tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Minx Ch. 11

Little Minx Ch. 11


Josh was completely ready, the bulletin had been up on the site for a week, "Little Minx's Discovery... A LIVE Show". No taping it and editing it later, the site was getting hundreds of hits a day, signing up to be able to view this special event. Josh planned for it to be the LAST thing that Little Minx would ever do online... actually it could be the very last thing that he and Bridget ever did period, but he was hoping not. If so, it would go out with a bang at least. And he'd make money. He knew that sooner or later she would have found out about the site, it was best to do it on his own terms. And she was rather partial to being watched, maybe it wouldn't go so badly.

Either way, it was set up, there was nothing left for him to do. All the toys were ready and in place, the camera in position, and thousands of guys were gathering in front of their computers to see the lovely, lascivious, deviously lusty and angelic Little Minx.


"I want to show you something," Josh whispered in her ear as he ran his hands up her body from behind, cupping her breasts while she arched back against him, her firm buttocks pushing against his dick, "I want to look at things online with you."

Bridget's eyes widened, "Kinky things?" she was as much a voyeur as she was an exhibitionist sometimes.

"Very," he smiled, "But I want us to be kinky too."

She hummed with pleasure as he pushed a vibrator into her wet pussy. It was on its lowest setting and the clit stimulator was barely moving, just enough to wet her appetite. Sighing happily, her hips lifted forward as his hands trailed up her thighs. Pushing her to her knees, Josh pressed his turgid dick against her lips.

"Make it wet," he said, eyes glowing as her pouty lips parted for him to slide between, he moaned as the wet cavern of her mouth sucked him deep, her tongue crawling along the underside of his shaft. For a few moments he just enjoyed thrusting in and out of her mouth, knowing that she was going crazy with the vibrator. She was thrusting it in and out of her hot little box, but without turning up the intensity, so that it was mostly just incredibly teasing. Reaching down he fingered her nipples to hardness, making them into tight little buds.

When he pulled out the nipple clamps she moaned around his dick, her eyes lighting up. Her nipples were so sensitive, and yet she loved to have them abused. Tightening the clamps on each nipple, he enjoyed her whimpers around his meat, vibrating up and down the shaft as the little buds were lit on fire by the tight grip of the rubber.

The monitor on his computer screen was off, but he knew that thousands of guys - and maybe even some girls - were watching him fuck Bridget's face right now. Her sweet, innocent, angelic face. It made him rock hard and ready to go.

Pulling reluctantly out of her mouth, he went over and sat on the chair in front of the computer, his dick a flag-pole in the air for her to lower herself on.

"Come on over and have a seat," he said, grinning. She walked a little awkwardly, holding the vibrator in her pussy, so wet that it would have slipped out if she hadn't held it in. Josh helped her to arrange herself facing away from him, aiming his dick straight at her tight asshole.

Bridget gasped as she began to lower herself onto his dick; this was a position that they had never done when he'd fucked her ass, and she hadn't realized how tight and big it would feel. Her muscles were more tense because she was having to lower herself onto him, and it made everything feel tighter and slightly painful as he spread open her ass. Working herself up and down a little, she pushed him further and further into him, her face working with lust and pain. Josh knew that the camera was catching every expression close up right now and he rather envied the guys who were seeing it live. Of course, he'd be able to watch it later, but it wasn't quite the same.

He groaned as she sank fully onto his shaft, her tight ass gripping him in the most delightful way, twitching around the base of his dick as she shifted uncomfortably. Breathing hard, he took each of her wrists and placed them on the arms of the chair. Straps were already in place, and he secured them around her wrists, ensuring that she wouldn't be going anywhere until he was done with her. Part of him felt bad about that, but if this was the last time that she was going to be with him then he wanted to make sure she'd stay till the end. And if not... well she did like things kinky. So perhaps the kinkier the better.

The little minx was squirming with excitement on top of him, her buttocks grinding into his groin and making him groan as her ass spasmed around his dick. Reaching around, he turned the vibrator on, almost to its highest intensity, enjoying her squeal and the way that her ass clenched down on him, sucking him deep into her tightest hole. Scooting the chair forward, conveniently causing him to thrust upwards into her ass, Josh hit the button on the monitor, and his heart contracted with both fear and hope.

It took a moment for Bridget's lust-filled brain to figure out what she was seeing. A girl, beautiful, sweet looking, with a dick up her ass and a vibrator in her cunt, clamps on her nipples...

Herself. Herself, strapped to a chair and being sodomized by Josh's thick meat.

"Oh my god..." she felt her face going white then red, sex fizzing in her brain even as she tried to figure out what all of it meant.

Around the show messages were popping up from all over, saying hello to the Little Minx from all the guys that were watching. She could see the link headings that were entitled things like, "Gang-Bang", "Girl, Girl, Guy", "Anal Cherry"... and she realized it was her and Josh. Not ALL of their times together, but a sizeable amount. She realized that he had been taping their encounters, many of them, and posting them online. She realized that all of his suggestions had been based on this.

And as she saw the title above where Josh was determinedly fucking her ass, "Little Minx's Discovery: Live Show", she realized exactly what was happening. She was on display, her sluttiness, her acts of depravity out there for everyone to see. Her helpless position, the bondage, the clamps, her sexual pain and pleasure...

Josh's fingers pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy, it fluttered against her clit wildly as he pushed it up to the highest level and started fucking her ass as hard as he could. He couldn't bring himself to look at the monitor and see what the expression on her face was. This might be the last time he ever had her in his arms and he was going to take it for all he was worth.

She shrieked as he ripped into her ass, thrusting hard and deep, the realizations sweeping over her again and again as pleasure spread through her pussy and nipples. Struggling against the chair bonds, not sure if she would kill him or kiss him, Bridget's body jerked and thrashed, her asshole tightening and loosening around him as he pounded her. Some part of her brain recognized that even now she was being watched, everyone could see her... everyone who had paid. Thousands of people watching her be sodomized, watching her... - discovery.

Bridget came, hard, gasping and screaming for the whole world to hear, almost reveling in the knowledge that they were all watching her dip to the lowest of the lows. Orgasming in front of them... for love or money? It didn't matter. Her body knew Josh, loved Josh, and right now it wouldn't have mattered if all those thousands of people were in the room with them rather than removed and watching her on a screen. She would be cumming anyway, maybe even harder.

They both cried out in orgasm, Josh's dick pulsing inside her tight ass as she writhed on top of him, their bodies pressed together in mutual pleasure. It left them gasping and panting as the excitement dwindled and they were left with the harsh reality of what Josh had done.

Tiredly reaching forward, Josh clicked off the camera, leaving them alone and without an audience. Somehow, despite the fact that he knew it might get him into more trouble, he couldn't release Bridget yet. He had to know first.

And so he kept his arms tight around her as he asked, "Do you hate me?"

"Hate you?" Bridget echoed, her thoughts felt incredibly slow and sluggish. There was a long agonizing pause for Josh before she said, "No, I don't hate you."

"Oh good," Josh hugged her closer, not at all surprised to feel a few tears of relief springing to his eyes, "Cuz I think I'm in love with you."

He felt her asshole spasm around him in surprise.

"Oh." another long pause, although this one wasn't very agonizing. Josh wasn't expecting anything from her, it had just kind of popped out, and knowing that she didn't hate him was about all the boon he was expecting today. Then she said, "You know, you have an awfully funny way of showing it."

Although he didn't know it, Bridget was wishing that her hands were free. Maybe to slap him, but also to stroke his arms, to feel HIM.

"It started before I loved you," he confessed, "I've done it before, with other girls. But they always knew. There was just something so specially innocent about you, because you didn't know. It made a lot of money. I've saved half for you, whether you want to leave me or not. And then by the time I knew I was falling for you... I was already in so deep I might as well continue. But I knew that you would find out eventually, that's the way things work, and so I wanted you to find out on my terms."

Bridget thought about this. "You could have just told me."

"Yeah," Josh's voice trailed off a little, "But it wouldn't have made much money that way."

She had to laugh, "Oh, and just how lucrative is this business?"

"Well the half I saved for you is about $40,000" he said. She gasped and he laughed at her, "You're very popular you know."

"And that's only from SOME of the times we were together," she mused. Josh's arms tightened around her.

"That's over now. Besides, I don't know how much we made off of today. It'll be a lot though." Reassured that she was going to at least stick around to talk to him, Josh undid the straps around her wrists, taking the clamps off her nipples and sliding the vibe from her pussy as she stretched her arms. Pulling herself off of his dick, Bridget scooted forward in his lap a little and then turned to look him straight in the eye.

"Well, I'm very mad at you," she said firmly, and he nodded. It wasn't as if he'd expected anything. Personally, he mostly just thought he was lucky as hell that she wasn't running and screaming. "I think you can make it up to me though."

"I can?" he asked, surprised.

"Oh yes," she said, "You see, I love you too. And I'm not going to let you go just because you're a dickhead sometimes. Never met a guy that wasn't. At least you're a kinky, rich dickhead."

Josh laughed and pulled her in for a kiss, but she pushed him away.

"Oh no," she said, shaking her head, "You get to make it up to me by being my slave for the next MONTH. Everything and anything I tell you to do. You aren't calling the shots at all unless I tell you to."

He held up his hands in surrender as she gave him a glare, and then happily accepted the kiss she gave him, kissing back with enthusiasm.


Author's Note: I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I am flattered and honored by the feedback that it's received from all of you. I will not be continuing the series in any way however, Bridget and Josh are just going to go on their merry way and what happens to them is all up to your imaginations. =D Thank you so much for reading!

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