Lisa or Sarah


Lisa looked deep into Sarah's eyes.

"Can you feel that, bitch? That's the feeling of my tits beating yours."

Lisa grabbed Sarah in tight, and gave her a hard long squeeze. Their noses touched and breasts mashed together hard. But it was now quiet evident that Sarah's breasts were sagging and mashed back by Lisa's hard breasts that barely changed shape. Sarah brought her hands around onto the front of Lisa's shoulders, and tried to push Lisa away. But Lisa had Sarah in a tight vise grip and I was still holding them together at the waist. Bringing her breasts above Sarah's, Lisa jammed them down creating quite a sight. Lisa's breasts covered Sarah's breasts, perhaps engulfing them, as Sarah's sagged below. Lisa pulled back, causing their breasts to separate. Lisa's breasts stood out high and proud, while Sarah's noticeably sagged below. Sarah dropped her hands in defeat. I thought my cock would explode between their girls.

Finally, for good measure, Lisa looked up at me with confidence, lined her nipples into Sarah's and clearly pushed Sarah's nipples back into her body. Sarah was crying now.

Lisa released Sarah and I stepped back. Sarah crumpled to the floor grabbing her chest as Lisa towered over her.

Lisa ripped off her thong and pushed me back onto the bed. I don't know how long Sarah stayed there on the floor as Lisa mounted me, and fucked my brains out. I have never seen such a look of pride on a woman's face as Lisa's, as she cupped her breasts fondling them as she road on top of me. She gripped them tight and squeezed them together as she closed her eyes tossing her hair back. Then her whole body seemed to contract and shiver. As she shook, she started to moan and repeat, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Her orgasm put me over the edge. As she came, her vagina seemed to clamp down crushing my erection as if in a vice grip. Lisa opened her eyes wide, and staring at me, she said, "Tell me I'm sexier than that bitch. Tell me my tits are better than Sarah's!"

I shot my load into Lisa, an ejaculation like I have never felt. I reached up and grabbed Lisa's breast squeezing and kneading them as I mindless said, "Yes, yes, oh Lisa you are the sexiest woman I have ever known."

"You liked watching my breasts beat Sarah's, didn't you?"

I had to admit it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. "Oh yes!" was all I could say as my cock pumped away.

"Tell me my breasts are better than Sarah's!"

I could feel the last drop of cum drain from my now fading cock. I was completely relaxed, as if I had just released and injected all my energy into Lisa. She was beaming as she sat proudly on top of me.

"Yes, baby," I said. "Your breasts are so much better than Sarah's. She was a fool to challenge you. When your breasts beat hers that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

Then I hear the door to the hotel room open and slam shut.

Lisa glanced to the door smiled then fell on my chest giving me a deep penetrating kiss.

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