tagIncest/TabooLiterotica Ch. 01

Literotica Ch. 01


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


This is dedicated to one of my fans, thanks.


Being a teen I never really got over my perverted stage so I ended up taking my fantasies out into writing for Literotica. My favorites' have always been incest stories and just became fascinated with them; the one thing that turned me on the most was the comments.



Have just read your story 'Help Me' and loved it, can't wait for any additions to it. I know the feeling of when your breasts are full and hurt so bad, you'd accept anyone to help empty them, and just how horny you get when being milked, especially by a stranger, never thought of my Dad but hell why not.

Looking for going back and reading your other stories now and I'll try and keep my hand out my wet panties...huh some hopes.

luv Sarah


Being the perverted 19 year old I am I replied telling her how hard it got me knowing she was touching herself to my stories and even though I didn't believe her if she ever wanted me to write a story about her just send me her fantasy and description.

The next day I got a reply "from her asking how this is for proof?"... it was a neck down photo with her sitting on her computer chair, legs spread with the huge 38DD breast, she had a bit of meat on her but I loved a mature woman confident about her body. The two things that I noticed that got me hard beyond belief were that she was dripping all over the chair and that she had 2 moles just below the neck, then it dawned on me I knew this woman, it was none other than my MOTHER!

My mother was always a part of my fantasies but I never thought to even do anything about it until I seen her in a sexual way, seeing her looking so dirty in front of me just made me want to go two doors down and fuck her to oblivion, but I needed a plan to push her to accepting me.

I replied telling her I loved her delicious body and that I was motivated to write a story and maybe send her half to tease her till the release and the next day I got a reply.

Her reply was "No please tease me I will be looking forward to it I like to be teased before getting the real thing!"

Awe, my poor mother didn't know just how much she was going to get teased.

The next morning I knew it was laundry day and didn't really have anything better to do for the day so I put my head phones on and lied in my bed naked and began to stroke my 7 inch cock in anticipation of my mom walking in. I didn't play any music because I wanted to hear her reaction.

There was a light knock at the door.

I continued to stroke my cock.

It creeks open.


She breathes in...

I stroke faster.

She still doesn't move.

"Ohhhh... mom!" I moan.

She drops her basket and is broken out of her trance grabbing what she can to rush out of the room.

I smile knowing the seed has been planted.

Jumping to my computer I type up the sexiest mom/son story I could type describing me to a T and my mom perfectly, I wanted to cum so badly but decided to save my load for the woman who needed it the most. Sending her half the story I waited in anticipation but surprisingly the reply came that night.

"Oh I need to read this one soon I loved it. You are so good at this everything of yours has got me so damn wet!"

My dick twitched, I don't know how much more of this I could take, I told her she was my motivation and if she was my mom I wouldn't be able to control myself around her. For the next hour we sent back and forth emails telling each other our fantasies.

"Actually I don't know if it's a incest thing that turns me on I think it's just being forced by an older man where that comes from but I like the being forced by a younger man too lol"

She told me about seeing her son stroke his hard cock thinking about her and the most she told me was that she wouldn't try anything with her son but couldn't stop fingering herself from the sight she had this morning.

I was pushed to the limited as soon as she said she had to go and do laundry I stripped off all my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the laundry room.

There she was bent over in her sheer nightgown picking up a load to place in the laundry, I was harder than ever. As she turned on the setting I walked in the small room.

"Lemmie see if I can squeeze in..." I say Walking behind her was my hard cock brushes her ass.

I reach down to the floor as if I am picking out a fresh pair of boxers.

She freezes...

I keep moving acting irritated as I grind my cock more and more into her.

She moans... "What are you looking for?" trying to rush me from the situation she was in.

"My fucking boxers!" I say irritatingly.

"No need for that language!" she snaps straightening up and pushing her ass more into me.

I thrust powerfully in her ass as she grips the washing machine for balance. My towel falls to the ground and my cock points straight in the air.

She slowly stands turning towards me "What has gotten into you?" she leans against the machine with her braless tits pierce the fabric with her nard nipples.

"You..." I say staring into her light brown eyes walking forward with my dick touching her mound, only separated by the sheer fabric.

My hand slowly traces her waist.

She breathes in.

My hand slowly rises to the swell of her breast.

"I am your mother..."

Both hands are now at the cleavage of the fabric and slowly begin tearing it, freeing the most delicious tits I have ever seen. I want milk; I want her to give it, even if I have to make her pregnant.

I forget she is even there and just raise one of her breast and latch on to it with my lips.

"ahhhhhh... I am your mother..." she says with even less conviction.

As I reach down to her ass to lift her onto the washing machine my hands cover her ass under her shredded night attire and I find out she isn't even wearing panties! Instead I move to her slit to find my finger slip in with no problem being how much she was dripping all over her thighs, but as soon as I hit her clit she shudders.

"DAMMIT!... I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!" she shouts pushing me against the wall, when she swings her hand I grab hold of it and twist it around her bending her over the washing machine.

"No..." I reply "...I see a bitch in heat..." without hesitating I thrust my solid cock into her vagina.

She groans, biting her lips.

I thrust.


With each thrust I push her more and more into the washing machine. Her breathing gets heavier and she is no longer fight to get away but to increase my assault.

I let go of her arms and reached around for her melons and picked up my pace.

She loses all control and starts to shake, her pussy grips my cock sending me over the edge.

"Oooooohhh.... mommy..." I shout unloading my seed deep into her pussy, hoping to get her pregnant.

As I walk to my room I leave mom worn out over the washing machine, the dryer buzzer goes off.

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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