tagFetishLisette's Education Ch. 02

Lisette's Education Ch. 02


My confusion did not stop me obeying Max’s command. I knelt and took his cock in both hands, raising the tip to my mouth, I ran my tongue around the head, and flicking lightly at the underside because I knew Max liked that. I cupped his big balls in one hand while stroking the shaft of his cock and slowly easing the head of it into my mouth. I have not got a tiny narrow mouth but I could only just accommodate Max. As usual as soon as I had opened my jaw sufficiently to ease the whole bulbous head in, Max put his hand on the back of my head and began forcing his length down my throat. Concentrate, suppress the gag reflex, keep my teeth as far apart, and importantly, continue to stroke his balls, just the way he likes it. The knowledge that his girlfriend had been fucking his friend’s woman clearly aroused a more dominant, rough side in Max which I had not seen before. Holding my head still with a firm grip he began fucking my throat, while telling me what a slut I was, and beginning to outline what he was going to do to me. If I had not seen the movies with Cindy I would have would have been even more shocked by what he was saying - things like ‘I’m going to stretch your slutty asshole open’. Instead of being scared I was beginning to wish he would get on with it. My pussy was dripping, and throbbing with residual pleasure from Cindy’s tongue work, and tingling anticipation at being roughly taken by Max.

I concentrated on not gagging as I was forced to deep throat Max, while waiting for his next command. Sure enough he pulled his cock out of my mouth, but instead of telling me to get on all fours or lie back and spread my legs -the usual prelude to fucking me, he dropped his trousers to his ankles and turned around.

‘Lick my asshole, slut.’

I had only just tasted Cindy’s tight anus and now Max wanted me to rim him. I looked as he reached back and spread his buttocks. A few dark hairs clustered around his puckered hole; he smelt musky in a way that was somehow filthy yet deliciously exciting. I put my hands on his hips and leant in, running my tongue all the way up the crack of his arse, feeling pleased that he shuddered with pleasure. I began to circle around his arse with my tongue, and then started pushing at him with a firm pointed tongue, using the tip to gently penetrate him.

‘That's right slut-taste my ass, put your tongue in it.’

I obeyed, pushing as much of my tongue into my man’s anus as I could. I reached around and stroked his cock while I licked him in the dirtiest way a girl can. I felt so depraved; here I was doing sex acts I hadn’t known existed a few hours earlier.

Soon I was pushed down onto the floor on my back with Max sitting on my face , still ordering me to ‘tongue fuck him’ and to ‘lick his asshole clean’- statements which only heightened my excitement. His breathing was getting faster and the cock in my hand was as big as I’d ever felt it, and felt as hard as a piece of steel. Suddenly, Max raised himself off me, turned around and shoved his erection into my mouth just as he began to cum. He leant down on it with his whole weight , driving himself deep into my throat. I gagged and choked and though he saw and felt that he didn't stop. His cock was pulsating and pumping thick cum into me.

‘Drink it slut, and drink my piss too.’

He held his softening cock in my throat and almost as soon as he stopped coming he let loose a bladder full of hot salty piss. Again I was choking, swallowing as fast as i could but it filled my mouth and overflowed down onto my neck and breasts. Finally he finished and pulled himself out of me. He wiped his cock on my face and stood over me, shaking the last drops of piss onto me.

‘You’re a good girl. Now go and clean yourself- and clean up this place too. I’m going to sleep and i don’t want to come down tomorrow and find this place is a mess.’

He walked out of the living room and left me to consider how wonderful my life had been -and how much more exciting it was becoming. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a whole new world. Just like Cindy had said, Max had much to teach me, and I had a lot to look forward to learning.

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