tagErotic CouplingsLittle Minx Ch. 02

Little Minx Ch. 02


Josh had his head laying back on his hands as he looked down the length of his body as Bridget struggled to fit his entire dick into her mouth. Her cheeks were puffed out and chubby as she struggled for breath, her lips tight around his cock... damn she was cute. While she was concentrating hard he looked over and winked at the Web-cam that was catching their every move...

Bridget's First Blowjob... that's what he'd call his particular home movie.

Of course, Bridget didn't know that she was being taped, but he'd caught all of the foreplay where he'd teased her breasts and nipples, sliding his fingers through her pussy lips but not actually touching her clit... and then he'd asked if she'd ever given a blow job. She hadn't, and he asked if she wanted to try... hesitantly she'd said yes. Josh knew that it might not be the best blow job in the world, but the fact that what people were watching was real would mean that he would start making a lot of money off this site. Bridget was such a hot little item, so young and innocent looking... watching her evolve into a depraved slut would garner thousands of fans.

And he definitely meant to share the fact that he was video-taping their escapades with her, as well as the money. But right now it would be more erotic that she didn't know... and she wasn't a slut yet. Just because she was willing to suck him off didn't mean she was going to be thrilled about it being posted on the internet...

But it turned Josh on to know that people were watching. He'd started this with one of his ex-girlfriends, they'd really gotten off on having people watch them and they'd made good money off of it. Now he could do it with Bridget... only he had the feeling that he'd be able to convince her to do more than Kelly had ever wanted to. Underneath Bridget's sweet and innocent veneer was a passionate and sexual creature that was just waiting to spring out.

He could see it now as she energetically forced his dick past her gag reflex, almost managing to shove the entire length down her throat.

"Good... Goddamn you're a natural at this," he moaned, letting his hands rest on the back of her head as he thrust upwards. Bridget just murmured around his dick, making him moan again as her tongue lashed against him. This was definitely the best blow job he'd ever gotten from a first timer, she was using her teeth very delicately to nibble erotically and getting as much of his dick down her throat as any girl had ever managed to.

She began bobbing her head more energetically, encouraged by his moans and her success and sliding further and further down his dick. Excited by the feel of him in her mouth, the thickness of him in her throat, she slurped and pushed downwards, swallowing him past her gag reflex and managing to press her lips against his groin for just a moment. This elicited such a passionate reaction, his eyes practically rolling back into his head as he looked down at her, that Bridget immediately did it again, holding herself in place a little longer. Her throat muscles worked around him, massaging his dick as her tongue pressed against its sensitive underside, her lips securely wrapped around the base.

Cupping his balls with one hand, she started gently kneading them between her fingers... one of her friends had told her awhile ago that guys loved to have their balls played with while they were being given head. This seemed to be very true as Josh started thrusting harder into her mouth, forcing himself down her throat and the pressure on the back of her head increased. She didn't mind though, it made it easier for her to concentrate on breathing, not choking, and playing with his balls. Gently she began tugging on his balls, just to see what kind of effect that would have. His moaning increased and she tugged harder, sliding her mouth over his dick and holding it there as she tugged and squeezed, almost roughly.

Bridget was completely shocked by the sudden pulsing in her mouth as cum gushed straight down her throat, with a gurgling cry of surprise she pulled back and her shocked face was sprayed with his jizz. The taste of it was in her mouth, slightly bitter and salty but not really unpleasant. She just hadn't been expecting it.

What she also wasn't expecting was Josh's satisfied face at her surprised expression and the cum that was dripping down her cheeks and lips. The guys online were going to LOVE this one.

"Damn you're hot..." he hissed, reaching up to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. Bridget cried out as her pussy flared back to life, reminding her that she hadn't gotten hers yet, "Get down there and suck me some more... I'm barely down anyway."

To her surprise Bridget found that this was true, he was still about 3/4ths of the way hard and so she started sucking on him again. Very slowly he grew, the taste of his cum now completely filling her mouth... his fingers wiped her off of her face and then slid alongside his dick into her mouth to make sure that she got it all. She hadn't liked that very much at first, but she could feel the way his dick jumped when he did it and she wanted to fuck him so bad...

When he was fully hard he said, "Ok baby... now climb on."

Bridget looked at him slightly confused and he laughed, "Like this..." and he pulled her up so that she was straddling his waist, his dick pointing straight up at her dripping pussy, "Now lower yourself down."

"Oh God..." Bridget's head dropped back as he began to enter her... how come he felt so much bigger in this position? Working her way up and down, she had to slowly fit him in, feeling her body adjust as his dick invaded her tight pussy. Josh reached up and began playing with her breasts, squeezing them tightly and rolling her nipples, making Bridget jam more and more of his dick into her as her pussy tingled. He filled her up so nicely and his hands on her breasts sent little erotic shocks into where his dick was nosing deeper and deeper.

Finally he was all the way inside her and she just sat on top of him, gasping and grinding in a slight circular motion, feeling her clit rubbing against his skin. Her tight pussy convulsed around him, squeezing and massaging his dick as he pinched her nipples, tugging them slightly away from her body as he watched her ecstatic face. Putting his hands on her hips he started to lift her up as she began moaning, letting his hands lift her up and down on his dick, her legs getting into the movement.

Josh watched fascinated as her small tits began to bounce, jiggling on her chest as she began to ride him with more and more force, his hands more guiding her than encouraging now.

"Oh yes... oh yes... oh yes..." Bridget chanted breathlessly, lost in her own haze of pleasure as she fucked him, harder and harder. Although it was probably not going to be enough to get him off, Josh enjoyed watching as she pleasured herself on top of him, almost using him as a sex toy to get her orgasm. Of course, she didn't have the experience yet to get both of them to orgasm, but he really liked watching her ride herself to climax.

Bridget rubbed her pussy against his groin, feeling her clit swelling up and pressing against something hard in his body. She couldn't believe how full and erotic this was, knowing that he was watching her as she fucked up and down on him, like she was riding a pogo-stick. One hell of a pogo-stick... it gave her the dirtiest image in her mind as she bounced harder and higher, taking time between each thrust to grind herself down against his body. When his hands when back up to her breasts and his fingers closed tightly over her nipples she threw back her head and shrieked in complete ecstacy as her orgasm started to crash over her.

And just like that, Josh's hands were off her breasts and around her back, and suddenly he was flipping her over and she was on her back with her legs in the air as he thrust roughly into her convulsing pussy. Bridget screamed her ecstacy as the pleasure swept over, building even more as he pummeled her pussy, keeping her orgasm going strong and hard while she thrashed underneath him, writhing in her passion. Josh jack-hammered into her, knowing that she was cumming he concentrated only on his own pleasure, which just helped to build hers.

Then he was fully inside of her, his dick swelling even bigger and she could feel him pulsing as she let out a final wild scream of passionate triumph, her body rigid and trapped under him. He collapsed on top of her, both of them completely out of breath. Even though he was much bigger than she was, Bridget didn't do more than wriggle underneath him, making sure that she could get enough air. She liked the way his dick felt in her pussy, slowly softening...


The next morning at breakfast, Bridget and Josh were sitting eating cereal silently together. Neither of them were really morning people. Her brother Dave came into the room yawning.

"Damn Josh, who did you have over last night? She was screaming like a banshee... must have been pretty good." Dave grinned and disappeared into the cupboard to rummage around for food as Josh winked at Bridget and she giggled into her cereal. Better not to tell her big bro exactly what was happening right now... besides, it wasn't like he was around much. They had probably just better stop fucking while he was at home.

Feeling deliciously naughty, Bridget flashed her boob at Josh just before her brother walked out of the cupboard. With Dave there, Josh couldn't even do anything to retaliate, but the look in his eyes told her that she was going to be fucked royally again as soon as Dave left for work.

And online, hundreds of horny guys were already downloading and whacking off to "Bridget's First Blowjob".

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