tagIncest/TabooLingerie Lust Ch. 02

Lingerie Lust Ch. 02


This story is pure fiction.


My daughter, Debbie, and I were driving home after an evening spent modelling erotic lingerie for a friend.

As the evening had progressed, the lingerie had become more and more daring. We had finished up being almost naked and touched and fingered by the audience which had brought us both to a state of high arousal.

She had opened the front of her shirt and was fingering her long nipples. I kept glancing over, wishing it were my hand inside her shirt. Her other hand opened the zip on her jeans and slipped between her legs, caressing her mound. I saw her shudder as she probed a finger into herself and I almost missed a red light, braking at the last minute. She was unperturbed by the small emergency and continued to explore her body even as another car pulled alongside, the young woman in the driving seat staring at the erotic scene. As the lights turned green she blew the woman a kiss and I accelerated away, leaving the other driver rooted to the spot until I heard the sharp blast of a horn from a car behind her bringing her to her senses.

Debbie was now moaning as she continued to pull on her nipple. Her other hand came out of her jeans as she leant over and brought her fingers to my lips. I smelled her musky juices as she pushed her fingers into my mouth and I sucked and tasted her sweetness. She withdrew her hand and stroked my hair, her finger tracing round my ear and gently pinching the lobe, sending sweet shivers coursing through my body. The back of her hand gently stroked down my cheek; the back of her nails dragged down my neck and on to my breast. She cupped and squeezed the soft flesh, thumb and finger toying with my nipple through the T-shirt and bra before moving down over my quivering tummy as I pulled into our drive.

I locked the car as she hurried to open the front door. The door was still closing behind us when we locked our mouths together in a toe-curling kiss as I pulled her hot little body into mine. We broke off after half a century and I gasped, "My room!" We almost ran up the stairs, shedding clothes on the way. We were both topless when we reached the room and stripped our jeans and pants off in record time. I pulled her to me and thrust my tongue into her mouth, feeling hers probing back. Holding each other tightly, still kissing, we edged our way to the bed and fell onto it, side by side. writhing and wriggling to the centre.

I pulled away from Debbie's mouth, laid her flat on her back and planted kisses all over her face, her ears, her throat and wetly sucked at her shoulder. My right hand went down to her pussy, her bare mound briefly surprising me as I rubbed her lips with my palm and slipped a finger inside her. I kissed my way down to her breasts and sucked her amazing nipple into my mouth, she grabbed my head and pushed it tighter to her breast. Opening my mouth wide I sucked in the whole tiny breast and dragged my teeth down it, drawing out the nipple even further. She was thrashing her hips and mewling, "Mum, oh Mum, oh Mum ..."

Still working one hand and fingers on her mound, her lips and clitoris, I clamped her spare nipple between my fingers and pinched firmly then started to kiss and nibble my way down her taut abdomen, pausing to tease her navel with the tip of my tongue. The closer I got to her pubic region, the more conscious I became of her sweet, musky aroma. She was now leaking juices copiously; her hips were bucking and heaving as I teased her pleasure centre and licked the sheen of perspiration on her quivering tummy, working my way down ever so slowly until I was licking across her thighs and just above her slit.

I repositioned myself so I was half kneeling between her legs which I spread wide, raising her knees slightly. Reaching up, I dragged my nails slowly and gently from her shoulders, over her breasts and down to her thighs then did the same up the inside of her legs from the soles of her feet all the way to her pussy. My face was just inches away and I looked at the pouted lips glistening with her secretions which had already soaked a large wet patch on the covers beneath her. With my thumbs I parted the lips and gazed at the soft pink, shiny inside, her honey oozing out and her engorged clitoris standing out like a small penis as big as her nipples. I blew gently up and down the slick surfaces, my hands struggling to hold her hips as she bucked and writhed.

"Mum, oh god, Mum, do something, Mum ..." Debbie screamed for some kind of release. I teased her with my blowing for a while then suddenly darted in with my tongue, running it all the way up her slit, lapping at her sweetness, penetrating deeply until I reached the top. I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and clamped down firmly with my teeth which sent her into a paroxysm of wild thrashing as I clung on to her nub for dear life. She was wailing and screaming incoherently, her juices flooding out around my mouth and chin. I hung on as she slowly came back to Planet Earth, sobbing softly in her release.

When she was still I changed my position and lay by her side, we kissed gently, sensuously entwining our tongues. "Mmm, I taste sweet," she murmured as she lapped her own juices off my face. "Oh Mum, no man has ever made me feel like that!"

I smiled, "We girls know what we like."


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