tagNon-Erotic PoetryLimerick Set 016 - Light Humor!

Limerick Set 016 - Light Humor!

byUncle Pervey©

A birdie sat high in the tree,
And she sang her song just for me.
She sang with her heart, and gave me a start,
With her "Tweedle dee tweedle dee!"

There was an old feller named Gus,
Who loved riding the downtown bus.
When he would pass gas, the sound from his ass,
Would blast just like a "Blunderbus!"

There was a young fellow named Ford,
With a neighbor lady named Dodge.
It makes me wonder, and sometimes ponder,
If both of them shared a garage!

Mortimer Silly was real funny,
And his disposition was sunny.
He called himself Samson, and thought he was handsome,
But he looked just like a fat bunny!

A lazy cowboy on the drift,
Got that way cause he loved his Fifth.
He rode side saddle, and not astraddle,
With a seat belt to stop his lift!

A dummy who was named Barney,
Got a "Pitch" job as a Carney.
He thought he was cool, but he was a fool,
He was just plain full of blarney!

A sweet young thing name of Lizzie,
Would get mad and throw a tizzy.
She'd raise lots of cain, and it was just plain,
She was a blond dipsy dizzy!

A shakey pirate named Jervis,
Started out life in the service.
But when the guns fired, he quit and retired,
That's why this pirate's so nervous!

A suave English Butler named Dip,
Was proper and NEVER would slip.
Til out on the grass, he fell on his ass,
But rose with a stiff upper lip!

A young man who was named Moe Zart,
Was puny but had a strong heart.
He'd just grunt and squeeze, and pass gas with ease,
And play a quick tune with his fart!!

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