tagLoving WivesLinda & the Trucker Ch. 20

Linda & the Trucker Ch. 20


While I was away from home for a year or more, Linda knew that she would have to find her own 'entertainment' as I had told her to. She delayed it as long as possible at first, but then began going out on the hunt. Her reluctance to find new partners cost her much frustration, but eventually she knew she had to have something to relieve the heat throbbing between her thighs. This is only one of them.

* * * * *

Harvey had been a trucker for years but, as he watched the family sized blue station wagon pulling off to the side of the road, he doubted he would ever be as lucky as he hoped he might get today. The brakes of the big rig hissed as he pulled up to the short paved perpendicular strip where the car had stopped. He knew that the position of his rig, in these waning hours of daylight, would obscure it from casual view. He debated whether or not to shut off the engine. He still wasn't sure whether what he had seen and guessed was for real or not. He shook his head, deciding not to fight his fate. After all, this could be just a lady who was having problems and knew that one sure way to get his attention was by flashing that hot body of hers as she had done. He had been very willing to follow her to the next turn off this major highway.

It had been entirely unsuspected as he aimed that big eighteen-wheeler down the lonesome stretch of three-lane interstate between Dallas and Mineral Wells. He was still not sure he had seen what he thought he had seen and what could happen as a result. He sat behind the wheel pondering the decision, then made it.

"To heck with it," he mumbled to himself, "the worst that can happen is I'll get my face slapped." With that he grinned. That had happened often enough. He was well versed in the teasing some women loved to subject truckers to, then humiliating them as they stopped to see if the women were as interested as they appeared to be in a little casual sex. He had fallen for it a few times himself. Then he thought back again and realized that he still might get lucky. "After all," he though as his grin widened, "I've gotten lucky before."

Linda sat, shaking, in her car. She was having second thoughts. Her need was very real, but now she wasn't sure she could go through with what her lust had led her to do. It had been easy to attract the trucker's gaze, even across the empty center land of highway between them. She knew that he had gotten a good view of her thighs, bare to the crotch of her panties. She suspected that he could probably also see that her blouse was unbuttoned to her waistband, exposing a flesh colored bra that in good light was sheer enough to show her slightly darker aureoles. She looked down and was almost startled to see how pointedly her nipples still showed her need for sex.

"In for a penny, in for a pound," she finally managed to reason. She had intended to flash the trucker then drive away fast, giving her libido a boost from the air horn toots that would be begging her to stop and dally with him. She suspected that, like most, he would be in his fifties or sixties, short, fat and bald. That wasn't what she saw across that twenty-five foot span that separated them from each other as she looked into the cab of the truck. The face that smiled back had been young, even younger than she herself. She would have guessed early twenties. Despite the fact the aviator style sunglasses obscured most of his face, it was still an interesting, almost handsome one, with a smile that matched her own.

In her excitement she almost missed the faint ending of a dirt road that extended from the highway and appeared to curve behind a grove of trees in the almost otherwise featureless plain. Without conscious thought, she turned into the road and stopped, her breath still coming in short panting bursts. Something, anything had to be done about the constant gnawing need she was experiencing. It had been far too long since she had felt the thick hardness penetrating her vagina. Despite her misgivings, she couldn't ignore the wetness that was already soaking the crotch of her panties.

She had just started to get out of the car when she saw Harvey passing around the back of his truck, a heavy tire iron in his hand, striking each tire. It was a ritual she had seen before. She knew he was eyeing her and the car to determine if there was any potential danger here. She remained inside, opening the door, letting the dome light brighten the inside of the car weakly as she saw him ambling over to her.

She smiled nervously as he put his head through the open window, crossing his arms over the sill and smiled at her.

"Hi," Harvey said, his eyes moving slowly down from the open front of my wife's blouse to the bare legs that had attracted him as soon as they had come into view. "Something I can help you with?" he asked, the double entendre coming easily off his smiling lips.

The wandering eyes weren't lost on Linda. She knew now that what she though before could come true. She could see now that he was just a few years younger than her twenty-six years - not a significant difference - and he was handsome! Tanned arms with muscles used to heavy lifting bulged from the short sleeves of his shirt. Beneath the wide-spread lapels, she could see a heavy pelt of dark black hair spreading over his chest in ringlets. She felt the last bit of reluctance deserting her and a prickly tingle of desire once again surfaced, making her squirm in her seat.

"No, no, not a problem," she said in a low, husky voice as she stretched her arms high over her head, letting the fingers touch the car's headliner and stretching her blouse tightly over the sides of her breasts. She had done nothing to cover her flesh colored bra and knew that Harvey would be getting a good view of her breasts - one of her better features, her husband had always told her. "Just tired and thought I'd pull over and rest for a while. How about you? Been on the road long?"'

"Too long," Harvey replied, his eyes fixed on the twin nipples that were pressed tightly to bra cups that exposed most of this woman's lovely breasts. He felt his cock rising strongly. He needed a reason to get her closer to him. "I need some rest too. How about some coffee? I have some in my truck. Would you care to join me?"

"I'd love to," Linda replied, forgetting immediately the rolled-up four inch thick mattress of foam rubber she had allowed her husband to put in the back for just such an occasion as this. It had served both of them well, but this sounded even more inviting.

"Come on, then," Harvey smiled. It was getting dark rapidly. The view of her turning in her seat, causing her skirt to ride higher and expose her filmy panties was almost lost, then gone in a flash as she put her feet on the macadam. Still it was enough to "stiffen his resolve" and he flushed as he realized that she would see the hardness of his cock against the fabric of his trousers.

Linda smiled and took his proffered hand. She hadn't missed the bulge of an obviously hard and lengthy dick tenting his trousers. She let her hand "accidentally" brush it as she closed the door to her car and locked it. She smiled to herself again. He was hard as a rock, offering her exactly what she wanted!

Harvey opened the passenger side door of his big rig, but the step was too high for Linda to reach even in the just above knee length skirt she wore. She almost yelped in surprise when she felt his hands around her waist, lifting her easily to the running board.

"Just stay there," suggested Harvey. "I'll come around on the other side and help you up."

He was as good as his word. His door opened, then closed behind him as he slid across the seat and took my wife's hand. The strain of her climbing put even more stress across the filmy fabric of her bra and gave Harvey a now unobstructed view of the cantaloupe-sized breasts that deserted the confines of her blouse. She smiled at him, then started to button up her blouse before Harvey smiled, and put his hand on hers, stopping her. "I like the view," he said, "would you mind?"

Linda immediately felt a little foolish. After all, he was right. She had shown him everything almost. It seemed silly to deny anything to him now, especially since he apparently had the same idea as she.

"No, I guess not," she said, leaning back against the now closed door behind her. The cab was almost dark caused by a passing rain cloud, but there was still enough illumination from the various instrument lights to enable her to see him - and vice-versa! "Now, how about some of that coffee?"

Harvey turned and put his knees on the seat, reaching back into the sleeper for the thermos of coffee he kept there. It was full, with just a hint of the cream and sugar that he liked. He fumbled around until he found the ceramic mug he usually drank from, thankful that it was clean.

Linda wasn't missing anything. From the close-quarters side view of the young man's lanky but well-muscled body, she saw he was indeed well endowed. A good seven inches of hard meat was still pressing tightly against the thigh of his jeans, perhaps even more! Linda was pleased. She liked the well hung ones and this one promised to give her already wet pussy a much needed thrill. She licked her lips in anticipation. She had given up the preconception that sucking a cock was "nasty" shortly after becoming a hot wife and, although it still wasn't her favorite activity, she liked getting her men horny as rapidly as that did. She slowly stretched her hand out and let it slide slowly over the still encased hard meat.

Harvey's head jerked up and caught the upper edge of the sleeper opening. He dropped his cup in the seat and swore, rubbing the back of his head as he slowly turned back around to face the front of his rig. He looked at Linda mournfully, but tenderly, apologizing for his language as he did. Laughing, he said, "Let me know when you're going to do that again. I might kill myself."

Linda laughed too as soon as she realized he was not seriously hurt. "I'm sorry," she said in the soft, husky voice she used when she was demonstrating her own seductive ways, "but it looked so good I just had to check."

"Then help yourself, honey," Harvey smiled, reaching for the center hooks of her bra, I have some things I want to check out myself!"

My wife's hands were busy at the belt of Harvey's trousers, pulling hard against it and feeling it open as she felt his hands close over one of her now bare breasts. Her bra hung uselessly down across both before she could unfasten the single button that was at Harvey's waistband and tug the zipper down.

She gasped as she saw the magnificent cock fall free. Perhaps fall wasn't the right word. It hung almost 20 degrees from the vertical, jerking up and down as Harvey cupped one of her breasts in his hands and slowly began squeezing and massaging it. She knew what would come next. His head would bow and he would play homage to a delight more than one man had found to be irresistible.

So she was surprised when she felt Harvey's hand slide up the inside of her thigh underneath her dress and come to a halt cupping her now very wet crotch. Harvey hadn't missed anything though. His other hand supported one of her lovely breasts and she could feel his hot breath on it just before his mouth closed over the nipple.

"Ah-h-h," she couldn't help gasping. Her breasts had always been the most erotically sensitive part of her body and Harvey was playing with it masterfully, his lips tightening around the rock-hard nipple as he used them to pull it tighter, then his mouth opened wide and he inhaled her flesh as deeply as possible. He murmured with obvious delight as he sucked hard at my wife's swollen nipple, increased the length and diameter of it until it was like a thumb-thick, half inch long enlargement of its former size.

"Oh, yes," she panted, cradling his head in her arms as she felt his fingers tugging sharply at the crotch of the panties covering her garter belt. They tore as first one finger, then another entered her, already sensing the nearness of her orgasm. Suddenly the panties were the last of her concerns. The feeling of his hand in her crotch reminded her once more what she really wanted. Her ass slid forward on the hard canvas of the seat as she felt him stroking the inside of her vagina with the two work callused finger tips, tripping her orgasmic trigger in an instant. She was almost ashamed of the gushing juices that promptly flooded his curved palm before she realized that she too was feeling his juices coating her fingers. Tightly wrapped as they were around Harvey's magnificent staff, she could still only reach around three quarters of it and realized that he was even thicker than her husband - as well as being much more exciting.

The haze in front of her eyes cleared momentarily as she whimpered in delight at the erotic sensations this young man was giving her. "Wait, wait," she begged as she felt him continuing, "let's get more comfortable first. We can go to my car. I have a cushion there."

"I have something even better right here," Harvey managed to groan. The grip she had on his cock had him nearly cumming. He was going to fuck her, he had decided, and the sleeping berth at the back of his cab was perfect, if a little cramped for two. More than one truck stop dolly had been screwed to the point of exhaustion right there and it was about to happen again. Releasing her breast with one hand, he pulled at the tapes that held the curtain down, then pointed upward.

"In there," he gasped, eyeing the breast still glinting with his saliva as he tried to keep from cumming. He groaned again as he saw my wife's lovely pussy, shining with orgasmic dew beneath her skirt as she climbed over him and into the single berth. He followed her immediately and dropped the tarpaulin. He touched the light switch, flooding the tiny quarters with light before wordlessly pulling my wife on top of him until her head was facing his feet. Feverishly he tugged at her skirt, pushing it high on her hips, unable to deny himself any longer.

Harvey was a born cunt-lapper, or at least he had been since his widowed mother had taught him the art at age 14. It had not taken him long to discover the delights that a hot pussy, freshly fucked, held for him. He had practiced the art until he - and the teenage girls he knew - considered it perfected. When his mother passed away two years later, he didn't have far to travel before other women his mother's age had "adopted" him and his talented tongue.

The burnished auburn bush only slightly hidden by the fragments of the torn panty crotch held exactly what he wanted. The slightly musty, smell was right, so was the glint of her juices already smeared liberally into the beautiful muff. Ignoring the band of the garter belt supporting her stockings, he let his mouth close over her entire pubic pelt and labia, sucking hard to release more of the wonderful juices he expected to find as he used both hands to tear away the now useless shreds of her panties. They were cast down into the cab of the truck as he began mouthing her. He wasn't disappointed. She tasted wonderful! Now is hands covered both warm, smooth cheeks of a delightful ass and he used them as hand holds to pull that sweet muff tightly to his fully open mouth.

My wife had earlier in our adventures found that her original "dislike" of oral sex performed on her or by her on her partner was needlessly restrictive and not a dislike at all. Her first lover had shown her the beauty of a full head of hair bobbing in her crotch as his hands gently mauled those full breasts. And she had taken him in her mouth to reciprocate, learning that the taste was surprisingly bland even when she allowed him to fill her mouth with his cum, rapidly swallowed. She still preferred to be fucked, but this was a wonderful way to prepare for it she realized as she used both hands to pull Harvey's cock to her mouth and opened wide to accept the swollen, purple head.

She gasped around the mouth-filling fullness of his cock as she felt his knowing tongue swipe delicately over her clit and then stab deep into her cunt, the lips pulled as far apart as possible by still exploring fingers. She tasted the sweetness of him in the pre-cum that was slowly oozing from the tip now inside her mouth. Her lips strained to take the rest of him inside, but she could not. Instead, her head began moving slowly back and forth as she tasted this wonderful man while he devoured her.

She felt a finger prying between the cheeks of her buttocks and then, when centered, slowly pressed against the red rosebud of her anus. She hadn't expected that, and pressed her hips downward, forcing more of her cunt into her lover's mouth only to feel his tongue set up her second orgasm almost immediately. It came, concurrently with the feeling of his finger penetrating her ass sphincter, causing her to fill Harvey's mouth with a second load of her hot cunt juices - this time directly into his gaping mouth.

Harvey groaned with pleasure, using both hands to pull her cunt tighter to his mouth and ramming his hot, hard tongue deeply into that swollen honey hole. He discovered that each time he used his middle finger to probe her apparently virgin asshole, she strained against his mouth and began sucking his rigid rod even harder. What came next was inevitable.

Linda almost choked on the blast of thick cum that was fired into the back of her throat. Not just one jet but more and more flooded her mouth until it leaked from the corners of her lips. Still he was shooting that hot juice into her until she was wondering how much he could possibly produce. The subject was second place though to the feeling he had stirred in her just now, that was only slightly ebbing. as she sucked her boyfriend up. Her hips jabbed at his insatiable mouth and that long, thrusting tongue, pulling the last of the orgasmic juices from deep inside her sex.

Minutes later, both were rolled into a mutually hugging ball of temporarily desensitized flesh, Harvey's tongue circling my wife's as they kissed. Long since had my wife's blouse and bra been discarded. Now only her skirt, garter belt, stockings and shoes remained. Her skirt was high around her waist, no longer hiding anything from the man who has just eaten her pussy until she came while she swallowed his cum.

"That was wonderful," she gasped, then plaintively, "and now I guess you have to go. Right?"

"Wrong," Harvey smiled back. "My log says I need eight hours of rest, and I know exactly where I want to spend it!"

Linda felt the same fingers that had tripped her up the first few minutes once again entering her, with exactly the same result. She wanted him to fuck her and her heart sang as he got to his knees, pushing her legs up until they almost were in her armpits.

"I'm going to fuck you," Harvey promised, teasing her cunt with the still swollen head of his cock. The juices that had flowed in such fullness before were now diminished, but not enough to keep him from lubricating even more the swollen lips of her pussy.

My wife watched in the mirrored panel at the back of the tiny berth as the first inch of his cock fitted itself into her cunt. She gasped, but it was a gasp of pleasure as the still steaming core of her vagina accepted him on the bed of her juices that he had stimulated just moments before.

"I like to fuck all night, and this is the sweetest pussy I've ever been in," he grunted, feeling the tight muscles guarding my wife's vagina being shunted aside as he thrust deeper into her. "I hope you can take it that way, honey," he said, watching the reflection in the mirror with my wife, "because ever since I saw those long legs of yours I've wanted some of this."

"It's all yours," Linda gasped as she saw the first two inches fill her hump-hungry cunt. This was what she had wanted, and Harvey obviously wanted to give it to her. "Fuck me," she hissed as her legs wrapped behind his thighs. "Fuck me all night if you can!"

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