tagIncest/TabooLisa And Her Younger Brother

Lisa And Her Younger Brother


Thanks for all the people who voted for my last story. I'm still very new to this, so please give me feedback. For all the people who sent me feedback already, thank you so much, I hope this little erotic tale meets your expectations.


My brother and I have always had a pretty normal relationship. I am six years older than him and when we were younger; we were always fighting with each other and looking for ways to get in each other's way like any sibling duo. But as we got a little bit older, we learnt to get a long and generally stay out each other's way. I noticed occasionally the way my brother would look at me while I was lounging by the pool, or if I got all dressed up to go out on a date, but I had never really thought much about it. I'm by no means a supermodel, but I think I have curves in most of the right places. Most guys normally notice my 34C breasts first, especially if I'm trying to show them off (which is most of the time). I have long blond hair and brown eyes.

Let me tell you about my little brother Mark; he's around the same height as me, his big sister. His body is slim from the sports he plays but not much definition or muscle tone. He has a slight tan, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is your average 18 year old, pictures of models and all sorts of girls on his wall, and always stealing glances when he can.

So one afternoon my brother decided to cut track and head home early from school. He was sure that when he arrived home from school and he would be home alone for at least 2 hours. He walked in the front door in his grey school slacks and pale blue shirt, his tie drawn slightly and the top button of his shirt undone to make him more comfortable. He dropped his bag behind the front door, and ran down the hall to his room. He walked into his room, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his tie and excitedly rummaging through his drawers for a DVD he had leant from a friend. Finding it, he reached under his pillow, grabbing a black pair of my panties as he hurried to the lounge and put's the DVD in the player before setting down on the couch and calling out to make sure no-one was home. He turned on the TV as the screen flickers to life and pressed play.

Getting ready to enjoy himself, he slouched back on the couch and unzipped his slacks. As things began to heat up on screen, he rubbed his stiffening cock through his boxers developing a little wetspot from his precum, his eyes still glued to the TV. It didn't take long before he removed his throbbing member from the confines of his underwear and slowly started to stroke his shaft rubbing the precum into the head of his cock. Mark let out a soft moan as his clenched fist gently guiding it up and down his shaft, each time his hand moved down rubbing his precum along his stiff pole lubricating it, watching the screen as the girl was on her knee's slowly sucking the guy off. He grabbed my panties and held them against his nose as he slowly masturbated to the hot porn on the TV.

While my little brother was sat in front of the TV jerking off, I was on my way home from work, having taking the afternoon off. I was wearing a knee high black skirt and a silky white blouse showing a bit of cleavage as that always seemed to put the boss in a good mood, and kept him under my control. I was looking forward to a nice long hot bath, and maybe a little alone time with my special plastic friend. I pulled into the drive way and climbed out the car straightening my skirt and heading for the door. I was a little surprised when I got to the front door and found it unlocked, so I ventured into the house slowly listening carefully in case there may have been an intruder. What I heard instead was an interesting moan and a little suspicious looked around, noticing my brother's bag just behind the door. I decided to investigate the situation a little further rather than calling out and announcing I was home.

Meanwhile, Mark was on the couch, lifting his hips, pushing down his pants and his boxers, gasping as the cool air rushed over his precum slickened shaft, his tight ball sack nestled between this thighs. He stroked a little quicker and inhaling my scent, in time with the pounding going on in front of him on the screen. He groaned "Oh god Lisa" softly, from his stroking and the smell of my pussy as his eyes closed and his head fell back, his hand jerking up and down his young shaft quickly. Occasionally he would open his eyes and glance at the screen.

I stood close to the wall taking a quick peek around the corner shocked seeing my little brother spread out and jerking off. Taking another look, I noticed he also had a pair of my black panties pressed to his nose. Hearing my little brother call my name, I felt a tingle between my legs and a lot less disgusted then I should of felt. I looked around the corner again as my little brother moved his fist clenched around his cock faster, now with his tongue licking the gusset of my panties. The site of my little brother getting off was too much for me, and I knew this wasn't going to stop here. I slowly went around the corner to get a closer (or better) look and also to confront him about what he was doing. "So Mark, this is the kinda thing that turns you on?

He opened his eyes going instantly pale realizing I was standing there as he fumbled for the remote and his pants at the same time, screaming at me "LIsa!!! Get out!!!". His pants were all tangled around his legs and I quickly sat down on the coffee table in front of him telling him that it was natural for him to want to masturbate and want to smell a woman. He was bright red, and trying to cover up as much as possible his cock still hard.

At that point, having found my brother jerking off with my panties was a complete turn on to me and I asked him not to stop. I told him that it was very sexy that he found me attractive. I moved to the three seater couch next to him, leaving a small gap open not exactly sure how far this would go, or how far I would let it go.

Mark slowly and nervously started to stroke his cock again in front of me, his sister, trying to stay focused on the screen and block me out I guess. I moved a little closer to him and noticed his breathing was quickening, his hand still a bit of a blur up and down his shaft his cock and oozing precum. The voice in the back of my head told me not to let this go any further, but she was no longer in control. I reached over and moved my hands over his, stroking with him until her moved his hands out the way. I slowly jacked my brother off, neither of us focused on the screen or the young starlet moaning.

My Brother let out a few soft moans, as my hand kept moving along his stiff cock his eager hips gently bucking upwards into my hand. He got a little brave and reached over to grab my right breast through my blouse. I decided to give him a better feel and quickly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled the cups of my bra down. With this, I move closer, right next to him now started stroking his cock again as he played with my breasts. He cupped them gently at first a little unsure of himself, moving his hands around them groping them gently. He then flicked his finger over my hand nipples before abruptly pinching them making take in a large gasp of air.

By this stage I could feel my brother was close to cumming. I stood up, unzipped my skirt and pulled it down in a smooth motion. I decide to tease him just a little, turning around and hooking my fingers in the waistband of my panties, tugging them down slowly slightly bent over, as they rolled and bunch up until hitting the floor.

Stepping out of my clothes I climbed on his lap and slide down until my pussy was just inches away from his cock. I rubbed my pussy in front of him teasing him a little as he watched, not quite sure if I would let him touch, his eyes fixated on me playing with myself. I took his right hand and guided it down over my soft trimmed pubic hair, in search of my soaked hot snatch. He followed this up moving his left hand to my right breast, squeezing and caressing it softly. My brother moaned telling me how much he loved my tits as I held his shaft and began stroking him again, just as he slipped a finger into my slippery hole. He moved his finger in and out my pussy quickly, his thumb finding my clit and rubbing it. I moaned and ground myself against his hand a little, as leaned forward to suck on my nipples.

We were both gasping for air as my brothers body suddenly stiffened, his cock beginning to spurt hot thick stands of cum between us, coating my hand. His stiff cock continued to shoot a giant load of sperm some it squirting all the way up to my tits and bra, dribbling down my stomach and running down into my soft pubic hair. He groaned as I milked his cock getting every drop out it, rubbing it against my pubic hair as he fingered me faster. I squirmed on his lap as moaning as he got me off too, feeling my hot sticky juices run down my inner thigh. I arched my back holding onto his shoulder, my body shuddering covered in little goose bumps, as I had just been finger fucked by my 18 year old little brother. Not only had my little brother gotten me off, I was also covered in his cum. He became a little shy now as his cock softened. I sat on his lap teasing him a little as I licked my hand clean. Noticing the time on my watch, I Climbed off his lap and I bent over to give him a soft kiss on the cheek, thanking him for the little show and playing with me, reminding to clean this up before mom and dad got home as I grabbed my clothes, leaving that days panties behind of course, heading to my bathroom for a very very long hot bath....

To be continued....

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