tagInterracial LoveLisa's Club Adventure

Lisa's Club Adventure


I have been dating Lisa for a few months now, she is very sexual. Lisa is a gorgeous blonde with fair skin and beautiful blue eyes. Her best features have got to be her DD breasts with pancake sized aureoles and large thick nipples. She has a nice firm ass, a sweet pink bald pussy and she loves to go out without panties, especially when we go dancing. I like to sit and watch her on the dance floor as she moves to the music and the many guys try to rub up against her. This is what happened on one such occasion.

One weekend after we had been dating for a few months. Lisa felt particularly randy. She told me she wanted to do something a little wild. I asked what did she have in mind. Now Lisa liked to show off, but til now she hadn't gone to far with it. She asked if we could go to a club and dance. She got this very wicked smile on her face when she said it.

I said sure why not, lets have some fun. She went up stairs to get dressed and emerged a half hour later in the very short mini skirt, a white almost sheer top with a lace white bra. To top the outfit off she wore a pair of sexy thigh high leather boots. She did a little twirl, then said what do you think? Awesome, I said.

Then she lifted her mini skirt ( the hem was just below her ass cheeks). she wasn't wearing any panties so I could see her bare pussy. She let the hem go,then came gave me a hug and a kiss. Lisa then said, okay let go.

We walked out to the car. I opened the door for her. when she sat down in the seat her skirt rode up and her pussy was clearly visible. Damn she has one of the prettiest pussy's I have ever seen.

I got in on my side of the car and put it in gear. On the way to the club I reached over and started to play with her pussy. She was already wet. By the time we got to the club, she had left a wet spot on the seat.

We got out of the car and walked toward the club entrance. I let her walk ahead for a moment so I could watch her ass as she walked. The hem of her skirt let the bottom of her ass cheeks peek. It was one very sexy site.

When we got to the door, I paid the bouncer. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Lisa. We walked into the club and I found a nice table with a full view of the dance floor. I pulled out a chair for Lisa to sit, she smiled and sat down. Her short skirt rode up and her pussy now visible. If it hadn't been for the low light in the club anybody within ten feet of us would have been able to see her bare pussy. I could tell Lisa was a little nervous at her exposure, but also I could see her excitement. Her very hard, protruding nipples showing through her bra and blouse.

I got up to get us some drinks and when I turned to look at Lisa, there was already a guy chatting her up. She had her hands in her lap, the table giving her some cover. Clearly the guy had gotten a glimpse of her pussy and was taking the initiative to get a closer look. Although Lisa liked to show off, It didn't look like Lisa had an interest in the guy.

The bartender brought my drinks, I paid and thought I would stall, so I could see what Lisa would do with her new admirer.

Lisa looked over to see what was taking me, I gave her a smile and a wink. She smiled back with a knowing look. When she turned back to the guy chatting her up, she acted like she was looking for something in her purse and moved her hands from her lap. Now the guy was able to get a nice look at her upper thighs. Lisa still had her legs closed but he could see she wasn't wearing any panties. He became more confident and sat in the seat next to her. She smiled at him and started to make small talk. In a few minutes Lisa pushed herself out from the table a little, in the guise of trying to get comfortable in her seat. From my vantage point I could clearly make out where her thighs met her bald pubic mound. I knew if I could see it, the guy chatting her up definitely was getting a eye full.

She must have had enough of this guy because she looked over at me and did the come hither with her index finger. The guy looked over and saw me with the drinks walking back toward the table. I said hello, gave Lisa her drink and sat down next to her. It looked like somebody had just taken away this guys gifts on Christmas morning.

There was a silence at the table. Lisa leaned over and whispered in my ear, that she wanted to tease some of the black guys. I nodded, but this was new, she hadn't mentioned this before. The guy that was sitting at the table, got the hint stood said by and left us alone.

Lisa told me when he left that he was so boring. That he just kept talking about his car, his jet ski, blah, blah blah, she said with a smile. Even when I gave him a look at my pussy, he kept talking about his car. That's when I waved you back over to save me she said.

Lisa's favorite song started to play, she smiled got up and walked to the dance floor. I love to watch her dance, for me it is one of the most erotic sites, watching her move and sway to the music. I was eager to see what was going to happen to that short skirt once she lost herself in dance. I wasn't disappointed, the more she lost herself in her favorite song the more free she became with her movements. By the time the song was half over she was dancing with abandon. With every gyration the hem of her skirt bounced up showing more and more of her ass and quick flashes of her bare pussy.

She stayed on the dance floor as one song merged into another. She picked out a black guy dancing not far from her and moved closer, smiling and gyrating next to him. It wasn't long before the dude was grinding up against her. It was hard to see because there were so many people on the dance floor, but there were brief opening when I could see the two of them grinding up against each other. She was loving it, I could tell by the wicked little smiles.

Finally after three songs I saw her walking off the dance floor. He followed, but at the edge of the dance floor he walked to the bar and she came over the the table. She stood right in front of me, her chest was at eye level and she gave me a hug that buried my face in her tits.

She leaned her head in and whispered in my ear. Did you see that, he was playing with my bare ass. I nodded my head in her tits. She then whispered, did you like that baby. I nodded my head again. Lisa then asked, can I go play with him some more?

She pulled away, looked me in the eyes. I said that is what we are here for baby. She smiled, lifted the hem of her skirt and flashed me her bare pussy. Then turned and walked back to the dance floor. She over exaggerated her walk so her hips swayed back and forth making the skirt do a sideways shimmy that exposed more then just the bottom of her ass cheeks.

When she hit the dance floor and started dancing it was very apparent she was feeling bolder. Her movements were exposing her bare ass a hell of a lot more.

It wasn't long after she started to dance that the same black guy appeared next to her. She turned her back to him and faced in my direction. She looked right at me, with a big smile and winked. Then she lifted the back of her skirt up and pushed her bare ass into his crotch. He put his hands on her hips and pushed back into her.

While they were doing this another black guy started to dance in front of her. She pulled her ass out of the one guys crotch and started to bump and grind up against the other. Before to long the two guys had her between them showing her ass to the both.

When the song ended the three of them waked off the dance floor and headed to the bar. She directed them to a spot at the bar where I had a clear view. She stood between them and one ordered drinks from the bartender. The guys sat on the bar stools and she stood between them. One of the guys pulled her close to himself and put his hand under her skirt. From my vantage point I could clearly see he was fingering her pussy.

The bartender put their drinks on the bar, black guy number two payed for them while black guy number one was fingering Lisa's pussy under her skirt. Lisa took a sip of her drink, looked over at me and smiled. Then she grabbed black guy number two's hand and put it under her skirt on her ass. Now from where I was sitting each of the black guys had a hand under her skirt. It was so crowded that nobody notices that Lisa was having her ass played with and her pussy fingered right there at the bar.

By the time the guys were ordering Lisa her third drink she was rubbing their cocks through their pants. The look on her face told me she was in lust. She becomes like a bitch in heat, her eyes get all dreamy, her face gets flush and her nipples get extremely hard. when she gets like this nothing will satiate her but a hard cock.

So I was not surprised when I saw her unzip black guy number ones pants and pull out his cock. She right away stepped very close to him and put the hem of her skirt over it. I can only assume that she was rubbing his cock against her juicy pussy. She did this for a while then she turned and face black guy number two, lifted the back of her skirt, backed up baring her ass to black guy number one and lowered her skirt over his cock.

I could clearly make out her face. She kissed black guy number two, full french with tongues. That's when it happened. I saw her rise her ass up a little, then slowly ease her butt back down.

That black dude was fucking my girlfriend. She was making out with black guy number two, while she very slowly rode up and down on black guy number ones cock.

Black guy number two broke the kiss and whispered something in her ear. She nodded her head and I saw him say something to black guy number one. Black guy number one, reached up and unsnapped Lisa's laced bra. Lisa reached into her sleeves and pulled her bra off her shoulders and pulled it out her sleeve. Black dude number two took it from her and stuffed it into his pocket. Lisa was already showing a lot of cleavage with the bra on, but now her big tits were free, shimmying and swaying in her sheer blouse. It was hard to tell at this distance, but I knew that the black dude in front of her was getting a damn good look at her huge tits.

I couldn't believe I was the only one seeing this. I looked around for the first time and saw I wasn't the only one watching Lisa getting fucked. It was the dude who chatted Lisa up when we first came in. He had positioned himself so he could see the whole thing. He was clearly enjoying the view as much as I.

I turned back to Lisa, just in time, to see the familiar look of her in the midst of an orgasm. She did a amazing job of keeping silent but anybody who was looking could see she was a woman cumming. Looking down her body, I could see she was squirming her ass down hard on that cock. The black guy had a firm grip on Lisa's hips. He must have been pumping his seed into her by the look of the death grip he had and the intense look on his face. He held in her in place until his load was spent.

Lisa pulled off of black guy number one after he released her hips. She turned and faced him then acted like she dropped something, squatted down and put his semi erect cock in her mouth, did a quick lick up and down. Then she sucked the head of his cock. She sucked his cock clean, then stood back up.

Black guy number two leaned in, said something to her, she smiled, nodded her head and backed up to him. He had his cock out ready for his turn. She rose up on her toes and lowered herself onto his waiting cock.

While Black guy number one was stuffing his cock back into his pants, Lisa leaned forward and kissed him. She was being a more blatant, humping her ass up and down on her second cock of the night. It would be obvious to anybody who was watching that she was being fucked. All her inhibitions gone, she lifted her skirt above her waist, reached down and started to rub her clit.

Black guy number one saw this and took it as a green light to set her titties free. He unbuttoned her blouse, and her tits bounced out of her top into full view. He started to squeeze her big tits with no regard to it being a public place. Black guy number two reached around Lisa and grabbed one of her big tits, squeezing and pinching the huge nipple.

I saw the bartender watching. He was a white guy in his mid twenties. I was surprised he didn't do anything to stop her. Lisa had both of her tits out of her top being played with and she was bouncing up and down on black dude number two's lap, clearly riding his cock and not giving a damn who was watching her.

Lisa had more then just a few onlookers now. I took a look around and saw that at least half a dozen people had noticed what was going on. Nobody to my surprise had told the bouncer or done anything but stare. The on lookers were a mix of men and women. One couple was engaging in some fun of their own. Her hand in his pants and his hand up her skirt. Also the white boy that I had caught watching earlier, was now clearly masturbating. I guess Lisa's erotic energy was contagious. It is amazing what can happen in a crowded bar.

Lisa was now rocking another orgasm. Her blouse completely unbuttoned, her tits being visibly mauled. She was still bouncing her gorgeous bare ass up and down. It must have been a very intense orgasm because Lisa buried her face into the shoulder of the black dude in front of her, while the other black guy was still fucking her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down hard onto his cock. Lisa shivered and moaned loudly. He must have been cumming inside her. When her orgasm subsided she slumped onto the black dude behind her. Her tits out, her blouse wide open, her nipples rosy red and erect.

The bartender who had been watching, brought a fresh round of drinks and put a bottle of water in front of Lisa. He said something to her, she smiled, looked down at her open blouse, bare tits and smiled back at him. She turned her chest toward him to offer him a better look at her tits.

He picked up the bottled water and placed it between her tits. she laughed and moved her tits up and down to simulate titty fucking. Then he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and slid it across the bar to Lisa. She put the bottle of water on the bar and picked up the piece of paper the bartender gave her. He said something to her when she picked it up. She smiled and laughed, then nodded her head.

She slid off of the lap of the black guy who had just finished fucking her. She looked over at me, smiled winked and pinched her nipples. She leaned forward kissed black dude number one, started to button her blouse turned and kissed black dude number two. They both pulled out their cell phones and started to type something in. I can only assume since Lisa was talking, that it was her phone number.

She grabbed the bottle of water off the bar, took two steps toward me, the one of the black dudes said something. She turned and lifted her skirt exposing her pussy to him. Both the black dudes took a photo with their cell phones. Then she turned and lifted the back of her skirt looking over her shoulder at them. there were more then a few onlookers now. Three more guys quickly pulled out their cell phones and took a picture of her bare ass.

That brought the attention of the bouncer. He came over and said something to her. She laughed, nodded her head, then continued to walk over to the table I was sitting at. With a huge smile on her face, she put the bottle of water on the table and hugged me with both arms, then leaned over and whispered in my ear. "did you enjoy the show." I nodded my head. Then Lisa reached down and put her hand on my crotch. "Wow you really did like the show." Lets go home so I can take care of you lover.

On the way home we talked about future adventures.

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