATP THWATP THWATP.. Her ass now beginning to glow under the flogger's kiss. THWATP THWATP . His hand reached into her hair falling from below the hood, pulling her head back, holding her firmly. THWATP THWATP THWATP THWATP . the strikes landing harder on her ass, across the plug, down to her upper thighs. She felt herself once again approach the space. Then there was nothing, save for His firm grip in her hair, only the sound of the music playing in her ears.

He watched as her breath as quickened as did her pulse showing at the base of her collared neck. Lilly wanted more. So much more, but she could not beg through the gag. Or so she thought. But she would learn, He thought, knowing His.

"Yes. You want to beg, I know. And you will, My lil painslut. Even though the gag you will beg."

Her Master adjusted the chains and led Lilly to a step before laying her across a bench. She lowered onto her knees, sore even more against the uneven wood of the bench's stepping plank, as her thighs were pulled apart by the steel chains locked to the sides of the van. Her legs spread wide, and then wider, the spreader bar removed from her ankles, no longer needed with the chains at her thighs. She heard the sweet sounds of the chains locking to her waist to keep His slave firmly in place. Still hooded and harnessed, the red ball gag removed only briefly to allow a small drink of water before filled once more. However, this time, replaced with a leather phallus, completely filling her mouth. There is no hiding the truth from her Master. His pain slut was already wet just knowing what might come next. She was kneeling and spread, her ass and cunt fully exposed for Him.

"Don't you DARE cum till I SAY, whore!"

Oh, but just hearing her Master's words while in His bounds were enough to send His slave soaring. His flogger lightly caresses her back, already glowing from the 'gentle' warming He had pleasured in before. THWACK. His lashes continued where He left off before, across the broad of His slave's back. Lilly felt the power from the broad stroke and embraced it. THWACK, THWACK. the flogger's broad falls landed again harder as it criss-crosses her body.. Lilly's breaths becoming shallower. She slipped into simple acceptance of the flogging as the ends of the lashes wrapped around her body bringing near unbearable pain. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Each landing came more slowly but with more force as He moved His aim further down His whore's back to her waiting, risen ass.

His cool fingers gently glided over the reddening skin, revitalizing the sensations His slave felt. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Her breaths quickened to match the strokes of the flogger as it found its mark on the broad cheeks of her ass. The falls continued to land at the base of her back, above His slave's ass cheeks. Lilly's hands grabbed onto the bar of the black suspension cuffs, now chained to the back of the bench over which she bent. She tried slightly to move her ass so the falls would land lower onto the rounded parts of her ass, trying to avoid the repeated landings on the same spot that hurt with such ferocity tears began to form in her eyes.

Once more, muffled pleas began to surface from under the gag, the pain increasing to levels of wanting lust as He continued to bring His strikes down just above the full flesh. He ignored the pleas, knowing His slave wanted to cum and succumb to the pain He delivered. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK.. The bound body began to quiver as the high-pitched pleas become louder. THWACK! THWACK! He lowers the landings finally to the full of her ass. The crying pleas changing to sounds of muffled groans of begging.

"What WHORE?? You want to cum now???" THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK

The garbled sounds of what could have been 'yes, Master', was audible to His ears, the wanting 'please, Master'. The needy begging 'please let it c-c-c-cum, m-m-my M-Master'. He knew that with the release would come best part of His scening with His slave.

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. His flogger now flailing up and down her hot skin, all over her body. He watched as His slave's head tossed from side to side and her skin's red glow deepened with each stroke of His Dominance and Will. He finds His own space in training His pain slut. He was ready to enjoy that sweetness of the scene, the sweet spot for them both.

"CUM WHORE!" He Commanded. His Dominance grew as He puts His controlled POWER into each stroke of the lash. Harder and harder, He flogged His whore into and through the release. He knew that that she would embrace everything He gave her now and fold into the release. THWACk!!

Finally permitted, Lilly slipped into that orgasm so restrained previously. THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!! Lilly felt the lands of each heated lash. Her body tensed and then became fully accepting to His pain, yet she felt nothing as she came and slipped into the subspace He made for her. Knowing the harder falls would only send her deeper and deeper into space, until she barely stopped breathing, body tensed to know nothing but the pure sensation of the heat on her body, the power of each fall, then, the flowing orgasm of her own body, then heady nothingness.

Lilly became aware of Master's cool touch gliding over her skin, over His slave's brightly glowing back. She grasped a quick breath and shuddered as the multiple orgasms continued. She felt the gliding of the coolness of His hand over her darkly reddened ass, seemingly absorbing the heat into His hand. His slave's staggered breath told Him where in His space she lay. His fingers rose to lightly glide His fingernails over the tender skin.

"Come back." His soft, yet still commanding voice led her back to remembering herself bound in the leather straps in the back of His van.

Lilly felt her breath entering and leaving her lungs once more, not remembering when she began breathing normally again. Her body still shuddered as His hand slid down and between her legs, feeling her creamy wetness.

"I told you that you would beg, my lil slave. Now, let's go home and I'll soothe your skin before we play again."

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