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Linda's First Husband


Linda my wife was a 19 year old co-ed at the University when she met Todd a senior. She was a beautiful 115lb girl with blonde hair, green eyes and large 36 D breasts. Todd was a rich kid whose dad owned over 100 retail stores. He was not handsome in the traditional way but had a certain upper class mannerism that she liked. He was a heavy drinker and she became one also. Their sex life was ok but nothing to write home about.

Todd asked her to marry him (see Bachelorette Party) and soon thereafter they moved to Hawaii were Todd managed one of his daddy's stores.

It was in the early seventies and free love, alcohol and dope was predominant. They were no different fucking however they wanted whenever they wanted. They got involved in swapping, bisexual stuff, heavy alcohol and drugs. Linda has many stories about her short term marriage and here are just a few.

One evening Todd's friend Paul came to Hawaii from the Bay Area to visit. He was to sleep in the spare bedroom. It was an unusually cool evening and Todd suggested that Linda slip into bed with him to warm him up. She always fancied Paul and figured it was her chance to have sex with him with Todd's permission. She walked into the room naked and slipped under the covers with Paul. He was asleep but she soon woke him up by stoking his penis. He saw her and they kissed passionately. Linda moved under the covers and began giving him a blowjob which is still her favorite thing 35 years later. He played with her clit and breasts as she took him into her mouth circling his penis head with her tongue and licking his shaft from the base to the tip. Paul was going wild and literally started fucking her face until he filled her mouth with his cum which she quickly swallowed.

Still hard Paul started fucking Linda with long slow stokes. Todd her husband had been watching this action from the doorway and wanted to join them but not in the traditional way. He put lots of KY on his dick and slipped it into Paul's ass and fucked Paul as Paul fucked his wife Linda. Linda now knew Todd was Bisexual but sex is sex so she could care less. Todd came in Todd's ass just as Paul filled Linda's cunt with his hot juices. It later came out that Todd had had sex with Paul many times before while they were at the university.

On another occasion Linda was having sex with Todd as her friend Ann was fucking her boyfriend in the same room. Linda was really into it but Todd came too quickly and she wanted more so Todd asked Ann's boyfriend to fuck his wife Linda. He agreed and soon was sliding his cock into her giving her several more glorious orgasms before he filled her already dripping cunt with cum. Linda then gladly licked his cock clean as she watched her husband Todd fuck her friend Ann.

Soon thereafter Todd suggested Linda go to Maui to stay with his friend Jake for a few days while he went to the mainland on business.

Linda always liked Jake and they spent some time on the beach working on their tans and later all she can recall is they drank lot of booze. When she woke in the morning she was naked in bed with Jake and had dried cum all over her pussy and breasts. She figures they must have had sex and figured what the hell I've already cheated on Todd so I might as well enjoy it. She went down on Jake's cock until he got hard and sucked him until he came into her mouth. Jake's being still hard mounted Linda and they fucked for most of the day until they had each cum several times. After a few days she flew back home and Todd smiling said "I heard so really had a good time on Maui with Jake. Feel free to go over to Maui anytime the mood strikes you." Linda just smiled and said I think I will it was very relaxing.

Soon after Linda and Todd marriage broke up. Todd had asked for a divorce but as the divorce was almost final he asked Linda to stay married. She refused and when the divorce was final moved to LA where he next adventure (see Linda's Rape) occurred.

The above is true and her past exploits always turn me on. More stories to come.

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