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Little Billy


Married for many years, our sex together had been infrequent at best. We always went through the same routine. She sucked me for a minute or so, I ate her to her 1st orgasm. I would then mount her and she would close her legs, unlike the typical spread of acceptance we see in porn movies. I just figured it felt better for her. It's only now putting her legs together was all about me. I would service her until she orgasmed and I was able to cum. What I never knew was that most of the time when I fucked her, she was faking her orgasm for my ego.

After one of our infrequent couplings in the dark, she reached up and turned on the light. "I have to talk to you about something, but I want you to eat me to orgasm. I didn't cum."

I had never tasted her with my own semen inside, but I didn't want her left unsatisfied. I put my face between her legs and began sucking her clit.

"No," she said, "I want you to put your mouth over my pussy and stick your tongue in as deep as you can. I'm going to push your semen into your mouth."

She had never before hinted at any desire to try anything like this. But wanting her pleasured, I did as she directed. I pushed my tongue as far as it would go inside her and felt her vaginal muscles pushing back, contracting around my tongue. I was treated to a meal of my own seed.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking, her back arched. She frantically grabbed my ears and pushed my face hard against her until her own orgasm subsided. Once she was done, she released my ears and pushed against the top of my head.

She propped up on her elbows, drew up her knees and spread her legs. "I want you to notice that although you first fucked me, then ate me deeply, my pussy is still as tight as ever."

I looked down and sure enough, she was right. I had made no impression on her - nothing was stretched out of place in the least.

She looked me in the eye and said, "You are a very talented cuntlicker. But that tiny cock just doesn't get it. It never did and as I grow older, I realize something has to change."

"Bill, I love you and am very happy with our life together. But I have to have more sexually and you have to accept that. I will be bringing a man home tomorrow from work. I've been giving him blowjobs when we could find a private minute here and there. But we have no place to fuck other than here. And I am tired of keeping this from you. So - you can leave before we get here and I'll let you know when we come back or you can stay. But if you stay, I want you to watch. I'd prefer you stay. That way, there's no secrets about what I'm doing from now on."

It was like my entire body went numb. I just looked at her, not saying anything, not moving. The reaction that I couldn't believe was that my tiny, unsatisfying penis was as hard as it had ever been. What was that about?

Brenda saw my pants start to tent with its little pole as well.

"Whoa, I didn't expect that! You getting hot at the thought of me getting laid by a real man? Oh baby, that's just perfect. Tell you what; I want you to strip right here and masturbate while I watch. I figure that will be a down payment on what you'll get to watch tonight."

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and pulled the string on my pants, feeling them fall around my ankles. I stepped out of them still not really feeling anything. I was following orders.

Naked, I began running my penis between my thumb and forefinger. It was all I'd ever needed to jerk off. I felt my balls jiggle beneath my hard cock as I pinched it, working toward a quick cum.

Brenda stood with her hands on her hips and smirked. "Is it any wonder I've never cum with you inside me. What a pathetic little pee pee. I think you never really developed a real man's sex organs. You still have a set of little boy's genitals."

I couldn't disagree. My penis and scrotum were still about the same size as they had been in my pre-teen years. I was nearly 16 before I had grown any pubic hair. Most of my teen years were a misery when it came time to be naked in front of the other boys in the shower. While they strutted around with hairy cocks swinging back and forth, my tiny penis jiggled a bit as it stood stood straight out, not drooping a bit like the "bigger boys'" meaty cocks.

I had had only one sexual encounter before getting married. It was a complete disaster. I didn't even penetrate the poor girl who had was going to give me a tumble. I just ejaculated on her panties. She stared at me with a combination of disgust and disbelief. When she realized I was spent, she quickly pulled off the soiled pants, pulled her skirt back down to cover herself and told me to take her home. She rolled down the car window and pitched the panties out into the ditch. Later as we pulled up to her home, she quickly got out without even saying good night, slammed the door and never looked back.

It was little different with my wife. My only saving grace with her is that I could eat her to multiple orgasms. If I gave her head first, I would cum as I licked, my semen wasted either on the bed or down my leg. I could never recover before my wife came on my face and lost interest in having me enter her.

I felt my ejaculation beginning. Brenda could see my balls begin to rise against my body. "Let's not waste that. Put your hand out and catch it."

As I began to cum, I did what I was told. I cupped my left hand so that my semen would shoot into it. I orgasmed less than a minute after I had started masturbating, giving one good shot followed by a couple of dribbling spurts.

Brenda said, "I think it would be a good idea for you to become familiar with the taste of semen. There's not much there, but it's a start. Go on, lick it up."

I raised my left hand to my mouth and began to lick my seed from my hand. I didn't feel like telling her it wasn't the first time. I had many times scooped my cum from my belly before marriage and sucked it into my mouth.

As my penis began to retreat into to its one inch long soft state, the doorbell rang.

"Stay right here, just like you are."

I began to turn beet red, but didn't disobey. It had been years, but I'd been verbally abused by some pretty vicious males in the past. Brenda opened the door and there stood my exact opposite.

The man was tall, muscular and tanned. He took Brenda by the arms and lifted her to her stand on her toes. As their lips met, his tongue darted into Brenda's mouth. They continued to kiss passionately for what seemed like minutes while standing in the doorway, visible to any passerby. As Brenda's breathing got faster and deeper, her hand slid inside his pants. I could see the outline of his penis begin to grow - it began to make a tent that protruded into the pant leg of his slacks.

As Brenda slowly pulled her hand out of his pants, she grabbed his belt and pulled him into the house. She closed the door and immediately began unbuckling his belt. Once undone, she unsnapped and unzipped the fly. The fell to the ground, much like my pants had done earlier. But what was hidden there was quite a sight.

What I didn't realize was that I'd forgotten about being completely naked in front of a man kissing my wife inside my house. I had entered that numb feeling once again that accompanied an erection that while was close to a Chap Stick in size, was as hard as it had ever been.

The man's penis however, was the largest I'd ever seen. That included all the porno I'd ever seen. As my wife stroked it, the width and length continued to grow. When fully erect, he had to be nearly a foot long and as big around as the handle of a baseball bat. My wife took hold with both hands. She could barely reach around the whole thing, plus there was room for a third hand as she stroked him up and down like she was churning butter. But then she abruptly stopped. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and ripped it over his head, leaving him the second naked male in the house.

"Come here, I want you to meet someone." My fully dressed wife began leading him by his penis, bringing him closer.

"Matt, this is Kenny, my husband. I wanted you both to see and understand why Matt is here. Kenny's pee pee is not made for satisfying anyone over the age of ten. Kenny, I'm going to let Matt fuck me. I can't wait to feel this monster shoved in my pussy. Matt, Kenny is going to watch us and after you cum, he's going to suck out what you leave me, wherever you leave it."

Matt looked me in the eye, then his eyes dropped to my crotch. He smirked and took hold of his manhood. He stroked it, holding it up toward my face. I thought for a minute he planned to shoot into my face to save depositing his load into my wife.

My wife laughed and said, "Come on you two. I want to get fucked, NOW"

She turned and ran toward our bedroom. Matt followed her at a quick pace, his meaty penis swaying back and forth as he strode after her. I could see his balls between his legs. I had to admit watching him walk away was a great scene as he had a tight, smooth ass. What I didn't realize is how closely I'd get to inspect both those body parts.

As I entered our bedroom, Matt was stripping my wife with great vigor. She was smiling broadly moving to be sure he had the best angle to allow him to remove her clothes quickly. Once naked, she laid back on our bed and looked at me.

"C'mere pussylicker. Eat me and make me ready to be fucked by a man for the first time."

I again blushed, but moved closer, dropped to my knees and put my face between her legs. I pushed my tongue deep inside her as Matt stood close beside me, slowly stroking his meat club, keeping it long and hard.

It probably took less than a minute for my wife to violently arch her back, stiffening her entire body in her first orgasm of the night. Once the first wave passed, she put her hand on top of my head and shoved me away. Matt stepped between us by stepping over my thighs, which were still close to the edge of the bed. His scrotum and asshole were close enough for me to lean forward and lick them. I started to scramble backward when my wife's head popped up from the bed.

"Matt, I want Kenny to put you inside me for the first time. Would that be OK with you?"

Matt finally said his first words of the night. "OK, but he better hurry up. I'm horny, babe."

"Kenny, get over here and guide Matt's cock into my pussy. Then I'll know you're ready to completely accept the reality of our new arrangement."

I moved up beside Matt and slowly reached out and slid my hand around his long, hard cock. It was the first penis I'd ever touched besides my own. It was much heavier than I expected. His skin was far softer. I moved my hand up just behind the large glans and gently tugged him toward my wife's anxiously waiting opening. As he followed my guidance, the head of his penis pushed the lips of Brenda's pussy apart and slowly disappeared into the place I had always thought would be forever reserved for me.

As the shaft followed the head, I let go and stepped back, watching him slowly impale my wife on his manhood. She was making a low growl as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to spread her legs further apart to allow Matt to push deeper inside her.

Suddenly she realized I was still kneeling on the bed. "You get to watch, but from a distance. Go stand against the wall. And don't touch your pee pee, little boy."

I stumbled backward until my bare butt came in contact with the chilly paint on the wall. But I could not take my eyes off the scene before me. I was watching my wife being serviced by another man, a man I'd never met, but the only man whose penis I'd held other than my own.

Matt's pace began to pick up his pace as my wife's vagina began to stretch open for the first time in her life. The look on her face was something I'd never seen. She was completely consumed by the sexual experience. My guess was that I could have turned green and flown away at that moment and she would have never known it. All she recognized at this point was the orgasm she was having and the penis filling her vagina that was causing it.

Matt continued pounding in and out of my wife, resulting in still more orgasms for her while his scrotum slapped against her ass each time he penetrated the entire length of his cock into her. But then I saw his balls start to rise toward his body. He squeezed his eyes closed and threw his head back, grunting like a rutting animal. As he came, he shot more semen into her than her vagina could hold. It oozed out around his penis as he continue to ejaculate.

I had obeyed my wife and refrained from touching my penis. That didn't stop it from being intensely hard throughout the entire fucking. And how I found that as Matt came, so did I. Of course, my load was tiny compared to his, just like my penis.

Matt lay down directly on top of my wife, spent. She curled her legs around his ass and her arms around his neck, cuddling him in their after-sex glow. She looked over at me with my half-hard little pee pee and told me to come to the edge of the bed. Matt never looked up.

Brenda continued to stroke his neck tenderly. She looked directly into my eyes and said, "I love you madly, but I will never fuck you again. Your pee pee will never enter my body again as long as I live. It would be pointless."

I looked down at her, embracing the man who had for the first time in her life, satisfied her deeply and completely. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to weep. I was crying for my loss, knowing my days of sex with the love of my life were over. I also cried to know my love was so satisfied.

Matt recovered enough to slide his softened cock out of my wife. It was slick with the semen he had deposited into the woman who until this moment had pledged fidelity only to me. Matt rolled off and lay beside my wife.

"Ok little boy, I told you to get used to the taste of semen. Get your face between my legs and clean me up."

Brenda grabbed her knees and pulled up to expose her pussy for me. She smiled and said, "Start with my ass and work up."

The excess semen had flowed from the bottom of her pussy and was slowly moving down the crack of her ass, over her asshole. I took the tip of my tongue and began flicking at Matt's seed, tasting it to see if I could stomach it.

"Don't be shy, Little Boy. Stick your tongue in deep and get it all."

I could see her flex her anus, gradually loosening it to allow my tongue to penetrate it. I took a deep breath and pushed my tongue deeply into her rectum, reaming the center of the brown rosebud, tasting Matt's semen, Brenda's pussy juice and her ass mixed together.

Once clean, I started to lick the space between ass and pussy. I finally made my way to Brenda's gaping pussy, and began licking the deposit that still remained inside her. My face shown with the juices covering my chin and cheeks.

Eventually, I had sucked and licked all the male and female juices that remained. In the process, my efforts had caused my wife to cum twice more.

I leaned back, still on my knees. Brenda let go of her knees and pushed herself up the bed and lay there naked, enjoying her best sex ever. She lifted her head and looked at Matt.

"Matt, your cock is still slimy. Do you want my Little Boy to suck it clean. Do you do that?"

Matt looked at me and smiled. "I never have, but it might be interesting. Come here little boy and clean my cock."

I looked at Brenda with what had to be a look of panic. I had never touched another man's penis, much less sucked it. But there is was again; my pee pee (even I thought of it like this now) was getting hard at the thought.

Brenda saw it, too. "Little Boy, are you hot to suck a man? Your pee pee is giving you away. I never knew you wanted a man. Well, here's your chance. Clean him up."

I looked at Matt. He slowly stood and put his hands on his hips. His shiny cock hung in front of his balls, waiting for my attention. Still on my knees, I turned to find his cock was only an inch from my face. I opened my mouth, bent down a little and let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. I was still soft, but quickly began to grow longer and hard. I sucked on the head hard, sliding my tongue around and around to get all the juices off. Once clean, I popped the head out of my mouth and began licking the shaft like licking butter off an ear of corn. Soon he was once again as hard as when he first entered my wife.

I felt his muscular hand on the top of my head as he shoved me to the floor. He turned toward the bed, where he saw Brenda on her hands and knees, sticking her pussy our for him to see.

"Stick that monster in here and fuck me."

Matt climbed on to the bed and once again penetrated my wife. He began servicing her by slowly sliding his cock in and out in a crouch behind her. I could see her hand between her legs, fondling his balls each time they swung forward as he thrust more and more aggressively. I could see that glazed-eye look again. She was about to orgasm once again. It seemed she had come more in the last hour than she had during our entire marriage. Certainly if she had cum with me, it was not with the intensity she felt from being fucked with a penis three times bigger than mine.

Matt continued having his way with her. She continued to come over and over. Finally I saw his balls pull up against his body. He groaned and ejaculated once again into Brenda's puffy pussy. After a minute or so to catch her breath, Brenda looked around.

"Clean-up time, little boy." This time do Matt then crawl under me so I can face-sit you again."

I once again did as I was told, licking Matt's cock clean of his semen and Brenda's pussy juice. Once done there, I lay down under Brenda, my mouth just under her crotch. She reared up and gave me a mouthful of pussy and semen. I felt Matt's cum coming out of her and sliding down my throat.

When she'd had enough, she flopped over on the bed and pushed me to the floor with her feet.

"Wait for me at the foot of the bed," she said, as she got out and went to where Matt was dressing. Before he zipped his fly, she stuck her hand in and pulled out the now-soft monster.

"Mmm, what a great cock. It's so nice to be fucked by a man." Matt pulled his cock out of her hand and zipped his fly. He smiled and said, "We'll have to do this again sometime. Maybe next time your husband would like a load of his own instead of just getting it while cleaning up."

Brenda giggled. Matt turned and left.

She looked at me, head down, kneeling at the foot of the bed, emotionally exhausted. "I'm glad you like our new arrangements. I think there will be many more changes, starting now. She pulled an old comforter from the closet and threw it on the floor.

"We can make more permanent arrangements later, but for tonight you sleep on this at the foot of the bed. Remember, no touching your tiny pee pee without my permission."

She then tousled my hair like mothers do to a son that pleases her. She crawled into bed, still naked, sighed, smiled and went fast asleep.

I looked at the makeshift bed I'd been given, spread it out on the floor and laid down, fully exposed. I wondered about the changes yet to come. I believed there would be many.

The Next Morning

The next morning. I awoke to the sound of Brenda calling, "Billy! Billy boy! Time to get up!" I opened my eyes to see Brenda straddling me. She'd never called me "Billy" before.

I looked up to see she was still naked, her labia still red and puffed from the workout she got the previous night. I slowly got to my feet and started to reach for my robe.

"No, no," said Brenda as she shook her head. "No more clothes for you while in the house. You will be naked so your boyhood is always visible. The only time you will dress is when I allow it. And when those times come, I will tell you what to wear. Now go start the shower for me."

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