Linda Ch. 01


Chapter One: The blackmailing of a wife.

Linda's hands trembled as she held the documents before her, stirring fresh memories of her past. Tears blurred the words, and caused the ink to run as they fell on the pages. She was more depressed than afraid of what lie before her. Her mind swam in a downward spiral like being trapped in a whirlpool and being sucked under. Her breathing came in ragged breaths as she fought to maintain her composure. Her next class would be arriving in a matter of moments. Fighting back the tears, she put the documents back in the manila envelope and locked it securely in her desk drawer.

Getting through the rest of her classes was a struggle, but she somehow managed. The final bell had sounded, and she watched her trembling fingers remove the manila envelope from the safety of the drawer. She began reading again, but this time she was calmer. The words written filled her veins with ice, and her mind with regret. Her past had come back to haunt her, not that it was all that terrible. How could someone blame her for being young and foolish at the time? She knew, however, that she would be blamed, ridiculed, scorned and everything else that anyone could think of, even though it had been over eight years ago.

The words on the page had threatened that unless she cooperated, her past would become very public. The photos had confirmed her worst fears, and verified that the threat was real. College had been a wonderful and fun time for her, but now it seemed to be the death of her, and she cringed at each photo. She remembered her sorority initiation, and the silly rituals that always accompanied them. If she had it to do over again, she never would have joined a sorority, but hindsight is always 20/20.

The first requirement of her initiation had been to go to a busy street corner, and remove her bra, and hold it in her outstretched hand while counting to ten, and then drop it in the trashcan. She had no idea that someone had photographed the event, but there she was standing on a street corner at a busy intersection, holding her bra. This picture was very tame compared to the next one, of her sliding her panties off on the same corner and repeating the process of dropping them in the trash. They got worse as she continued to the next page.

Her second requirement had been to stay completely naked at the sorority house for an entire weekend. She remembered that no one told her that there was to be an alumni party at the house that Saturday night, and that she and the other pledges were required to serve the guests. Here again, someone had decided that it would be a good idea to photograph the events. Most of the photos were of her as she waited on women of all ages. The worst and most incriminating were of her being pawed and fondled by the partygoers.

The third requirement had been more sexual in nature, and one she had struggled with the most. She had been required to attend a frat party, and collect semen in a 20-ounce soda bottle. The way she was told to complete the task had her topless in the bathroom, behind a wall with a hole in it. Guys would put their hard cocks through the hole, and she would suck them off and collect the sperm in the bottle. None of the guys could see her, but her sorority sisters knew who she was, and there was also photographic evidence of the event. She recalled how the nipple clamps hurt that she had been made to wear, and how they had been attached to the wall by a short section of chain, also visible in the pictures.

The letter she was holding informed her that there were more pictures, and that they all would be part of a new website if she decided not to cooperate. What choice did she have? She had to go along with whatever they wanted. She stood to lose a lot if she didn't. Her job, her happy home, her reputation, basically her life as she knew it would be over. She had to keep this secret, and vowed to never let anyone know, and so started her new journey.

The first demand seemed simple enough, but for a twenty-nine year old married high school teacher, it was not something that would normally be done. Whoever this person was, wanted her in class the next day with no bra. The note had also warned that she was to make sure her nipples were hard all day long. Linda's nipples had always been extremely sensitive, and were quite capable of standing out nearly three quarters of an inch when she was really turned on. Her nipples were nearly the size of a dime and would be clearly visible; leaving no doubt that she was braless. Failure to comply would prompt the beginning of her public shaming on the net.

Quickly, she put the contents back in the envelope and left her classroom for the day. The drive home seemed like it never happened, as her mind was somewhere else. Pulling into the driveway, she noticed that Frank's car was already there, and she numbly walked to the front door. Her husband met her with a kiss and a hug, but she felt nothing inside as she was being consumed by her blackmail.

Linda dressed the next morning like she normally would, and she left for work. She parked her car in her designated spot and walked briskly into the school. Once inside, she went into her storage closet and removed her bra. Her fingers shook and it took a few tries before she could get her blouse buttoned back up. Looking down, she could see the faint outline and definition her nipples made in the blue cotton blouse. She could see that she was braless, but she wondered if the faint hint of her nipples was enough to comply with the first demand. Not wanting to take any chances, she pinched and pulled at them, until they stood out and formed tiny tents in the front of her top.

Her knees wobbled as she walked back to her desk, and waited for the first bell. She didn't have long to wait, and soon there was a stream of students pouring into the room. She scanned their faces for clues as to who her blackmailer might be, but it seemed that no one paid her much attention. A few of the girls greeted her, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Forty-five minutes later, she was watching her first class leave the room. She had been painfully aware of her nipples the entire time, and she thought she heard a few comments about them as the students left.

She looked down at her blouse, and the little tents had begun to collapse a bit, and she quickly ducked back into the closet to revive them. Students were coming into the room as she emerged from the closet with freshly hardened nipples pointing the way. During the lecture and classroom activities she could almost feel the eyes upon her, and she blushed openly. Several times, she caught some of the boys staring at her tits, and this seemed to excite her throbbing nipples even more. She had forgotten how it felt to have men, albeit seventeen and eighteen year olds, ogling her body. It had always been a turn on for her, and one of her secrets that not even her husband knew. Inwardly, she smiled as she recalled the many times that she had worn something a bit too revealing, and had caught men watching her. Those times always led to intense sex with Frank, and he had thought he was the luckiest guy on the planet. Frank had often encouraged her to show more, but she never had the nerve to go much further than flashing some underwear or perhaps a little extra cleavage. Even though she had this secret inner desire, and her husband had expressed interests along this same line, they never discussed it. The two had only been married for two years and weren't quite comfortable and open enough to discuss things of a sexual nature.

Linda breathed a sigh of relief as the last of her students exited the room. She was done for the day, and she had made it through OK. Yes, there had been comments on her attire, made by almost every class, but she survived the first trial as it were. She began going through the homework that had been collected, when she found a piece of paper folded in half, and so she opened it. There it was. Another note from her blackmailer. She had to place the paper on the desk as her hands trembled too much to see the words clearly.

"Your nipples looked nice today, and you did well in your first task. Tomorrow you will take your next step. No bra again, and this time you are to leave some buttons opened at the top. You will visit each student at their desks, and will bend closer to look at what they are working on. Make sure there are enough buttons open that if anyone looks, they will be able to see your nipples when you are bent over. I want to see them. Just in case you figure out which class I'm in, I have to tell you that I have friends in all of your classes and I will know if you disobey me."

Linda tore the paper to shreds, and clenched her fists in anger, but still she had no choice. She hated the idea of being so dangerous, and risking exposing her breasts to her students. The one thing she was thankful for was that they were all seniors, and at least seventeen years old. It was still very risky for her to do, after all it wasn't that long ago that the female teacher had been put in jail for having an affair with one of her students, and she didn't want that. Still there was no choice, and she knew she would comply.

The next morning as she dressed for work, she took some extra time and stood in front of the mirror, deciding on how many buttons would be open. She did not want to leave too many open, but she also wanted to make sure she had enough open to afford a peak at her creamy breasts. She opened the top two on her green blouse and bent forward, acting like she was bending over a desk. Her hair was a problem. The long, golden hair that framed her pretty face obscured her breasts from sight as it fell forward over her shoulders. A ponytail quickly solved the problem, and kept her hair from blocking the view down her blouse. With the top two buttons opened, she could just barely see her nipples, and so she decided to see how another button looked. Three buttons was just too much, as her full D-cup breasts fell through the opening of her blouse. She tucked them back inside, and closed the button deciding that this would have to do.

Sitting at her desk, her heart pounded in her chest. There was no need to pinch her nipples today, as they were rock hard, and pointing out very nicely. A thin film of sweat had appeared on her forehead, and she wiped it away with shaking hands. The sound of the first bell exploded in her head like an atom bomb, and she nearly fainted from the rush. She could literally feel the color drain from her face as her students filed into the room. Today, they looked at the pretty blond teacher behind the desk as they passed by, and a couple of the boys even gave each other the high-five. Linda knew why they were doing it, and the sweat reappeared.

Linda had to steady herself by leaning on her own desk as she said, "Today, we are going to work on our reports. I will be around to help you and answer any questions you may have."

The students diligently took out their notebooks and began working. Linda stood behind her desk for some time, not having the strength to leave it, until she saw a hand go up in the third row. One of her students had a question, and Linda knew what she had to do. Walking to the girls desk, made her feel like she was floating on air. Linda leaned down to talk to the girl, and she could feel the fabric of her top fall away from her heaving breasts. Cool air caressed her nipples, and she knew she was exposed. This was going to be a very long day.

By lunchtime, Linda had to sit in her chair and catch her breath. For the past three hours she had deliberately exposed her breasts to each of her students. Approximately seventy in all had the opportunity to view her bare chest. Linda could feel something between her legs, and it horrified her to realize that her panties were soaked. A quick check of her nipples revealed that they were rock hard, and were showing no sings of softening any time soon. She picked up some papers and made a fan of them, and blew cool air across her face, telling herself to "get a grip and calm down".

There was no way she could even think of eating, and she took a long drink from her chilled bottled water. The faculty room was definitely out of the question today. Too many unwanted looks or perhaps questions were something she didn't need to deal with. She stepped into the closet and pulled the door partly closed, and opened her slacks then slid them down her shapely thighs. Her fingers found the crotch of her panties and they were positively saturated with her fragrant juices. She tried as best she could to dry them with paper towels, but realized that it was a futile effort. The only way to succeed was to go to the source. Linda slowly lowered her panties, and put her fingers into the soft blond curls. They easily slipped into the soft delicate folds, and were immediately flooded with moisture. She jumped when a finger accidentally brushed her clit, and it throbbed. Folding up some of the paper towels, she placed them in her panties and pulled them back into place. Hopefully this would help.

After pulling her slacks back on, Linda sat at her desk and waited for the afternoon session to begin. She was nervous, but not quite sure if it was nervousness from her situation and being caught or if it was sexual nerves getting to her. Whatever it was, there was no hiding the effects it had on her body. Her nipples were still rock hard, and she seemed to be able to feel every thread of fabric in her blouse as it caressed her sensitive nipples. Tortured and teased probably more fit right now, rather than caressed. Linda would have given anything to be lying naked with Frank, and having his wet mouth sucking at her tender nubs at that very moment. The bell brought her back to reality.

The last class of the day had Linda breathing a sigh of relief. Just a few more minutes till the final bell, and she would be done. Again, she had overheard comments about her attire, and this time some of them were more brazen, almost as if she were meant to hear them. Some of the girls were calling her a slut, and some of the boys couldn't wait to come back the next day. She also heard her nipples described as "rocks and headlights being on". She felt humiliated, but couldn't deny that she was turned on.

The bell finally rang, and she took a deep breath. What puzzled her was that she didn't get another note. Perhaps whoever was blackmailing her had had enough fun, and this ordeal was now over. She closed up her room, gathered her things, and walked to the parking lot. From the distance she could see something on her windshield. As she got closer, she realized it was a piece of paper secured under the windshield wiper. Linda pulled the note, off and began to read.

"Your tits looked hot today. Tomorrow, I want to see your panties. Make sure that they are nice and see through, so I can see the cunt that I own now. How you do this is up to you, just make sure I see it. Don't bother with a bra, and don't forget to leave some buttons open. I like the idea of you having to be careful of how you move. It should make you remember that you are vulnerable, and that I own you. Just for the hell of it, I want you to take off your shirt right now and lock it in the trunk. Then you may leave slut."

Linda looked around to see if she could catch this person spying on her. Why else would they want her to get topless in the parking lot? Surely someone was watching her. She strained her eyes trying to see past every little bush and shrub, but found nothing. Satisfied that she was alone, she pulled her blouse off, and stepped to the back of the car. Just as the key slipped into the lock, a car pulled out, and drove right past her. Linda covered herself with her arms, and looked at the car. She was disappointed that the windows were so dark, and she couldn't see who was inside. The car went by very slow, and tooted the horn before speeding out of the lot.

Linda tossed her blouse in the trunk, and closed it. She quickly walked around to the front and got in. The engine roared to life, and she pulled out of her spot. She looked down at her exposed chest, and laughed to herself. This was so absurd, that for some reason it struck her funny. Strange how the mind works were under stress like this. Her breasts bobbed with each bump in the road, and Linda was sure that at least three truckers had seen her tits on the way home.

The car pulled into the driveway, and Linda was presented with a new dilemma. How was she going to get to the house without her top, or how could she retrieve it without being seen by a neighbor. The houses were far enough apart, about twenty or thirty feet, but still there was too much open space between them and too much distance to her front door. To make matters worse, Frank's car was parked closest to the front porch. Linda had a fleeting thought of blowing the horn, and having Frank come out, but she was afraid that would just attract her neighbor's attention. Attention that she didn't need right now. Then, a brilliant idea hit her.

She pulled her cell phone out of her purse, and called the house phone.

"Hello." Frank answered.

"Hi dear." She replied, "Come out to the driveway. I have a surprise for you."

Linda had only to wait a few seconds, before her husband opened the front door and stepped on the porch. Linda sat up in her seat, and pushed her naked tits towards the window. When Frank saw his pretty wife, he stopped in his tracks, and stared with his mouth hanging open like a tourist in the city seeing his first sky scrappers. Linda chuckled and wiggled her tits at her husband, and licked her lips. It didn't take Frank long to regain his composure, and walk over to his wife's car.

"Just what do you think you are doing young lady?" he asked her.

"Don't you like it dear?" she replied.

"Pretty hot, if you ask me." Frank said, "Why don't you get out of the car, and we'll see what comes up? Maybe even go for a walk around the neighborhood!"

Linda looked around to see if any of the neighbors were out or looking their way, before she opened the door, and hugged her husband. She felt safe in his arms, and happy that he concealed her naked chest. Linda was more than a bit surprised when Frank stepped back and took her by the hand. Her cover had been taken away, and she tried to cover her tits. Frank held tightly to his wife's hand, and led her to the back of the house. He smiled as her tits bounced, and she tried to cover them up.

Frank opened the gate to the back yard, and watched his sexy wife hurry inside. Linda pulled Frank to her and kissed him deeply. Her hands found the front of his pants, and she felt the lump of flesh hardening and growing. In a mad frenzy, clothes were torn off and soon the two were heavily into a naked, passionate embrace. Linda wanted, no, needed fucked, and she couldn't wait until they got inside. She needed Frank's hard cock right now, and she moaned when it slid effortlessly into her soaping hole. Frank rode the writhing blond on the grass, hard and fast. Her thrusts were so violent that she actually lifted him off the ground. She cried out, when he grabbed her hard nipples, and held onto them, throwing her into a tremendous orgasm. Seconds after Linda began to shudder and orgasm; Frank started pumping his hot cum into her.

The two lovers lay in a sweating, heaving heap on the lawn. Linda kissed him and he held her close. How she loved her husband. Somehow she would get through this ordeal. Eventually, she knew she would have to tell Frank about it, but decided it would be better to keep it a secret for now. She had always loved Frank, and she thought this information would destroy what they had.

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