Little Cousin Jenny


He was short of breath as he moved behind her. Her pussy was glistening even in the low light; she must have been touching herself recently or having a very enjoyable dream. Her white ankle-socks were stretched over her feet which were just barely at the edge of his bed. Her shirt was still on, but it was pushed up just below her breasts, leaving everything below naked and fully visible to her cousin's lustful eyes.

There was a reason she was here and not in her own bed, bottomless and not in the PJ's she'd brought along with her. And despite the part of Ben that had him hesitating to touch Jennifer earlier that night screaming that he couldn't, Ben was moving ahead without him. His hands moved to his athletic shorts and pushed them down, boxers and all, with Ben stepping out of them handily. His cock sprang to attention; it had been ready since the second he walked in the room. His mind -- set to its purpose.

Ben moved forward and pressed his knee to the bed, his cousin didn't make a sound even as her body moved on the bed, even as he lifted his other leg and straddled her. 'There's no way she's asleep,' Ben thought, 'and this is what she's here for anyway,' he convinced himself. As he thought it, his hand pointed the head of his cock toward its target, the tiny opening he could see between the legs of his slumbering cousin.

He could feel his thighs against the naked lower half of his cousin and his hands took hold of her sweet young ass. He briefly debated checking for certain whether she was awake or not, but when he felt the heat of her opening against the head of his penis, all bets were off. Sleeping or not, he had to fuck her, he had to sink his cock at least once into the little blonde who had been torturing him all day. And so, he took a deep breath, and just before he could sink his rod into Jenny's amazing little pussy, she surprised him. He couldn't see it in the dim light of her bedroom, but with his hands grasping her soft cheeks he could feel her butt move in the direction of his penetrating head.

'Or did it,' he questioned? But it didn't matter because there was nothing else in his head at the time he first felt himself enter Jennifer's forbidden tunnel. It was so warm and wet already; he couldn't believe the feeling - it consumed him. Sinking into her, feeling her insides wrap around him and surround him with wonderful heat, he could feel himself still holding his breath. He finally took a breath of fresh air when he heard his cousin Jenny take one herself. It was cute, a little gasp as he entered her and her fingers grasped at the pillow her head lay gently on.

Ben leaned forward, pressing the final inch or two of his length into his cousin. As his hips met her cheeks and his hand left her ass to push back a lock of hair, he checked her face to see if she was still pretending to be asleep. She was, the corners of her mouth feigning a slumbering peacefulness still. She was helpless to him though as he withdrew, once again feeling her pussy walls sliding against the sensitive tip of his penis. Her mouth became an adorable grin then, finding herself unable to betray the delicious pleasure her cousin was delivering her.

Ben took another peak at the angel's face, this time finding her beautiful blue eyes peeking through barely-opened lids. Her teeth flashed white with a sexy smile and then she pursed her lips gently before saying,

"Bad boy, you can't put your big cock in your own little cousin..."

It was a whisper, sleepily spoken but it made Ben shiver with excitement.

"Don't do it again, you can't fuck your naughty cousin's tiny..." she quivered as his tip lingered at her entrance,

"tight..." she uttered as it left her clinging lips and then tapped down upon her pulsing and sensitive clit,

"wet............" he lined up, she was still whispering.

"ooooo.....ugghhhhh," she squealed as Ben plunged forth into her and took her needy pussy once more.

It was a quicker plunge this time, her slutty and intentionally unconvincing words of refusal had assured that. Ben needed to be buried inside the little blonde immediately. He found her back arched again though, willing him deep into her womb as she met his thrust with her own.

Her back formed a sloped arch just north of her bubbly white butt -- a perfect place for his hands to brace himself to fuck her harder, if she wanted it, 'did she?'

"what if I just wandered into the wrong room cuz' I was so... ooouuuwhhh..." he penetrated Jenny again, finding himself balls deep before she could finish her sentence, "sleepy and a little drunk?.....uugggh fuck it's big....."

Ben tried to formulate a response to explain why he'd just decided to push his cock into the slumbering cheerleader he'd found bottomless on his bedspread. She beat him to the punch:

"or what if that sleepy and kinda drunk little girl wanted you to ........unnngggghhh...." she trembled as he unsheathed once more, "stop being so.....mmmnhh.... gentle," she directed her eyes toward him and spoke directly: "fuck her the way you wanted to when you saw her cheer a few weeks ago."

She was right; weeks before their trip he'd gone one weekend with his parents to see Jenny cheer for her high school's big game. In her short skirt and belly hugging uniform top, he remembered being forcibly immersed in a daydream of her rhythmically swinging hips moving not to the music but along the course of his cock, as it was now. And so, wanting her now and remembering how much he wanted her then, he took hold of her supple lower back and plunged his entire length into her in one strong movement.

She cooed, and she flexed at the hips into his depressed fingertips, but she didn't discourage him as he removed himself and hesitated only a fraction of a second before impaling her once more. He started to build a rhythm and so did the gentle smack of her cheeks against him as he poked at her naughty pussy entrance and then buried himself deep into her core easily in her soaked state.

He wanted to be deeper, to feel more of her tiny pussy sucking him in, but he couldn't. Instead, he slid out, leaving her empty and lonely, before filling her eagerly once more. Over and over he fucked her from behind, his weight depressing her lovely body into the pillow-top. She looked so intolerably sexy there - all he could do to appreciate it was fuck her more.

And she was beginning to show her appreciation more and in her own ways. Her back reached the peak of its arch, her butt thrust proudly into the air. Her moaning and fidgeting increased obviously, so much so that he could feel her beginning to get antsy so pinned down beneath him. Though he, admittedly, took a few more greedy strokes deep inside of her to savor the prone position he was fucking his sexy little cousin in, he eventually realized the potential benefits of releasing the squirming little minx to act out her naughty desires on him.

Pulling himself from her heated center he took hold of his rigid shaft and wiggled his tip about her entrance and to her ultra-delicate button. She hummed with pleasure before trying to wriggle her way free so she could fuck him the way she wanted. He let her free, but first caught her when she'd made it to her back and revealed more of her taut body to his wanting eyes.

Jennifer's eyes found his, wondering why he'd stopped her when he saw what he wanted. She pecked him first, pursed lips against his unsuspecting ones. But when his hand found its way to the bottom of her already scrunched tee, she laid on him a kiss he'd not soon forget. Their tongues intertwined, their lips melded, their hands searched for the next place to touch.

And so they went on, making out like two teenagers, Jenny actually was a teen, and the softness of her body, the perkiness of her tits and the sweet youth in her moaning and cooing made her the most desirous one on earth at that moment. So he let her roll about him, straddling him now as she worked her hips just right to reinsert her cousin's member.

"Is this what you want Ben," she whispered again, "do you want me to put this monster back inside?" She took grasp of his head and shaft and rubbed it hastily against her moist lips.

"I've wanted to fuck you for so long, uggggghhhh," this time it was Jenny urging his cock into her, "I've even thought about you when my ex was fucking me a few times.....oooooohhhh.... but he was never so........uhhhh..... fucking...... big."

"Ohhh.....Ben.... it feels so good!" Jenny exclaimed as she came to rest atop her cousin with his cock lodged as deeply within her as possible. Ben wondered whether they could be heard, worrying more when Jenny started to gasp and move up and down.

In and out his big cock went, stretching Jenny's pussy walls as it filled her, and feeling it release suction as his tip peered between her lips on withdrawal. Jenny placed her hands on his chest, only just able to appreciate the firmness of it and her cousin's physique. She braced herself there, her elbows close enough together that her perky teen titties squeezed between. With a beautifully arched lower back, Jenny bounced her hips off her cousin's as she impaled herself over and over.

"Oh my God Ben, fuck me right there," he took hold of her hips, helping her, "keep fucking me like that.....ooouuuhhh..." he clapped his hips against hers causing him to continuously bottom out inside her.

Ben rolled Jenny onto her side, spinning her about just so that he was spooning her in front of him, but her back lay flat against the bed. Sprawled out there in front of him was her beautiful body, ready to be filled with her cousin's incestuous cock and her tits ready to be held in his hands. Their hands touched as they both reached to guide Ben's cock home. Jenny smiled as her cousin closed his hand over hers and they both connected Ben's tip with the mini blonde's opening.

He lingered for what seemed like an eternity for both of them but was only actually a few seconds before burying himself to the hilt once again in her sprawled out body. Her tiny ass looked so cute curled in front of him, white and smooth and soft and all the better when seen with his cock sliding through into her pussy.

"Baby I'm getting close," Ben warned, her increased tightness in this position catching him off-guard. The feeling of her body so fuckable and bendable to his will, and the softness of her amazing breasts jiggling in his hands as he slammed into her suddenly had him unsure whether he'd be able to contain himself inside his cousin.

"I'm not on birth control....ooooo... fuck.... You can't come inside me Ben...." She whispered, but loud enough that Ben could still hear, feeling a pang of disappointment strike him. "Daddy didn't want me getting any ideas so he wouldn't let me get it! Don't cum inside me..... ooooouaahhh...." She pleaded as his cock sank and retreated mid-sentence, "I could get pregnant.... You don't want...Uhhhhhghh..... to get your little cousin pregnant do you?"

Ben didn't have an answer for her, he was pretty much speechless at the words that had come out of her mouth. Hearing her say 'daddy,' and the talk about getting her pregnant had his cock pulsing out of control and it was all he could do to keep sending it in and out of Jenny's quim.

"But you can't come yet honey..... ugghhhhh...." She pleaded as he rammed her again,

"I'm so close.... just like that...... oooouwhhhhh..... don't stop!" she cried.

Ben was spreading her cheeks a bit to get a good angle with which to penetrate her, and he had found the perfect one. As he slid his thick rod into her repeatedly, she began to squirm, flexing and twisting involuntarily as his tip poked her just right inside.

"Riiiiiggghtt ttttttherrree..... RIGHT THERE..."

She was getting louder, and Ben had to move a hand to gently cover her mouth so they didn't attract an audience. Placing a few fingers over her lips she quieted, and surprised him by taking a finger in her mouth and sucking it, so only the sexy hum of her moans escaped around it. With one hand wrapped snugly around her to hold her close, and the other being licked at by her dexterous tongue, Ben was fucking his cousin harder than ever.

She was yelping and squealing at one point, still with her lips pursed around his finger to quiet her, she even nibbled a bit on it when the pleasure became too much. But it didn't hurt, the feeling of her warm pussy engulfing him was all he could feel.

"Don't stop..... don't stop..... don't stop....." she was able to breathe out.

He couldn't stop, he wanted her to have the orgasm of the lifetime, and from the quaking of her body in his arms he figured she was having it. But what he didn't expect for, halfway through the little cheerleader's pleasure-fit, was for her taut, wet, little hole to clamp down on him as her insides spasmed in climax. He didn't expect them to suck at his invading member and send him over the edge unwillingly.

And though he immediately tried to pull his spurting cock from inside her, Jennifer had already locked a leg around his and dug her butt deep into his lap to fill herself as she came. He could do nothing, and you could scarcely blame him as he began to flood his cousin's womb with his own forbidden seed. She shook and she moaned, she could feel the warmth of his cum adding to the spreading heat of her orgasm, and it caused her eyes to roll backward in disbelief.

She cooed and gasped for air as her cousin painted her insides with sperm. She felt so incredibly naughty then, come-to enough to know that it was her cousin that was filling her pussy up with his spunk so wonderfully, and feeling so naughty and sexy because of it.

She jammed her cheeks into his lap, taking his cock as deep as it would go; she felt the movement urge another pump from his tip, deeper into her than before. Ben trembled at the incredible sensitivity the blonde minx's fidgeting had brought to light.

He held her tight, her t-shirt bunched up over her chest and his arm and hand pressing her titties this way and that. He knew she had been serious when she'd asked him not to cum in her, but as he thrust one final time into Jennifer, his cock let out a defiant last stream of seed. He was indescribably pleased, balls-deep in his naughty cousin and feeling their combined fluids mixed together inside her.

They both looked down as his hand took the base of his immersed shaft and slid it from her glistening lips. The walls immediately closed behind his retreating cock, and when his head finally departed from between her clinging labia, it was followed by an obvious stream of his cum. They watched her freshly-fucked opening as more of his sperm bubbled out.

"Oh no," she said, "oh no..."

Ben didn't know what to say, and when he saw her a pulse of his own jism come from inside her he knew that they were probably in some trouble.

She looked too sexy though, naked and glistening with sweat, still smiling despite the predicament. She didn't look disappointed or even as worried as he. Therefore, he didn't feel as bad when he decided to go for it and point his softening, but not nearly soft cock back toward her opening and shove forward. He felt their fluids guiding him easily in, and she was still just as hot inside as seconds before. They both inhaled sharply and Jenny gave Ben a discerning look. But she couldn't look upset for more than a second when the very same sensitivity that Ben felt had Jenny's face revealing her pleasure, unable to be concealed.

"Bennnnn...." She whined. "You came so much.... It's all inside me...... what if I get..... you know...."

Ben slid back a bit and buried himself once last excruciating time, Jenny yelped too. "Pregnant?" Ben replied smartly.

"Yeaaahhh.... Oh God it feels so good...."

"You're right...." Ben said smiling, "that would be very bad..." he flexed his cock as much as he could inside of her.

"You know, you aren't supposed to fuck your naughty little cousin..." Jenny said, putting a hand against his face.

"Oh yeah?" Ben questioned, leaning into her.

"And you definitely aren't supposed to fill her naughty pussy with so much of your hot... sticky... cum."

Ben couldn't help himself kissing his cousins feverishly then. His tongue explored hers, which she offered willingly, and his hands began to frantically search her body once more. His fingers played at the piercing on her stretched tummy. His cock may have slipped from her for the moment but it didn't matter, because he was inside her teen pussy again not a few minutes later. In fact, the two cousin's fucked through most of the night.

The next day he and Jennifer took care of the (incest pregnancy) situation, taking advantage of it once behind one of the barns on the property, with Jennifer's hands pinned against the red siding as her cousin stuck himself straight up into her. They fucked in the shower and once in a changing room when they went into town.

Ben knew he shouldn't be so excited to be banging a blonde cheerleader like Jennifer, since she was his cousin and all, but as he pumped into her on the floor of the pontoon boat their grandparents had let them take out together and then released his umpteenth jet of cum into her, he simply didn't care. And when Jenny missed her period a few weeks later, it was only after he'd filled her properly face down on the kitchen counter at his college apartment that she'd revealed her little secret.

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by Turtle195212/23/17

What happens now?

Seems he has knocked up his cousin. So what is next? do they live together or move away and get married? Love to know

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by Anonymous08/29/17


I will do to my cousin T the same.
She will adore it and I will treat her gently and passionately.
And taking care her from behind its the best position for her and me, because she has a relatively smallermore...

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