tagGroup SexLinda's Farewell

Linda's Farewell


When Linda decided to go overseas, Kelly and I decided it was now or never. My lovely wife and I had been fantasising about my delicious ex for years, but over the past year Kelly had been more willing to explore the idea. And hey, who was I to object.

Both girls were shorter than average and curvy, with large breasts, smooth white skin and not quite shoulder length hair. My wife, Kelly, had an hourglass figure and a heart shaped face framed by lustrous wavy brown hair. Her deep brown eyes were framed by long thick dark lashes which most girls would need makeup to emulate. Between high cheekbones, a smooth round nose sat above her sultry pink lips. My ex, Linda, was equally as beautiful. She had a fuller figure and a round face with the lightest smattering of freckles. Her hair was thicker, darker and shorter with a completely natural streak of white through her long fringe. Her dark brown eyes were quick and inquisitive and she had a proud nose and expressive, tasty lips.

Both girls were smart, funny and vivacious and enjoyed sex and experimenting. But while Linda flaunted her wildness and her bisexuality, Kelly always seemed shyer and more reserved. Still, it's the quiet ones you have to watch. Even though Linda had had a variety of lovers and rarely failed to titillate me with details of her latest conquest, Kelly had done things with me, her only lover till now, that showed just how depraved she could be when she was in the mood.

I never thought I was amazing in the looks department, but have been told otherwise by those I figure would know. I'm very tall, average build, with long brown hair tied back in a pony tail. While I'd always worn my hair scruffy, I'd stopped cutting it irregularly when Kelly said she liked long hair. My eyes, refusing to be categorised are a kind of slate greyish green with hints of blue. I have a big flared nose, big smiling mouth, big square hands and I'm big in other departments too. Apparently I have a tight butt that women love. I won't question this for the obvious benefits it has occasionally brought.

So Kelly and I took Linda out for a going away dinner and flirted terribly with her. Previously, I'd led the flirting and nothing had happened beyond some three way hugging and hand holding though our goodbye kisses had gradually moved over time from Linda's cheeks to the corners of her smirking mouth. I figured tonight wouldn't be any different and had even accepted shift work that night. But tonight, Kelly was quick to follow my lead, and even overtake me. When I held Linda's hand over dinner, Kelly stroked Linda's smooth white wrists. And as we walked back to the car Linda thanked us.

"You guys didn't have to take me to dinner because I'm going away."

"We didn't," Kelly replied cheekily. "We did it to get you into bed."

Linda laughed and nothing else was said.

The trip back to Linda's place was jovial and relaxed and we followed her inside for the usual cup of tea. We all dumped handbags and jackets and came back into the lounge area. Linda stood in front of me facing Kelly and asked something about tea. She ran her fingers through her thick hair so I started stroking her hair away from her neck. She tilted her head to reveal her neck so I leaned in behind her and gently kissed the soft white skin there. She sighed and leaned her head back, so I kissed her neck again, lingering this time on the smooth curve where her neck met her shoulder, and Kelly pounced. She took two steps forward and greedily lowered her mouth to Linda's slightly parted lips while I extended my kiss on Linda's neck with some sucking and nibbling. Not quite believing what was happening, I reached around Linda to stroke Kelly with one hand while continuing to play with Linda's hair with my other. The position was awkward, and with my head down I couldn't see what the girls were doing to each other but I could hear them. Soft sighs escaped Linda's lips and my wife moaned between wet smacking sounds. I moved to their side for a better view with Linda on my left and Kelly on my right and I continued stroking their hair; Kelly's longer and finer, and Linda's thicker and darker.

Their heads moved under my hands as they kissed each other deeply and passionately and I slid my hands down their backs as if holding the two of them together. Not that they needed any help, mind. When Kelly came up for air, she noticed Linda's free neck and started kissing her where my lips had been only moments earlier.

Linda gazed at me, smiling dreamily, and I leaned down and gently kissed her lips which I hadn't tasted properly for so long now. Linda's mouth was smaller than Kelly's, with a narrower tongue that slipped between my teeth with an old familiarity. Our tongues met and twirled as Kelly feasted on Linda's neck and nibbled her ear. I decided to join in and kissed my way down Linda's cheek to the other side of her neck. Kelly's and my fingers brushed as we held Linda's head and proceeded simultaneously to give her matching love bites on both sides of her neck. We stopped short of marking her and kissed our way back to her lips.

I looked into Kelly's eyes and she smiled a huge grin and we kissed. I slipped my tongue between her lips and briefly tasted Linda on her. Then, still grinning, she turned back to Linda for more. Linda was holding Kelly with one arm while her other hand tentatively sought out Kelly's breast. When Kelly realised what was happening, she kissed Linda deeper and boldly placed her own hand on Linda's breast.

I watched enrapt, stroking their backs and kissing their cheeks and necks as they leaned in to kiss each other, then they leaned back to play with each others breasts and tweak the hard nipples pushing through the fabric of their tops.

I slipped my hand under the back of Kelly's top and stroked her warm bare skin in the small of her back. Linda immediately got the idea, or more likely had already been working towards it herself, and joined me in stroking Kelly's waist under her top. Kelly sighed contentedly, and that was all Linda needed to take the hem of Kelly's top and slide it up over her large breasts which were straining against her bra. Kelly raised her arms compliantly and her top was whisked away over her head. I started kissing and stroking her bare shoulders and watched avidly while she reciprocated Linda's action by almost tearing Linda's top off to reveal a black satiny bra.

With a last kiss of Kelly's bare shoulder, I shifted my attention to Linda's smooth shoulders and neck. Kelly was busy doing the same and Linda's head lolled back in ecstasy as we feasted on her sweet smooth skin, occasionally kissing and licking each others saliva from her cleavage. It wasn't long before Linda righted her head and slid her arms around Kelly's back.

"I think I'm best qualified for this," she murmured and set about working on the clasp to Kelly's bra. In a few moments, Kelly's bra slid forward revealing her heavy breasts and the hard erect nub of her nipples standing out from the wide pink of her areolae. Linda took in the delightful view then fell upon my wife, kissing her deeply while greedily fondling both Kelly's breasts in her hands.

Not prepared to wait my turn to fondle my wife's breasts I reached behind Linda and with one quick smooth motion unhooked her bra.

Linda stopped kissing my wife briefly. "Okay, maybe I was wrong," Linda admitted. "Who was that?"

"Me," I grinned as Kelly helped Linda's bra fall away. Linda's breasts were almost as large as Kelly's but somewhat rounder, with a slight difference in size. The nipples were smaller and darker but stood out as hard and as far as Kelly's.

Kelly tentatively reached out and cupped Linda's breast in her hand. For the first time she explored the silky smooth curve of another girl's naked breast and when Linda smiled encouragingly, Kelly stroked and squeezed Linda's erect nipple, eliciting a low moan from Linda. They gazed shyly into each other's eyes then hugged and resumed kissing each other.

Their nipples rubbed together enticingly, so I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue between them. With no complaints, I opened my mouth wide and started sucking both girls' nipples simultaneously. There were loud wet smacking sounds from all of us as nipples and tongues slid between probing lips.

Soon Kelly pulled away and kissed her way down Linda's neck to Linda's other breast. My wife smiled at me sucking on her friend's nipple and snaked her tongue out for her first taste of another woman's breast. A moan came from above us and I smiled back and circled Linda's left nipple with my tongue. Kelly did the same to Linda's right nipple. I lapped at the underside of Linda's breast and Kelly mirrored me. I was teaching my wife how to suck her friend's tits. We grinned at each other then each sucked on one of Linda's tits while she cradled our heads, stroked our hair and gasped in delight.

Before my knees gave out, I struggled to my feet and resumed kissing my ex. She lapped at my lips and tongue and released Kelly's head to start unbuttoning the top of my shirt. Kelly seemed to notice and reached for my bottom shirt buttons. The two girls raced to undo my middle buttons then slid my shirt off my shoulders. I tossed it on the back of a chair, and the three of us stood naked from the waist up, holding and admiring each other.

"I have to go to the bathroom," said Kelly and headed off.

"I'll clear off my bed," said Linda and took off in the other direction.

And suddenly I was alone, half naked, with a painfully hard erection. I figured I'd call work and tell them I wouldn't be in. I'd been worried about having an opportunity to cancel work, but not so worried as to even contemplate calling for a brief time out.

"Hi Candice," I said trying to sound concerned. "Sorry to do this, but I won't be able to make work tonight. My, uh, car has some engine trouble."

"You are so going to hell, David!" came Linda's voice.

I smiled wryly and hung up to find Linda and Kelly giggling at me from Linda's bedroom.

"Engine trouble. I'll have to remember that," smirked Linda.

She had her arms around my wife and was stroking the smooth skin of Kelly's back, occasionally lowering a hand to Kelly's sweet arse. Kelly grinned at me as I came in, then pressed her naked torso against Linda and kissed her to shut her up.

While the girls were fondling each others breasts, stroking over the smooth skin and sharing more exploratory kisses, I moved beside them and put an arm around each. Kelly looked up at me and I kissed her slowly and carefully. I pulled back and looked deep in her eyes. In response, she grinned mischievously. I looked into Linda's eyes and she closed them and offered me her tasty lips to kiss. While I kissed Linda, Kelly started fumbling with Linda's belt and started tugging her pants down, revealing black lacy panties underneath. Kelly kissed Linda's round hip, squeezed her gorgeous arse and stroked down her outer thigh, pushing her pants down as she went.

When Linda's pants settled about her ankles, she gingerly stepped out of them, forcing Kelly and I to temporarily abandon our molestations. Then I watched as Linda took my wife in her arms and started kissing down Kelly's neck to her stiff nipples. As Linda started sucking on Kelly's gorgeous tits, Kelly lifted her face in delight and I leaned forwards to kiss her tasty sweet lips. Kelly kissed me back passionately and writhed with the delightful sensation of a new mouth also working her tits and while she was distracted, Linda started removing Kelly's pants. I also slid my hand inside Kelly's pants and pushed them down as I stroked her round arse, still kissing and nibbling her responsive lips. Somehow, Kelly stepped out of her pants and she broke the kiss with me while Linda released her breast.

I stared in wonder and amazement at my two favourite women, both naked except for panties, standing in front of me gazing at each other, grinning like Cheshire pussies.

They resumed kissing and their hands explored each other bodies, roaming round waists, gliding over hips and squeezing sweet arses. I joined in, stealing the occasional kiss where I could and enjoying the view where I couldn't. Linda slid a hand between Kelly's legs and pressed her panties into her damp crotch. Kelly moaned and, not to be outdone, started pulling down Linda's panties to reveal her closely trimmed pussy and her sweet cunt lips, almost pouting. While Kelly was bending over to remove Linda's panties, I used the opportunity to remove Kelly's panties and when she stood, Linda and I could see the moisture glistening on the hairs of her unshaved pussy. They kissed again and slid their fingers into each others warm pussies while I fondled their now free breasts and listened to their moans of pleasure. Kelly raised her fingers from Linda's cunt and placed them on my lips. I greedily tasted my old ex once more, then kissed Kelly so she could taste Linda on me.

"We better take care of this," muttered Linda squeezing my hard cock through my pants, and she and Kelly quickly and efficiently had my belt off and my pants and underwear tossed in a corner. The three of us hugged each other, enjoying each other's warm naked bodies. Then Linda edged Kelly backwards towards the bed and playfully pushed Kelly onto her back.

Linda and I pounced on top of her, ravishing her breasts and kissing her face and neck and shoulders. Kelly moaned her approval, and as I feasted on her tits, Linda kissed her way over Kelly's stomach and down to her damp thighs. Kelly put up no resistance as Linda spread Kelly's legs apart and kissed her inner thighs, before working her way up to my wife's cunt. Linda teased around Kelly's pussy until she finally worked her tongue gently into my wife's dripping cunt. Kelly sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. I smiled and tried to watch, but it was difficult to do so and suck Kelly's breast at the same time.

I watched the top of Linda's head moving slowly up and down as she lapped around my wife's cunt. She slid her tongue over the coarse hairs, tasting Kelly's juices and hearing Kelly's breathing quicken. Linda lapped at Kelly's slit and the soaked hairs there while Kelly groaned into my mouth. Then Linda slid her tongue inside where I'd so often sunk my hard cock, and Kelly moaned and gasped. I watched Linda enjoying her work, sliding her tongue along my wife's slit, lapping at the clit, then returning to the pool of cum and saliva moistening Kelly's hole and licking my wife again. Kelly kept oohing and aahing and I kissed her face and breasts and held her down for Linda. Linda slid a finger easily into Kelly's dripping hole and I squeezed Kelly's nipple and Kelly grunted underneath us. Linda's eyes looked up at me, her mouth filled with my wife's cunt and I smiled at her around the nipple I was sucking. She started pumping her finger into Kelly's cunt and I sucked Kelly's breast harder. Kelly gasped as Linda squeezed another finger into her, and moaned when a third soon followed. I bit lightly on her nipples, varying with licking around her breasts, while Linda continued tonguing her clit. Kelly started writhing and thrashing between us, so Linda and I increased our assault on Kelly's smooth naked body. Kelly started keening as Linda pumped her cunt and lapped her clit and I twisted one nipple and bit the other and Kelly tensed up, cried out and came hard, thrashing about while we held and fondled her.

Linda crawled between Kelly and me and kissed my wife on her lips. I took Linda's hand, kissed it and licked my wife's cum from her fingers. Kelly responded weakly at first, gently pouting her lips for Linda to nibble then parting them to allow Linda to slip her tongue in. Linda eagerly obliged, then rubbed her lips against Kelly lips and tongue, so Kelly could taste her own cum on Linda's face. When Kelly realised this, she rolled Linda on her back and began kissing and licking Linda's face clean. I joined in also, tasting my wife's cum from her friend's chin then I kissed down to Linda's breast again and sucked her nipple back into my mouth. While doing so, I stroked my fingers down Linda's side to her moist cunt and slid two fingers inside her. She moaned into Kelly's mouth and spread her legs to give me better access. I pumped my fingers into Linda's cunt while Kelly kissed her way down to Linda's other breast and we feasted on Linda's tits together. When my fingers were properly covered in Linda's cunt juice, I pulled them out of her and spread my two fingers apart revealing a string of moisture between them. I touched Kelly's cheek lightly and placed my fingers under her nose. Kelly inhaled deeply of her friend's scent then opened her mouth for me. I placed my fingers on Kelly's tongue and she hungrily started sucking Linda's juices from my fingers.

I kissed Linda deeply, while pulling my fingers from Kelly's mouth and smearing them on Linda's left nipple. Kelly followed them and started sucking Linda's left nipple and kissed down my beautiful ex, from her lips and chin, over her sweet throat and across her shoulder to her right nipple. I took it hungrily into my mouth while watching Kelly do the same.

Kelly detached herself from Linda's nipple and kissed her way down Linda's side to her trimmed pussy. I watched still suckling on Linda's other nipple as Kelly spread Linda's legs wide apart then settled herself comfortably between them. She looked up and smiled at Linda and I who were both watching with anticipation then she licked up the inside of Linda's thigh. Linda moaned and laid her head back and Kelly retreated then licked inside Linda's other thigh. This time Kelly ran her tongue over Linda's juicy cunt lips and pushed her tongue inside Linda. Then she licked up Linda's slit and began to feast on her throbbing clit. I watched enrapt as my wife ate her first pussy, sucking, nibbling, licking and nuzzling Linda's hard nub and smearing Linda's juices over her smooth soft lips, cheeks and chin. My attention was brought back to Linda by her whimpering and her moaning and her comment to Kelly, "Are you sure you've never done this before? Ooh!"

"She a fast learner," I responded proudly as Kelly's mouth was full. Linda whimpered again and I covered her mouth with mine and smoothed her thick hair as she tried not to writhe under Kelly's ministrations. Linda pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it and caressed it with my own before invading her mouth with my tongue while Kelly did something similar with Linda's other lips. I put my other hand on the back of Kelly's head, stroking her hair and feeling her face move between her friend's legs while still stroking Linda's hair and feeling her whimper occasionally into my mouth.

As Linda's breathing increased, I moved my attention to her hard nipples and Kelly started lapping faster at our friend's cunt. It wasn't long before Linda cried out and Kelly pushed her tongue into Linda's sweet pussy as Linda climaxed. Linda gets very sensitive when she comes and pushed Kelly's face away from her clit. Kelly kissed her way back up to me with a huge grin across her cum covered lips. I grinned back and kissed her, tasting Linda's cum, then Kelly turned to the exhausted Linda and kissed her, so Linda could also taste herself on Kelly's lips.

"You're good," Linda panted and Kelly glowed at the praise. She went back to sucking on Linda's breast and I noticed Kelly's fingers slide down to her own cunt.

I clambered over Linda, feeling her soft skin against my cock as I did so, pushed Kelly back, removed her hand from between her legs and began to finger her cunt. Kelly moaned and Linda, somewhat recovered, rolled over and planted kisses over my wife. After enjoying the view a little, I lowered my head and began sucking on my wife's clit. She spread her legs and moaned, and started playing with Linda's tits hanging enticingly above her. As I worked up some more speed on my lovely wife, Linda dropped to Kelly's tits and began sucking them harder and harder. Kelly moaned and groaned and whimpered and sighed as Linda and I attended her. Her breathing started coming in gasps and pants and I shoved my fingers roughly into her cunt. She gripped the back of Linda's head and Linda bit Kelly's nipple as the orgasm ripped through her. Sometimes I could get Kelly to orgasm again and kept hammering her cunt, but she was too turned on and pulled my fingers out of her.

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