The plan was to meet Lisa at a predetermined place near the wine country. He was running late, something he always tried to avoid. Mike would rather get to an appointment early and wait than be late. After all they had just met and he wanted to make a good impression, and here he was sitting at yet another red light.

"Damned lights," he thought sitting in the left turn lane. When the light finally changed he turned into the parking lot of the appointed rendezvous spot.

Mike looked at the clock on his dashboard, "still made it on time," he said to himself.

He looked around the parking lot, searching for her car. Then it occurred to him, he hadn't seen her car when they'd met for lunch earlier in the week.

Their paths had met via an Internet dating site. He had seen Lisa's profile, and checked her out; she had posted a very cute photo.

Knowing he had seen her profile she made the first move and e-mailed him. They decided to meet for lunch and now here they were headed for a wine tasting on their second date.

How was he going to find her? Then he remembered he had her cell phone number programmed into his phone. He dialed her number, when she answered he asked, "Hi Lisa, are you here?"

"Yes, I'm up by the Target store," she replied.

"I'm on the other side of the parking lot, be right there" he said. He shifted the Miata into 1st gear and worked his way through the parking lot. As soon as he rounded the end of the aisle and turned toward the store he saw her standing on the sidewalk.

She saw him and started toward the car as he pulled up. "Cute car," she said as she slid into the passenger seat.

"Cute?" Mike said, "Chicks drive cute cars."

"It's not cute, it's cool, I love my Miata," he said, "Miata's get that "chick car" label but it's really fun to drive!"

She sensed his mock machismo about the car and laughed, " Well I still think it's cute."

"So which way do we go?" he asked. He knew where the wineries were but he wanted to let her lead him to her choice.

"Just take a left out of this parking lot", she said, "first we'll pick up my monthly selection at this winery up the road a few more miles."

He headed east towards the wine region, dodging traffic, "Sounds like a plan" he said. "So, did you say you belong to more than one wine club"?

"Yes, I also belong to the wine club at a newer winery about ten miles further down the road," she answered. "It's more of a family run company, which appeals to me and the wine is great."

"Well I think we should make every effort to check them out," he said, "just so I get the full benefit of your experience."

"Turn left here," she said suddenly. Fortunately he'd seen the sign and slowed, not that the Miata wouldn't have handled a last minute change of direction, even so the quick turn got his attention. He wound his way up the driveway to the tasting room and parked.

They walked inside and found their way through the gift shop to the tasting bar. "We're over here," Lisa said, leading him to the club member's bar.

She signed in and collected her shipment. The pourer handed her two glasses and a list of the current selections.

"Where would you like to start?" the pourer asked.

"What do you recommend?" Lisa replied.

"Most people start with the whites and work up to the reds," was the pourer's answer.

So after trying all the whites except the sweet desert wines they tried the reds.

When they tried the Syrah Mike said, "I like this Syrah, I might have to buy a bottle for later."

When they left she ended up being the one that purchased the Syrah. "If you like it, I'm happy to get it for you," she said, "maybe we can open it later".

The implication sounded good to him. Lisa was his age; his height and she showed interest in him. He hadn't left the house thinking sex but it had been almost two years since his wife passed away and Lisa was looking pretty fine.

He was a red blooded American male and even though he was pushing 60 he still felt he could take care of a women's needs.

They drove down the road a few miles, "There it is," Lisa said as they rounded a turn.

He pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. "Nice looking place" he said, "What's their specialty?"

"They concentrate on reds but they have some good whites as well," she replied. "I think you'll like what they have".

This winery's tasting room was more intimate than the first. They had their own table, which was more conducive for private conversation.

They started with the white wines and then moved to the reds. While they tasted their conversation became more personal. She talked openly about her marriages and subsequent relationships.

He told her about his first marriage that had ended in divorce, the best part of which was his daughter. She knew his second wife had died from cancer. They continued talking, getting to know each other while tasting more wine. When they finished the wine list Mike bought a bottle of the Shiraz they had tasted. When they set up the date he had suggested either dinner out or dinner at his house. They were walking to his car and he took her hand and said. "So what about dinner"?

"What about dinner?" she asked.

"Well as I said on the phone, we could go out or I could cook for you. I've got a great looking salmon fillet marinating," Mike suggested.

"I love salmon," she said.

"Salmon it is then," he replied. "I'll take you back to your car and you can follow me to my place."

"I like a man with a plan," she said.

He dropped her at her car and gave her a brief explanation of his route in case they got separated. "I'll try not to get too far in front of you," he said, "see you there."

It was only about ten miles to his place and even though they did get separated she pulled up at his house shortly after he did. He walked over to her car and opened the door for her. "Can I help you with anything?" he asked.

"Well, you could take in a bottle of this white wine you liked. It'll go well with the salmon."

They walked into the house and through the living room into the kitchen.
"Why don't I put the wine in the freezer to chill it while I cook," he suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," Lisa responded, "anything I can do to help?"

"Well let's see," he said, trying to get his thoughts together. He had tried to be prepared in case their wine tasting culminated in dinner at his place instead of a restaurant. "My menu is rice pilaf and steamed asparagus to go along with the salmon. The asparagus is ready to go into the steamer, but the rice will take the longest so I'll get that started."

Mike had prepped the rice as well and soon had it started "As far as what you can do, how about holding these glasses while I fill them with this Syrah."

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Lisa asked grinning, all the while holding out the glasses for him to fill.

"I'm sorry," he said, "let me have that glass and I'll dump it out and get you some ice water."

She laughed and said, "No way, fill my glass!"

He laughed with her as he filled their glasses. "I've had a great time with you today. I appreciate you leading me through the wine tasting. I hope my naiveté about wine didn't show too much."

"I've not known you very long but I suspect the last thing you are is naïve," Lisa said smiling.

She moved closer to him and clinked her glass against his, "Here's to a great first date." he toasted.

They both sipped some of the Syrah. She was close enough to touch now and she leaned in and kissed him, "I had a great time as well, I'm glad we hooked up."

They were standing next to the kitchen counter and he set his glass down and put his arms around her. Mike pulled her close and kissed her again. They had been building up to their first kiss, especially since they got to his place but she preempted his move and kissed him.

His only response was, "You could get in trouble kissing a guy like that."

"I like being in trouble," she said, as she kissed him again.

The only tasting done in the next ten minutes was him tasting her kisses and Lisa tasting his.

He realized the rice was nearly done and knew he needed to pay some attention to dinner. "As much as I'd like to stand here kissing you, I'd better get back to cooking or we'll be eating sushi," he said.

"Well I like sushi," Lisa said, "and just for the record you were cooking"!

He handed her her glass of wine and stepped out to the patio to light the BBQ.

When he came back in she was blocking the door, "You have to kiss me before you can enter," she said.

He took the glass from her hand and set it on the counter. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him and kissed her. Their mouths melted together as their tongues touched and danced around.

Without breaking the embrace he maneuvered her around so he could reach behind her and turn on the fire under the asparagus.

Without letting up on her embrace she asked, "Are you multi tasking?"

"I'm trying," Mike said, "I want to keep your fire going while I keep the food going."

"Don't worry about my fire," Lisa said, "You lit it, and you get to tend to it."

"Okay," he said, "as soon as the asparagus starts to steam I'll put the salmon on the grill, in the mean time, what can I get you?" he asked, looking around to see if he had the table prepared.

"Is the white wine chilled?" she asked.

"It should be by now, here's a cork screw and you'll find two chilled glasses in the freezer as well," he said as he stepped out to the patio with the platter of salmon.

"Wow, chilled glasses too!" she said, "You thought of everything"

He put the salmon fillet on the grill as she came out with the wine. "Here you go," she said as she handed him his glass.

"Thanks Lisa, I like cooking with you," he said as he clinked his glass to hers.

"You're welcome, and I like cooking with you too," she replied. Looking next to the grill she asked, "So that's the hot tub you mentioned?"

"Yes, and it's heated and ready to use," he smiled and winked at her, "You game?"

Lisa smiled back as she leaned in and kissed him, "Sounds like fun but I'm starving, how long until the salmon is done?"

"Looks like it's about ready, I'll bring it in and get the rice and veggies dished up." "You want to top off our glasses?" he asked as he drained his glass and handed it to her.

Lisa took his glass and opening the door for him as he carried the salmon in she said, "It looks delicious, what else can I do besides filling your glass?"

"Let's just dish this up buffet style, less dishes to worry about," he said.

Lisa set their glasses on the table and took the plate he was holding out to her. He served her a portion of the salmon and let her help herself to the rice and asparagus. He served himself and joined her at the table.

After lighting a candle in the middle of the table and turning off the overhead light he sat down and held up his glass. "Here's to a gorgeous woman," he toasted.

She touched her glass to his and replied, "Well thank you; you're quite the silver tongued devil aren't you."

They finished their dinner engaging in small talk and flirting. When they had finished he rose and carried their empty plates to the kitchen. When he turned back to the table she was standing with both their wine glasses in her hands.

"That was delicious," Lisa said, leaning in to kiss him. "Do you cook like this every night?"

"I only cook like this for special visitors," he said winking at her and pulling her close.

"I'm a lucky woman tonight," Lisa said.

They kissed each other passionately, his hands caressing her back, her arms squeezing him closer to her.

"So, are you going to take me to the hot tub?" Lisa asked, kissing him again.

"By all means, let's see what we can find you to wear," he answered.

"We have to wear something?" she asked.

"No," he replied smiling, "I actually like it better 'au natural'".

He led her down the hallway to the master bedroom. Once inside he pulled her close to him and fully embraced her. His hands roamed her body as hers roamed his. They kept clutching each other as he maneuvered her around the room toward the dressing area. Ironically dressing her was the last thing on his mind. He worked his hands under her top and with one hand unhooked her bra. His other hand had found its way to her now free breasts. He cupped her breast in his hand as he continued to kiss her. Lisa's hands were busy working his belt buckle, she had it loosened and started working on his jeans as he continued to undress her. After unhooking her bra he slid his hands down the back of her pants, inside her panties he felt her soft ass. Squeezing her ass in his palm he massaged first one cheek then the other as they continued to undress each other.

After loosening his belt and jeans she pulled his shirt up over his head. He countered by unbuttoning her top and slipping it off her shoulders. Her loosened bra quickly followed. His hand moved to the front of her and unbuttoned her jeans. Almost as if they had rehearsed it, they pushed each other's jeans to the floor.

"If we keep this up we'll never see the hot tub" he said. Her nipples were as erect as his cock was.

She pushed his bikini briefs down past his erection and said, "Well we should probably go then." He slid her panties off her hips as he kissed her.

He handed her a towel and taking her by the hand he led her out the door to the patio and toward the hot tub. After helping her into the tub he ducked back into the bedroom and grabbed the wine and glasses. He poured them each a glass and joined her in the tub.

They settled into the bench seat next to each other, Lisa's tits were floating, her nipples half out of the water.. "This feels really good," she said, sliding down into the water and submerging her breasts.

Mike took a sip of his wine before setting the glass in the cup-holder. He put an arm around her shoulder and cupped her right breast in his hand, kneading the soft flesh, exciting her nipple. "This feels really good too," he added.

"Mmmm, yeah it does," she breathed.

Mike pulled his hand away and leaned over to kiss her. His other hand was now on her thigh, working toward her crotch.

Lisa returned his kiss, her tongue pressing into his mouth, as she moved her legs apart inviting his advancing hand.

Mike accepted her invitation and slowly moved his hand up her thigh until his thumb felt her curly pubic hair. He cupped her vagina as she spread her legs even further, his thumb now putting a slight pressure on her clit.

Lisa moaned as he slid a finger between her hot lips into her pussy. "Oh Mike that feels soooo good." He worked another finger into her and slid them in and out of her eliciting more moans from her.

"I want to feel you inside me Mike," she said between shallow hot breaths. Lisa slid toward the edge of the bench seat, dislodging his fingers from her vagina and pulled him around in front of her.
"I can't wait Mike, fuck me now!" she said pulling his erection toward her and guiding it into her pussy.

Even with the heat of the water Mike could feel the initial contact between the head of his cock and the soft heat of her pussy. He pushed into her as her hands reached for his ass and pulled him closer.

"Oh God yeah, you feel marvelous Lisa," Mike gasped when he was into her as far as their position would allow.

Lisa leaned back, pushing her hips toward him and lifting her tits out of the water. "Oh Mike, you feel good too."

Mike leaned down and sucked on an erect nipple while stroking in and out of her hot pussy, he could feel Lisa's internal muscles gripping his cock as she slowly climbed the orgasm mountain. He hadn't been laid for over a year and he was surprised he didn't blow his load immediately. It must be all the wine he thought.

He continued stroking his hard-on into her for several minutes before she pulled him close, halting his movements. "Let's change positions Mike, I want to be on top."

Mike took a seat next to her and picked up his glass for another sip of wine. Lisa followed his lead and touched her glass to his. "Thanks Mike, this has been a wonderful day."

After she had set her glass in the cup-holder she moved over him and kissed him while her hand stroked his cock under the water. "Mmmmm you feel so hard, I want you in me again," she said, "move forward on the seat so I can sit on your lap."

Mike stretched his legs out and rested his feet on the seat opposite him. He pulled Lisa on top of him, pressing his erection against her slit.

Lisa reached between them and stroked him while rubbing his swollen head against her lady parts. He could feel her soft flower petal lips caress his cock before she slid her body lower to rub her clit with his cock. After teasing herself awhile she released it and pressed her body on his, rubbing her vagina up and down his length before letting the head invade her and sliding down on his shaft.

They moved together in the hot bubbling water, igniting their passions further, stoking the fires within their undulating bodies. Lisa was the first to reach the top as her orgasm took over, her body trembling, her pussy gripping his cock as she pumped her hips on the steel-like pole she had impaled herself with.

Mike held her until her orgasm subsided, still surprised that he hadn't cum yet himself. Lisa lifted her body off his and sat next to him. She picked up her glass and drained the contents, "Can I have a refill please?" she asked.

Mike pushed himself up onto the edge of the hot tub and reached over and picked up the wine bottle. As he was filling their glasses Lisa slid over and kissed his erection and then started licking it from his balls to the swollen head.

Mike set the bottle down on the shelf where it had been and then set the glasses in the nearest cup-holders before leaning back and reaching for something to hang on to.

Lisa continued her oral assault on his cock, slowly covering the head with her wet lips, her hot mouth taking in his entire length slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time. When the head of his cock was pressing against her throat she slowly backed off a small amount before again pressing down and massaging her tonsils with the swollen head. Her tongue was swirling around his erection, he could feel its roughness against the smooth skin of his shaft. She continued sucking on him, driving him closer and closer to the climax he hadn't had for many months. Lisa changed her tactic, releasing the cock she held captive only to take it back into her mouth and while sucking hard on his cock she bobbed her head up and down in a furious pace.

In short order Mike knew the orgasm that had eluded him up to this point was quickly building to the point of no return. "Oh my God Lisa, I'm gonna cum!" he gasped.

Lisa was ready for him, shaking her head in anticipation, she sucked him deep into her mouth and massaged the head of his erection with her tongue.

Mike's orgasm started with a small burst of semen followed by four or five more potent shots deep into Lisa's hot mouth and throat. Her tongue on his sensitive head caused his cock to jerk in her mouth, getting her a few smaller shots of his hot thick milky cream. Lisa buried her head in his lap and sucked him deep into her mouth, relishing every drop of his cum.

When he was able Mike slid off the edge of the tub back into the hot water, it felt even hotter after being up in the cold night air. "Wow, that was incredible Lisa."

"I'm glad you liked it Mike, I enjoyed sucking on your cock. I'll do it again if you'd like," she added.

"Well I'd never turn down a blowjob but we may have to wait awhile until I recover," he replied, "in the mean time maybe you'd let me suck on that delicious looking pussy."

"Wow, you are a horny guy aren't you? she cooed. I'd like that, but do you want to go inside or do it here?"

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