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Author's note: this story is set in the UK and uses UK spellings and words. I hope that adds to the flavour. It's my first short story, of any genre let alone erotica, so please be gentle with a literary virgin!


I was not a happy bunny that January. My boss, Janice, had given me a project that didn't suit my skills and I was struggling. She knew it and hadn't made a move to help. And what's more, the new graduate, David, who'd just joined the department after the New Year, had spotted a stupid mistake I'd made in my calculations and had told the other engineers in the tea room a few days ago. I had an axe to grind.

I'd better tell you a little bit about myself. I'm Mark, a thirty-something Scots radio engineer in a research and development department of a large electronics firm on the M4 corridor, UK. Single, at the moment, and not having much luck in changing that situation (which wasn't helping my mood any, either). I'm at that point in my career where I'm really starting to feel the pressure from the young upstart graduates under me, but I didn't have the confidence to go for a higher position. All in all, I was pretty peeved with life and just primed to do something silly.

As I sat at my desk one morning, I ran out of staples and scrabbled about in the mess that was my desk drawer for some more. I found a card -- a Valentine's card from three years ago, soon after I'd met my last girlfriend. I'd not be getting one this year, I thought. And there wasn't anyone I could sent one to, either. Janice was beautiful, and I fancied the knickers off of her, but as my boss she was off limits. Then an idea dawned. I could send a card, and get at the people who were irritating me at the same time. If I just wrote a fake card from Janice to David, I could put the cat amongst the pigeons -- embarrass David in front of the boss or at least put him on the wrong foot for a while. I had plenty of samples of Janice's writing to copy, after all.

So I set about putting my plan into action. I bought a Valentine's card -- one with a pretty clear sexual invitation printed in it:

Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
Let me share your bed tonight.
Let me give you what you lack:
Red hot passion in the sack!

Janice was always forthright about what she wanted from her staff, so I reckoned this just might be her style of card.

I practised Janice's handwriting until I had it down pat: "David, I've seen you look at me, and I want you too! Love Janice." I added a heart and a dab of perfume from a sample sachet I'd got at the local chemists. I'd seen that same perfume in a bottle on Janice's desk one day, and it would add an extra touch of authenticity. I then sealed the card, and on Valentine's Day I came into work early to sneak it under David's keyboard.

My cubicle is just across the corridor in the open plan office from Janice's, so I was perfectly positioned to see when David approached her desk, looking slightly sheepish, but also rather excited. "Er, Janice..." he began, holding the card loosely.

"You've got a card then!" she butted in, grabbing the card. But when she read it, she blushed furiously. "David, we've got to talk," she said, suddenly serious. "Come to the Cotswold Room -- it'll be empty at this time of day."

I watched them leave the office for the meeting room, David looking rather confused. This was turning out well! I decided to follow. I took my lab notebook with me so that I could linger by the meeting room door without looking too suspicious.

I could just hear them. "David, I didn't write this! Someone's faking my handwriting, and if I find out who, then they're really for it!" Janice said.

"Oh," David replied faintly.

Then Janice once more. "Are you disappointed then? Did you fancy your boss?" Her voice was slightly wheedling, like you might use to tease a child. "You did, didn't you?" Then a pause. "Well I didn't write it, but I might as well have. You are one handsome young man, you know!"

I could imagine David standing there confused. But not for long. "Come here and kiss me, then!" I heard Janice demand. I could then hear a rustle of fabric and the faint noise of lips on lips. Bloody hell! Were they were going to get down to it right there in the meeting room? I hadn't expected this at all.

But no. After a few moments, I heard a slightly breathless Janice say, "Stop! Anyone could walk in. Meet me in the demo suite in half an hour. I've got a couple of calls to make to get out of a meeting, then you can show me what a fit young man you are."

"Janice," David replied, "this isn't ..." but she shushed him with a gentle but firm, "I'm your boss, look, so just do what I say."

I beat a hasty retreat before they could come out and see me. I was getting quite turned on by the situation. Was there any way I could spy on their planned encounter? Yes, there was, I realised. I'd worked on a audio bug design a few years back and I still had the prototype in my secure cabinet, along with a receiver. I walked smartly back and grabbed it, then straight up to the demo room. I had to be quick about this.

I stuck the bug onto the back of the coffee machine in the room with a small bit of blu-tack. No time for a professional installation. Then down to one of the labs. I grabbed the sign that said, "Customer Visit -- Do Not Enter," and hung it on the door handle and pulled down the blinds. I plugged a set of headphones into the receiver, tuned it in and settled down to listen.

I didn't have long to wait. I could hear the door open and then Janice say "OK David, I've booked the room for an hour and put the sign up. No-one will disturb us."

"But Janice, we shouldn't ..." David started to protest.

"Shut up. I want this, and I can see damn well that you do too," she interjected, with a slight laugh. David must have had a hard-on already!

"Undo my blouse," I heard Janice command. "Now!" David must have hesitated. Then a slight pop and rustle, repeated four more times. "Let me just undo the clasp." I could imagine Janice reaching behind her back to release her firm C-cup breasts. I wished I could see them, but I could only hear. I swallowed.

"Shit, Janice, you're beautiful," I heard David exclaim quietly but fervently. Then a sound of gentle sucking. Was David kissing her nipples? I was sure he must be.

Janice exhaled slowly, with an undertone of passion that was clear right across the radio link. "Oh David!"

The noises continued for several more minutes. I was getting quite worked up myself, and my hands slid to my crotch and gently rubbed the fabric either side of my gradually stiffening cock. It felt delicious. Here were two colleagues, engaging in a forbidden liaison right in the workplace and I was doing something even more forbidden. I was the peeping Tom, no make that a listening Tom, an unsuspected third person in their coupling.

"Let's get that lovely dick out," I heard Janice say. The zzz of the zipper was clear in my headphones. "Oh, goodness, that's a real beauty," she whispered, the awe plain in her husky voice. "I just have to suck that." The sucking and slurping noises started again, but this time it was her lips on his cock.

"Oh, Janice, that's great!" David exclaimed.

"Shh! Not so loud! Someone might hear us!" she whispered back, the sucking noises pausing momentarily. Little did they know that someone was indeed hearing them!

As the sounds of a passionate blowjob started up again, I slid my left hand down inside the waistband of my trousers and started stroking my own cock gently. I could imagine David holding Janice by the back of her head, his fingers brushing her neck. She truly had a gorgeous neck, I'd always thought, slender and elegant, begging to be bitten.

"Janice, I'm gonna..." David started, bringing me back out of my little reverie.

"Don't hold back. We don't have much time," came the muffled response.

The slurping noises picked up in pace. David surely couldn't last much longer. "I'm cumming! Oh, Janice I'm cumming!" he called out, the relief clear in his voice even as he tried not to make too much noise.

There was a long pause. Then, "That was lovely! Have a lot of fruit in your diet, do you?" queried Janice.

"Unh?" replied David, obviously not fully recovered from cumming in Janice's mouth.

"Well, it's so sweet. Your spunk is delicious!" and she gave a little laugh.

"Now it's your turn," she said to David. "Lick me out!" There was a rustle of clothing. Janice must be lying back on the demo room floor. It was the only lab in the building that was carpeted, a sop to the customers we showed our prototype systems to in that lab.

"OK. Er, I've not really..." David began.

"It's OK," Janice reassured him, "Just start at the outside, work your way in, and if I tell you not to stop, then for heaven's sake don't stop!"

How I wished it was me in David's place. My trick with the Valentine's card had backfired, but at least I was getting the sneaky pleasure of listening in.

"That's it! Gently. Up and down there. Unh!" Janice groaned. "You're doing great!" I was sure I could have done better, though, or died trying! Once again the snotty young graduate was getting one over on me. Getting what I wanted.

"Now stick your tongue in. Wiggle it round my hole! Great! Now up a little bit and find my clit. Slowly now. Just tickle around it. A bit more... Now! Suck on it!" Janice's voice was raw with passion and need. "Don't stop! Just don't bloody stop! Don't you dare stop!" She was approaching her climax. "Oh my, oh my, oh myyyy!!" and she was over the edge, falling into a chasm of dark delicious ecstasy. Another long pause as only static came across the radio link, punctuated by deep breathing. "Oh my goodness! That wasn't half bad for a first time cunt licker!" she praised David.

"Now shag me! Climb on top and give me all you've got," I heard her tell David. He wasn't about to disobey an order like that, and I heard them shift positions, then a soft squelch which must have been him penetrating her pussy.

"You're great!" I heard David say, "You're so warm round my dick. I think I'm in heaven!"

"Focus, lover boy," Janice teased him. "I want you to fuck me like there's no tomorrow," she admonished him laughingly.

"Yes ma'am!" he joked back, getting into the spirit of it, "Whatever you command, boss!"

With that the voices ceased, replaced by a rhythmic slurp as his cock pistoned in and out of her. "God, you're hard. You've just cum in my mouth and you're still so bloody hard!" Janice gasped in wonder. "Shag me! Grab my arse and just shag me!" David didn't make any reply, but his breathing quickened, so he was doing just as she asked. Jammy sod. I wanted it to be me grabbing her delicious rear and using it to hammer myself into her. Jammy, jammy, sod!

By now I had unzipped my trousers and was lying back on the hard vinyl of the lab floor, with my dick out, clenched in my left hand, wanking like crazy. I wasn't going to go without an orgasm if they were both getting one! That just wouldn't be fair!

"Shit, I'm getting close," Janice gasped "Just let me reach my clit! No, don't stop! Keep going!" David still wasn't saying anything, but I could almost taste the animal passion in the sound of his now ragged breathing. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming again!" wailed Janice. The last part of her cry was suddenly muffled. David must have put his hand over her mouth lest they be heard from the other labs on the floor.

Then with a deep primal "Ungh!" David let fly and came too. "God, you are one sexy bitch!" he grunted as he jetted repeatedly.

I was cumming too! I just couldn't stop myself as my cock sprayed jets of my spunk up to mess my shirt. It felt so bloody good. David may have had Janice for real, but I'd had her too, in my own way.

Moments later, reality hit. I was lying on the lab floor, trousers down at my ankles, my shirt and tie plastered. How on earth was I going to get myself clean? I pulled my trousers up, stripped my shirt and tie off and grabbed a lab coat from the peg - it wasn't too bad a fit -- and headed for the loos to clean up. It had really been a quite memorable Valentine's Day and I had a head full of fantasies to keep me wanking for months. If only I'd thought to plug the receiver into a tape recorder... damn!

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