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Lingerie Hostess With The Mostest


When I was in college, I used to work for a company that held lingerie parties at people's homes. These parties were usually a group of wives and girlfriends, but I did do a few parties for couples, as well. I would bring catalogues and samples, and well as a variety of lingerie to model. At first, the items modeled were fairly tame, but as the evening wore on and more booze flowed I'd bring out more exotic wear. My final outfit that I closed the party with was a white satin teddy, with lace panties. I would wear black spike heels, and top it off with a short black and red satin cape, that was down past my rear. It amazed me how many of those I sold, especially at couple's parties! As the show was over, I would usually just grab my gym bag, and walk to my car dressed in the teddy and cape. A short drive home, and I was done for the evening.

One party, when it was over, I was done all right, but before I even got to my car! It was a Halloween night party, and it started after the trick-or-treaters had called it a night. I had just concluded the party, and was walking to my car, again in teddy and cape. This party was held at an apartment complex, and I was parked some distance away. I wasn't too worried, however, as it was very late, and it seemed I was alone. It was another typical warm Southern California night, and my cape flitted and billowed as I walked, and my heels clicked on the pavement. I secretly enjoyed this time after a party, as I was pretty turned on by all the festivities, and being dressed very provocatively in public was very tantalizing!

As I turned a corner, I almost bumped into three young men, who were sitting on a bench, looking like they were just hanging out. In less than a second, they were on their feet, and as the shock wore off, I realized I was in a predicament. They tried to surround me, and I turned my back to a low wall, so they couldn't get behind me.

"You don't look like a trick to me," one said, "I think you're a treat!"

"Nice costume." another commented.

"Don't even think it," I warned. I don't think I sounded convincing though, as I knew I probably would lose this one. Outnumbered and vulnerable, I dropped my bag. I reached back with both hands to collect my cape around me, and as I did so, I was unable to stop the hand that reached out and grabbed my 34C breast. I closed my eyes and stiffened as he grabbed and fondled my breast. Part of me was very scared that they would hurt me, and I let out a small whimper. The other part of me was getting turned on with the excitement of raw sex.

Both of my arms were grabbed roughly, and I was dragged stumbling across the walk to a small picnic area in the complex. The force on my arms bent me over the table, and I felt hands reach up my teddy, and rub my butt and my crotch. Another couple of hands held me in position by the neck, and my arms were released. The hands on my ass reached inside my panties, tickling my lower lips and tugging at my pubic hair. My breathing began to increase, and I moaned slowly as the fingers in my panties wiggled against my clit. I became lost in the sensations, and relaxed my arms and back. The fight was leaving me, quickly!

I was lifted up and turned around. It was really dark, and the only view I got of my captors was that of shadows. My butt was lifted onto the table, and I was pushed onto my back. I felt a face against my panties, and I laid my legs over his shoulders. He was nuzzling my pussy, and the tingling was great! I heard the rustle of clothes dropping, and another guy climbed up on the table, over my head. I began breathing through my mouth, and as I did so, the tip of his cock brushed against my lips. I flicked against it with my tongue, and could taste the saltiness from his opening. He then pushed his cock at my mouth more urgently, and I opened my mouth to suck him, if only to avoid being choked!

My right arm was grabbed at the wrist, and pulled out to my side, and a third cock was placed in my hand. I massaged it with my fingers, stroking it as it grew to full length. Meanwhile, the guy at my crotch was trying to remove my panties with his teeth. He had a good hold of them, and I lifted my hips off the table to help him. The cock in my mouth was fully erect now, and about 7 inches long. He would thrust in part way a few times, then one full push to the back of my throat. He was letting me breathe by doing this, and at the same time, I was able to use my tongue to please him as well. I kept stroking the guy in my hand, too, and I could feel him stiffen as I touched his pleasure center.

My panties were off now, and I felt a pressure at my crotch, as he used his finger to open me. I was pretty well lubed by now, and he slid in easily. Then he used two fingers, stretching me slightly, and massaging my inside spot as well. I couldn't help myself now. I was totally in their control, and out of my mind! I was reacting to the pure pleasures being generated by my body, and I used my free hand to grope the sac of the guy in my mouth. I was moaning and gasping as each of them hit my sweet spots, sometimes at the same time! I felt the fingers in my pussy withdraw, only to be replaced with a rock-hard penis. He lined up and penetrated me with one thrust, and my eyes rolled back in my head as he did so. I had never had sex like this before, and I loved it!

My teddy was lifted up to my neck, and rough hands massaged my boobs, and teased my nipples to hardness. I lost track of everything except the relentless pounding in my mouth and pussy, and as time went on, the guy in my mouth quickened his pace, and I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. Seconds later, he was erupting in my mouth, and I swallowed it as quickly as I could. Even so, I almost choked, as he seemed to have a gallon of cum stored up!

The guy in my hand pulled away, and hopped up onto the table as well. I reached up to grab his cock, and guide it into my mouth. I used my tongue on his shaft, and massaged his balls with my fingers. Meanwhile, the guy in my pussy was pumping me for all he was worth, and fingering my clit, to boot! If it weren't for the cock in my mouth, I would have been screaming for more! He rammed his cock home, fully inserting it to the point where our pubic bones ground together, and he ejaculated his seed into my womb. By this time, I didn't care if I got impregnated; the pleasure was too much! I tightened my vaginal walls as tight as I could, milking his rod for every drop.

When he withdrew, the last guy to cum pulled out of my mouth, and leapt between my legs. He used his cock head to tease my clit, and then pushed his way inside. He didn't last long, and as he pumped away, I began to use my fingers on my clit, rubbing furiously. Each time they switched, I was very close to orgasming, and since they were getting theirs, I was going to get mine! Unfortunately, my hand-job was better than his stamina, and he, too, placed his load of semen in me. Again, before I was ready! As he withdrew, I turned my head, and realized that the others were dressed. As I sat up, the third guy got dressed as well.

They all just turned and left me there. I was so shocked; I just sat there with my jaw hanging. They took off in a direction different from where we came from, so I knew that following them was pointless. I got to my feet, and realized that they kept my panties! Shaking my head, I went back to where I had dropped my bag. I had no modesty by this point, and let the cape loose about me as I walked. I got my bag and finally made it to my car. I tossed it in the trunk, and since I was still unsatisfied, I leaned against my car with my legs spread and masturbated right there in full view! I know a few cars came by, and got a terrific view, but by then, I didn't care! After a couple of minutes, I felt the familiar wave of pleasure crash over me, and I got in my car and went home. This wasn't the only sexcapade I had doing lingerie parties, but it was one of the wildest!

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