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Lisa's Swinging Life


I have read several stories about couple's adventures at adult theaters but they all sound like they were written by the husband or boyfriend. I thought I'd share an adventure from the "Sluts" point of view. The first thing you need to understand is that most of us that enjoy public sex truly love being naughty sluts and deep down we appreciate guys that push us to be even sluttier. It kind of relieves us of the responsibility of being naughty. You don't need to understand this just accept it, because we are women.

I'm sure there are a lot more women that would love to enjoy a sex filled night at the theater but they don't have partners that enjoy seeing them acting like sluts. We need special guys that are not jealous and know that at the end of the night they are the ones we always come back to. My husband is the love of my life and he just loves to share me and after watching me for a while he always comes and takes his turn. Our trips to the theater are pretty spontaneous and I suggest it as much as he does. Once we decide to go my excitement level begins to go up. I shower and make myself up, because I really want to look good. Then I find something real sexy to wear. The look I'm trying to put out there is "she is hot and wants to get fucked". Most of the time I wear stockings with or without garters, 5" heels and a very short clingy dress or skirt and top that is easily removed. Sometimes for accent I'll wear and under the bust bra to show off my tits more. By the time I'm finished dressing my pussy is very wet and I am very anxious to get there.

To complete your picture I'm 34, 5'4", 119, 32D, bleach blond, dark hairy bush, firm bubble butt and most guys think I'm attractive. I know I'm not a 10 but hubby thinks I am so I'm real happy.

On this night I'm wearing black stockings with an 8 strap garter, black 5" heels with an ankle strap and a very short black dress that is almost see-through. The ride to the theater takes about 25 minutes and I sip a drink while Bill drives. He heightens my excitement by asking me how slutty I'm going to be and how many new cocks I'm going to meet. He really knows how to heat me up. When we get there he helps me out of the car and kisses me passionately and tells me to let go and enjoy myself. Then we walk in. Inside there is a lighted room with toys, magazines and videos on display and we casually walk around looking at videos. We are not really interested in them but it gives the guys a chance to get a good look. I make a couple of blends to see low shelved videos and my ass and pussy are on display for those watching. When I straighten up I look at the guys that were watching and give them a knowing smile. Some of them always look away in embarrassment. We are satisfied I've perked there interest so we go into the theater.

The theater is very dark so at first we stand in the back, letting our eyes adjust. Because we've done this many times before a lot of the guys recognize us and a group forms around us. I get some nice compliments and then I start to feel hands on my ass. I acknowledge how good it feels and then my pussy and tits are being groped. By this time my dress is over my hips so I ask the guys if they would mind if I took it off. You know the answer and they help me out of it. Now my hands start finding the cocks that are out. After about 10 minutes of us feeling one another I ask one of the guys to get a couch cushion for me. He sets it on the floor in front of me and I get on my knees and start sucking the cocks in front of me. I love to excite them so I tell them what nice cocks they have and how I hope they will treat me to some cum. One of the cocks is a very impressive black one and I really get worked up sucking it. I can feel it hardening so I look up at him and plead with him to cum in my mouth. Then I resume sucking him and get the mouthful I wanted so badly. I make sure all the guys see my treat before swallowing it. Then I thank him and go on to the next. When it comes to sucking cock women usually fall into one of four different groups, ones that don't like to, ones that do it to please their man, ones that like to but don't like cum and ones that love to and love to swallow. I fall into the last group and on many occasions actually have mini orgasms as a guy erupts in my mouth. After about six guys have cum in my mouth I need a break so I get up and we walk down the isle to find a seat.

The rush that I get walking down the isle naked except for heels and stockings is unbelievable. I feel like a sexual goddess and all of the guys following me want to fuck me. I love showing off for the guys and love being the slut they all want. Once we found an open couch I sat down next to Bill and there was a scramble to see who got the seat next to me on the other side. Immediately I was surrounded and guys were reaching over the back to play with my tits. One guy got down in front of me and urged me to spread my legs so he could eat me. I gladly obliged him. As he licked me I sucked on the cock next to me and played with the cocks in back of me. When the guy next to me said he was going to cum I told him to cum on my tits. He did and it was a nice load. I played with it for awhile and then got some on my finger so I could taste it. That must have excited the guys behind me because they both said they were Cumming so I opened my mouth and gave them a target. I got some in my mouth but most of it was all over my face. Because it excites the guys to see a cum covered face I love having my face covered and don't try and wipe it off. I really look slutty. The guy between my legs has got me on the brink and I concentrate until he gets me off. I'm a little noisy when I cum so the whole theater knows.

After a short pause the guy that just ate me moves up and I help guide his cock into my very wet pussy. He has a nice cock but the excitement is a bit too much and in very short order he is Cumming in me. He gets up and I play with my pussy letting the guys see all the cum he gave me. Then another guy steps up and asks if he can be next and I gladly tell him to come on. I think he was a little nervous because he fucked me for a good ten minutes before he finally came. I came a couple of times and thanked him. Then there was an unexpected surprise. One of the guys got down between my legs and began eating my cum soaked pussy. This turned off some of the guys but it just thrilled me and I made sure all the guys knew it. When he finished I had cum a couple of times and I pulled him to me and gave him a very passionate kiss. For the record it excites me to watch 2 guys do each other. Next was a big black man with a very nice cock he fucked me real good and when he was ready to cum I told him to cum in my mouth. He pulled out and I took his cock in my mouth just as it spewed his load. He came a lot and I thanked him and made sure all the guys knew how much I had enjoyed it. The next guy that fucked me used a condom, not my favorite; he was well built and felt really good and made me cum again before he came. As he got up I reached out and grabbed his cock so I could take the condom off his now wilting cock. I played with the condom for a bit and then poured its contents all over my tits. Sometimes I drink the contents but the rubber gives it an unpleasant taste.

I needed a break so Bill went out into the lobby to get me something to drink. While he was gone I had some of the guys around me jack off on me. I love to have guys cum on me and seeing it shoot out of their cocks is awesome. My face, hair and tits were covered. Being as tease I asked the guys if I looked slutty enough. They were all so complimentary and this turned me on even more. When Bill got back I did wipe some off my face and sipped on the drink he brought me. As I relaxed and quenched my thirst a very good looking guy stood in front of my playing with his cock, just inviting me to play with it. Temptation over came me and I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. After sucking him for a while I changed positions and asked him if he would like a treat. He responded that he was already getting a treat. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that I would really appreciate if he would fuck me in the ass. He was over joyed so I sucked him and got his cock well lubed and turned so he could enter my ass. I told him to go slow and he did and in no time he was buried in my ass. The initial penetration over it felt so good and he picked up the pace and fucked me sooo good. Before he came I had an incredible anal orgasm that I couldn't control and was very vocal about. I needed another break after that.

The rest of the night just kind of ran together as I fucked and sucked the other guys. After about three hours we decided it was time to go home. I had a damp wash cloth in my purse and used it to clean to tits, pussy and ass before putting my dress back on. I know my face still had dried cum on it but that was my badge of honor. I thanked all the guys for a wonderful evening and they all said it was them that should be thanking me. As we left I told them I hoped to see them again real soon. On the ride home I thanked Bill for a great night, he told me it wasn't over yet because he couldn't wait to get me home and fuck me till we feel asleep from exhaustion. We talked about the night and some of the guys as we drove and he asked me how many I had tried. He knows I never count so I pleaded with him to tell me how many. It was a good night I had over 18 guys and some twice.

When we got home I got the fucking of the night and I feel asleep in his arms. In the morning I got up after him and when I looked in the mirror I was covered in dried cum.

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