tagLoving WivesLincoln Park Mommy Ch. 00

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 00


Kelly MacGuire nee Fitzgerald was in her mid-thirties when Dan met her in during the summer of 2004. She had been married since spring 2000, and had one child, Evelyn, two years later. She used to work as a consultant to the computer industry for the Chicago office of a major consultancy, where she met her husband, Mike. However, after Evelyn was born, she never went back to work full-time. She did, however, remain working on a contract basis for the company, helping it recruit at various colleges and business schools around the country.

In what remained of her time, Kelly chose instead to take care of Evelyn, as she and Mike didn't need the additional income. He made plenty of money to maintain their three-story, Lincoln Park walk-up, his Range Rover and her BMW. They traveled often, and he made sure to keep her in stylish clothes and beautiful jewelry, not the least of which was her engagement and wedding rings. The engagement ring was a 3-karat emerald cut diamond in a platinum setting with bagets completely covering the band. Her wedding ring matched the engagement ring in both beauty and extravagance.

So, Kelly's life, on the surface anyway, was not terribly exciting. But her body certainly is. Kelly stands about five feet, four inches tall, and weighs not much over one hundred and ten pounds. Her cute feet, usually with red pedicured toe nails, lead up to trim but strong legs. Given that she is under five and half feet tall, her legs don't go on forever, but they are nicely proportioned and quite a sight to behold. She keeps them, along with her stomach and bottom, trim and fit through a daily regimen of exercise and a proper diet.

What are not trim are her breasts. They are firm, but that's only because she has kept them encased in 34D bras since they grew to that size in her late teens. They haven't really started to droop at all, though given their size and six months of breastfeeding Evelyn, they aren't exactly pushing up her chin, either. But they are beautiful, sitting proudly on her chest, capped with light pink, inch-and-a-half areolas and thick nipples that grow thicker and almost obscenely elongated when she is sexually stimulated.

But to look at her, one would never associate Kelly with the word "obscene." She has the face of a well-tanned angel, and looks strikingly similar to Josie Bissett, if you can reach back in your memory and pull out Fox's "Melrose Place." Her eyes are usually baby blue, but sometimes appear brighter than that. Her hair, a shade or two lighter than dirty blonde, hangs just past her shoulders, but she will occasionally where it in a ponytail. She usually doesn't wear too much make up, insofar as her natural beauty doesn't require it, but is rarely without light pink or red lipstick. Put her in her typical Lincoln Park mommy outfits – stylish pants, a sexy but still reserved blouse, an expensive pair of Tod's – and you would never suspect what lurks beneath Kelly's conservative façade.

These stories are about what lurks beneath. In her heart of hearts, Kelly understands and revels in the fact that she is an unfaithful slut. She thinks nothing of cheating on Mike whenever the mood strikes her – often – and has thoroughly discarded any semblance of adherence to her marriage vows, and to any norms of morality, as well. Both before and after she met Mike, many men have felt, licked and fucked her 34D breasts and squeezed, pulled, twisted and bitten the thick nipples that sit atop them. Her vagina – which she religiously has waxed (Mike thinks it's for his benefit) – has been licked and stretched by men (and boys) from all walks of life, and all manner of cultures – and colors. Nor is her anus off limits, having been invaded by cocks long and short, fat and skinny, white, black, brown and yellow, young and old, not to mention more than a few inanimate objects.

What might be even more surprising than her continuous acts of infidelity is the relish with which she attacks each act. Many such hard-bodied women are lifeless in bed; they have bodies to stir the interests of any straight man and many curious women, but the imagination and enthusiasm and aggressiveness are missing. Not so with Kelly MacGuire. She begs for it. Some of the things that come out of her mouth will stupefy the average listener. And it goes beyond that. Kelly certainly understands her own mind, her own unquenchable thirst for sex, but she demands, in her own underhanded way, that her partners do, too. Only when they have grasped this – only when they remind her of what she is, of what she is doing, of how immoral and indecent she is – does Kelly really reach her pinnacle. Yes, Kelly begs for the physical release, but also for the psychological release brought on by degradation and humiliation.

When engaging in these acts of infidelity, Kelly always flaunts her marital status, and her left ring finger is always adorned with her engagement ring and wedding band. It doesn't matter one whit to her that that hand may be wrapped around a thick, black cock in the back room of her parents' country club, or guiding a long cock up and into her hairless vagina as her seven-month-pregnant body straddles a freshman college student in his dorm room, or inserting a finger in her own anus while being pounded from behind by an immigrant Cuban in a run-down flat off Calle Ocho in Miami.

Though she often seeks out strange men while attired in her mommy clothes with just a smear of color across her lips, Kelly can occasionally be found with blood-red fingernails and heavy lipstick to match, tight tank tops with her huge breasts bulging out the sides, skin-tight leather pants or mini-skirts, and heels that scream "I'm a slut. You can fuck me. All you have to do is ask." And many strange men have taken Kelly MacGuire up on this offer. Too many to count, and too many to fully recount here. The stories here, however, are some of the highlights, embodying some of Kelly MacGuire's sluttiest, filthiest and most obscene sexual deeds as a married, but not even remotely faithful, mother of one.

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