tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsey's Job Ch. 01

Lindsey's Job Ch. 01


"Lindsey go to my office. I'll be there in 15 minutes or so."

The petit blond MILF, hung her head on the verge of tears and nearly ran out of the kitchen. The other chefs looked at each other and steadily avoided my gaze. They knew she was fired.

I nodded to my Sous Chef and said, "Find the Bar Manager and meet me in the empty banquet room in 5 minutes." I turned to the rest of the people and said in my "kitchen voice" "OK everyone show's over. Let's get this cleaned up and finish serving this party."

The crew went back to their jobs instantly and less than 3 minutes later all the food was plated and in their respective warming boxes.

After speaking with the manager and my number 2 I proceeded to my office. This could get ugly but I was pretty sure I knew what to do.

I quietly stepped into my office to see Lindsey struggling to keep her composure. It was obvious she had just finished crying. Her long lashes were still wet but she was being brave. I took off my toque and tossed it into the chair next to her. Then I walked around to sit at my desk. I lit a cigarette and sat down as calmly as I could.

"PLEASE DON'T FIRE ME!! i NEED MY JOB. MY KIDS WILL STARVE!", She pleaded. Now I knew this to be partly bullshit but I let her go on. She burst into tears again.

I tried to talk but she just kept crying harder. Finally I said, "Lindsey, here's my room key. Go take a shower, have a drink and compose yourself." This was not an uncommon but it was something I usually granted as a reward. My room at the resort had a full bar and was always clean. If we had a particularly rough day or someone did an outstanding job under the usual stress I sent them to my room for a shower and a cocktail or two. There was nothing sexual about this and everyone knew it. At one time or another all of my employees had been there and enjoyed the amenities.

She looked up at me in disbelief. Her eyes searched mine and before she could speak again I said, "Go before I change my mind. I'll be along in a little while." When she reached the door I said, "When I get there we're going to talk. No more tears, OK?"

She shook her head and disappeared.

I went back out into the kitchen and got a status report. All party goers had entrees and it would be another half hour until dessert service to begin. The bar manager came by and said, "Great idea, Chef. Looking forward to having the help." I nodded and left the kitchen. On my way to my room I made up my mind. If she was smart and took my offer she'd still be employed. If she gave me ANY shit she was gone. Lindsey was a decent cook. She was on time for every shift. She was even pretty talented. But this was going to be the first time I had to fire someone because they were a fucking clutz. It was so bad that she was endangering others. Fortunately it was all documented.

I tapped at the room door to let her know I was there. I let myself in and called her name. She answered from the sitting area. The room was a suite with a separate bedroom and living room. The air was humid from her shower but at least she wasn't bawling. I walked in and seeing she was only wearing a towel, walked to the bar and got a diet coke from the fridge.

Opening it up I looked at her and said, "Lindsey go into the bathroom and put your clothes on. Sorry to get back before you could finish." I wanted to give her every chance in the world. I had a proposition for her but not the kind she was thinking. While she got dressed another proposition popped to mind.

She came back out in her chef's uniform and sat down on the couch. I instituted a policy of shorts when I took the job. Most people didn't think you were wearing pants because the apron hung below your shorts. This wasn't helping my imagination at all.

Before I could start explaining what I had in mind Lindsey told me that this would be her 3rd job in less than a year and that her husband would start smacking her around again. She explained what an abusive relationship she was in and that she was sure this would make him do something bad.

"Please don't fire me. I'll do whatever you want me to. I'll wash dishes, I'll clean the dumpster anythign just don't fire me!" She started crying again.

"Stop!" I said in my kitchen voice. It's like a stage voice in that you are speaking very loud in order to be heard over all the equipment. You can't yell because your voice would be destroyed in a day. You learn to speak really loud without yelling. In the quiet room it echoed.

"Here's the deal, Lindsey. I'm going to make you the F&B coordinator. Your schedule is going to fluctuate. Can you handle this?"

She blinked at me. I could tell that this was not what she expected. "But I thought..." she stammered.

"You thought you were going to be let go. I understand. There's a few things about this job that you need to be willing to do." I stated. Anyone who worked for me knew my serious voice. They quickly learned that if you didn't listen when I spoke your ass WAS out the door.

"Whatever you want. Just ask" she promised. Now my brain was in overtime. Here sat a cute blond spinner with the most incredible ass I'd ever seen.

"Before I explain it all to you I want you to understand something: you will do what I ask you to. "No" is not in your vocabulary." I looked her in the eyes and could see that what I was saying struck her. You could see from her expression the idea was getting across.

I got up to get another soda and when I turned back her chef's coat was wide open revealing two lovely "B" cup breasts and she was tugging at her apron strings revealing the ass I had so many nasty thoughts about.

"Lindsey stop" I said in a much softer voice. I turned my back again and said "please put yourself back together." I turned back just in time to see the white lovely firm ass disappear behind white cloth again.

I sat down looking at her waiting for her to sit down. She turned red as I gestured for her to sit again. "Why did you do that? The last guy who fired me wanted to fuck me. I didn't because he was an asshole." she said very quietly.

"Lindsey you are a lovely woman and I'll admit I've had thoughts about you. But this isn't a one time thing. If you take this job you will be at my beck and call. You will do what I tell you when I tell you. Do you understand what I am saying. Honey I'll expect you to do things you probably have never even thought of let alone heard of. It's completely up to you." I explained to her. I was being reasonable and giving her every out I could.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked. You could tell from her expression that she was willing to let me fuck her right then and there.

"I want you to go home and think about this. I'm not asking for a decision now. If you are here tomorrow at 9:00 am dressed presentably but not too nicely I'll presume you've accepted my offer. Does that work for you?"

Now she was completely confused. She thought I was going to make her do all these nasty things right then and there and I was turning her loose. Her lovely blue eyes studied my face as I lit a cigarette and sipped my coke.

"OK. What time tomorrow?" she asked. Her face showed some hope.

"9:00 am. I'll be in my office."

The next morning she show's up dressed to the nines.

"Lindsey, go home. Put on jeans or whatever but be ready to work. You'll be in the storeroom most of the day. Dress appropriately please." She was speechless. She hauled ass right out while I admired that incredible ass under her skirt moving smartly down the hall and out the door.

She spent the next week reorganizing and cleaning storerooms, wine cellars, and walk in refrigerators. She did all the "been meaning to's" that had been on my list for months. In the meantime I was so fucking busy with banquets and opening another restaurant that I rarely saw her other than in my office at 9:00 am and when she left for the day.

One night after a particularly long and busy day I was having a drink with my number two. He told me that everyone thought I'd be fucking that little dish and when I wasn't they all thought I was gay. This from a man who knew I once had two girls in my room for three days straight getting fucked every which way. He laughed and said it was a good thing having Lindsey working out of the kitchen where she couldn't hurt anybody. Then he asked if I knew of her husband.

"No what's with him?"

"He owns one of the largest car dealerships in the state. Big time money and big time asshole. I guess if you're not fucking her now there's no need to warn you off." He just smiled and launched into a story about the time he got caught licking the ass of the Hotel Director when her husband walked in on them.

The next day right at 9:00 am Lindsey shows up at my door. She was wearing a short sleeved shirt and old jeans that fit her like a second skin. She gave me a cheerful hello and sat down in the chair across from me. "What's on the agenda for today?"

We had just had one of the busiest months and I was looking forward to some down time. I knew there was really nothing to do that day.

"Lindsey are you happy with your new job? Is everyone being nice?" I asked sipping my coffee.

"Yeah they have been. It was a little awkward at first because everyone thought I was having sex with you. But now it's just great!" Her southern accent was coming through. I was starting to get hard.

"I wanted to talk to you about that. Come with me" I said standing up. I had already given instructions for the day and had Lindsey was suddenly off the schedule so nobody would be expecting her. It was still early enough that the halls would be clear so no gossip would be caused.

We chatted about everything while walking to my room. We went via the executive offices so that anyone who noticed us would think nothing of it. The folks in the office didn't know her so everything was cool. We got to my room and I had just closed the door behind us and she was all over me. Being so petit she practically jumped on me. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and we shared a long deep kiss.

I peeled her off of me and sat her down on the couch. I went to the bar and fixed Bloody Marys. The burn of the alcohol felt good on the back of my throat and I knew she would be feeling nub shortly.

"Lindsey do you recall our discussion here last month?" Christ had it been that long?

"Oh yeah. I've been thinking about it every day" she said.

"Stand up, Honey and take off that shirt."

Her small 5 foot frame rose from the couch. Her fingers quickly unbuttoned her shirt and soon her bra joined it on the floor. She stood there with her small "B" cup tits and their hard long nipples pointed right at me feeling a little awkward. When I made no move to touch her or say anything she started to cover them with her arm.

"Stop. I want to see you. All of you. Remember you will do what I tell you." I said. I lit a cigarette and admired her lovely breasts. "Take off your jeans."

She could see that this was not going to be how she wanted it. She unbuttoned her jeans. Because they were pretty tight she performed the most erotic shimmy I had ever seen getting out of them. Her ass was amazing in how she worked the denim over her hips and down her short legs. She peeled her panties off next and stood before me. Her eyes were fixed on the floor as I approached. My fingertips brushed lightly from her left ear, down over her throat then across her nipples. They crinkled and became rock hard.

"You are a lovely woman. Are you ready to obey me? Are you ready to do everything I say?" I asked softly. This was it. If she said no I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do.

"Yes. I will do whatever you want. I want to do whatever you tell me. PLEASE tell me what to do" she said in the most supplicant way imaginable.

"Go tun on the shower. Make sure the water is warm but now hot." She turned around treating me to the wonderful site of her ass as she obeyed.

I joined her in the bathroom where I made her was me while she stood out of the tub. I made sure she paid particular attention to my cock, balls and asshole. She was reluctant to touch my asshole but I growled at her and she soon fingered soap into me making me clean as a whistle. Then I had her dry me completely. Then it was her turn in the shower. I made her turn her wonderful ass towards me while she wormed a soapy finger up her ass to the last knuckle. When I was satisfied I pulled her out of the shower and toweled her off. Her nips were so hard and inviting it was almost painful to resist sucking on them.

The effects of the drinks made her slightly unsteady as we went back to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and made her kneel in front of me.

"Lick my balls" I told her. She looked at me startled and hesitated.

"Now, I said."

She nuzzled my balls and lapped at my nuts. After a few seconds I looked down at her and said, "Now suck my cock."

She grasped the shaft and swallowed the head. She sucked really hard. So hard that I thought she left a mark.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

She looked confused. "Sucking you." She said after pulling her mouth away. Her eyes started to tear up.

"Lindsey were you a virgin when you got married?" I asked.

"What's that got to do with anything? My husband always comes fast when I do this!" She was getting pissed.

It all made sense now. Big shot hubby who doesn't know how to fuck. Marries little country girl who never had fucked. Jesus this was getting messy.

I reached down and pulled her up to straddle me. My saliva covered cock found her pussy and in one thrust was balls deep into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. I reached down to check that I actually was in her pussy it was so tight. I started long slow thrust all the way out and back in. By the 8th or 9th thrust she whispers "Don't come in me. I get pregnant."

Now I was pissed. I pushed her off of me onto the bed. "Lindsey I want you to understand something. You are mine to do whatever I please. We're going to be here all day. You are going to learn how to please me. You are going to become a world class cocksucker. You are going to be fucked in every which way. Today I won't cum in your pussy. That leaves your mouth and your asshole." Her eyes widened at the thought. Obviously she hadn't had anal sex before. "This is going to be a learning experience for you but you will not leave this room until I tell you. Do you understand?"

She was in a panic. You could tell she wasn't prepared for what I had in store for her. You could also tell she was eager to do all the things I had just said. She was just so naive and so inexperienced.

"On your face" I commanded. She laid down with her legs slightly apart. I got down with my face right up to those fantastic ass cheeks. I held them in my hands feeling their firm roundness. I caressed them holding them apart to see a perfect pink asshole. My first tentative lick sent her off the bed and she clenched her cheeks together.

I slapped her ass hard. The sound was startling in the quiet room. It was meant to sting not hurt. I'm sure she was used to having her asshole husband abuse her in bed. "Don't do that again, Lindsey. My next slap won't be such a 'love tap'."

She obeyed whimpering.

This time I held her cheeks far apart and buried my face between them. My tongue stabbed into her asshole which she held as tight as she could. I knew she couldn't keep that up indefinitely so I just continued. I slid my hand down pressing my fingers alongside her clit. When I gently rolled it with my thumb her head came off the bed but this time she didn't clench her ass. Good! She was learning. I just kept licking her asshole and massaging her clit until I felt her asshole loosen. Soon I was probing into her ass just at the muscle. Suddenly She pressed back against my face and I felt a flood of liquid over my fingers and she cried out. Her asshole spasmed and I knew she was coming. I just kept licking and caressing and her orgasm seemed to go on forever.

I slowed the gentle rubbing of her clit while continuing to lick her asshole to let her come back to earth. I rolled her over to see her eyes wide and her nipples standing out hard and erect. I pushed a pillow under her ass and stroked her clit with my tongue. She gasped as I flicked my tongue softly faster and faster up and down against her clit. She moaned louder and I tasted the sweet juice drooling from her cunt. With my free hand I rummaged in the night stand for the little bottle of olive oil I keep there. I pulled the stopper (no easy feat considering what else I was doing) and rubbed my finger over the top. I then slid that finger down to her asshole wiping the oil on it. I continued this while licking her sweet pussy until I judged there was enough to ease a finger in her. She tensed at first but I slide a finger in her pussy. As soon as she relaxed I slide both fingers deep; one in her asshole and the other in her equally tight pussy. She howled and came. She came and came until I thought she would pass out.

I pulled my fingers out of her and stroked her legs letting her cool down. When her breathing came back to normal I slide up between her legs. Holding my rock hard cock I pushed the head right up to her clit. I slid up and down rubbing it gently but firmly. I pushed it down to her cunt just inside. She pulled up her legs and I pushed farther down to the entrance of her asshole. I rested the head there for a second or two then pulled up into her pussy then back up to her clit. I continued this up and down to get her used to the rhythm. When she seemed relaxed enough I rested my cock at the entrance to her asshole and then using my thumb gently I caressed her clit until her legs began the little shake that told me she was about to cum. When her lips parted to cry out I leaned back pushing my cock into her ass and I increased the pressure on her clit. Her moan became a loud cry as the orgasm seized her and broke hard. Her nipples were nearly an inch long and her entire body shook. I tried to stay as still as possible through it all while I witnessed an incredibly intense orgasm. I somehow managed to hold off while her asshole convulsed along with her pussy. Just as I judged she was finished I pulled her up to straddle me. My cock impaled her tight little asshole and I held her rock hard ass cheeks in my hands. Her eyes flew wide open when she felt the length and thickness deep inside her no longer virgin asshole.

The sensation of her incredibly tight asshole struggling to accept all of me up and down and all over my cock was amazing. Not moving I savored the feeling not believing I could hold off much longer. I thrust my pubic bone forward to rub against her clit. The movement wasn't more than a half inch or so of cock in her ass but the results against her clit was startling. I looked into her eyes and she gasped out "Bite my nipples!"

I leaned forward taking one in my mouth and I gently nibbled.

"HARDER! Bit it!" she screamed. I bit harder and felt her asshole convulse. It was like a million tiny fingers squeezing me from the root to the head and I came. My cock grew slightly more and she creamed in my ear and I shot hard into her. Each jet of cum from my cock into her asshole made me cry out with her as we both experienced intense, convulsive orgasms. After what felt like a gallon of cum came out of me I finally caught my breath. I gently laid her back down on the bed and eased my cock from her asshole. I stroked her hair and kissed her softly. She laid there whimpering and cooing. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash off. When I came back to bed she was sleeping. I lay next to her and she reached for me clinging like a child. We both drifted off.

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