tagRomanceLingering Mist

Lingering Mist


A silent breeze drifted through the trees. The strong scent of pine mingled with the dirt as a young woman fumbled her way through fallen logs and protruding boulders. Unseen birds screamed at her from a distance. Hidden creatures scurried through the brambles and brush, fleeing from what they could only see as an intruder.

The sun crept slowly down behind the distant mountains. Darkness would soon envelope everything in it's path. She's completely alone, tears streaming down her face. Her filthy hand smudges another stain as she attempts to wipe away the unwanted emotion.

The day was supposed to be perfect. She would meet him at the stables. They would take a long slow ride through the forest. A picnic would be waiting at the end. He would announce his love for her. She would be his forever. She would finally give the most precious gift, her innocence, to the man she loved.

Leaning against a tree, she tries to hold back another fit of sobbing. How could he do this to her? How, after three years, could he destroy her entire existence? How could he be so ruthless? Everything she had believed in him was a lie!

She couldn't think of anything except getting away from him. Her horse had been more than willing to carry her away. What direction had they gone? How far? How long had she been unconscious after she was thrown from the saddle?

Too many questions. She had to keep moving. She had to find something. Someone. Anything. Her head ached. Her entire body was beaten and scraped. She had to keep going in the same direction.

A deep chill began to creep into her body. In the distance, the sun left only a memory of colors barely seen through a thick canopy of leaves. A wolf cries out and is answered somewhere farther off.

She shivers, searching around frantically for some sight of salvation. Her feet barely move as she stumbles over a fallen branch. She hits the ground with a grunt. Pounding a fist into the hard soil, she pushes herself to her knees and looks around.

What was that? A fire? Is someone there? Has she really found safety at last? She swallows a sob as she rises to her feet. Yes, there's something there. A light. Movement.

She moves as quickly as she can. The night is growing darker. The cool breeze is now an icy wind. The light ahead propels her forward. A vaporizing mist caresses her face. Yes, there's something there.

Slowly creeping through the trees, she carefully looks into what appears to be a small campsite lining an old cave. A warm fire dances freely among a circle of stones. Over the flames, a black iron pot steams. Nearby, a collection of furs is spread on the ground, cushioning a broad figure.

His dark eyes meet hers. His almost familiar crooked smile takes her in. He puts down the book he had been paging through. He rises to his feet casually; as though meeting a stranger in the darkness was the most natural thing for him.

Mesmerized by his inviting eyes, she's doesn't even realize he's in an arm's reach until his hand closes over her shoulder. Fear swallows her. Her lips part to scream as her knees buckle. Only his strong grasp keeps her from completely collapsing. He lifts her into his arms and carries her to where he had been sitting.

Without saying a word, he softly places her on the furs, then turns to fumble through a pack he'd hidden behind some brush. Pulling out a cloth and water skin, he gently dabs away the dirt smudges from her face and neck.

She tries to say something. Anything. Nothing. Her exhausted body is paralyzed. Her head swims, trying to find an explanation; trying to justify this stranger's presence in the middle of nowhere. Her body shivers. She should make him stop. She should say no. She should say something!

With tender fingers, he slowly removes her torn clothing. Carefully, he washes every scrape, bump and bruise. His eyes hold hers, all the while smiling his crooked smile. The warmth of the fire seeps into her as he works. Her shivering becomes trembling. What is he doing to her?

A wolf howls. An owl hoots. The wind blows. And this stranger is laying her down on the furs. His hands slowly trace the length of her body. His mouth seeks hers, capturing it in a hungry kiss. He stretches his body against hers. When did he take off his clothes?

One of his hands glides between their bodies, to the small of her back. His kisses trace trails across her cheek, down her neck, over her shoulder and down to her firm breasts.

She gasps as his tongue teases first one nipple, then the other. His free hand rubs down between her breasts, down her stomach, and parts her thighs. She releases a small moan as his thumb softly beings to caress the delicate skin. His mouth takes the fullness of her breast into its depths. She arches her back into him, offering more.

She cries out as he pushes a finger deep into her wetness, while still pressing his thumb into her sensitive flesh. His teeth gently nibble on her hard nipple. His own body's heat begins to mingle with her own arousal. His hardness presses against her thigh, pulsing with every moment.

Her head starts spinning. Her hands reach for him, pulling his mouth tighter to her breast. His heavy breath slips across her skin, adding to her already mounting heat. He kisses his way across her chest to the other nipple, already hard and ready.

Pulling his finger out of her wetness, he uses his entire palm to caress her softness. His lips find their way to her mouth, taking her in a deep possessing kiss. Round circular motions of his hand encourage her body to move with him. She moves her hips into his stroking. She matches him rhythm for rhythm. Perfect unison, until he suddenly thrusts three fingers into the far depths of her body.

She cries out into his mouth. Her body tries to protest, tightening around his fingers. Her hands clench his arms, trying to push him off her. A sharp pain explodes through her body before it's replaced with a hot tingle. An intense force. A need to thrust with his stroking fingers.

Her muscles release, only to tighten again. This time, for a different reason. More. She claws at his back, her nails leaving lines across his skin. He presses his hips against her thigh, matching her body's thrusting. His fingers stroke in and out, slow and deep. As she responds, he increases the pace. Harder. Faster.

Safe now to release her mouth from his, he kisses his way back down to her breasts. Tasting one thoroughly, then the other. Teasing her nipples with his tongue. Nibbling. Biting. Licking. Pulling. Sucking.

Her back arches. Her body trembles. Her hips thrust. Her mouth falls open, releasing a deep moan. Sweat is now covering her skin. She shudders against his body. What has he done?

He caresses the curves of her body, kissing her lips tenderly. His gentleness surrounds his every move. The shuddering waves soon pass. He smiles his crooked smile, his eyes dancing playfully.

She tries to move, but her tired limbs refuse to budge. What has he done? Her head spins. Her mind races. How did this happen? Her eyes dart around in the darkness. She tried to sit up. Her body feels weighted down; some unseen force keeping her from even rolling to her side.

His eyes. They're dancing with laughter. He knows. He knows everything! Her heart pounds against her chest. Her lungs are barely able to take in breath. This can't be happening.

He brushes his lips across her cheek, leaving a soft trail of breathy kisses on her skin. He moves down her chest, leaving soft wet kisses on each nipple, before continuing down her stomach. His hot breath sends waves of sensations throughout her body. Lower. Slowly. Softly.

His strong hands slowly party her sweat covered thighs, allowing his head to nuzzle in close to her most intimate place. His tongue slips out and lightly flicks her skin. Hearing her gasp, she presses his tongue harder against her. Placing one hand under her hips for support, he arches her toward his waiting mouth.

Nuzzling tightly against her, he nips softly at her moist flesh. His tongue toys with her, teasing her already swollen skin. Her hips begin to rock with his motion. He takes her fully into her mouth, slipping his tongue past her wet lips. Tasting her. Devouring her aching body.

She cries out and reaches her hands towards his head. Tangling her fingers in his hair, she presses his face deeper into her thighs. An instinctual need pulses through her. Her grinds her hips into his buried face. Moaning. Moving. Letting go and losing herself in the feeling.

Carefully guiding her hips to his mouth, he slides his fingers down the inside of her thigh. Her muscles clench around his head. He groans into her, and his finger pushes past his mouth and into her softness.

She gasps and clutches for him again. Her fingers clawing into his hair. Her body moves on it's own. Grinding. Thrusting. Thrashing as his finger and tongue work together, bringing her towards another climax. Heat pulses from every fiber of her being. Her body begs for more. Her moans grow louder. She can feel him pushing harder. Deeper.

He increases his rhythm as her soft flesh grips his finger. Sucking and nibbling on her sensitive skin, he pulls his finger back so that just the bare tip is still stroking her inner depths. He cries in protest, gasping for breath, then cries out as he thrusts two fingers deep into her. It doesn't take long for her to throw herself into the movement, allowing herself to edge back into the waiting climax; her hips moving to his urgent rhythm.

Lost within his mercy, she screams out into the darkness. She grasps at the furs, clutching fists as her body releases in an explosion. Deep within, something floods forth, merging with her own body's sweat.

He slides his body against her, up the full length of her. He gently brushes her hair back from her glistening face. He places a soft kiss on her forehead. His legs push against her thighs, spreading them even more. His hips press against hers, his hardness throbbing against her naked body.

She can feel his heat. Her pulse quickens. She's already let him go farther than she's ever let anyone. Her body has been claimed by this man's hands and mouth. She shivers, realizing she couldn't stop him if she wanted to. Her own need screams through her veins. Her own desire pushes against her reserves of self-restraint.

He shifts on top of her, positioning himself just outside. Her wet body presses against him, pleading for what only he can give her. He strokes his hands down her arms, and takes her hands in his; twining his fingers with her. He slowly presses her hands to the furs, against her head, and lifts himself above her.

She unknowingly raises her hips up, arching them forward to receive him. Her body aches with a need she can't explain. She grips his hands in her. His smile. His eyes. His body. This moment.

His body plunges down, forcing himself deep into her body. His hips rock back and forth, allowing her body to adjust to his. Her whimpers turn to moans. His rocking turns to thrusting. In and out. Up and down. He pushes deep. His hard movements touch the deepest crevices of her desire.

His hands move the length of her arms, sliding toward her breasts. He takes hold of her nipples between his fingers, clutching her first breasts in his palms. Squeezing her flesh, pinching her nipples between tight fingers. His lips trail kisses on her neck, across her shoulders. His hips move, pushing hard. Deep. Slow.

Their bodies move in unison. Her hips move up to meet his. His hips push down, thrusting into the movement. Their breaths merge as he takes her in a deep kiss. His tongue presses past her lips, tracing the lines of her mouth. He softly caresses her tongue with his, drawing lazy circles in her mouth.

She moans into his kiss; mimicking his actions. Her hands explore the angular curves of his body. She traces down and grasps at his hips, pushing him harder against herself. Her legs curve around his body, holding him firmly against her.

The darkness encloses around them. Once more, her muscles begin to tighten as she spirals down into the ecstasy of release. She throws her head back, crying out into the night. She feels his body thrashing with her own. A warmth she can't explain fills her before they both lay still.

Breathing hard in each other's arms, she encircles him in a welcoming embrace. Exhausted, but on the edge of a peaceful aura, she drifts away with the stars.

Morning finds her. A warm breeze drifts across her bare flesh. Leave rustle in the canopy above. High above, tendrils of clouds drift through the blue sky. In the distance, the sound of rushing water dancing through the trees.

She moans, rolling herself to her side and sitting up. Panic takes hold as she looks around. Where the night held a small campsite beside a cave, daylight reveals nothing more than a small clearing not ten feet away from the same stables she started at yesterday.

She searches around, seeking out a sign that the night's events hadn't been a dream. Remnants of the fire. Hairs from the soft furs. A pile of sweat soaked clothes. Her clothes; she was wearing them. The dirt stains were gone. The snags and tares had been repairs.

There was no sign that she had even been carried off on her horse in her attempt to flee from her rejecting love. And the only traces that she had encountered the stranger at all were memories. A whisper of warmth. A tingle in her veins. The feeling of fulfillment and peace lingering deep within her being.

(Written: December 28, 2005)

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