tagExhibitionist & VoyeurListening In Ch. 02

Listening In Ch. 02


Eventually, living with Alexa got too difficult and I made plans to move back home to Michigan. Since I wouldn't be moving for another month and I wanted to continue working during that time, I arranged to stay with a friend of mine, Brian.

We had always been close, best friends in fact, but living together changed our relationship slightly. I don't know if it was the fact that I was living with him, or the fact that I would soon be leaving, but our friendship became much more flirtatious. Suddenly his jokes took on a more sexual nature and his glances down my shirt became much more frequent and obvious. I loved watching him emerge from the bathroom after having taken a shower, a towel wrapped around his hips and the water shining on his body. I imagined walking over to him and licking the water droplets off of his lean torso. Since the couch in his apartment was nothing more than a loveseat, we sat very close to each other, and the heat radiating from him rivaled that of the hot Florida summer. I'd stare at the TV, fantasizing about turning toward him, pulling his long blonde hair to the side and licking his neck. I didn't do anything about it, however, not really wanting to make the living situation awkward or chance ruining the friendship we had.

The sexual tension between us grew as the day of my departure grew near, and in that last week it was like lightening. The night before I was scheduled to leave we listened to music and chatted, sort of saying our goodbyes and enjoying my last night there. He sat on the couch while I sat on the floor in front of it, giving him a great view down my shirt and the opportunity to drape his leg over my shoulder. It startled me, this overt physical contact. Until this point, all contact between us had been accidental, but this was intentional and it got my heart racing. His skin was hot and I absentmindedly stroked my fingers up and down his leg as we continued to talk. Nothing was said about what he had done or what was happening, just the usual chatter, but it did take on a more sexual nature from then on. I had a hard time really concentrating on the conversation; I can't even recall what we talked about, just that suddenly everything he said was loaded with double meanings. I was much too distracted by thoughts of rising to my knees and slowly unzipping his pants, taking the cock that I had longed to see out of those pants and feeling it in my hands, in my mouth. My face was hot, I was trembling slightly, I was getting wetter by the minute, but I did nothing (I'm still kicking myself for not exploring that side of our relationship, but I thought doing nothing was the better option). Eventually we decided it was getting late and headed to bed.

Since he had a one bedroom apartment, I slept on the couch in the living room. The layout was such that the bedroom and living room were connected, and because the air conditioning never worked right, he slept with his door slightly open. That night, I lied awake in the dark thinking to myself "His door is open. I could just walk in there and slide into the bed with him. If he came out and asked me to suck his cock right now, I would. Oh god, he needs to come out here right now and ask." I fought with myself, weighing the pros and cons of just walking in there when I heard the bed squeak. I strained my ears, hoping the squeak I heard was more than just him moving around. The thought that he might be jacking off in there, possibly thinking of me, made me even wetter. I slid my hands down between my legs, slowly rubbing myself through my shorts. There! I heard a slight moan. He *was* touching himself! I slid my hands underneath my shorts and panties, slowly rubbing myself but avoiding my clit.

He moaned again, and I heard the rustling of the sheets. Did he think I had fallen asleep? Did he want me to hear? I started to hear pants and little groans, and I slid my finger along my slit, feeling the wetness that had been building all night. I gasped, half hoping he might hear me. The bed in the next room squeaked again and I heard the bed frame hit the wall. I let my finger rub the wetness over my clit and listened to him groan again. "He has to know I can hear...He's doing that for me". The thought that he was in there, touching himself, probably imagining sliding himself into me, thrilled me, and I threw my leg over the back of the couch. The bed was creaking more often now, indicating an increase in his pace. I started rubbing my clit faster with one hand and slid one of my fingers slowly inside me. I wanted to know what he was thinking. Was he sliding his cock in my mouth in his mind? Was he slowly entering me while I leaned over the couch? Was his dick sliding in between my breasts? The once quiet moans grew slightly in volume.

I rubbed my clit harder and slid my finger inside me faster; letting out a moan I'm sure he had to have heard. I didn't care. I wanted him to hear. I wanted him to know that listening to him jack off got me so wet I had to fuck myself. I imagined going in their, climbing on top of his body and sliding his cock inside me. I wondered how big it was, how hard it would feel inside me. I groaned again, sliding a second finger inside myself.

The bed was creaking steadily now, and he was making no attempt to hide his moans. He was panting, and I could just make out the slapping sound of skin on skin. I drew up my other leg, both knees in the air and spread wide. The two fingers inside my pussy were going faster and faster and I moaned loudly. In my head, he was on top of me and I was digging my fingernails into his back, begging for him to go faster, deeper, harder. He was almost continually moaning and groaning now, and my moans were matching. The finger on my clit was flying; I was so close.

I started to hear his grunts, he bed was squeaking even louder and the headboard was continually hitting the wall behind it. I knew he must be close and I wanted to wait for him.


So close.......The squeaks, the pants, his moans, thoughts of him on top of me, my wetness, his cock, wanting to see him cum, to feel him cum inside me....

"UHHHHHHHHH.......OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH" With that loud grunt I knew he had cum, so I plunged a third finger into my pussy as my finger flew over my clit and made myself cum as well.

"Yessssssss....." My back arched and my stomach spasmed. I could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy and my breathing stopped. I panted as a I came down and brought my fingers to my mouth, licking myself off of them.

We didn't say anything the next day, and we hugged when I left, but a big part of me wishes that I had just gotten the courage to walk through the door that night.

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