tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLily's Seattle Lesson

Lily's Seattle Lesson


I met Mr. Logan at the office on Friday morning. He was waiting for me, sitting at my computer station and obviously going through my things. He looked up as I walked in and his expression was not pleasant. Without as much as a good morning he began to question me.

“Lily, you seem to have continued all of your emailing.” He said pushing back slightly in my chair.

“Yes sir.” I said realizing just how angry he was.

“Why?” His eye brow went up, and his well known courtroom face was on, a mask void of emotion. In my head I swore at myself for the flush that stole over my face, and the guilty fear that rushed over me. His eyes trained on my waiting for some response.

“I…I didn’t write them at work.” I stammered. He frowned then and stood.

“Hmm,” He said eyeing me closely. “And did you think this would be acceptable?” He asked as he moved around my desk. I wasn’t sure how to answer.

“I wrote them at home, not here.” I said my eyes focusing on his shoes.

“You obviously need to be taught a lesson that will help you remember who is in control, now you get yourself in my office and bend over my desk.” I stood frozen, staring at him suddenly afraid. He reached out and yanked my arm, sending me stumbling into his office. Another shove to my back sent me sprawling over his desk, his papers flying, pens scattering across the floor. His hand was hard against my back pushing me and holding me down on the desk. “Pull your skirt up now!” He growled at me and waited as my shaking fingers lifted the sides. With a swift yank he pulled it higher. His hand came down hard across my ass; the slap echoed through the room and made me wince and shudder. Never had he hit me so hard before. “Never, do you understand me?” He was almost yelling at me and I turned my head away not wanting to see his face. A hard yank to my hair turned me back towards him. “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” He warned and slapped my ass again and again. I whimpered, my thighs beginning to shake, welts from his fingers heating in the form of his hand prints on my skin.

“I’m sorry Mr. Logan, please stop, I promise I won’t do it again.” I begged him my eyes pleading with him not to hit me so hard again. His fingers dug into my ass and he leaned closer to me.

“I think I will give you something to think about on the drive, something to help you remember who’s in charge.” “Don’t move.” He warned stepping away and moving to his desk drawer. He pulled out something, not letting me see it and stepped quickly behind me. I felt his thumb against my tightly puckered hole, but it wasn’t his thumb it was bigger and I cried out as he shoved it roughly into me.

“No!” I whimpered and received a hard slap across the foreign object inside me, pushing it deeper. I was crying. I could feel the hot tears on my cheeks and then something else, a sting creeping through the tender skin of my folds. And then another.

“There,” he said stepping back and landing a hand on my ass again. The blow was hard and forced his discipline tool deeper into me, it tugged on the clamps he placed on my pussy folds. With a hard jerk he pulled down my skirt and said, “You will wear this until we arrive in Seattle, do you understand me?” He glared at me pulling me up from his desk.

“Yes sir,” I said wiping my tear stained face with the back of my hand. He just stood and looked at me for a moment then pulled me closer, his arms wrapping around me, his hands rubbing my stinging bottom, soothing it and letting the hard swell of his cock press between my thighs showing me how much he had enjoyed this quick lesson.

Mr. Logan drove quickly and his sedan was luxurious and comfortable. My bottom was sore, and yet the plush cushions did little to ease the pain. With every bump in the road I whimpered and Mr. Logan just looked at me and smiled. He flipped his CD player on and the sounds of the blues drifted around us. About half way there he ordered me to pull up my skirt. He glanced over making sure I did as directed.

“Spread your legs so I can see.” He directed. I slowly opened my thighs and turned slightly to show him my throbbing lips. I was swollen and red from the small clamps that tugged at my flesh with every movement. “Does it hurt?” he asked keeping his eyes on the road.

“Yes, a little.” I said truthfully, hoping he would relent and let me remove them.

“Do you think you have learned your lesson?” He asked reaching over and rubbing a finger against my clit. The rough pad of his finger flicked against my swollen bud and made me moan.

“Yes sir.” I said nodding my head my voice hopeful. He just smiled.

“Good.” was his only reply. After that he said nothing. Every once in a while he would reach over and give my clit a tap or tug on my bare lips until I was ready to explode. The friction caused a pleasure/pain sensation that I could hardly handle.

We arrived at the Alexis and were shown up to our room. I was nervous as I entered, looking around at the beautiful suite. I had never stayed in such a luxurious place and I felt intimidated and unsure. Mr. Logan closed the door and loosened his tie. He leaned back against the door and just watched me. I began to wonder if I should have confessed to my husband and quit my job. Why had I put myself in this position? Mr. Logan watched as my emotions flashed clearly across my face. He walked towards me and stroked a finger over my cheek. He took my hand and pressed it against the zipper of his Armani slacks. “Do you want me to take the clamps off now?” He asked as his fingers trailed down the front of my suit, slipping inside to flick across my nipple covered by thin silk and lace.

“Please take them off.” I begged, the throbbing from walking from the lobby to our room was almost unbearable.

“Please,” He repeated and then paused. “That’s a good idea, why don’t you get on your knees and please me, and then perhaps I will remove them.” He said as pushed roughly on my shoulder forcing me down to my knees. As I knelt before him I felt the familiar tingle between my thighs, I couldn’t believe that despite the pain I was in, my lips were still flooding with wet sticky cream at the thought of being on my knees, subservient to him. I slowly unzipped his pants and looked up at him waiting.

“That’s right Lily,” He nodded at me smiling, “Come on now; put your hands on me.” He watched as my fingers pulled his trousers lower, until I could see his stomach, the hair surrounding his straining shaft and then pulled them even lower so I could see his balls. I let my fingers lightly trail over his stomach watching his cock twitch as my fingers moved closer circling through the hair surrounding him. “AH” He groaned as I leaned forward and licked the skin right next to his quivering dick. My tongue lapped over his skin, rubbing harder as I moved closer to his sack. “Suck my balls Lily,” He demanded and I moved my face closer. I could smell the scent of his excitement and eagerly began to lick first one ball and then the other. I sucked one into my mouth rolling it with my tongue and then releasing it and sucking the other. His hips pistoned forward sliding his cock against my face. My fingers moved to stroke his thighs and ass. Wrapping around him tighter I pressed my silk covered nipples into his legs rubbing them back and forth as I rubbed my face against his cock. His hands wrapped into my hair and jerked me back. “Now, Lily, suck me now!” He demanded and pushed the ruby head of his cock against my lips. I kept my mouth closed and he slapped it against my lips. I moaned and he pulled harder on my hair. I felt my pussy flood and my hips rocked as I opened my mouth to let the tip of him in. With a hard thrust he was buried halfway down my throat. I gagged and tried to back away but he ground his cock into my mouth.

“Wait.” I whimpered trying to lean back and slow him down. My cry seemed to push him harder. His hands jerked my head forward and he thrust his cock into my mouth, his hips pounding into my face. With one yank he tore my blouse open, ripping it from my body, and reached down pinching and twisting my nipple. I moaned with my mouth full of his cock and I sucked him harder, letting my lips slide back and forth over his hot slippery dick.

“Oh yeah Lily!” He cried out as his dick spurted in my mouth. His cum shot down my throat and dribbled over my chin. I was gasping for air, he wouldn’t let go of my face grinding his hips into me until the last drop of cum flew from his throbbing cock. He grinned down at me and slowly eased his dick from my mouth. With a final slap of his shaft against my face he pulled me up from the floor.

“Get on your knees on the bed.” He ordered. I backed up and felt the bedspread tickling the back of my knees. “Turn around.” He said waiting for me to move. I slowly turned and looked down at the bed. I crawled forward onto it and waited. I could feel his eyes on my ass. His fingers trailed over one cheek and then paused. “Spread your legs so I can see your sweet red pussy.” He said. I moved for him and he rubbed my ass letting me know he liked the new position. With gentle fingers he released one clamp and then the other. A rush of pain flooded my swollen folds. He caressed the wet flesh and chuckled softly. “Is that better?” He asked as one finger pressed against the entrance of my pussy.

“Yes sir.” I moaned rocking my hips slightly. I felt his hand move to the plug still stretching my sore pucker. Mr. Logan pressed against it and I tried to move forward. His slap was hard and quick.

“Don’t move away from me.” He warned grabbing my hip with one hand and pushing against my pucker again. I whimpered, it hurt and yet I needed to cum badly. I felt my tears welling up. “Sam will be here soon, I’m going to let him see you again.” He said waiting for my reaction.

“No!” I yelled before I could stop the words. My body trembled realizing he would not tolerate my outburst and I had only made things worse for myself.

“Lily, you WILL do whatever you’re told!” His voice was even but I recognized the tone. I was in serious trouble now, in way over my head. “I’m going to give you some time to think about this,” he said pushing my face down against the bed. He pulled off his tie and pulled my hands behind my back.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked. I could see my fear aroused him. He didn’t answer, just pulled my hands harder and tied them behind me.

“I told you before.” He said quietly. “Ill do whatever I want.” He looked down at me; my face was turned towards him, pressed against the bed. My bottom up in the air with my thighs spread. I tried to sit up but his hand pressed down on my neck stopping me. “Stay right where you are.” “You will not move or I will tie you to the bed itself.” He slapped across my thighs then, a quick hard smack. “Look at yourself Lily.” He said pointing to the mirror. “Look at your ass up in the air just waiting to be taken.” He smiled at me then and slipped his fingers between my thighs. “Why don’t you think about that.” He said standing and giving my ass a final smack. “I’m going out for a while, when I get back I suggest that you are more willing to cooperate.” He gave me one final look and then I was alone. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, my full bottom up in the air, my thighs open, I hardly recognized myself. I wiggled my hands trying to free them, but they were tied tight. I waited wondering if he would come right back. I heard footsteps in the hallway but they passed by the door. The phone rang but I couldn’t answer it. I began to wonder if I should try to free myself and run, forget my job, but what would I tell my husband. I couldn’t leave, I would have to face whatever it was he wanted or I might loose everything. The thought of Mr. Logan allowing his friend to watch me yet again, or this time even touch me frightened me. Or maybe it was my excitement at the thought of it that scared me. Whatever it was I knew I couldn’t move. I watched the clock through the mirror, an hour passed and then another. I heard footsteps pause in front of the door. I gasped as the door swung open I closed my eyes tightly willing myself anywhere else.

“I know your not asleep Lily, not with that plump butt of yours up in the air.” “Open your eyes and look at me.” He demanded. Slowly I opened my eyes and felt a furious stain of heat. “That’s better,” he said as the door quietly shut behind him. I watched as he dropped his jacket on a chair and moved closer to the bed. “Are you done with your little rebellion now?” “Tell me Lily, who is in control here?” He asked as he stood at the end of the bed hands in his pockets, calmly waiting for my answer.

“You are,” I whispered.

“I didn’t hear that Lily.” He said smiling at me.

“You are Mr. Logan.” I said louder this time. He nodded his head then and moved behind me. I felt his fingers slip between my thighs and I moaned.

“All right Lily,” He slowly eased the plug from me and I felt strangely empty. I heard his zipper sliding down and my entire body tensed. The plug he had used was the biggest thing that had ever touched my small bud, and I knew without a doubt that he was going to fill my ass with his cock. I heard him stepping out of his pants, “I like the way you look laying on my bed Lily, your ass is so round and soft, you remember that last email you wrote?” He asked

“Yes” I said. A new flood of wetness spread between my thighs at the thought.

“What did you say you wanted Lily, I want to hear you ask me for it” He asked again.

“I…I want to have my…” I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I felt his hands on my hips, his dick rubbing back and forth over the crack of my ass. He leaned forward over my back and whispered.

“Tell me what you want Lily, tell me now!” He bit my shoulder and licked me making me shudder.

“I want you to touch my ass, to… to finger me…I….I want you to fill my ass with your cock, I want to feel it twitching in my ass.” The last was almost a moan.

“Oh, Im going to Lily,” He groaned as He slapped the head of his cock against my pussy again and again. He pushed hard inside me, my cream coating his hard dick, He pumped into me back and forth and then went still. Slowly he pulled himself out and slid his cock between my cheeks rubbing his throbbing head against my pucker. I felt him push the tip against me, his thighs pressed against the back of mine I moaned and tensed as he pressed harder.

“No,” I whimpered “Your to big” I said feeling the fear build in me. He pressed his cock back into my pussy and leaned over me again reaching forward to rub my nipples and twist them sending a jolt through my body. My fingers were numb and tingling, the bindings feeling tighter.

“Your going to like it honey, just wait.” He said and pulled out again circling my bud. He pressed the tip in slowly, his fingers reached between my legs to tease my tiny clit. I rocked my hips and shuddered at the pleasure, it seemed like forever since I had last cum. “That’s it,” he said and with a slow push the tip of him popped into my tight pucker. He held my hips still, the pad of his finger rubbed against my clit again and then slipped into my soaking pussy. It made me move and his dick pressed deeper inside my ass.

“Oh M…Logan…too full…” I cried out incoherent and babbling. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass. I felt like I would be torn as he pushed deeper. He held me still with one hand and pushed three fingers into my slit pumping my pussy to relax me again; He coated his fingers with my juice and rubbed them over my pucker and his cock, then He took his wet fingers and rubbed them against my tied hands.

“See how wet and excited you are Lily, I’m going to fuck your ass now, don’t scream do you understand?” He asked me, his voice full of warning.

“Un…Yes…” I whimpered as his fingers moved back to my pussy. With a slow steady push he was deep inside my ass. I felt his cock twitch inside me and as his fingers pushed deeper inside my pussy I could almost feel them rubbing against his dick in my ass. He moved out and plunged back into me groaning as he moved.

“That’s it Lily, Oh fuck your so tight.” He groaned as he pumped slowly in and out of me. I pressed my face into the bed and began to relax as his fingers kept fucking my pussy, I could feel my orgasm starting to build the pain from his huge dick was mingling with the waves of pleasure. I began to push back against him encouraging him “Who is in control Lily?” He asked.

“You are Mr. Logan.” I whimpered as he thrust harder into my pucker. I moaned

“You’re a good girl.” “How does it feel Lily?” He asked as he grabbed the tie that bound my arms.

“Feels so… gg…good.” I groaned as I pushed back against him. He jerked into me harder pumping back and forth.

“AH Lily, I’m going to cum in you now,” He groaned as his cock fucked my tight hole, pounding into me. His fingers thrust into my swollen pussy. I screamed as he pistoned into me, hot spurts of cum shot into my ass, my creamy liquid poured over his fingers, the muscles of my puckered hole contracting around him. “Ahhhh… Lily.” He yelled as the last of his cream spurted deep inside me. He fell to his side pulling me awkwardly with him, still buried in my ass. His chest heaving, both of us panting as we tried to catch our breath. He fumbled with the tie releasing my hands and then pulled me tight against him. I could feel his cock pounding, still inside me, throbbing to the same beat as his heart. He stroked my skin and kissed my shoulder and neck. His hands rubbed at my ass, soothing me as I trembled. Slowly he pulled his cock from me and sat up. “Let’s get you in the shower.” He said smiling down at me “You have a big night ahead of you.” He laughed as my eyes widened. His hand slapped my sore bottom and he pulled me up from the bed.

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