tagAnalLittle Minx Ch. 05

Little Minx Ch. 05


Bridget was leaning over the bed, face down, her ass high in the air as she writhed erotically. Josh grinned as he twisted the rubber probe that was deep in her tight asshole, slim but long he'd been using it to tease her for the past twenty minutes. All week he'd denied her orgasms, taking his own pleasure in her gorgeous body, and teasing her to the point where a few times they'd had wildly energetic sex as she fought him to reach her orgasm first. By now, Bridget was so horny that she had been begging him for the past two days to fuck her ass if only she could cum...

But now it was the weekend and her brother was gone and he was ready to do more than one dirty thing to her body. Damn she was beautiful, her ass humping back against the slim probe. It was the perfect angle that when he took her anal virginity the web-cam would catch her tight ass opening up and see every thrust perfectly. He knew he'd watch it later, just like all the guys on the site. Josh was becoming almost enamored with her passion and deviousness... she was like a little devil, able to get him hard with just a pouty look.

Right now he was rock hard, watching that slim probe delving deep into her ass, listening to her panting moans...

"I'm going to fuck your ass today Bridget," he said, pushing the probe deeper while she moaned, "Do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yessssss..." her voice came out in a hiss, "Fuck my ass, do anything you want, just please let me cum!!"

She yelped as he yanked the probe from her tight rear door and lined up his throbbing dick with the crinkled star of her asshole. As he pressed against its tightness, Bridget remembered fear. His dick was MUCH thicker than the probe that he'd been using... meaty flesh pushed and she felt her asshole stretching wider than it ever had before. A cry fell from her lips as she arched her back, her asshole clamping down tightly on Josh's head. He moaned as he felt her muscles rippling over the head of his dick, forcing another inch into her ass as she whimpered, trying valiantly to push him out.

"Oh wait!" she cried, trying to move herself forward and away from his dick, "It hurts Josh, it hurts!"

It did hurt, in an odd way that she would never be able to describe... almost cramping, a kind of slick hurt... the feeling that something was being done that SHOULDN'T be done. Her breath caught in discomfort as his dick followed her forward movement and another inch was forced into her body.

"Oooohhhh..." she moaned, leaning her head forward to rest in her hands, panting as she tried to adjust to the odd sensation. It felt wrong... dirty... uncomfortable. And erotic for all that, but she still was afraid... afraid that he would slam his dick all the way into her, afraid that something would tear, afraid that this would be more painful than she could bear. So what if she liked her sex a little rough, this was an entirely new world to her and she was sure what to make of it.

Josh kneaded her butt-cheeks, holding his desires in check as he looked down where his dick was splitting her ass open. He could tell that she wasn't completely enjoying this, and a sick part of him was turned on by that. That part of him really just wanted to slam into her ass, fuck it hard and listen to her scream and feel her writhe until she started to enjoy it... but a more tender and caring part of him didn't want to hurt her. Maybe when she was more adjusted he'd get rougher...

Gripping her hips he pushed another two inches of his dick into her ass as Bridget moaned. Reaching around her body, he slid his hands under her chest and squeezed her breasts, feeling her asshole tighten over his dick as he pinched her nipples. Bridget bit her lip as pleasure flowed from her breasts to her confused groin, her ass tightening uncomfortably and making her very aware of where his dick was, but feeling good too.

Then Josh slammed the last three inches home and Bridget squealed as his weight rested on top of her, writhing underneath him. So he got to listen to her and feel her, but he didn't start fucking her hard like he wanted to... he just stayed completely imbedded in her tightness, feeling her muscles ripple over his dick, as he waited for her body to adjust a little more. When the squeals quited to moans and panting he began to pull out.

This in its own way was painful too, feeling him move inside her ass, something that she just wasn't used to. Bridget cried out as her ass rippled, trying to figure out what was going on inside it, her body bucking as he began to slow erotic slide back into her body. In and out, very carefully and gently, although by her reaction a viewer might think it was anything but... she shivered and thrashed as he opened up her ass, panting as his dick nosed deep into her body.

His hands began running over her, her sides, back, waist, hips, ass... sliding down the backs of her thighs... and then circling around to being playing with her pussy. As he rubbed her wet pussy lips with his fingers, gently tickling her clit, Bridget could feel the tingling fire starting, helping to alleviate some of the strange sensation his dick was creating. Moaning, she began to hump back against his fingers even though it made the ass-fucking more uncomfortable... she couldn't help it. She just wanted to get off so bad and his fingers felt so good... the actual strangeness of having her ass fucked was starting to wear off and it was actually feeling kinda good... sexy... naughty.

Now Bridget was shivering for a different reason, her ass moving back against him enthusiastically, swallowing up his dick and tightening every time he buried himself in her ass. Leveraging herself up onto her forearms, Bridget began fucking back even harder, enjoying the way his dick stabbed into her ass. Josh groaned and took this as his cue to really let loose; his fingers dug into her pussy as he started thrusting hard into her ass, making her cry out with mingled pain and pleasure.

"Hot damn you have a tight ass..." he told her as he fucked her hard, Bridget didn't answer but just slammed her ass back against him harder. She was really starting to get into the butt-fucking, wanting to feel more of him in her, wanting to feel herself stretch to receive him. It felt so deliciously naughty, and the pain had worn down to just a slight discomfort that made the pleasure in her pussy seem all the greater.

Her head rested on her hands, although her forearms were still balanced on the bed to keep her ass high in the air, and she moaned as he pillaged her deflowered hole, concentrating on the fire that was burning inside of her groin. Josh's fingers twitched and rubbed, pressing hard against her clit, and Bridget moved her hips slightly to rub against the pressure, her legs trembling as her orgasm neared.

When she started to cum her entire body shook, her ass tightening over Josh's thrusting dick and rippling with pleasure. Gasping he forced his dick in and out of her tightness, increasing her pleasure as he slammed deep into her body. Reaching up with one hand to grab her hair, Josh pulled it back, forcing her to arch her back as he pulled her firmly against him. Bridget shrieked with pleasure, her hands clawing at the bed as he pulled her hair back, breasts thrusting upwards into the air.

With a final plunge, Josh started to cum, holding her hair firmly as he unloaded into her ass. Bridget could feel every single pulse of cum forcing its way past her tight entrance and into her body, pushing against the ring of flesh that enclosed the base of Josh's dick. When he'd finally finished cumming, they both gasped and collapsed, Bridget gasping again as his body fell on top of hers, his dick lodged deep in her ass.

"Oooooohhhh..." she moaned, wriggling a little. Now that the pleasure was over she could feel how very sore her poor asshole was, uncomfortable with the dick shrinking inside it. But Josh held himself there, enjoying her body even as he shrank.

When he finally pulled himself out with a soft *plop*, Bridget's hole was bright pink and starting to leak thick globs of cum. She stayed like that, panting for a moment or two, and he grinned... all the horny guys online were going to get off on this view of her perfect dripping ass tonight.

"So?" he asked as he sat on the bed, stroking her hair.

Bridget looked up at him with pleasure glazed eyes, "It hurt," she said, and then smiled, "But it felt awfully good too..."

"Want to do it again?" his eyes trailed down to where her asshole had completely closed up, looking pink and swollen. He wondered if it would be tighter that way.

Shuddering a little, Bridget murmured, "Maybe later..."

"Ok beautiful," he said grinning, and he swept her up in his arms and headed for the bathroom, "Time to get you all nice and clean."

Rallying, Bridget giggled, "Why? So you can get me all dirty again?"

As Josh looked into her happy eyes, with that innocently naughty expression on her face, he wondered if maybe he was falling in love with this little minx. Maybe just a little bit.

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