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Lisa Baker & Dianne Chandler


Lisa Baker was busy with a shoot when she heard the summons. Her eyes brightened with excitement; being an avid sports fan, she recognized the name instantly. She was distracted and couldn't concentrate on her poses. Eventually the exasperated photography called for a break and Lisa grabbed a robe and ran off dressed only in bra and panties.

The man who had called for her was a famous basketball player, famous for his skill on the court and with women. He was settling into the Chicago Playboy Mansion as a second home. His plan was simple: to have sex with as many playmates as he could. Most of the centerfolds of 1966 were assembled at the mansion already and he wasn't bothering with chronological order.

The man was tall, 7'1" and his jet black skin was matched by his black flashing eyes. His body was long and lean but powerful like a tiger. He was quick and alert; no woman stood a chance once he pursued her. Right now he was stretched out on the bed dreaming of the amazing time he's had with the luscious Dolly Read a few hours ago. Lisa sashayed into the room and stood at the foot of the bed in awe of the man's large muscled body.

She opened her robe and climbed into the bed.

He stirred as he sensed her approach, like a sleeping dragon being aroused by its prey. His eyes opened in little narrow slits and he took in the tall girl. Her face was narrow with almost aristocratic features; her eyes were almost green. Her hair was coiffed stylishly with a delicate flip that highlighted the light brown color. Her mouth was full and the bright red lipstick made her lips seem even more pouty. Her limbs were long and her muscles firm and supple. She moved with the grace of an athlete and had the same confidence. Gazing at his powerful body, she watched his muscles tighten as if to pounce; she felt sure that she would be a match for his strength.

He was covered by a satin sheet from the waist down but she could see his sex rising like a pole. She knelt next to him and spread her robe open giving him a view of her formidable body. Leaning down she pushed all her hair to one side and lightly swept it up his torso. She pressed down on his chest with a moist hand. "You don't know how excited I am to meet you. I love to watch you play. Baby, we're going to have a real ball now." She brushed her lips over his and swept her hair down his body.

"I'm going to suck you dry, then strap you on and ride you like a bull. You'll be drilling into me until you hit pay dirt baby." Her hair stroked the cock which was standing almost straight up under the sheet. She swayed her long body up towards his face again and now her hair which had been so teasing was accompanied by her long fingers scratching carelessly with their nails. The man growled but didn't move yet.

"After you come in me I'm going to turn over and have you do me again. I want it all night and all day tomorrow and then some more after that. Can you ball me like that? Are you going to do me real good?" Her face was close to his and she pressed her lips against his mouth. He assaulted her with his tongue, driving it in and pushing deep down her throat. They kissed for a long time and she finally sat up gasping for air. She gave him a satisfied smile.

"Would you like to see what my tongue can do for you?" She twisted her body and slowly tugged the sheet unveiling the shaft like a monument. "Oh, that's a big one! Is that for me? Does it taste as good as it looks?" Lisa actually had to stretch up on her knees to get her mouth onto the tip of the cock. She stuffed as much in as she could but the task seemed impossible; she had a slight moment of panic imagining trying to fit this monster into her body. But the heat and strength of the solid mass excited her and soon her mouth was running up and down the throbbing veins as she licked and nibbled; both her hands wrapped around it, stroking up and down. She felt it give a violent twitch and she moved her body between his legs and put the tip back between her lips. She slowly crawled towards him swallowing the cock as she went and guiding it deep inside her throat. She gagged and struggled but was determined to eventually engulf all of him.

She didn't get far this time. He let loose a cannonball of his hot seed and she sputtered and gulped frantically squeezing his hips to keep herself in place. She made a valiant effort as he kept pouring into her and her body writhed with pleasure as he filled her up with his heat.

Finally with a chuckle he sat up and pulled her onto his lap as he twisted his legs over the edge of the bed. She sat with her back to him and his cock rose up between her legs. She squealed with delight as she took hold of it then she gasped in shock. Sitting a few feet way was another girl.

Dianne Chandler was dressed in a blue satin bunny costume but she had a silk gag in her mouth and her legs were tied together and her hands were tied behind her back. Her eyes flashed when Lisa's gaze met hers. She moaned a little bit into the gag. The man put his mouth near Lisa's ear, "Yeah, we got company. Little girl in the bunny suit is going to be dessert. With that he hooked his thumbs into the elastic of Lisa's panties and pushed them down. Lisa wriggled to help the lingerie along her legs and they brushed his long shaft as they traveled down her limbs and hit the floor. She squeezed her bare thighs around the cock and hugged it to her belly and licked the top eagerly.

"Let's give out little bunny a good show." The man lifted her up and turned her around, then he lifted her high enough for her to rest her ankles on his shoulders. As he lowered her down her body bent into a U shape. She laughed as his cock bore up into her spreading pussy. But the laugh turned into a groan as his cock kept on filling her. Lisa's breath was hasty and distressed as the cock split her body apart.

Lisa held his arms and kept her long athletic legs straight; with her slim ankles resting on his shoulders as a fulcrum he was able to lift her up a bit and then slide her down gently. He bobbed her up and down just a few inches; this was only to loosen her up but to Lisa it felt like a train was barreling up her body. Then he pulled her up almost completely off the shaft and slammed her down hard and jammed her against the base of his cock. He let his seed explode into her and the beautiful playmate snapped her head back in shock. Her nails dug into his arms as he burned into her and juices gushed over his shaft. She looked at him with disbelief. "My god, can you do that again?" He grinned as he gave her a few gentle bounces then plunged her body down hard as he came inside her. This time as she rode up and down she pivoted slightly left and right adding an actual screwing motion to their sexual exertions. She shivered as the heat of his seed melted into her orgasm; her eyes were closed tight as she held the climax as long as she could.

When she looked at him he had a wolfish, satisfied grin. "You sure have a fine body, girl. How 'bout a taste of those sweet titties seeing how I'm taking such good care of you." She was gliding up and down now, still anchored on his shoulders; the shaft seemed to grow insider her and a massive orgasm was building in her stroke by stroke. She reached behind and unhooked the bra. Her breasts were firm and white and the nipples blazed with anticipation. Lisa squeezed them together and leaned forward to press them against his mouth. Sill he pumped into her as her body writhed on the shaft impaling her.

The man's teeth took hold of a nipple and clamped down hard. She moaned in surprised and then smiled dreamily as he sucked greedily. They stayed this way for a long time; she never imagined having so much inside her for so long. The taunting of her breasts increased the pleasure building around his shaft. After dozens, maybe hundreds of thrusts she started to moan loudly, "Ohhh, I'm going to come soon, baby, I'm going to come." Her pace was picking up quickly; she was flying up and down the cock.

He chuckled, "Just let me know when and I'll give you something nice."

"Yeah, yeah, oohhh, ooooohhh, now, baby, I'm coming now!" She quaked like a volcano and his seed was the lava. He released a long flood as she trembled and twitched out of control. She kept pumping up and down but she didn't know it. Her head was in space and her body was burning into ashes.

When her bliss finally ebbed he picked her up and carried her like a doll across the room. They were in front of the still bound Dianne Chandler. The captive's face was red with rage and her eyes were flashing. The tall man dropped Lisa's head into Dianne's lap and lifted her torso and pulled her legs around his waist. "I did you nice, made you feel fine. Now you have to do for me. Give it up for your daddy." His hands pushed her thighs apart and he pressed the tip of his shaft against her flooding pussy. "OK baby, it's clobberin' time!" With that he attacked as if he was using a battering ram. Lisa's face was smashed into the satin of Dianne's bunny costume; she gripped the girl's hips and tried to hold herself up as she thrashed between Dianne's body and the man hammering into her.

Her breasts were hanging down and quivering with each blow and his hands squeezed her hips tighter and tighter as he pulled back and lunged forward without pity. She looked back at him to plead for mercy but his eyes were tightly shut.

"Yeah girl, you got it. Squeeze that box around me. You feel fine, make me feel fine. Yeah, oh yeah." She thought he was coming but he just kept up the relentless pace. He pushed her hips together to increase the pressure inside her sheath and rammed in again and again. Each time was deeper and harder than the last.

Lisa was limp from the struggle and still he crashed against her. Suddenly he stopped for a moment and groaned. There was a terrifying silence and then the pounding started again; now it was frantic and out of control. His cock felt bigger and bigger and throbbed and twitched as it swam inside her. The tip was a red hot poker. Lisa's body was opening and folding like an accordion. She sobbed and cried as the blissful pain overwhelmed her. Her legs dropped off his hips and she dangled helplessly on his impaling pole. At that moment he thrust in with one final stab and his flood of seed gushed into her in a steady endless stream of heat. Lisa quivered and twisted pulling every drop out of him but the man was still as a mountain as his orgasm deluged over the climax bursting in her.

After he stopped coming he dropped her to the floor. With her face still in Dianne's lap she sniveled softly as she listened to the sound of his heavy breathing. He stood over the two girls like a crazed beast and slowly recovered his senses. He listened to his own pounding heart as he glared with menace at the tied up girl.

Minutes went by before he could speak. Lisa had slipped to the floor and curved into ball; she was still in the middle of a sexual trance. The tall man stood there looking at Dianne tied up in the chair. She was similar to Lisa; both were tall brunettes with large busts, but while Lisa seemed glamorous and even elegant and worldly with a stately athletic body, Dianne seemed perky and fresh with a young innocent body, all limbs and soft curves. And her freckles really drove the man crazy.

His massive 7'1" frame loomed over her. "So bunny girl. Look's like it's your turn." He picked her up as if she were a toy and carried her to the bed. Dianne did the best she could to kick and struggle and scream into the gag.

He laid her down and the satin of her costume rustled against the satin of the sheets. She squirmed and wiggled as the ears and collar and cuffs were tossed away. "I'm getting good at this bunny suit, Freckles," he laughed as he nimbly stripped his prize. He looked down at her heaving body as she glared up at him blushing and making her freckles glow. "Mmm, you look good, Freckles. Let's see what you got under this suit. He flipped her over casually and whistled to himself as he happily undid the zipper. He tugged the costume down until it gathered at the ropes binding her ankles. Her wide hips and fleshy bottom were covered only by the sheer black panty hose and he continued to strip her eagerly, shoving his hands under the elastic and jiggling the tight fabric off her white skin.

"This is one fine ass. I think I'm going to have to do some hammering here, Freckles," he was kneading the flesh of her bottom and licking his lips, "You want some hammering, girl."

Dianne groaned loudly and kicked her legs in response. She lifted her head and flashed him with an animal look in her eyes. "Yeah, you're going to get a good hammering," he said almost absentmindedly as he undid the ropes on her ankles and pushed the remains of the costume off her and on to the floor. He untied her hands and before he could do anymore she pulled the gag out of her mouth and turned around and sprang up and attacked him.

She covered his face with frantic, wild kisses; her hands ran all over the muscles of his body. "I never thought you'd get to me. I thought Lisa was going to use you up. You have to get this cock in me. Come inside me." She would have continued but her lips were filled with tongue and she growled as she tasted him. It was a long, slow, surprisingly gentle kiss. He lightly caressed her nipples as their tongues met. Her hands reached down to stroke his shaft; it was already as hard as a rock. He gently pushed her down onto a pile of pillows so she was in a reclining position. He moved slowly and calmly and she fell into a dreamy state as he kissed her nipples and her neck. He gentled her down until she lay still and submissive looking at his body with longing.

Speaking softly he rolled himself between her legs as he lifted one leg up slightly. "Good girl. You've been waiting for this and I'm going to make you real happy now." The young girl whimpered a little as he kneeled between her thighs. His hands were gently massaging her skin and edging up gradually towards her swelling pussy lips. He continued to speak soothingly. "I love this body; it's going to be a pleasure getting into your saddle, doll. You want me in you Freckles?" His fingers were inside her now and twirling in her and getting her wet. She leaned back into the pillows and swooned. With great care he replaced his fingers with the tip of his shaft. "You ready, little girl?" As he spoke he slid his hands under her waist and lifted her a little, careful as if she were a fragile toy. Dianne gasped and arched her back, forcing a little more of him into her.

He lowered his massive chest onto hers and she dreamily draped her arms around him. "This is a nice tight box. I fit real good." At a snail's pace he pushed in holding her tightly against his chest. She became more aroused as the inches of rock hard cock possessed more and more of her. She began writhing tenderly and constricting herself around the massive shaft. When the base of the cock pressed against her bush he leaned down and kissed her deeply. To Dianne it was like his tongue was crawling in to meet the tip of the impaling rod. As they kissed he let out a slow, long, stream of soothing seed into her warm body. It felt so good to come in her he knew he had to do it again. He braced himself on his arms and looked into her pleading, glistening eyes. "Ready, Freckles?"

"Fuck me hard, like you did with Lisa." He drew himself up and rammed down and started the deep thrusts and jabs that set off her bliss. Wave after wave of orgasms poured out of her body but she kept urging him on. She felt herself split into and she came as her body exploded under him. His rhythm got faster and faster and he was moaning softly. She gazed at him with dreamy eyes until she started to cry from the pain of his pounding. "No," she sobbed as she clutched him tighter, "Don't stop." Her head and breast were bobbing up and down until he fell down against her, but still he drilled in. He let loose a salvo but kept pumping faster. Her hips were rising up to slam into him.

Finally he wrapped his whole body around her and fired off a bomb that destroyed her totally. She thrashed and howled as his heat consumed her. A red flash burst in her skull and she flew off into space.

Dianne returned to earth to find the man sitting on the edge of the bed with Lisa in his lap. Her legs and arms were locked around him and her teeth were clamped on his shoulder. The harder he thrust her down and jammed up into her, the harder her teeth dug into his flesh. Dianne crawled over and worked her head in between the base of his cock and Lisa's bush. As the shaft slid out she covered it with her lips and tickled it with her tongue slurping up Lisa's juices and he thrust in and out of the older girl.

He took both girls over and over for the rest of the night and for the next few days. The girls shared him but each was jealous enough to make sure that she got her turn. They would probably still be there but he had a list he was working on.

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