tagInterracial LoveLisa's Awakening Ch. 02

Lisa's Awakening Ch. 02


This is the second installment of my wife's adventures. This part takes place the next day. This all happened about 18 months ago. I will be relating chronically the events between the first adventure and now.

The next day Lisa awoke. I kissed her and we chatted for a while. She asked me how I could let her do that with Mike. I told her that everything was fine with me. I told her that whatever consenting adults do behind closed doors is okay. I said that no one got hurt and she should not worry about it. My only stipulation was that if it happened again that she should use a condom. She said that this would be prudent and agreed.

We enjoyed a very nice breakfast together. Lisa put on one of her new revealing bikinis without being asked. We went to the beach for a little relaxation. We ate a late breakfast and started drinking again. We were having the resorts drink of the day. They mixed a different concoction each day. There were different names for all of them. The drinks were delivered on the beach by a little cart that came by every half hour or so. I would always be the one buying the drinks. At my request Lisa's drinks were always mixed very strong. Lisa was very tipsy after only a couple of drinks.

Lisa next provided the second surprise of the day when she removed her top without being asked. She asked me to oil her up. I had trouble hiding my erection as I rubbed sunscreen on her large breasts and plump bottom. I teased her that if she would take her bottom off I would take mine off. She replied, maybe later. I was astounded that she was even considering it.

About this time Tina and Ken approached us. We asked them to join us. They spread their towels and started soaking up the sun. Tina removed her top and spread oil on herself. I bought us all a beverage the next time the cart came around. I ordered everyone a double except myself. I did not want to get that trashed. I just wanted to watch the fun and see where this would go. Too much alcohol also seemed to have a bad affect on my average size penis. Excessive alcohol turns it into a wet noodle.

We lay around chatting and had a couple more drinks. Lisa was showing the affects of the drinks by this time. She was slurring her words and getting sleepy. We all decided to go for a swim. The water was very refreshing. The surf splashing over us revived us. We stared getting frisky in the water. I was playing with Lisa under the water. This is when I found my third surprise of the day. Lisa had shaved her pussy. All that remained was a small patch at the top of her slit. I was definitely happy with the way our vacation was going so far. I was all but mauling Lisa by this time. She seem to be just as aroused as she was the night before. We decided it was time for another drink and some more sun.

Tina and Ken returned from their swim shortly after us. Tina asked me if I would rub sun block on her. I looked at Lisa and she gave me a nod. I started rubbing lotion on her shoulders and worked my way to her feet. I thought I was finished. Tina pointed to her breasts and said I had missed some spots. I had been afraid to apply the lotion to her tits. I took care of all the spots that I had neglected.

The drink cart was making its next round. I went for our round of special drinks. I thought I was seeing things when I returned. Ken was rubbing lotion on Lisa. She definitely seemed to be enjoying it. As he worked on her legs I got another surprise. I must have pulled her small bottom over while we played in the water. Her pussy lips were exposed. Ken was not bashful. He applied lotion to all exposed skin. I almost dropped my drink when his fingers slipped into her slit right there on the beach.

A little later I suggested Lisa straighten up her bottom. She looked at me with a grin stood up and dropped her bottom saying this is better. Tina was not to be outdone. She stood up and dropped her bottom. For some reason they both threw them at me laughing. They giggled and said you guys next. I guess we were trapped at this point and followed suit. It is hard to judge penis size when you have been swimming. I think that you all know what I mean.

We enjoyed a couple more rounds of drinks and rubbing suntan lotion on the others partner. The women certainly had no neglected areas of their bodies. Ken and I were not neglected either. We both received applications of lotion that almost bordered on massage. I suggested that we should retire to our room for some more drinks. Everyone was looking like they had enough sun for one day. A little air conditioning would feel good right about then. Ken and I followed the girls to our cabana. I loved the way their asses jiggled as they walked. Tina had a nice tight little ass. Lisa's more ample ass shook as she walked.

I mixed up drinks for everyone as Lisa headed for the shower. We all took turns washing of the sand with me being last. The water was very nice and I spent a long time cooling off. When I returned to the shower I got yet another surprise. Lisa was lying on the bed with Ken. They were kissing and petting rather heavily. She had his growing manhood in her hand and was squeezing it rapidly. I sat next to Tina on the other bed. We just observed our spouses for a while before she reached over and started playing with my hard cock.

It was not long before Lisa had Kens cock in her mouth. It had reached its maximum size by then. It appeared to be about 7 inches long, about 1.5 longer than mine. Ken separated himself and started eating her pussy. She was enjoying this greatly. I knew the time was near and asked Tina if she had any condoms. She rummaged through her bag and produced several. She gave one to Ken. Lisa rolled it down his erect cock and pushed him back on the bed. She mounted him and sank all the way to the base in one stroke. I just sat there watching as Tina sucked my engorged cock. I could not believe this was the same person that I had been married to for all of this time. She was riding him rapidly. She started squealing with her first orgasm.

I thought it was time to repay Tina a little. I spread her legs and started eating her hairy pussy. I licked her to her first orgasm. She stopped me and rolled a condom down my moderate cock. She pushed me back and mounted me. I played with her B cup tits as she rode me to her first orgasm. I heard a lot of noise from the other bead. Ken had Lisa on her back and was pounding away. Lisa moaned loudly as she orgasm again. Ken grunted and filled his condom full of come. I watched as he pulled out of her slit. The condom was full of his juice.

Tina continued to ride me for at another 15 minutes. She had at least 2 more orgasms. I was definitely reaching the end of my endurance. I looked over at Lisa who was watching us with a contented smile on her face. That was enough I blasted what had to be the biggest load in a long time. My orgasm was so strong it almost hurt. Everyone seemed to be very tired. I looked over at Tina who was already asleep. I must have dozed off soon after.

I awoke about 2 hours later. Lisa was riding Kens Cock again. She was definitely into it. She was moaning loudly and slamming into his cock. I do not know how long they had been at it. I watched for another 30 minutes as they went at it. Her ass was slapping into him with every stroke. I saw Ken tense up and shoot his second load of the day. Lisa collapsed on top of him and went to sleep again.

Ken and Tina departed shortly. We planned to meet for dinner. I let Lisa sleep until time for dinner. She showered and we went out to meet them. We enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner. We all passed on the drinks. I think we had our limit for the day. We said our goodbyes and retired for the night. Lisa and I were both beat. We cuddled for a while and talked. Lisa asked me if she could have another massage from Mike tomorrow night. I said I would arrange it tomorrow. I was contented as I drifted off to sleep. It entered my mind that I was not sure about what I had started.

We both awoke around 11 the next day. I went to find Mike and schedule Lisa's appointment. Mike said that he was booked until 10 PM. I told him that would be fine. He asked if we would like to meet at a local bar for drinks first. This sounded like fun to me and I assured him that it would be fine. I also stopped by a drug store and bought some condoms.

Lisa and I enjoyed a nice lunch. We decided to spend a few hours on the beach. I put on my suit and grabbed my towel. I looked at Lisa who was nude. She asked me if I was a little over dressed. I laughed and dropped my suit on the bead. We went to the beach and enjoyed ourselves for a while. We rubbed lotion all over each other. This was definitely the effect I was looking for. We were much more loving and attentive to each other. We returned to our room for a nap before dinner. We played around for a while and made passionate love. I would definitely not be able to get it up for a while.

Dinner was washed down with several drinks. We strolled down the beach for a while to settle our food. We arrived at the club an hour early. I ordered drinks for us. I decided to have extra potent ones also. The bar was definitely not the tourist type of bar. There were a lot of local people of color in the bar. Mike finally arrived about a half our late. Lisa and I were both on our way to being drunk by then. I bought Mike a drink and we talked for a while.

Mike bought the next round and asked us if we would like to play pool. Lisa answered yes before I could decline. Mike and Lisa played while I watched. I was pretty drunk by this time. I knew that Lisa must be worse than I was. They started French kissing and playing around a lot between shots. Whenever she would bend over Mike would run his hand up her sundress and play with her pussy. The game lasted quite a while. We must have had several more drinks and could barely walk. We decided to walk back to the hotel.

There was a full moon on the beach that night. Lisa and Mike had their arms around each other as we walked. They stopped to kiss. Things started to get a little out of hand. They were pulling each other's close off. I thought my God are they going to fuck right here on the beach. It was not long before they were nude and into the 69 position. Lisa was trying to deep throat that monster. Mikes long tongue was driving deep into her folds. She was moaning and reached her first climax. Soon after they disengaged from each other. He spread her legs and started to mount her. I stopped him and gave him a condom. Lisa reached up and grabbed it. She tore it open with her teeth. She proceeded to roll it down his massive black cock. I was amazed. The thing only covered about half and was so tight it looked like it would strangle his cock. Lisa spread wide for him. He rubbed the head up and down her slit. She was grabbing him trying to get him in.

Lisa let out a loud whoosh as Mike entered her. He shoved in at least 8 inches on the first stroke. I watched as he pulled back for the second assault. Her pussy lips clung to that black monster like they were trying to keep him inside forever. He violently rammed it back in. It looked like he was trying to gut her with that mighty spear. She screamed as the whole thing slammed into her cervix. I knew that her pussy would never be the same after this. My nice tight women would be stretched out so far that I might fall in. I doubted that I would ever be able to satisfy her after this. They started fucking each other violently. Mikes balls were slapping into her round bottom on every down stroke. Lisa was begging for him to fuck her harder.

Mike had incredible stamina. Lisa must have come at least 5 times in the next 30 minutes. I watched as he rammed that thing into her using very long strokes. She must have had at least 5 orgasms in that time. Mike just kept plowing my once tight pussy. He started panting and shaking. He pushed deep into her and started making little short strokes as he filled the condom. His balls pulled up like a pumping machine with each spurt.

They lay there for a while. Mike slowly started sliding that thing out. I looked closely at my once tight pussy. The bare lips were distended and leaking come. I did a double take. The condom had ruptured. The remainder was the ring that was pushed most of the way down Mikes Cock. They gathered their clothes and we departed for our room.

We were so tired that we fell into bead and went immediately to sleep. I awoke in the night to a lot of noise. I looked over at my wife as she was riding that massive club. She was riding that bare black cock for all it was worth. He shot yet another load into her cunt. I asked her why she was not using a condom. She said what difference did it make now. He has already had me twice bare, besides I like the feel of him and his come inside of me. We all went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning and you guessed it. She was riding the morning wood. His cock was berried deep inside of her cunt. She only came a couple of times while I watched.

We spent the last two days of our vacation on the beach. We made love every day at least once. Mike stopped by our last night and pleasured Lisa at least twice that I know of. She did not make him wear a rubber that night either.

It was 3 months after we returned to our life in Ohio. Lisa told me that she was indeed pregnant. We both know who the father is. We are Catholic and would not think of having an abortion. I wonder how we are going to explain a black baby to our community and children. I have assured Lisa that I will love the baby as my own.

More of our adventures to follow.

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