tagNon-Erotic PoetryLittle Angel Hero

Little Angel Hero


Little four-year old Adam, has wandered away from his family,
               As they were camping at a National Park, to find his dog
               That has given chase to a taunting  black squirrel
               Causing the child to run after his dog, not wanting to lose him.

              Alone and frightened, Adam curls up under an oak tree,
               Tears long dried, stain his little face as he falls asleep.
               As the toddler slept, a soft blue light appears by his side.
               Materializing into a little boy of Adam's age.

               Curly dark brown hair crown his little head,
               Large, vibrant sky blue eyes, lights up his face.
                Sensing that he is no longer alone, Adam awakens,
               Blinking away unshed tears in his soft brown eyes.

                Wh...who...are you? Were his croaked words,
                Adam's throat being dry from crying and screaming for his mother.
                "I am Sam, I am here to help you. I was lost once too".
                "Can we be friends, Sam? I am scared"

                "Yes, I would like that Adam"
               "How did you know my name?"
                 Sam points to the heavens above, Adam follows his gaze
               "You live in heaven?" Adam asks.

                 "Yes I was lost in the woods many years ago"
                 "Then grampa came and took me to heaven with him"
                 No more words were needed between the two young boys,
                  Their little hands meet and hold, for comfort, not lettting go.

                 The Little angel boy, reached into his bag, and produced some food
                  Sam watched as his new friend brought out some chocolate pudding
                  And also a thermos of juice for Adam.
                  As they ate, Sam placed a blanket over Adam to keep him warm.

                  Soon after, Adam fell asleep as Sam watched over his new friend,
                  Guarding him with his little angel soul,
                  Not blinking with emotion as a wild cat approaches Adam for prey,
                  With a look in the cat's eyes, Sam tells him no, tells him to go.

                  As the beast leaves, Sam looks back at his sleeping friend,
                  Satisfied that he is warm and well fed,
                  Sam knows that he must soon leave to go back,
                  Being told that Adam's family will find him safe.

                   Hours later, Adam awakens to find himself being carried
                   In the strong arms of his father, who's face is tear stained
                   As his father carries him to the ambulance, Adam asks:
                  "Daddy, where is Sam? He is my new friend."

                  "He brought me food, juice and a blanket to keep me warm."
                  "Sam said he was from heaven, now we are friends".
                  "We didnt see another little boy  honey, are you sure?"
                  "He told me he was lost long ago, and his grampa brought him home."

                   Although he is happy that his daddy has found him,
                    Tears run down his face, missing his new friend Sam.
                   Fearing he will never see him again, Adam looks back at the woods,
                   To find Sam standing near the tree, his body surrounded by a glow.

                   Tears running down his cheeks as well, Sam whispers softly
                    In Adam's mind: "We shall always be friends forever".
                   Smiling reassuringly, Adam falls asleep in his father's arms
                    Knowing that Sam and he will one day reunite together.....

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