tagRomanceLinda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 01

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 01


Another lousy tip Linda thought as she scooped it off the table into her pocket. It was a very slow night at the restaurant. Tips like that were not going to pay the rent or keep her in college. She might have to drop out after the term, move home and stay with her mom to save up some money and return later. She was so close to graduating.

There was only one more customer, a nicely attired older gentleman lingering over his pie and coffee just before closing time.

Bill was looking at his coffee and trying to decide if she would be an asset to the business as she approached the table with the coffee pot.

"May I freshen up your coffee sir?" she asked cheerfully.

"No thanks miss, I have had enough. May I have my check please?" he requested.

She quickly totaled up his check and gave it to him with a big smile and received his thanks. Just then, the cook called her over so she said that she would be back in a minute and went to the kitchen.

Bill was a good judge of character and beauty. She was pleasant and very nice looking. She would do fine but she had a few rough edges that needed a little work before she would be ready. When Linda got back the gentleman was gone but on the table was the check and just enough cash to cover it. Sticking out from under the coffee cup was the tip, a green dollar wrapped around a business card. When she picked up the dollar she realized that she was off by a few zeroes - it was a hundred dollar bill! What?! The business card discreetly said "Celestial Escort Service" with the contact information. Linda put the tip and the card in her pocket and hurried to close up the restaurant with the cook.

At home that evening she counted up her tips. With the Franklin she had just enough to pay the rent. Getting ready for bed she felt lonely - Paul had dumped her just last month saying that "marriage to her was not God's will for his life." They had had an intense three month romance and she had given her virginity to him. She was all mixed up; mad at him, madly in love with him and very horny.

After school the next day, she looked in her purse and found the gentleman's card. Her job was not working out so perhaps she should find out what this was about and call she thought to herself. A pleasant woman answered the phone and Linda told her about receiving the card and was granted an interview the next morning. She would bolt if it was not a legitimate offer.

Arriving for her nine AM appointment Linda was greeted and given an employment application which she filled out and attached her resume. Some more waiting and then she was ushered into an office. Sitting behind the desk was the gentleman from the restaurant, he shook her hand invited her to sit and took her application.

"Linda, welcome to Celestial Escorts, I am Bill Phillips. We have a special business here with a select clientele, mostly older men from out of town. They are looking for an escort - a beautiful young woman to spend a Sunday going to church with in the morning then a pleasant lunch and a quiet afternoon spent in your company. There is no expectation of sex that is not part of the arrangement. It is just a friendly first date with an older man. Now with that said I recognize that you are an adult and can make your own decision about men and relationships so use your own judgment."

Linda liked what she heard and trusted Mr. Phillips candor so she asked about the work hours and the pay. It was for a full day on Sunday and paid five hundred dollars. When she raised her eyebrows in surprise Bill assured her that these were wealthy men and it was not much money to them.

Taking a big chance she accepted the job shaking Bill's hand on the deal.

"Linda you are a beautiful young woman and we want you to make a good impression on these gentlemen. Because we are trying to project a special image we have a strict dress code, call it 'the uniform of the day'. I am going to send our Mrs. Thurston over to your house tomorrow to take you shopping for some dresses and to a day spa for body work and pampering. This is a sign on bonus at no cost to you so don't worry about it," he assured her.

At the decided upon time her door bell rang and a nicely dressed older woman introduced herself as Dora Thurston. Loading Linda into her nice car they went shopping. Instead of the mall they went to Blooms, an expensive downtown women's store which she knew was way out of her league. It was the kind of store that when you looked at the display windows you never saw any prices or sales signs and you knew not to bother going inside.

Mrs. Thurston was greeted at the door by a saleslady who greeted her by name. Dora asked her to show some dresses for church to "my niece". It was almost Easter and the dresses were beautiful. Sizing her up in one glance the saleslady led Linda to the rack, pulling dresses out to which Mrs. Thurston approved or shook her head no. Linda was helped by the saleslady in trying on the dresses then stood in front of the mirrors modeling the dresses for reactions. Dora and Linda picked three dresses that they both agreed upon. They were all satin, one was all white, the second white with a pink floral print and the third was a peach hued one. Each dress was styled similarly with lace collars and a bow in the back making her look very young and feminine.

"Those are such pretty dresses and they look fantastic on you Linda. Now for some undergarments" Dora declared. The saleslady steered her in the direction of the lingerie section to a rack of white corsets. Linda had never worn a corset before and after trying some on and practicing lacing and unlacing them - a white satin corset was picked out for her. When she put her dress on over it, the corset accentuated her figure making the dress look even better. The sales lady provided white silk stockings and satin panties to match the corset. Then, moving on to the shoe department, she tried on several pairs finally picking out two pairs of dressy white high heels. She looked like a rich young woman dressed for an Easter service to which Dora joked that she was wearing "the uniform of the day'.

"Wear one of your dresses out of the store since you need practice wearing a corset" declared Mrs. Thurston, "It's time for lunch." They had lunch at Libos, a gourmet restaurant, and got acquainted. Linda told Dora about her college plans and she learned from Dora a bit more about Celestial Escorts. As Dora explained "These older men are attracted to very sweet young women like yourself and will pay a high price just to spend some time in your company. They want a young feminine Christian woman who would remind them of the old lost loves of their youth. They want a fantasy and Celestial Escorts provides it."

Now Linda understood 'woman to woman' how it worked.

"Oh, how the time is flying," Dora declared, "it is almost time for your beauty appointment." When Linda looked uneasy Dora explained that is part of the sign on bonus and not to worry. Linda had been saving money for rent and getting cheap hair cuts. Her hair told the sad story so she was ready to be pampered.

"Hello, Mrs. Thurston," the spa director greeted her "and who is this beautiful young woman with you?" he asked

"My niece Linda and she needs the works." Mrs. Thurston announced. "Linda, I will be back in a few hours." The afternoon was like a dream. She was given a sauna, a massage, a pedicure and polish, some other makeup and advice on how to apply it. Then, Linda went to the stylist's chair for a fantastic hair style. When she was picked up Linda expected to be taken home but Mrs. Thurston was not done shopping yet. At Zakeles Jewelers an expensive gold cross on a chain and simple earrings were selected to complete her ensemble. Arriving at her apartment Dora gave Linda an envelope with five hundred dollars and explained it was advance payment for next Sunday's job.

That night Bill Phillips called with her assignment for Sunday morning and he related how Mrs. Thurston had praised her manners, poise and beauty.

On Sunday morning she was dressed and ready. She picked out the white satin dress with the pink floral print to wear and fine tuned her make up with the pink polish, lipstick and blush from the spa. After tightly lacing her corset, she sat to attach the white silk stocking with the garters then slipped the white satin panties on last. Looking in the mirror she was fascinated by the undergarments and how they made her feel tightly bound - almost like she was being held in Paul's arms. He would love to see her wearing it! No stop that! She told herself - it is over with Paul so put aside those emotions. Linda slipped the dress over her head, pulled up the zipper and tied the bow in back. Then putting on her earrings, and gold cross necklace, checking her make up one last time, grabbed her purse and she was out the door.

At the hotel she used her cell phone to call the room. A cheerful voice said he would be right down! When the elevator door opened she saw a portly gentleman in an expensive gray suit. He introduced himself as Mr. Wallace "just call me Walt" he said and in return she shared her name "I'm Linda".

"Linda we have time to make the eleven AM service at First Presbyterian". They hailed a cab and were soon walking in the doors. The usher gave them church bulletins and they were seated. She was aware that some folks were watching them and she commented on this in a soft voice to Walt.

"They don't know what to think about us and are trying to guess. Are you his daughter or a trophy wife perhaps or what is the relationship?" he replied. "All I know is that you are a beautiful young woman and you are with me."

"They can think what they want Uncle Walt," she whispered.

Walt was a VP for a tire company on the west coast and when he came to town he always called Bill for a Sunday escort to pass the time in the company of a beautiful woman. Linda liked his compliments and felt comfortable with him.

Walt was having a good time. Linda was a beauty, a rare flower and by the way she walked and sat he could tell she was tightly corseted. Her floral white and pink satin dress looked like a dream on her. The hair and make up were perfect. The gold cross she was wearing made him fill with yearnings, longings of the past and desire to possess her sweet beauty.

Linda was listening to the sermon but she was also aware of Walt sitting next to her. When he took her hand helping her out of the cab and touched her at the small of her back to guide her into the pew she felt special. He was a handsome well aged but well built man. What would it like to be his trophy wife she wool gathered. The pampered spoiled niece might be a safer role she considered.

Walt reached down and took Linda's hand and held it. Looking over to him, Linda smiled her acquiescence briefly and then returned her attention to the minister. After the service they greeted the minister on the steps and Uncle Walt introduced her as his niece Linda going to college here. She smiled and played the role but was giggling inside.

After the service it was time for Sunday brunch and they ended up at Libos. Since she was wearing a tight corset once again she ate lightly. Walt shared some business stories and told her about his grown children and his ex. Linda shared her college plans and her break up with Paul. It felt so easy and right talking with Walt; he set her at ease and was a careful listener.

"Have you heard about the new William Bouguereau exhibit at the Essex Art Museum? He asked.

She was taking an art history course this semester, so of course she had. "He is a famous 19th century French painter. His exhibit opens on Monday it said in the paper," she replied.

"I have patron tickets to the special preview this afternoon," Walt announced to her pleasure, "It is almost time to leave."

The tickets got them into the VIP reception at the exhibit. Walt offered and she accepted a glass of champagne and they viewed the paintings together. There was the formal Portrait-of-Madame-Olry-Roederer seated wearing a long white dress and from the hourglass waist Linda knew the Madame was also wearing a corset. As she looked at the elegant woman she felt like she was looking into a mirror, like she saw herself in another time and place. There were also featured classical paintings. One was called Girl-Defending-Herself-Against-Love with a cute little Cupid with wings wielding a gold arrow being pushed away. Too bad I did not do that with Paul she thought to herself. Some of the paintings were sensuously erotic like the one called Nymphs and Satyr. Three nude water nymphs were pulling a reluctant Satyr into a pool of water. They were beautiful to look at and the Satyr was pretending to resist. She stood a long time looking at it until Walt touched her on the waist and they returned to the buffet and refreshed their glasses. Linda was achieving a mild buzz brought on by Walt's masculine presence, the beauty of the art and a few glasses of very good champagne.

Finding a bench off to the side, Walt complimented her once again on her dress and then said, "Linda I have enjoyed your company today. I have a small gift I want to give you; I hope you will accept it." He handed her a jewelry gift box from Zakeles. Upon opening she saw an anklet in the same style as the chain on her gold cross.

"Oh thank you, Walt is it beautiful" she gushed in enjoyment of his gift.

Walt touched her knee and asked "may I put it on you?"

"Oh yes please" she said and crossed her leg to present her ankle. His touch on her stocking as he fastened the anklet was stimulating. Her breasts were tender and she felt a wetness between her legs.

She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and sweetly said "I appreciate your gift Walt. I have had a great time with you today," looking him innocently in the eye. He kissed her softly on her pink lips and Linda returned his kiss.

Walt sat back and looked at Linda. He wanted her and she seemed willing enough but he had to honor the rules of Celestial Escorts. He did not want Bill Phillips mad at him. Sex had to be her idea.

Hailing a cab they went toward the hotel. "Linda I am heading back to the hotel now shall I send you on home now or would you like to come up to the room for awhile?" he asked.

"Sure Uncle Walt, I want to sit down and rest my feet" she said accepting his offer.

"I can imagine those nice looking high heels must be hurting your feet by now," he commented. "That champagne was good would you like some more?" When Linda nodded affirmatively he called the hotel room service and it was taken up to the room.

Linda felt lightheaded and happy to be holding Walt's hand as they rode up in the elevator. Inside the room they opened the bottle and enjoyed a few glasses and talked about the fun that they had had during the day. Sitting together on the loveseat they exchanged gentle kisses. Then Walt opened the drapes and they went out to stand on the balcony in the cool evening air. The city lights were splendid. Linda was holding onto the railing with her hands and Walt stood behind her with his hands around her corseted waist. He kissed her neck once and then again on the other side and she started breathing harder. Sliding his hands up he fondled her breasts for a few moments then leaning forward he pressed his erection into her soft derriere. Linda moaned softly with desire. She had been lonely and hungry since Paul. She wanted Walt so she said, "Yes Walt yes, please take me."

He lifted up the back of her dress and eased down her white satin panties and as he touched her swollen clitoris, she moaned again. Unzipping his pants freeing his erection he guided his manhood into her waiting vagina. Linda wanted him now and pushed back against him hard holding her arms out straight against the railing for support.

Holding Linda by the waist, Walt mounted her and moving in deeply rutted her with all his lust, passion and desire. She was a beautiful flower, a virginal nymph dressed for his Satyric pleasure in her satin dress, corset and stockings and heels. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and her make up and perfume were intoxicating. Her gold cross was swaying like a pendulum in time to their exertions. He was deflowering her.

"Linda, take my love in your mouth" he begged and pulled out abruptly holding his member to delay his discharge. She turned and with a swirl of her dress fell to her knees before him, opening her mouth to accept his lust. He sprayed her face with his hot sticky love as Linda licked her pink lips tasting him. It dripped off her chin on to her gold cross. Lifting it up Linda licked off the gooey gob off of it making it shiny once again.

Walt handed her the satin panties to help her clean up and then called her a cab. When she got home she checked her purse to make sure she had the exact bus fare for the morning. There were ten crisp one hundred dollar bills wrapped around Walt's business card. That looked like another opportunity. She could be a trophy wife like Madame-Olry-Roederer. Nah. She remembered the painting of the young woman fighting off the little winged Cupid.

The next Tuesday she got a call from Bill arranging for her to escort another client on Sunday. He told her that "Mr. G" had a certain peculiar fetish. He liked to spank his escorts. Bill said that he would understand if she did not want to be available but when she found out more she agreed. Which dress should she wear the white one or the peach?

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