tagSci-Fi & FantasyLittle Glass Jars

Little Glass Jars


The palace was on the rack again. It wasn't just the screaming and the wailing; though Lord knows that was enough to strip the gilt from the picture frames. Nor was it the hurling of any and every object within reach. It was the public discharge of the penalty for failure that really jangled the nerves. Especially among the princes on the receiving end.

The focal point for this fear, the epicentre of the impending earthquake, sat shaking with pent up frustration in her boudoir. Princess Alice was quivering with disbelief and disappointment on the edge of her ravaged bed. Her room looked as though a small but vicious war had been fought in it. Pictures hung off the wall at wild angles. Her chandelier dangled in sorry tatters from its naked chain. Chairs were tipped over and the guts of pillows were strewn everywhere in sad piles of shifting feathers.

There was no-one else in the room with her. A little while ago however a white faced young man with a red raw, but ultimately useless cock had been dragged backwards from the room by two brawny and unsympathetic guards in chain mail and black leathers (a whim of the Princess). His strangled cries for mercy went unheeded by Alice who was already heading into her blackest mood of despair and depression. It made PMT something to look forward to.

She was lost in her self. "How was it possible? So near and yet always so bloody far! Why me?!" she bleated. She hated the way her body connived at her final let downs. There was the wild bursting feeling that grew inside until it seemed the world would go nuclear. Then ...nothing! A sense of disappointment which came close to terminal despair. And out of the black angst came the anger. Anger directed at the latest lying bastard to cheat her and hurt her.

She could understand why they kept coming. The prize was certainly enormous : half share in the kingdom with her Dad (and the rest when he popped his royal socks) and the franchise rights for the country's monopolistic pub and supermarket chain. Oh, and access to the best body in the kingdom.

For it had to be said that Alice was a peach. She had the tantalising arrogance that came with the title, coupled to a body that drained men's faces with lust just for a glimpse of it. Where women should be round, she was curvier; where they should go in, she went in further; where blondness was required, she supplied iridescent gold and red. Her nipples stood out like raspberries, her cunt thrust forward like a third breast and seemed to pulse with a life of its own. Which perhaps it did. Because - and here we get to the nub of the problem - the Princess had never managed to achieve orgasm. It was as though there was a cut-off switch just before the climax, shutting down the volcanic eruption seconds before the explosion. Like a stifled sneeze multiplied a thousand fold.

This might not have mattered if the Princess had been uninterested in sex. Sadly she wanted to be fucked so badly she would kill for it. Or worse. Being part of a fairly liberal sort of court she had been expected to try out a few men before settling down with the prince of her fancy. Her mum and dad - the King and Queen - had started out that way. And Alice at 17 began to try her hand at it. Her first experiences were interesting and highly stimulating. She was made for this sex stuff it seemed. But after the first two or three she began to notice that the young princes were having more fun than she was. There began to be an ache in her cunt which grew and grew and never seemed to be satisfied. She talked to the Queen about it who suggested some new positions and Alice confidently returned to the fray.

Nothing happened - and we do mean nothing. The princes contorted themselves to pleasure the Princess but as she began the run-up to orgasm the whole thing slid away from her like snow on the tongue. She increased the pace, till there was a queue outside her door. Then out came the potions. Evil smelling, evil tasting. Stuff made from bats, frogs, bulls, plants and essence of old jockstraps (the wizard who came up with this one was summarily executed after he confessed to what had gone into the foul mix). But still nothing. The ache became a torment.

This went on until the princess was 18. By then she'd had enough. Or rather not nearly enough. Drastic measures were called for. In the depths of her growling need, the sex-maddened young woman made an announcement. She moved down market. Any able-bodied man from any part of the kingdom, near or far, who could satisfy her royal craving would have her hand. He would also get the king's job when his majesty had vacated the throne and this earth.

This was the inducement. But in her rage, she added a condition for failure. Anyone who tried and failed in the attempt - thus sharpening her Highness's hunger pangs - would have to pay a heavy price. Their balls would be severed from their bodies and displayed around the royal room in glass jars.

The announcement went out on fax that day to all parts of the kingdom and beyond. It appeared in local newspapers and every tree in every village green. The princess's divine form and face filled the page, and even on poor quality fax paper, she shone out as an impossibly attractive siren.

So they came in their pride and their confidence and their greed, and met their fate one by one. Howls of pleasure shifted dramatically to howls of anguish as another fine pair parted company from their owner and ended up in formaldehyde in an expanding row of glass jars along a dauntingly long shelf.

K and Q tried to talk the young woman out of it. It was, after all, destroying the survival prospects of some of the longest lasting dynasties in the land. Not to mention the whole sordid tension thing while the court held its collective breath as another young stag strode to his doom.

A few weeks had passed since the last set of testicles had become ornaments on the mantelpiece. Suitors were becoming scarce as men everywhere settled for less; with less definitely meaning more. Alice was drifting around the palace red-eyed from frustration and lack of sleep. Suddenly the bell was rung at the palace gates announcing a new contender. Alice looked up like a rabid hound at the sound. A hungry look swept over her face - and beneath it a desperately lonely, little girl's look of want and need. A blaze of trumpets announced the victim was drawing near. Outside her door, the court babbled hysterically, fearing the worst but hoping for the best, in the manner of spectators at a cock fight. Which in a sense it was. Then there was stillness as the contender stepped up to her door and knocked.

‘Come!' she summoned with an ambiguous mixture of command and prayer. The door swung open to reveal a tall, well built young man with long brown hair and solid limbs. He moved forward confidently in his tights and high cut tunic which showed off pleasantly large bulges in all the right places. The princess's eyes were drawn immediately to the seat of the action and she wondered how much was cod-piece and how much was the real thing. Hope kindled in her eyes and she stepped smoulderingly towards him.

‘Your highness. My name is Hugh. And I am at your Highness's disposal.'

‘You'd better be!' she said with feeling. She walked round this stocky young man running her fingers over a strong back and eyeing his well-muscled thighs and calves. She ran an experienced hand over his arse feeling the weight and the curve of it. She liked what she felt.

‘Get them off,' she commanded.


‘Get them off. If you want to fuck me, you're going to have to take these rags off. I'll be over there. Waiting.' She motioned to the royal bed, covered in white silk. Experience over the last few months had made the princess dispense with courtesies, common or otherwise.

As Hugh began to take his clothes off he glanced round the room, and his big dark eyes were drawn inexorably towards the shelf of doom. His composure lessened for a moment as he took in the evidence of his predecessors' failures. He did not count them, but there were at least one hundred sad little jars standing in line.

Straightening himself he turned back to look at the bed and saw Alice lying naked and haughty before him. She watched him discard the last of his clothing - his tights. Her eyes widened with pleasure. There had been no padding. As Hugh stood up proudly his cock and balls fell from his groin in a cascade of thickening flesh. The princess's mouth dropped open and she licked her perfect pouting lips.

‘My God! Is that real?' she asked through a choked throat. ‘Does it get hard?' she enquired hopefully.

‘My lady. Watch closely.' Hugh walked towards her until he was standing with his thighs against the bed, so that the edge came up to just below his groin. He had to lift his huge cock up in both hands and place it on the cover in front of her. At first it simply lay there in all its flaccid glory. It was 12 inches long and as fat as the princess's wrist. Then it seemed to stir and gather itself like a waking serpent. Alice was transfixed. It grew and expanded and became a mighty truncheon of hard flesh. It was now 15 inches from base to the majestic tip which sat like a sceptre on the end of a golden staff. It stood throbbing with rich blood while its master bent down again and pulled his huge round balls up with both hands. He sat them on the bed underneath the cock so that they lay either side of it, red and hairy and pulsing with life.

You might have read a curious mixture of responses on the princess's face. One certainly was raw lust. Another was panic. She tentatively reached out a dainty hand to touch the head. It reared up, like a nervy stallion. She drew back with a little gasp. She moved forward more determinedly. Finally, she screwed up courage and kneeled before it. She took it in both hands and could barely make her fingers meet round it. Her mouth came down and she suckled on the end of it like a starving child. Which in a very primitive sense, she was.

‘Fuck me. Can you fuck me with that? Will I burst?' she was breathless with fear and wonder.

‘You won't burst highness. But I will. Inside you. And I promise you that you will come in the process.' Hugh began to climb on to the bed with very serious intent and the young princess lay back on her snowy white cushions in terrified expectation.

Slowly the game began. Slowly the cock was propped against the wide eye of her demanding cunt and slowly it began to force an entrance. The princess began to gasp and then to panic as she felt herself splitting in half. She called to him to stop but mindful of all his fellow travellers who had come - or rather not come - before him, Hugh pressed on. There was vengeance in his heart and fire in his groin.

The piston had got half way in now and Alice was shrieking with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Still he drove on and pushed her long and curved legs back over his shoulders to get a better purchase. With one final contemptuous thrust he drove into her up to the very hilt. Alice fainted.

When she came round Hugh was still inside her and pushing his cock in and out to a steady rhythm. Her cunt had expanded and moistened to such an extent that she could now sense pleasure replacing the earlier ripping pain. He seemed to be going to fuck her for ever, so steady and controlled was his stance and his motion.

Minutes passed, then one hour, then two and still High ground away. Alice felt totally used and abused, and passed out from time to time, only to come round to find him still hammering away at her streaming cunt. The sounds of sloppy flesh filled the room. Like a mop slapping in and out of a bucket. She felt a steady gathering in her cunt of straining passions and began to push against him with fervour of her own.

The climax was near. But she had been at this point before. Would it pass like all the rest? This time the pounding went on and on. Hugh pulled back a little, only to turn her over on her beautiful tummy without even missing a beat. She passed a new mark.

He made her kneel before him and began to step up the pace. She felt her whole body was being fucked from arse to throat. Alice would not have been surprised to see his cock emerge from her panting mouth. The movements came faster and Alice felt a gathering in her cunt that had never been there before. Behind her Hugh began to sweat and pant and plunge harder and harder into her gaping hole. He held her hips tightly for purchase and grinned as her moans began to turn to calls to fuck her harder.

The bed was rocking and the pair were shouting and the whole room was spinning in a glorious haze of heated blood when simultaneously from both their throats came a roaring, mounting cry. They bucked and fucked and banged at each other in a wave of orgasm that shook the room and frightened the ravens off the farthest tower of the palace - a good mile away. Her scream of triumph rent the air and stunned the quaking courtiers gathered in awe outside her door. Once more the princess fell into a faint, but his time it was from sheer pleasure and relief. Her last conscious thought was of his weight falling on hers.

She awoke in darkness to a feeling of utter bliss and satiation. Her abused and ravaged cunt felt tender but satisfied for the first time in its demanding life. But perhaps it could take a little more of this new orgasm thing? She turned to her lover to see whether he could be rekindled. She leaped out of bed with a shriek of horror. Alongside her in the wreck of her white silk bed was a huge black donkey. Her cry awakened it as she stood in terror and confusion by her bed.

‘Oh hi,' said the donkey. ‘Glad you're awake.'

‘What? Who? When? Where the fuck is Hugh!' She finally got out.

‘I'm Hugh,' said the donkey sitting up in a very human like pose.

‘No you're not. You're a donkey! A bloody donkey!'

‘Well, yes. But I'm a donkey called Hugh. It's the old story. Wicked witch. Stood on her toes. She cast a spell on me and made me human. I had to break the spell by fucking a princess. So here I am.'

‘You mean you fucked me!' she shrieked.

‘Is this a colour thing? I mean you don't like black donkeys or what?'

‘Black donkeys are fine. Green donkeys are fine! But not in my bed, and not – fucking - me!' The voice went higher and higher in hysteria.

‘Wait a minute. You came didn't you? That's what all those jars are about isn't it? Would you rather be fucked by a donkey than not fucked at all?'

Alice stood thinking about this for a moment. ‘That's not fair. You took advantage of me.'

‘I did! What about what you did to all those poor guys?' Hugh's big head looked soulfully over at the mantelpiece.

She had the grace to look ashamed. ‘It was wrong I know. I just couldn't help it. You know?'

‘Do you want to go back to being like that?'

‘Christ no! But I can't do this ... this... with you. Can I?'

‘Why not? You needed a prince who was hung like a donkey and could screw you like a donkey till you came. All you've got is the real thing,' answered Hugh reasonably.

‘What will my public say?' said Alice feeling a little twitch between her legs and realising that the dragon had only been knocked out, not slain.

‘I would think they'll be pretty happy. Saves on transport costs. Not to mention all the minor royal houses who can start planning for the future again. Now let's just look at what we have here.' Hugh rolled off the bed and trotted round to stand alongside her.

‘You do have kinda' cute eyes... and those ears.' She rubbed his soft ears sensuously. ‘And you can talk,' it finally dawned on her.

‘Lady I've got a degree from Assford,' he replied with injured pride. ‘You'll soon get used to me. And there's the main thing, remember.' Hugh turned his head and looked meaningfully beneath his muscular body. Alice gasped as she saw a wicked long cock emerge from between his legs. It began to grow and harden.

She leaned against his warm flank and reached under him to take his cock in her hand.

‘How do we do this again?' she asked with a heaving chest.

‘Well I've got lots of ideas for things to do with harnesses. But let's keep it simple this time.'

He nudged her round in front of him and pushed her not unwilling body towards the bed. ‘Bend over darling.' And she did, whinnying softly in expectation, and they fucked happily ever after.

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