tagIllustratedLindie's Victory

Lindie's Victory


"Are you sure you don't want me to take you to a hospital or somethin'?" the taxi driver asked.

"No. I'll let you know when to stop." Lindie replied.

The cab driver looked at her in the rearview mirror. "Are you sure?" the taxi driver started.

"It's not my blood!" Lindie said sternly.

The taxi driver remained quiet for the next hour, trying his best not to look at her.

He finally broke the silence as he wondered if she'd even be able to pay the fare.

"Look, we're about as far as I can take you. I need to get some gas and something to eat, and then I'm heading back. You can call another taxi from the next rest stop."

"Just a little farther. Drive to the next exit and I'll throw in an extra hundred." Lindie was persuasive.

The taxi didn't make it to the next exit, though. The engine sputtered and died, and the driver carefully coasted onto the shoulder of the highway. He kept a one-gallon plastic jug full of gas in case of situations like this, but he wasn't sure how good the gas would be after sitting in his trunk for several months.

When he closed the trunk, Lindie was gone.

Before he could curse her, though, he looked at the back seat and found $400 in large bills.

The taxi driver looked down the road to the north, and then again to the south. Not a car in sight, and no markings of any sort.

"Girlie, why in the world would you want to get out here?" He thought out loud.

Lindie found a secluded area of forest and a shallow creek. The water was clear, but cold. She had a few sets of clean clothes in her backpack, but no towel. She would just have to air dry, if that was even possible.

It rained for most of the day. The temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees in the last few hours, and Lindie had second thoughts about making the effort to clean up. She shivered as she undressed and stepped knee-deep into the creek. Her husband's blood washed off easily, but she continued to rub and scrub until her skin was raw. Her reflection in the water reminded her of what her husband would see every time he looked at her. It was a stark contrast to the way she pictured herself.

If he didn't know before, he must certainly know now.

"I'm sorry Allen. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you." Lindie said softly. She allowed herself to cry as she made a half-hearted attempt to wash the blood from the clothes she had been wearing.

When she felt completely free of blood, dirt, and sweat from hours of hiking, Lindie did her best to dry off before getting dressed. As she walked around the forest – naked except for her flip-flops – she wondered if Eve felt the same freedom thousands or millions of years ago. The light drizzle that had persisted all afternoon was becoming heavy rain, and Lindie quickly dressed and packed all of her clothing. The wet clothes were heavy in her backpack, and for the first time in her life, her shoulders began to ache.

Lindie had been walking for the better part of the day when she finally exited the forest.

She turned north along the highway and walked for several miles before she came upon an old service station.

Looking at the advertised gas prices, she assumed the place had been closed for some time. She walked around the building, but all of the doors were locked. About the only thing that was of any use was the pump station overhang, which kept the rain from falling on Lindie directly.

She was cold, she was extremely tired, and she was hungry. She wondered why she didn't think to blow the taxi driver. He was probably capable of at least two orgasms for her to swallow. For some reason, the thought of blowing someone besides her husband made her feel overwhelmingly guilty. The guilt had made her feel weak all over. Her hands dropped to her stomach as she began to cramp. She had never felt anything like it.

The rain seemed to be at it's heaviest when a tow truck appeared from the south. The sky was a dark grey and the clouds seemed to follow the truck as it approached the service station.

Lindie worried that the driver wouldn't see her and drive right on by. She unbuttoned her shirt enough to show some cleavage, and took off her jacket allowing her shirt to get soaked. Having left off her bra after her bath in the creek, she was worthy of at least a glance, if not several stares.

She stood just outside the protection of the overhang so she could be a little closer to the road. She knew she was solid as rock while she was not her usual self, but she couldn't help but feel vulnerable while she was just cute, little, twenty-one year old Lindie. She didn't need to get hit by a truck today.

As the tow truck pulled off the road and alongside Lindie, she read Randall's Towing on the door.

"Did you break down somewhere around here?" The driver asked.

"No. More like broke up. Can I get a lift to the nearest town?" Lindie asked as she leaned over, giving the driver a full view of her nipples through her wet shirt.

"Sure. Hop on in!" The driver answered excitedly. "Helpin' people's what I do around here."

"Are you Randy?" Lindie asked.

"Have you heard of me? How'd you know my name?" Randy asked. His right eye twitched slightly. Lindie could tell he was nervous. His face looked young, but his hair was starting to grey. "Just a lucky guess." Lindie answered. He was simple, and so far, he was nice. "Actually, I just figured you might go by Randy instead of Randall. This is your truck, right?"

"Yes, ma'am. Paid in full. They changed too many options on the later models, but this one has everything I need." Randy said as if Lindie was really interested.

The heat felt good on Lindie's legs. Her clothes were soaked and the rest of her shivered.

"I really need to get out of these wet clothes." Lindie whined. "Do you mind if I change real quick?"

"What? Here? The town is just about ten minutes up the road." Randy almost looked panic-stricken.

"But then I'll have to find a place to change - like a public restroom. You know how dirty those places are, don't you?" Lindie said, convincingly. "You seem like a nice guy. I can trust you not to watch, right?"

"Yes, ma'am. If you have to change, you have to change. Some people change when you least expect it." Randy said with a boyish grin. He looked all of twenty-five years old, with a big smile to match his big frame. He was at least six feet tall and three hundred pounds of corn-fed muscle.

Lindie reached into her backpack and pulled out a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. She knew she would have to put on her last pair of jeans later, but for now, the shorts were in order. She pulled off her hiking boots, and then pealed off her socks. She put her feet on the dashboard, stretching her legs toward Randy.

"Oh, it feels so good to stretch my legs. They've gotten quite the workout the last few days." Lindie said as she leaned against the door.

Randy looked at her shyly, and then turned back to the road. "They're very nice legs."

"Thank you, Randy. It's nice of you to notice." Lindie caressed her calves before removing her feet from the dash. She unbuttoned her wet hiking shorts and struggled to pull them off. They were stuck to her like glue. When she finally slid her legs and feet out of the shorts, she paused for a moment. She could tell Randy was struggling to keep his eyes on the road. She set her dry shorts to the side for a moment, and slowly unbuttoned her soaked shirt.

Randy was perspiring and reached for the heater control.

"Please don't turn the heat off." Lindie purred. "It feels so good in here." She caressed her bare breasts and slowly pulled her arms out of the shirt.

"Do you want to look at me?" Lindie asked as she reached her hand behind his head.

Randy nodded.

"Pull over. I don't want to distract you from driving any more than I already have." Lindie said as she backed up against the door and spread her legs.

Randy pulled off the road as carefully as he could without looking at her. She was obviously naked, in his truck, and very 'open.' His girlfriend had broken up with him over a year ago, and he wondered if a pretty girl would ever give him the time of day again.

"Now what, missy?" Randy asked as he kept his eyes forward.

"Can we just sit here a bit while my clothes dry?" Lindie asked.

"Sure, ma'am." Randy said.

"You can call me Lindie, okay?" Lindie said as she slid closer to him.

"O-Okay," Randy stuttered. "Lindie." It sounded nice when he said it.

"Would you like me to turn on the radio?" Randy asked.

"Sure. Would you like to touch me?" Lindie asked as she placed his large right hand on her left knee.

It was soft. It felt nice. Lindie pulled his hand up to her inner thigh, and it felt even nicer.

"Town's just up the road," Randy said nervously.

"I'm so glad you picked me up, Randy. I'd really like to thank you for not leaving me out in the cold rain." Lindie said as she put her left hand on Randy's right knee. He jumped slightly.

"That's okay. I was headed this way, anyway." Randy said shyly. Lindie felt her pussy become warm and wet.

"Look at me, Randy. It's okay." Lindie pulled his hand all the way to her pussy as he looked into her eyes.

"My hands aren't clean."

"They're clean enough." Lindie smiled as she reached for Randy's pulsing cock. She carefully unzipped his coveralls as he raised the steering wheel.

Randy's cock smelled like it hadn't been washed in days, but it was rigid and ready.

His cock had fucked only one girl, and she had been his high school sweetheart. Lindie swirled her tongue around the tip before taking his shaft all the way down her throat.

Randy was quick to come, much to Lindie's delight. He filled her mouth as if he hadn't ejaculated in months. Lindie gulped and almost choked, but she swallowed every drop before sitting up.

"Did you like that, Randy?"

"Oh yes ma'am… Lindie!" Randy said nervously. Lindie smiled as if she was just given the ultimate compliment and leaned back down over his crotch.

"Do you mind if I do that again?" Lindie asked between licks of his shaft.

"Lindie? Are you sure you don't want me to do anything for you?"

"Oh, you're doing a lot for me, Randy. This is just what I needed!" Lindie said before deep-throating his growing, thick shaft again.

Randy looked down at Lindie's beautiful body as her head bobbed up and down on his dick. He reached down and as he caressed her back, he wondered if he had ever felt anything so soft. He let his large hand drift down further to her ass and gently squeezed her cheeks and thighs.

Lindie reached back with a free hand and guided one of his thick fingers into her asshole.

Randy was a little shocked at first. He never fingered a girl's ass, and was a little bit disgusted by it. That feeling changed when Lindie moaned, and then he pushed his finger in deeper.

Randy came again, filling Lindie's mouth with come, though not as much as the first time. She once again gulped, suppressed a choke, and then ran her tongue over her teeth to show him she swallowed it all. As she sat up, she pushed her ass back onto his hand and rocked back and forth. Her full breasts jiggled as her backward thrusts on his hand became more abrupt.

"I have to go, soon." Lindie said unexpectedly. "Do you want to have sex with me before I get out?"

"Regular sex, right?" Randy was almost afraid to ask. The thought of putting his dick in a girl's ass never crossed his mind.

"My butt, my pussy, both… whatever you want. You deserve it. But you have to be quick." Lindie said as she sat up and off of his hand. She put her left foot behind his head and her right foot on his wet dick. Her feet were soft and felt cool against his warm skin.

"Shouldn't I use a condom?" Randy asked, mostly out of concern for his own protection.

"Do you have one?" Lindie asked, surprised.

"No." Randy answered, embarrassed.

"Well, I think we'll be okay. But if you don't want me…" Lindie said as she started to pull her legs back.

Randy grabbed her legs and pulled himself on top of Lindie. He kissed her deeply and groped at her breasts with huge, unskilled hands. He pulled his arms out of his coveralls and pulled his uniform down below his thighs.

His cock was inside her within seconds.

She brought her legs up around his waist, and then onto his shoulders. He kissed Lindie all over her face, and then kissed and licked her feet and ankles.

As Lindie expected, he didn't last long. Something strange had happened as he completed his last few thrusts inside her. She felt a very slight pain, followed by a feeling that something was being torn inside her.

She looked down and gasped as Randy withdrew his cock from her pussy. It was covered in blood. She hoped it was her blood and not his. Randy was practically in shock.

"Are you a virgin or something?" Randy asked, realizing that if she was before, she wasn't now.

"No, I mean yes… I mean… not exactly." Lindie answered, flustered. It was more blood than what her girlfriends described when they talked about losing their virginity. It had to be something else.

"Um, I don't mean to gross you out, but I think…" Lindie started.

"You're having your period?" Randy asked in disgust. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know!" Lindie exclaimed.

"All over my truck! I've got to work in this thing. Now, there's blood everywhere!" Randy was beside himself. He made it out to be worse than it really was, but Lindie wasn't going to argue.

"I'll help you clean it up." Lindie smiled, trying to calm him. She leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, but he moved away.

"That's okay. I think you'd better just get cleaned up." Randy said as he reached behind the bench seat for a roll of paper towels.

They cleaned themselves as best as they could, and then Randy pulled back onto the highway while Lindie dressed.

Lindie only had a few hundred dollars left, but she hoped it would be enough to get her to her sister. Randy had dropped her off at one of the nicer motels in town, and Lindie quickly showered and changed into warmer, drier clothes.

She was only fifty miles from her sister's campground. The postcard said she would be there the following weekend, so Lindie thought she might spend a few days in this quaint little town.

The old woman at the front desk was nice enough to lend her an umbrella as Lindie set out for some dinner. The town square was small, and Lindie's dining options were presented rather quickly. Of the diner, a coffee shop, an Italian restaurant, and an ice cream parlor, she opted for the diner.

Lindie had brewed plenty of bad coffee while managing the tavern back in Seattle. She was almost comforted by the familiar smell and taste. Those were less-complicated times.

The bell on the door brought her out of a trance as she watched a group of rough-looking men taking their seats in the booth across from her. Three black men, two white, and all with bizarre tattoos. They didn't look like they were from this town. They eyed Lindie as much as she eyed them, and drew the same conclusion about her.

"You just passing through, too, slim?" One of the rough men asked Lindie.

"Yeah, just passing through." Lindie said before taking another sip of coffee. At five feet, seven inches tall, and 135 pounds, the soon-to-be twenty-one year-old hardly felt slim. Her calves and hips were muscular, and her breasts were full, yet firm. 'Slim?' she thought to herself.

She felt an unusual tenderness in her breasts and brought her arms in front of her, elbows close together on the table, and held the coffee mug to her lips.

"You need a ride? You look like you need a ride." The other men chuckled at the statement.

"No thanks. I'm not sure when I'm leaving." Lindie said nervously. She clenched her coffee mug, hoping she had the strength to break it – and possibly their skulls – but the mug survived.

"Maybe you're looking for a date?" One of the black men in the group asked.

"No. I'm not interested. Sorry." Lindie was getting increasingly uncomfortable. By now, her skin should have paled and her teeth and nails should have turned razor-sharp. Instead, she felt cold and vulnerable.

"What? You got a problem with dark meat?" One of the black men asked.

"No, I've been with a lot of…" Lindie stopped. That was a poor choice of words.

"She's been with a lot of dark meat! All at once? Lucky us! She's used to pulling trains!" Another black man hollered.

"I didn't say that. You're putting words in my mouth." Lindie stopped again, realizing she wasn't helping the situation.

"Would you rather we put something else in your pretty little mouth?" One of the white men asked, mockingly.

Since puberty, Lindie had developed an ability to read people's minds. That ability, at it's strongest, was almost maddening as it was difficult to not listen to everything that everyone around her was thinking. Her sense of smell allowed her to know the sexual history of everyone around her, down to the minutest detail as if written on his or her bodies for her to read at her leisure. In this diner, though, she knew and felt nothing but fear. Her fear.

The little old man behind the counter looked worried for Lindie, and she knew there would be nothing he could do if they tried anything with her. She thought it best to take her chances outside.

Without looking at them, Lindie stood up and left a few dollars on the counter, then walked out of the diner. Her stomach cramps stopped hours ago, but now she was afraid she was getting an upset stomach from being nervous.

The rough-looking men waited less than a minute, and then followed.

Lindie looked over her shoulder to see the three black men walking quickly behind her, closing the gap between them. She realized she had forgotten the old woman's umbrella at the diner as it started to rain again. The men behind her were laughing at her, calling out obscenities, making Lindie even more frightened. She thought there had been five of them, but when she turned around, she could only see three.

Suddenly, a panel van screeched to a stop next to her. The side door slid open and she was pushed inside. She bumped her head on something, and then someone held a cloth to her face. Everything went dark.

* * *

Lindie pretended to still be unconscious as she heard one of the rough men position himself between her legs. Whatever drug they had used on her, she may as well have still been unconscious. She was unable to open her eyes or move any other part of her body.

But she could breathe, she could smell, and she could hear the squirmy noises her body made as someone filled her orifices.

"Hey J.J., what do you want me to do with her clothes? They smell like shit." One of the men called out.

The man between her legs paused for a moment and called back. "Toss them in the furnace with the rest of her stuff. We've got new outfits for her. She won't be needing those anymore."

J.J. went back to fucking Lindie's limp body, talking to himself. "I told Tyrone not to use so much. They always shit and piss all over themselves when you use too much." She could feel his come leave his body and enter hers. Her pussy twitched and she hoped he hadn't noticed.

"Hey J.J., let me drop my dick in her ass, now." One of the black men called from another room.

"In a minute!" J.J. replied.

"You better not be tapping her ass, J.J. I got first dibs on that today 'cause I cleaned the bitch up. That ain't fun you know." The black man continued.

"I haven't fucked her ass, today, Tyrone. If you didn't have such a big dick, you wouldn't have to go last all the time!" J.J. called back as he withdrew his limp cock from Lindie's pussy.

She felt a cool breeze on her skin as she heard the door open and close. She wondered how long she had been out. She also wondered how many times she'd been fucked since she had been pushed into the van. She tried desperately to open her eyes, but the room was dark and she couldn't tell if her eyes were open or not. Seconds later, she was asleep again.

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