tagGroup SexLittle Minx Ch. 10

Little Minx Ch. 10


"So, you think you can do it?" Josh asked, he was a little in turmoil about whether or not he really wanted Bridget to get gang-banged. On one hand... great for the site. On the other hand... he wasn't so sure what was up with his emotions lately, but they were not where he'd always thought they'd be.

"Absolutely," his friend's voice was warm and amused, "Are you sure you want to share your girlfriend with us?"

Josh paused, just for a moment. As possessive as he was getting of Bridget lately, he also knew that he would think it was hot to see her fuck so many guys. Something about her acting the slut got him off... and it wasn't as if he'd ever have to do it again, but they'd have the memory. The experience.

"Yes," he said, his voice had finality in it.

"Then we'll see you tomorrow."



That night Josh made dinner for her, Bridget just sat watching as he moved around the kitchen.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help?" she asked.

"Nope." he grinned at her, "Afraid that I'm going to ruin your food?" Bridget shook her head, smiling. Taking a moment, he turned away from her enough that he could just see her out of the corner of his eye, but she wouldn't realize that he was observing her, "You remember my friend Doug?"

"Doug? The one that's supposed to be hung like a horse?" she asked wickedly.

Josh smiled, "Yes, that Doug. He's going to come here tomorrow with some of our other friends. They'd uh... like to see you."

Bridget could feel excitement rising in her, wondering if he was hinting at what she thought he was hinting at, "Oh really? Does this have anything to do with what we were talking about a few night ago?"

"It has everything to do with it," now Josh looked directly at her, watching her expression. He could see the excitement building in her face.

"Are you sure you want to?" she asked, although he could see that she was almost breathless at the thought, "Most guys wouldn't want to share their girlfriends... if it makes you uncomfortable, we don't have to."

Josh smiled and walked over to kiss her, "I trust you. Besides, the idea turns me on too... even if I will feel kinda jealous."

Pulling him against her, Bridget kissed him deeply, "You can trust me. I won't ever do anything you don't want me to."

Her eyes were burning with the intensity of her promise, absolutely honest and true. Josh was shocked to realize that a lot of his jealousy disappeared with her words, he really did trust her. And in the end, even if Doug brought 20 guys tomorrow, at the end of the day, she'd be his.

Their kiss deepened with passion as he pushed her back onto the kitchen table, his hands sliding under her shirt.

"Josh!" she squealed,"Dinner!"

"Fuck it."

And then his mouth took hers and she had no breath for words.


It was both better and worse than Josh had ever imagined. His dick was rock hard as he watched two guys sucking on Bridget's tits, another between her legs licking her wet pussy, and two more standing above her fisting their dicks. There were six guys ready to fuck her, including him. Her eyes were locked onto his face, and he smiled reassuringly as she moaned and bucked, her pussy rubbing against another guy's mouth.

Before long she was on her hands and knees, one guy shoving a thick piece of meat between her lips as another lined up at her pussy hole. Doug crawled beneath her to suck on her hanging little tits as they bounced back and forth with the force of the thrusts. Josh ruminated that she looked a little like a pig on a stick, with the twin poles going into her at either end. She also looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

This time he didn't even have to hide the camera, Bridget wanted to be able to watch it later, wanting to see what everything looked like. As cum dripped down her chin and the guy in her mouth pulled away, Josh handed off the camera to another guy and stepped up to her face, lifting it up by her hair. The little minx's eyes were filled with lust and excitement, and her expression brightened even more as she recognized the dick in front of her. Hungrily she flicked out her tongue, wanting to taste him, wanting something to do as her body was pleasured.

Josh was facing the guy who was bull-dozing her tight pussy at the moment, his name was Greg and right now his face was screwed up with lust. Throwing his dark head back, Greg started to cum, his hands tightening on Bridget's waist as she shuddered, so close to cumming herself but not quite there. Another guy lined up at her pussy, Vince was a very large black man whose dick was almost as big as Doug's. Bridget could feel very strong hands gripping her waist as she waved her ass back and forth temptingly, wanting something inside her to help her to completion.

Lucky Josh was in the perfect position to watch her eyes pop as Vince began to work his thick log into her pussy, very possibly the biggest thing she'd ever had in there. She gasped, allowing him to shove completely down her throat as Vince pushed a long chunk of his dick into her body at the same time. Bridget moaned, her throat vibrating around Josh as her pussy clamped down on Vince, feeling so incredibly full and stretched. He pushed deeper and she whimpered, wondering how much more meat there could possibly be. Josh got to watch as the long black snake slowly disappeared into his girlfriend's body, noticing just how erotic it was to see the dark meat against her pink pussy.

Quickly, the two men got into a rhythm, pushing her body back and forth as they fucked her. Bridget was making a lot of noise now, although it was muffled by Josh's dick. Her pussy felt obscenely stretched, the dick inside it reaching places that nothing had ever touched before, rubbing its way deep inside her and pushing her tight hole open. Without even trying, her mouth was working Josh's dick over with incredible sensations, her small noises and excitement helping her give one of the best blowjobs he'd ever had.

Gripping her hair tightly, he pulled her head back and forth as Vince hunched over and redoubled his efforts on her tight pussy, fucking her hard and fast. Bridget screamed as she started to cum, balls slapping directly on her clit, the huge dick in her pussy, nipples being pulled and suckled beneath her, and the erotic feel of meat in her mouth. Her body quivered between the two men, both holes sucking them in deep and they started to cum at the same time, twin spouts that gushed in either side of her body, increasing her pleasure.

Josh and Vince pulled out and Bridget practically collapsed on top of Doug, who immediately stopped sucking her nipples and positioned her so that she started sinking onto his huge dick, easily the biggest of all the guys present. Bridget's head fell back and she whimpered, writhing as the huge piece of meat began to spear her pussy, stretching it even wider than Vince's had. Slowly she sank onto it, a few tears leaking from her eyes at the intensity of the sensation in her sensitive pussy. Finally she was fully on top of him and he began to thrust up into her, making her ride his dick.

Hands pulled her upwards, and she moaned, lips parted as Greg shoved his dick in her face. It was only half-hard and it tasted like her pussy, soft flesh filling her mouth and slowly growing to hardness. The thrusting beneath her slowed and she shrieked as the final guy began to work his dick into her tight ass. He had lubed himself with the cum and pussy juice on her crotch, but it still was a tight fit with the huge dick in her ass. Bridget writhed, caught between three hard shafts, feeling used and plundered, hot and helpless between all these men.

Josh caught the conflicting expressions on her face, a little skewed by the way her mouth was stretched around Greg's dick, but still very erotic. Then he panned down to where Rick was shoving the last of his dick into her tight ass, her lower body didn't even look like it could possibly hold that much meat. Then Doug and Rick started to move, forcing their dicks in and out of her body in unison, and Bridget squealed shrilly around Greg's dick. She felt faint with pleasure, her muscles were tingling and weak, the men were holding her up, making her body move the way they wanted it to, she just flopped in the middle of them - an object to be used and enjoyed.

As each of them came, they were replaced, over and over again, the camera being handed off as different men took their turn in her body. Bridget's mouth was full of cum and pussy juice from sucking on dicks that had just fucked her, coaxing them back to hardness while others fucked her pussy and ass. Orgasm blurred into orgasm, she felt as though her entire body was consumed with sex and pleasure, there was cum everywhere.

The only time she could tell it was a certain person was when Vince or Doug fucked her, their dicks hardly fit into her mouth and she definitely couldn't deep throat them. After awhile, she only knew it was them because they stabbed so deeply into her pussy, eliciting throaty cries as they opened up the deepest spaces of her pussy.

Finally she was on her back, Doug between her legs pumping again. All of the guys were sated, although Bridget was writhing in an almost unending orgasm. Josh continued taping as Doug's huge cock slid easily in and out of her pussy, cum being almost forced out of the sticky hole. Cum was on her breasts and in her hair, droplets of it on her face. Below her pussy her ass was red and tight, a little swollen bud. Fortunately for her, neither Vince nor Doug had decided to fuck her anally, although all the other guys had started using it once her pussy had gotten too loose for them. She'd cum every time anyway.

Doug shoved into her a final time, moving his hips up and down against her bruised flesh as he tensed and started cumming. Bridget screamed as her orgasm was renewed again, almost painful pleasure from too much use. Her body tensed, and then relaxed beneath Doug, before he'd even finished cumming.

When he pulled out of there, she remained in place, motionless with her eyes closed.

"Man," said Vince, watching from the side, "Doug, I think you fucked her into exhaustion."

Josh zoomed in on her face, "Yeah, she's definitely passed out."

"What can I say man?" Doug sat back, exhausted. He'd fucked her 5 times now, "I'm just that damn good."

Panning over her body, Josh let the camera take in the cum that covered her in a thin sheen, her gaping dark pink pussy. It was dripping and dark after so many dicks. Her swollen red asshole, also dripping cum but slower. Then he turned it off.

"Ok, help me get her up to the shower."


The other guys left after they got her under the water, only half-conscious and moaning as Josh gently washed her body. He and Doug had a short discussion before his friend left, quick to agreement. But right now he just concentrated on his girlfriend, who smiled up at him hazily through the refreshing and soothing warm water, washing away most of the evidence of her afternoon's activities.

When all that was left were her raw nipples, some hickeys, an abused pussy and ass, Josh lifted her out of the tub and took her to bed. She curled up in a little ball, hugging his arm to her as he curled around her from behind. They fell asleep like that, although her sore nether regions winced away when his hips pressed against her from behind.

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