Linda Ch. 02


The next morning I started thinking about what I wanted to do with Linda that night. I picked up the phone hoping to catch her before she left for work. I had a new plan. She answered. "It's me. Just listen. Instead of coming here tonight, I'll be at your house at 5pm. Be ready like I told you." She started to ask some questions, but I cut her off saying, "just do it." And I hung up.

At five o'clock I was knocking on her door. I could barely wait any longer. Yesterday was so incredible making that cute young girl do things she's never done before. I felt like I was forcing her, but in a strange way she had actually consented to do as I wished. And today I had a lot more in mind. Last night was nothing more than breaking the ice and getting her started. I wonder what she thought about my change in plans and the idea of going to her house instead?

The door opened and Linda let me in. Again I gazed at her incredible beauty. She was wearing exactly as I asked, a short black mini skirt that was more than half way up her thighs and a pair of high heels. I don't know that I could ever get enough of looking at her gorgeous legs. I reached to her and lightly ran my hands over her soft smooth thighs. "Very nice," I commented. "You're beginning to look more and more like a naughty young girl. I hope you did what else I asked."

"Yes, it's in," she replied.

I ran my hand over Linda's cute bottom feeling in the crack of her ass. Through her skirt I felt the end of the butt plug. She had stuffed it in just like I had asked.

"Did you like putting it in? Did it make you feel kind of slutty doing it?"

"I guess. I don't know. You wanted me to have it in, so I did as you asked," she replied.

"And how about yesterday? What did you think about last night?"

"I kept thinking about what I did and what you made me do. I felt so dirty."

"Really," I answered. "I thought you were starting to like it."

Linda didn't say anything. I brushed my hand over her soft cheeks. "You're such a lovely young girl. Your husband sure is a lucky guy. Are you going to suck his cock when he gets home?"

Linda didn't answer again. She just looked down feeling somewhat humiliated at what I was doing to her.

"Why here," she asked. In my own house?"

"Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea. This way you'll really remember me."

"Well, why don't we pick up where we left off yesterday." There's so much I want to do. Take those things off and show me that butt plug."

Today was going a little different than yesterday. I guess that overnight she came to the realization that she was caught in a situation with no way out. There was no resistance and no more tears, at least so far. While she pulled her sweater off and wiggled out of the skirt, she talked about when she was in bed last night. "I couldn't get to sleep last night. I kept thinking about the taste of your cum in my mouth. Then she paused for a few moments. "I...I guess it wasn't really that bad." That was a major turn of events. Was I to understand that now she may have liked what happened yesterday? I wasn't certain what she meant, but today she was being a bit more receptive.

Through all the conversation I then suddenly realized her panties were off. "Leave the heels on," I suggested. Makes you look very slutty."

"Okay, show me the butt plug."

I was sitting on the edge of the sofa. Linda turned around and I could see stuffed between her asscheeks just a bit of the end of the plug I gave her yesterday. "Bend over, let me see." She bent down and as her ass spread apart, I saw the plug firmly planted in her ass. I reached to it feeling the flared out end. It was nice and snug completely up her ass.

"Okay, very good."

I began removing all my clothes while Linda watched. Then I asked, "which way to the bedroom?"

"Are you serious? In my own bed?" She asked.

"Yes, that's right." I want you thoroughly fucked in your own bed. Then when your husband is screwing you, you'll be thinking about my cock instead. I grabbed her by the hand and headed upstairs to find her master bedroom.

We walked in and I sat on the end of bed. "Why don't you suck me and get my cock nice and hard." After a short hesitation Linda knelt down between my legs and proceeded to work my cock with her mouth.

In a short time I was real stiff, so I eased her up on the bed. "Lay back," I suggested." Then I knelt between her legs spreading them wide. I went down on her licking and teasing her cunt and clit with my tongue. After a few moments she was moaning and her pussy was soaked. "Does your husband eat your pussy like this?" I asked.

"Yes... he does, but... but... you do it so good," she replied. "I know I shouldn't be enjoying this, but..." She let out a sigh from being aroused. "You're getting me so turned on."

I grabbed hold of the butt plug still in her ass and started pulling it out. That added some sensation and aroused her more as her asshole stretched. I played with it shoving it in and out of her hole a few times before removing it completely. Then holding the plug in my hand I moved it up toward her face. "How long has this been in your ass? Maybe a couple hours, I asked?" She didn't reply. "You know a good little slut would suck this clean for me. Are you turned on enough to be that filthy and taste your ass?" She was shocked that I would ask her to do such thing. She turned her head away. That told me what I wanted. She was beginning to enjoy herself, but there were limits.

I planned to break through those barriers, so I took the plug and wiped it slowly down both cheeks of her face. I'm sure it must have made her skin crawl just from the smell. I wanted her to know that eventually I was expecting her do some pretty dirty things.

I went back down on her shoving my tongue right inside her wet cunt. I was licking and sucking the juices out of her, nibbling on her swollen clit and slowly teasing my way down toward her asshole. She let out a loud moan or maybe it was more of a scream of pleasure. "Oh fuck!!!...that's so good." Then I pushed her legs up and went all the way down licking and tonguing her tight little bunghole. "Oh my God,... Oh God don't stop!" Finally, she was letting go and was enjoying herself. Apparently she liked having her ass teased.

I'm sure that if I kept my mouth on her cunt and asshole she would have cum right then. But I wanted her in this highly aroused state for awhile. I wanted her begging for more instead of just allowing me to use her.

I backed away. "Oh please don't stop. Turn me on. Make me cum," she pleaded.

"You like that, huh?"

"Yes, yes." She answered half moaning.

"I'll make you cum alright, but not right now."

"Kneel on the edge of the bed." She quickly obeyed putting herself in a position as I asked, kneeling on the edge with her ass out to me. I moved up behind her as she watched over her shoulder. She was so pretty looking at me like that. And I was about to fuck this gorgeous bitch.

I didn't waste any time. I slid my cock right into her cunt all the way.

"Oh God...Yess... Fuck me... That's so good" she moaned out.

I grabbed her hips and began sliding my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. She moaned and wiggled her ass crying out like a hot little slut who just couldn't get enough.

"You like a hard cock, don't you?"

"Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me."

I started slamming her tight fuckhole. "What's the matter baby, doesn't your husband fuck you like this."

"Oh you're so hard. It's so hard. "Oh, keep fucking me."

The time was just right. She was pretty delirious from my cock buried in her hot cunt and she kept begging for more. As I looked down I could see her tight little rosebud of an asshole. I wanted in there too, and now.

"I want to fuck your ass, Linda. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, yess," she answered back.

"Do you want me in your ass? Want your asshole fucked for the first time?"

"Yess, Yess" she whispered out softly.

"Say it Linda. Say you want it in the ass. Show me how you want to act like a nasty little slut. Ask me like you really want it."

"Yess, yess. Put it in my ass. I want your cock in my ass." She was getting even more aroused as I kept stuffing her cunt. Her replies were just about pleading.

"Are you my slut Linda?" I rammed her cunt a couple more times making her scream out again. "Are you my little fuck whore that wants a cock in her ass?"

"Yess, yesss. I'm a filthy whore, a slut. "I want it. I'm a hot nasty bitch. I'll doing anything. Make me cum. Please make me cum."

I really had her going now. She was acting like a total and complete whore begging like that. I kept sliding my cock into her wet cunt while she begged for it in her ass.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some in her crack. Then I reached for the butt plug I had removed earlier; placed the tip right on her tight little puckered rear hole and pushed it in. I could feel it enter her ass on my cock that was buried deep in her pussy. I played with the butt plug awhile pulling it out and shoving it back in, just so I could see her cute asshole stretch open. Then I yanked it out and placed the dirty slimy butt dildo up to her mouth. "Suck it. That's what you want right? be a nasty slut. So do it." There wasn't even any thought involved. Linda opened her mouth taking it. "That's it taste it, you hot little fuck bitch." Right then I knew she was over the edge. Now she really was acting like a whore. She licked that butt plug like a lollipop and then sucked it over and over through her lips cleaning the full taste of her ass off it. That was hottest and filthiest thing I've ever seen a girl do for me.

"You're a dirty fuckin' whore Linda. What a filthy cunt you are."

Then she grabbed the flared end in her hand pulling it from her mouth. "Mmmmmmm So dirty. Now c'mon, Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me hard"

I pulled out of her cunt and placed my hard cock right on her tight anal hole. "Ready slut? Ready to get your first assfuck?"

"Yes, please..., give it to me in my ass."

I pushed while spreading her cheeks apart. She was extremely tight. I pushed harder and harder until I could feel her asshole begin to open. I leaned forward applying more and more pressure until the head of my cock disappeared into her tiny shithole. "OHHHHHH, MY GOD...! FUCKKKKK!!" She screamed.

I eased forward penetrating her deeper stuffing my hard cock farther into her rectum. "Oh, it's so big. It's so big. Ohhhhh!! Ohhhhh!!! "Yessss Fuck my ass."

She was screaming as if in pain, yet enjoying the feel of her ass getting stuffed with cock. I pushed more, sliding deep into her rectum burying my cock completely inside her. When my balls squeezed up against her ass, she knew that all of my cock was up her anal hole. "Just relax and enjoy this, honey. I'm going give you a nice hard assfucking."

I began pulling back extracting my cock from her tight anal hole and then pushing back in. After a few times it got easier and I was sliding through her rear opening faster. Then I placed my hands on her hips and began letting her have it. I rammed her over and over and over, shoving my cock completely in, slapping my hips into her ass and then pulling back out. Eventually I got to pulling out all the way just so I could see her once tightly closed asshole gaping open and waiting for me to re-enter. Then I just lunged at her shithole making her ass swallow my cock back up. The whole time she screamed and begged and pleaded, not for me to stop, but for me to keep going and make her cum.

"Oh yesss, yessss, fuck me. Fuck my asshole Deeper!!! Deeper!!"

"Oh God, yess, yess. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me cum. "Please make me cum." She was acting like a slut. She screamed out like a complete whore begging for more.

My cock was in her ass for quite a long time. I was ready to cum and I knew she was ready too. But I wanted to take her to a new level of filth. While my cock was buried in her ass, I reached to her cunt with my fingers and jammed three of them inside. She went off like wild woman going into a frenzy, probably having her most intense orgasm of her life.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!.... Yesssssss... I'm cummmmmingggggg..."

At the same time I pulled from her ass, my cock glistening from the lube and the moist dirty scum of her ass. I pushed her to the side and then down on the floor to a sitting position leaning her back against the bed.

I straddled her face. "C'mon slut, suck my dirty cock." Linda was too far gone to think about how disgusting this might be. Besides, she had already sucked that butt plug.

She opened her mouth and I pushed right in feeding her my filthy scum covered cock. She began sucking me as I bucked my hips humping her mouth. Her own orgasm had her gasping for air around my hard shaft, but she kept sucking me. I jammed my cock to back of her mouth forcing it into her throat. When I pulled back she gagged but didn't try to stop me.

Then I moved a bit positioning my ass in front of her face. I bent over slightly spreading my asscheeks apart. "You know what to do. Lick it." She didn't need any coaxing. She pushed her face in my ass and started licking my asshole. "Mmmmm..., Mmmmmm... Oh it's so good. I'm so dirty..."

"Oh Linda, that's it. Clean my fuckin' dirty ass with your mouth."

She tongued my whole asscrack and lapped my asshole over and over, even trying to stick the tip of her tongue inside me. And she loved doing it. "Oh yess, don't stop. You're such a filthy fuckin' shitwhore. Oh lick it Linda, lick it." Her tongue and sounds of enjoyment had me going crazy.

I stood back up and again and forced my cock into her mouth. I fucked it completely down into her. She put her hands on either side of my hips holding me in her throat, almost as if she wanted to milk the cum out of me. "My God what a slut you are." I started fucking her tight throat passage. "What a hot bitch,... you cunt,... you filthy little sl... "Oh fuck Linda, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum, you nasty whore." I pulled back out and my cock began throbbing, spurting a huge wad of cum into her mouth and all over her face. She started gobbling it and sucking at my cock for more. "Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Give me your cum..." Then three more spurts of cream gushed from me all over her until it was running down her face and covering her tongue. She was licking, sucking and swallowing my thick load and her own ass slime that covered my cock. "Give it to me. I want it. Cum Cum Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm So dirty..." She slurped and swallowed sucking off every bit of filth from my cock.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Linda was becoming a whore. She was a hot little cumslut. She cleaned up every bit of cum from my cock and from her face, then leaned back panting as if totally satisfied with herself.

A few minutes later I helped her up onto her bed. She lay there looking at me. She was exhausted. I was amazed. I never thought I'd get her acting like that so quickly. In fact, I didn't imagine I'd get her doing half of what we just did.

"You must think I'm pretty disgusting doing all that, don't you," she softly asked? "And in my own bedroom too."

"No not at all," I replied. "You just learned to enjoy sex in a nastier way. There's nothing wrong with that."

"Then why am I starting to feel so dirty again right now?" But I WAS enjoying it and... I shouldn't have. I acted just like you wanted me too and... and... I liked it. No, I LOVED IT..." She broke down crying, tears flowing from her eyes. "I acted like a slut and liked it. I'm nothing but a filthy whore, just like you called me. What am I going do?"

I managed to calm her down and explain that there was nothing wrong with liking sex the way we enjoyed it. Obviously once she got aroused, the nasty girl inside came out to play. But once she came back to reality and thought about it, the innocent girl returned. I'm not sure if she accepted that explanation or not, but a half-hour later I left. Linda was still on the bed with my cum all over her face.

I spent another night remembering what we did and thinking what else for tomorrow. I began thinking about how to release that naughty side of her for good.

* * * * *

Continued in "Linda Ch. 3 - Rough And Dirty"

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