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Linda's Time


Ok I’ve always been somewhat of a slut or as I prefer to call it sexually adventurous. I started having sex at a young age and had sex with around 60 men before I got married at 26.

I got divorced at 45 and resume my sexually adventurous life style fucking and blowing another 40 to 50 men until I got married 5 years ago and had been faithful up to a few months ago.

My current husband has to be the most horny person I have ever know wanting and getting both regular and oral sex almost every night for the last 5 years. I’m an honest person and when he asked me about my previous sex life I told him. He wanted names, places and complete descriptions of all my sexual experience from my first sexual encounter on my boyfriends fathers boat to my group sex encounters in Florida and the three times I was raped.

These stories always aroused him greatly and he loved hearing them especially when I had a vibrator in my pussy and was stoking his penis as I told him the stories. I would eventually give him a blowjob then fuck him silly after the stories and to be honest the stories really turned me on too. I would continuously orgasm until he either blew his load in my pussy or in my mouth. I must admit I love sucking a man off especially with a vibrator pushed deeply into my pussy as I fantasized be taken by two men at once which I had only done once before.

After having told him all of sex adventures, which I could remember, he turned to Literotica Stories mostly about Group Sex/Swinging and Rape/Non Consent stories. The stories always turned us both on and he would always say “I’d love to see you fuck several men at once”. . I would say “I wish I had had more men fuck me at the same time when I had the opportunity”

In the heat of the moment I would agree we should do it if the opportunity arose and he would get real excited and fill my pussy with huge loads of cum. Later he would propose setting up a group encounter but I always backed out because he was the jealous husband type and I was scared of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or things getting out of control.

I do admit the group thing does bring back the memories of Florida where a guy I met on the beach asked me if I wanted to go to his condo to smoke pot. His two roommates were there and as we smoked pot, one thing led to another and soon we were fucking while his friends watched. He left to go to the bathroom. While he was gone one of his roommates started eating my pussy, thinking he had returned I just laid back and enjoyed until a strange voice said “Yuk I’m eating Bill’s cum” I then realized it was not Bill but figured so what and I fucked the roommate. Then the third guy came over and put his cock in my mouth And I sucked him off while the other guy fucked me. My pussy tingles when I rerun this encounter through my mind and wish I had done groups more often.

My husband was gone for the day but I stayed home as our new bedroom set was to be delivered and set up that day. To keep busy I read some more Literotica stories and got really turned on so I rubbed my clit and eventually inserted the vibrator. Just as I was getting an orgasm the doorbell rang. I must be the furniture people I thought and quickly put on a bathrobe, dropped my vibrator on the floor.

The two guys from the furniture the companies were real hunks I would guess around 25. They asked where the bed went and I pointed to the bedroom. They said not to worry they would set it up and take the old set to Goodwill as I had requested..

As they removed the old bed and setup the new one I read a book in the kitchen and I did not notice my bathrobe had opened giving anyone there a view of my neatly shaved vagina. The two young men came out of the bedroom and just stopped and stared at me. The taller of the two was holding my vibrator in his hand and said is this yours? I blushed and before I could answer her was kissing me and slowly inserted the vibrator into my vagina. My knees grew weak and I slumped down to the floor while still kissing him. The other man came over and joined in. I was on fire.

Soon the vibrator was inserted into my anus as the taller man entered my now very wet vagina and the other mover inserted his penis into my hungry mouth. I was now being triple penetrated like the Literotica story I had just read. I loved it. Soon I could feel the penis in my vagina pulsate then fill me with semen as my vagina muscles milked it dry and then the cock in my mouth exploded in my warm mouth. I swallowed every drop I could but some dribbled out of my mouth onto my chin..

This was the first time I had ever cheated on my husband and to make it up to him I searched the net and found a local swinger club. I made reservations for that Saturday but that’s another story.

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