tagToys & MasturbationLisa's Guilty Secret

Lisa's Guilty Secret


(All characters are over 18.)

"Oh my God," Lisa Ward breathed aloud in disbelief. "That is sooo not right...."

She was sitting at the computer in the spare bedroom at home watching something she'd never seen before. Something she'd never have believed she'd ever see, or for that matter, ever thought about seeing. On the monitor, although the image was rather grainy and poorly lit, a young man, apparently asleep in a darkened bedroom and wearing only white boxers, was being intimately fondled by another man who was presumably filming what he was doing.

Lisa watched with her lips slightly parted, almost forgetting to breath, not really believing what she was seeing but unable to look away. It was her first experience of internet porn. She'd heard about this sort of thing but she'd never really believed the stories. She'd always imagined such things would be difficult to find, requiring a long process of clicking numerous complicated links and entering passwords. But it hadn't been difficult at all.

She felt guilty and ashamed. If anyone had told her she'd ever watch anything like the scene unfolding before her she wouldn't have believed them. It wasn't the sort of thing she ever thought about. Lisa would have been the first to admit that she'd led a somewhat sheltered, ordinary, and unexciting life -church, housework, grocery shopping -but this went beyond anything she could ever have imagined. She was only watching it now because curiosity had finally got the better of her. Even though she was home alone and her husband was at work and her son at University she couldn't resist the urge to look over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching her. It was silly, but she couldn't help it. Of course, there was nothing to see but the unmade bed they kept for rare visitors and the slightly battered armchair relegated there from the living room. Downstairs she could hear the distant sound of the washing machine on its spin cycle. The bedroom door was firmly closed but it was the thought of how embarrassed she'd be if discovered that had made her look round.

Reassured, but feeling no less guilty, she turned back to the monitor. The young man was still apparently asleep and the older man, the one with the camera- for some reason she thought of him as being older, perhaps it was his hands?- was gently caressing his cock through his boxers. Not just caressing it, either, she realised with a shock that suddenly made her feel uncomfortably warm all over. The younger man was slowly but surely becoming aroused. She could actually see the outline of his cock becoming thicker and more defined through the thin material as the other man continued to caress him. Lisa stared with her hand to her mouth as the camera suddenly moved. On the screen a small spot light came on. It was trained directly on the young man's crotch and she watched with a mixture of fascination and disbelief as the older man actually slipped his hand inside the sleeping man's boxers.

She could remember as a teenager watching late night horror films and hiding behind a cushion during the scary parts. It was like that now. Part of her wanted to look away. She could see exactly what the older man was doing from the way his fingers were moving inside the boxers. She knew that he was exploring the other man's balls. And taking his own good time about it, too, she saw. But another part of her, a side of herself that she'd never suspected existed before that moment, insisted on staring, on missing nothing. On seeing it all.

It's not right, she thought, it's just not nice. It was the most disturbingly explicit thing she'd ever seen, but still she couldn't look away. Despite her embarrassment and shame she was finding the video very compelling to watch. On the monitor, and lit now by the white, unwavering beam of the spotlight, she could clearly see the younger man's erection showing stiffly through his boxers. Now the other man was slowly withdrawing his hand. She couldn't believe that two men would actually allow themselves to be filmed doing something like that. That anyone would allow themselves to be filmed in a state of arousal, but the evidence was right there. She could see it with her own disbelieving eyes. She watched almost with a feeling of dread- but not quite dread- she didn't honestly know what she was feeling anymore, as the older man now began to slowly and very carefully ease down the sleeping man's boxers. Lisa had half expected this latest development but until it started she hadn't quite been able to imagine that anyone would go so far. Watching it gave her butterflies and suddenly her heart began to beat noticeable faster. She stared spellbound, sitting stiffly in the chair, as the younger man's thick cock was slowly and teasingly revealed. First the thick head, then the long, pale rigid shaft. She found herself holding her breath and leaning ever closer to the monitor as the white boxers were gradually lowered until the sleeping man's stiff cock was finully finally exposed.

Despite her feelings of guilt Lisa had been aware for some minutes of a warm flush that had spread throughout her entire body. Now she was even more disconcerted to realise that she was actually beginning to get wet. At first she felt deeply ashamed of herself. Her body seemed almost too eager to respond to the images she was watching and she was genuinely shocked, even a little dismayed. She simply wasn't that kind of person and she'd never done anything remotely like this before. She was happily married. Respectable. Nothing like it had ever happened to her before, but now she could actually feel herself becoming more excited. It was as if she had no control. She felt herself blushing from her head to her feet and before she even realised what she was doing she had crossed her legs and tensed her thighs.

On the monitor the older man gently took hold of the other's cock and give it a few, slow experimental strokes. Lisa found herself gazing, entranced, at the slow up and down movements of the older man's hand. It was almost hypnotic. She could see everything, the younger man's thick erection, his exposed balls, and the way his taut skin moved under the slow, sure movements of the man who was masturbating him. Without even thinking about it she began to squeeze her thighs together and move her hips almost imperceptibly forward and back in time with his movements. She could feel herself becoming wetter and her breathing becoming more laboured. She continued to watch, mesmerised, her lips slightly parted, as the older man paused with his hand wrapped firmly around the base of the other's cock. By now Lisa could feel her nipples stiff and aching, her wetness seeping ever more freely into her panties. She could almost imagine it was her own hand feeling the sleeping man's cock. She knew it would feel hot and hard and exciting in her hand. The darkness, the shadows in the background, the grainy quality of the image with only the sleeping man's erection brightly illuminated, added to her excitement. It made it seem even more like a forbidden, slightly depraved act. She was still squirming gently on her seat but now she felt an ever increasing sense of urgency that she seemed helpless to resist.

Deep inside she knew that she shouldn't watch anymore. She'd seen more than enough to prove to herself the stories were true. She could almost feel the disapproving presence of her friends, her husband, her son. Everyone she knew, even her aging parents. She could imagine only too well how horrified they would be if they knew. If anyone ever discovered what she'd been watching she'd die of shame and humiliation. She wasn't the kind of person who did this sort of thing. She'd always behaved as she believed a normal, clean living housewife, a mother and daughter with adult responsibilities, should behave. Her needs were simple, her dreams unimaginative. This feeling, this suddenly aching need that possessed her now, threatened to turn her whole life and everything she'd previously understood about herself upside down.

She actually moaned aloud, giving voice to her growing frustration, as on the monitor, the shadow of what was obviously the older man's face appeared above the sleeping man's cock. "Oh no," she whispered aloud. "No, no , noooo..." He wouldn't she thought, but even as she watched she saw, even with the new shadows obscuring part of the image, the older man bend closer and take the sleeping man's cock into his mouth. Lisa couldn't believe what she was seeing but it was happening. There couldn't be any mistake. The older man was giving the other one a blow job. She assumed he must have placed the camera nearby where it could film everything. Now she saw him slowly take the other's cock deep into his mouth, deeper than she would have ever thought possible. He was still holding the base of the sleeper's cock and now he began to move his head up and down, while masturbating him at the same time. In the cold, white glow of the spotlight Lisa could clearly see the younger man's erection shining wetly, glistening palely with the other's saliva.

The urge to touch herself had now grown to almost unbelievable levels but still Lisa stubbornly resisted to commit what she'd always believed to be a shameful, almost sordid act. She was perspiring, every sinew seemed tensed and strained, her heart raced madly, but something inside her prevented her from moving, to responding to what she was seeing. Her body cried out for release as on the monitor the older man began to bob his head with increasing urgency up and down the rigid, glistening length of the sleeping man's cock. He was still masturbating him, bobbing his head and stroking him faster and faster.

"Stop, please stop," she moaned, but as if to taunt her the action continued towards its inevitable conclusion. She was breathing raggedly now, gasping, as if she'd been running, her breasts rising and falling, her panties flooded with her juices, her emotions in turmoil. On the monitor the older man abruptly raised his head and slowed the movement of his hand. Almost beside herself and trembling with desire Lisa finally found herself powerless to resist opening her legs. Moaning softly she moved her bottom to the edge of the seat and felt a delicious, guilty thrill as she lifted her skirt.

On the monitor the older man was still masturbating the other but now he was doing it with almost painful, maddening slowness. Lisa gasped as she slipped a trembling hand inside her sodden panties. She felt herself open and aching to be touched. She opened her legs still wider, appalled at her own depravity, but she couldn't help herself. She couldn't fight it any more.

On the monitor the older man took his time, masturbating the other with deliberately slow, sensuous strokes. Lisa began to move her hips as her fingers touched the flooding wetness between her legs. She rubbed herself with the palm of her hand, spreading her juices and moaning softly.

On the monitor, with every detail clear and free of shadows, she saw the younger man's cock begin to spasm. Lisa's whole body tensed expectantly as her fingertip brushed her throbbing clit.

On the monitor the sleeping man ejaculated a sudden, powerful spurt of cum and Lisa gasped as she climaxed. She watched as the older man continued to stroke the other until he spurted again. Without even thinking about it she used her left hand to wrench the crotch of her panties to the side and putting two fingers inside she eagerly began to fuck herself.

She could see cum pooled on the younger man's stomach and strings of it on the fingers of the older man's hand. He was still stroking him lazily as Lisa's fingers began to make urgent wet noises between her legs. She quickened her pace and climaxed again, more powerfully than before, more powerfully than anything she'd ever felt in her life. The power of it shocked her. It left her trembling, gasping for breath.

At first she couldn't believe what she'd done. She was almost lying in the chair before the computer, her skirt gathered around her waist, her legs shamelessly spread wide, her hand, she suddenly realised, was still moving slowly in her soaking panties. She looked up guiltily and a little dazed, as if emerging from a dream, to note almost with surprise that it was still daylight. That she was still in the spare bedroom. Still home alone with her guilty secret intact.

The thought of that made her feel warm inside and she smiled to herself even as she felt something turn over inside her.

On the monitor the video had finally ended, the image frozen, the young man's cock still thick but clearly spent.

Lisa didn't move. She felt no compulsion to close her legs or adjust her skirt. She could, she realised, grow to like this. It felt more like the beginning than the end of something.

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