tagIncest/TabooLingerie Lust Ch. 01

Lingerie Lust Ch. 01


This story is pure fiction.


Lingerie Lust - 01.

"Hi Mum. I'm home."

"In the kitchen, Deb," I called.

My daughter came through, gave me a peck on the cheek and asked, "Any tea in the pot, Mum?"

"Yes, I just made a fresh pot. Help yourself." She poured herself a cup and sat down opposite me. "Any luck?" I asked. Debbie had been out on an interview for a job, her fourth this week.

"I think I've got a good chance with this one," she responded. "They'll let me know but the manager seemed quite keen; she asked me lots of questions. The starting money's not brilliant but that's just for the first 13 weeks' training. If they keep me on after that the money's better and I get a 10% staff discount. Free uniform and subsidised meals at the staff canteen."

"When would you start, if they took you on?"

"Monday week, 6 o'clock in the morning until 2:30." Deb pulled a face, she doesn't like early mornings too much. "But the shifts rotate, one week on early, the next on late. Plenty of overtime if I want it."

"Well, I hope you get this one." The poor girl had been looking for work for the past month since her exam results weren't good enough to get her the college place she'd been hoping for and, at 18 and facing her life, she didn't want to be out of work. "Do you have any plans for Tuesday evening?" I asked.

"Nothing special, Mum. Why?"

"Well, there's a chance to earn some extra money for us if you like. You know Jane runs that lingerie and adult toy catalog?" Debbie nodded so I continued. "She is holding a sales party on Tuesday and she asked me if you and I would model the goods for her: me for the fuller, mature figure and you for the slim-line look."

Jane had been a friend of mine for many years - she was the kind of woman who got into every selling fad. Maybe Deb and I were a good choice for models because you would hardly think of us as mother and daughter, we were so unalike. At 38 years old my hips had spread a little and my bust is a generous 38D although without too much sag. Not a lot of fat on my body as I was careful with my diet and exercised regularly, I was just naturally big. My hair is a riot of chestnut curls. Debbie, on the other hand, was one of those people who could eat anything they liked and it just never showed. Her 34A breasts topped a boyishly slim figure and her best features were her long blonde hair like strands of fine gold falling dead straight to the middle of her back and her long nipples which, perched on her small breats, looked huge.

"She'll cut us in on the commission. Are you on?"

"Hang on, Mum. Who's going to be there? What does she want us to do? I mean, I'm not so sure about parading in public in just my underwear."

"It's just going to be a few of her women friends, she's planning for about a dozen, maybe 15. All she wants us to do is pose in the stuff. Live models, she reckons, mean lots more sales."

"No men? Are you sure?"

"Absolutely no men, just us girls. Jane was very clear on that - it was the first thing I asked. She will have samples of most of the stuff in both our sizes: all we have to do is work our way through the catalogue."

"Well, I suppose so, Mum, if you think it's all right."

"I reckon we'll have some fun - beats watching the soaps anyway," I grinned, picked up the phone and punched out Jane's number. "Hi, Jane. It's Meg. Yes, Debbie has agreed so we'll be there on Tuesday." Jane was enthusiastic and 'eternally grateful.' We chatted for a few minutes, arranging the time and exhanging gossip before we said our goodbyes.

"Well, that's all arranged, then Deb. Tuesday evening."


Tuesday dawned clear and bright - one of those lovely late summer days in England with the sun shining and the sky blue with puffs of cotton wool clouds. A refreshing breeze tempered the heat. The morning post brought the glad news that Debbie had been accepted for the job so it was in high spirits that we set out to drive across town at 6 o' clock in the evening. The party was timed for 7:00 and Jane asked us to get there half an hour early so she could show us what she wanted.

Jane greeted us both with a hug when she answered our ring on the doorbell. "Thanks for agreeing to be my models. I'm sure we'll have a great evening. Here's where the party will be ..." She opened the door on the right of the hall. We peered in and noticed the curtains were already closed tight. "No prying eyes outside, just us girls, nice and cosy." An assortment of chairs were arranged around the large room. "And this is where you'll change," she opened the door across the hall and ushered us in. There was a large dining table with two neat piles and a copy of the catalogue.

"Here," she informed us hurriedly, "I've marked in the catalog who will be wearing what, and added a couple of notes. There's a 'D' for your stuff, Debbie, and these are yours." She indicated one of the piles then turned to me and pointed to the other pile. "This is yours, Meg - I've marked you with an 'M' in the catalog. Now, what I'd like, to set the scene, is for you both to wear those French maids' outfits on top. Meg, will you greet our guests at the door? and Deb, if you could offer them a glass of wine or a coffee when the come in? Then," she hurried on, "when everybody's here, we'll get the show on the road. Some of the items have you both dressed the same, sometimes just one of you will be modelling, sometimes the other. I've marked them clearly in the book. Everything OK?" she asked. We both nodded. "Right, I'll leave you two to get changed into the maids' uniforms. Back in a tick, got things to do." Jane left the room at a bustle, closing the door behind her.

Debbie and I looked at each other and broke out into a fit of the giggles at Jane's madcap dash then we checked out our first items. Both maids' uniforms were black with white lace trim. The illustration and notes called for me to wear a black lace bra under mine and black lace pants with lots of frills. I was to wear fishnet tights. Debbie had a simple red thong, matching plain bra and suspenders and black stockings.

"Well, dear daughter, let's get to work." I said and started to remove my clothes.

She was reluctant so I said to her, firmly, "Come on now, Deb, you've nothing to be shy about with me." By now I was down to my underwear and unhooking my bra. She shyly turned her back and got undressed. I ignored her and stepped out of my pants. "Here goes," I thought to myself and plucked the fishnets from the top of my heap, stretching them up my legs before pulling the frilly pants on. I settled my breasts into the bra and reached behind to hook it up, noticing how it pushed me up, accentuating my generous cleavage before I stepped into the maid's dress and buttoned up the front. I completed the outfit with the frilly white cap which I pinned to my curls and slipped into the 4" pumps then, smoothing the dress down, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror Jane had provided.

"I once dressed like this for your father," I announced to Debbie as I preened myself. "I don't know what it is about these uniforms and men but he almost tore it off me." My husband had been killed in an industrial accident ten years ago and I still missed his loving. For a minute I was lost in those sweet memories until I dimly heard Debbie asking for my help. She was having trouble with the suspenders and getting her seamed stockings straight.

"Here, let me do that," I said, kneeling beside her and adjusting the fastenings. "There's a knack to getting these right. Back in the days before tights, we all did this." I noticed with some surprise that she was shaved bare. I helped her into the rest of her stuff then faced her to the mirror. I sensed that she was still apprehensive so I put my arms around her from the rear and gave her an encouraging hug. "You look fine, Deb. Just lovely." I spun her around in my arms and gave her a quick kiss, squeezed her hand and led her to the door. "Lets go face the world," I said. "Ready?" She took a deep breath to settle the butterflies then nodded.

I opened the door and stepped into the hall, still holding Debbie by the hand. "Let's find our hostess."

"Dressed like this, don't you mean mistress?" Debbie giggled nervously.

We found Jane in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee. "There you are!" she exclaimed. "Wow, you two look great. I knew I was right to ask you. You set each other off perfectly." Her grin was infectious and I could sense my daughter relaxing into her role.

"OK, Deb. Here's everything you need. Milk and cream in the fridge, here's the sugar and there's red or white wine for those who want it. Do me a favour, put these nibbles out on the tables next door, please."

As soon as Debbie left the room, Jane grabbed me and we leant into each other in a tongue-swapping kiss. We have been casual lovers for many years and I still thrilled to her hand squeezing my breast as we embraced. We broke off and she held me at arm's length: "You look good enough to eat, Meg. Will Deb be OK?"

I assured my friend that everything would be fine, but she might need a little coaxing, which I would handle.

"Right, then, I'll leave it to you. OK, you'll know several of the guests but some you don't. They're all nice girls, you'll like them."

Just then we heard the doorbell. "Here we go, Meg." She gave me another quick kiss and scooted me off to greet her guests.

There were three of them at the door, two of them I knew, the third was a lovely black girl. "Welcome to Jane's party, come right in." I smiled and led them to the dining room. "Debbie will look after you."

My daughter, looking lovely in her uniform, greeted them nervously and asked what she could get them then went out to the kitchen to fill their orders as the bell rang again. I knew these two as well, Jenny and her friend Lisa. I once had a bit of a crush, unrequited, on Jenny when she was two years ahead of me at school. I showed them both in then turned to welcome a group of four strangers. Teachers, I learned later, at one of the better girls' schools in town with ages ranging from early twenties to late forties. Next were two young women scarcely older than Debbie. I recognised them as checkout girls at the local supermarket where Debbie was to start on Monday. Then there were two Indian ladies beautifully dressed in rich silk saris. I passed them on to Deb who now seemed much more relaxed.

"Meg? Is that you, Meg?" I turned back to the door to see another old friend who hugged me tight and said I looked really sexy.

"Just helping a friend, Dawn. Good to see you again. I swear you get younger every year. How do you do it?"

"Sinful living," she laughed, "point me to the booze!" as she joined the crowd.

The bell rang again and I vaguely recognised one of the three as a teller at my local bank. She introduced her manager and colleague.

"There's just Donna to come now," Jane told me, glancing at her wrist watch. "We'll give her a couple of minutes then get started." No sooner had she spoken than the bell rang again. "That'll be her. Now we can get the ball rolling."

I opened the door to a young woman who could have been a Flamenco dancer, but her accent was pure Glasgow. Debbie brought her the glass of wine she requested and, when she was settled, Jane clapped her hands and announced, "Debbie and Meg have kindly agreed to model the latest lines to inflame your mens' passions!"

There was a ripple of laughter round the room then Jane asked me to step forward. "Have you all got a copy of the catalog? Good. Now on page four you'll see the creation Meg is wearing. It's fully washable so you don't have to worry about those 'accidental' stains and robust enough to resist his clutches. Now, if Meg will give us a twirl ... " At her request, I spun right around, allowing my full-pleated skirt to flare, revealing my underwear. "Thank you, Meg. A sight to show your 'old man', don't you think? Here, Meg, lift your skirt and show the ladies." I stepped forward, held my skirt up and walked round the room so all could see what I was wearing.

"Lovely, Meg. Now would you open the top and let us see the bra?" I opened the buttons and pulled the top aside, showing the bra, then decided to go the whole hog by allowing the dress to fall to my feet. I stepped out of it and paraded around the room in my undies to let everybody get a closer look while Jane was pointing out the features. "The bra and pants set is on page 37, ladies - near the bottom." As I passed close to her, she patted me on the rump and joked, "Pretty close to Meg's bottom, too! The fishnets are on page 16. Thank you, Meg. Our other little maid is the lovely Debbie." She beckoned my daughter forward as I moved back and stood in a pose in my underwear.

"Once again, this is fully washable. Debbie's skirt is straight so we wont be getting a twirl from her. That's it, Deb, move in a little closer, let the ladies see. Don't you just love those stockings?" Debbie was gaining confidence under the scrutiny of the guests when Jane motioned me forward. "Help her with the zip please, Meg. Zips are so much easier for clumsy-fingered men to get to the goodies underneath."

I moved behind Debbie and pulled the zip all the way down her back, but I felt her freeze. "It's OK, Debbie. Trust me," I whispered in her ear as I slipped the dress off and helped her step out of it. "Just walk around as if you were on the beach in your bikini." She was a vision in red as, at first hesitantly, she walked up and down.

"You'll find this set on page 36 and the nylons with the sexy seams on page 17. Thank you, Debbie. Thank you, Meg. You can go and get changed into the next set now. Ladies, a round of applause for Meg and Debbie!"

We left to the sound of them clapping and, as I closed the door behind us I told Debbie to go and get changed while I nipped into the kitchen and grabbed four glasses of wine. When I returned to the changing room with the wine my daughter was standing there in her undies, trembling with the reaction of what we had just done. I thrust a glass into Debbie's hand. "Drink that," I ordered. We both gulped the first glass down, I put the second glasses and the empties to one side then hugged her close to me. She was still shivering.

"Oh Mum, when you took your dress off I was so surprised."

"Well, they've come to see the underwear, Darling."

"I nearly died when I felt you taking my dress off. I only just made it after you told me about a bikini. Thanks, Mum."

"You're welcome, Precious." I took her face in my hands and kissed her firmly. "Now let's get changed. Are you OK now?" I passed out the second glass of wine which we again gulped down.

She gathered herself together - I saw a sudden change in her demeanour - and announced, "Right, Mum. Let's do it! Let's give 'em hell!"

Our next outfits were camisole and g-string sets in lace with strategically placed hearts although they failed to hide my thick bush. Hers was in blue and mine scarlet. We stripped and dressed quickly, linked hands, looked at each other, eyes sparkling, and almost bounced into the party room where we struck up a pose.

The hum of conversation died down and Jane announced, "Here they are! This camisole set comes in a variety of colours, ladies. Debbie is wearing the blue and Meg the red. We also have a lovely midnight blue, black and baby pink. Those pretty hearts are velvet and they're available in three sizes." We walked around the room for a couple of minutes before making our way back for the next change.

This one was just for me, according to the notes we had - a purple basque with black edgings and matching g-string. I borrowed the stockings Debbie had worn with her maid's uniform. After checking myself in the mirror I asked Deb to get another couple of glasses of wine while I was gone then returned to the show. Jane again gave the ladies details of what I was wearing and the colours available as I paraded around the room. I left on Jane's word and my daughter was there waiting with my wine. She was dressed in fake leopard skin cave-girl set - with bra and ragged-cut mini skirt. This time she was to be on her own in front of the crowd. I thanked her for the wine, gave her a hug and sent her on her way with a pat on the bum: "Go strut your stuff, Tiger!"

"Leopard, Mum!" she called over her shoulder, giggling as she went. Another solo for me - this one was a little more daring. It was a body stocking in black. The crotch was opaque although struggling to hold my thatch but the breast area was translucent and clearly showing everything. I finished my wine and waited for Debbie to return.

"Wow, Mum. That's a hottie!" she said when she saw me. I gave her a big grin and strutted through the door. My clothes caused a buzz of excitement around the room as Jane kept up her patter and I moved among the ladies. On her nod, I left and heard her assuring everyone, "They start getting hotter now, ladies!"

Debbie was already dressed for the next round which was for both of us. She wore another leopard print set, this time just bra and pants. Well, it was three none-too-large triangles fastened together with straps. The top bra straps were just lace ribbons tied in bows on her shoulders with similar bows at the waist. Mine was the same style, but in see-through nylon, leaving nothing to the imagination. This time I needed a couple of deep breaths. My daughter gave me a hug and said, "You'll be fine, Mum. You look lovely - you'll knock 'em out in that!" She led the way, I took another deep breath and followed her.

She was right, they loved us. Jane started into her routine of pages, sizes, colours, etc. then called Debbie to her. She had my daughter stand in front of her facing the audience. "This is what I like about this set." She pulled the bow on Debbie's right shoulder and allowed the triangle to fall down, exposing her breast. "Instant access! He'll love that!"

Deb moved around the room, I could see her eyes sparkling. She was enjoying this. I caught her eye and smiled at her. At one stage, she passed behind me and called out to the audience, "Shall we try these bows?" I felt a slight tug at the bows on either side of my waist. "She wouldn't dare," I thought as I heard them calling back, "Yes!" I felt the bows giving way and stood there as the triangle fell away and fluttered to the floor to their cheers. I decided to brazen it out and walked among them showing my all.

"Wonderful," called Jane. "I wonder what else these delightful models have to show us?" We exited to a round of applause.

As soon as we were alone I turned to Debbie. "You little vixen. Just you wait, I'll get my own back." But she could see I was laughing.

"You loved it, Mum, I know you did."

"Yes, and so did you when Jane bared your tit. Look at this!" I touched her nipple which was firming and growing.

"What's next, Mum? Let's give them a real show."

We checked the diminishing piles and the catalog. We were both to wear peephole bras and crotchless panties in leather. Mine was riveted with studs and hers had small silver chains. We quickly donned them and made for the door. Just before we entered I stopped Debbie and started pinching her nipples firmly to make them grow full size. They were awesome, standing erect and proud a full inch from her breasts. I pushed her into the room like that and quickly followed close behind. Jane extolled the virtues of these outfits and gave all the particulars then encouraged both of us to get close to the ladies so they could see. One of the Indian ladies reached out and tugged on Debbie's nipples. "Beautiful, my dear," she whispered. This seemed to start some kind of ball rolling as several more followed suit. One of them put her hand between my legs onto my bare pussy and conspiratorially said to her neighbour, "She's so wet down there," prompting the other one to check for herself.

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